Actually It’s About Ethics in Calgary

After AVFM ‘Honey Badgers’ got escorted out of Calgary Expo for bad behaviour Karen Straugn put up a video claiming fellow Badger Alison Tieman has spent years making comics and implying that it was the real intention behind their presence at the Expo. I don’t buy it, as this post will make clear.

Straugn described Tieman’s words as ‘2nd wave feminist ideas’. Yeah, right. Even in the 45 second clip they released you can clearly hear Tieman interrupt the panelists screaming some shit about women being perpetual victims. Oops! That’s not a 2nd wave feminist idea nor does it having anything to do with promoting your comic. *shrugs*

AVFM has already jumped in even though Dean Esmay denies the Badger’s ties to the hate site. Paul Elam published this article. He claims there’s an entire audio recording of the feminist panel the Honey Badgers crashed, yet they’ve uploaded no more than 45 seconds of it.

I was given the link to the whole audio here. It’s just what I thought. They took up so much air it derailed the whole panel.

misogyny i'm lovin it victor zen copy

Sage Gerard doing what he does best.

AVFM’s Sage Gerard was present at the Expo too.

Gerard made a video with his fellow MRA Mike Stevenson claiming there was no harassment. But, Gerard says, we were there to promote ‘equalitaaay and freeze peach! The social justice narrative doesn’t want us to have this conversation at all.’

Wait, I thought this was about Alison Tieman’s comics?

I don’t know why these AVFMers think they can march their hate group into a comic festival through disingenuous means and then act surprised when they get booted. I really don’t.

The enraged MRA’s have been reduced to going to an outdoor park in Calgary so some 7 other MRA’s can meet them after their nine thousand dollar ‘blunder.’

Elam’s You Tube channel was active today as well. Less than 24 hours after the group was booted he hosted a Google Hangout on his channel led by Dean Esmay who nervously tried dismissing the Badger’s affiliation with A Voice for Men. Karen Strahgn, Rachel Edwards, Hannah Wallen, Sage Gerard and a few more dudes hemmed and hawed for over an hour, blaming various people and inciting a mob.

Mike Donachie was one of their targets. He tweeted to the Expo that Gamergate had a booth.

Really, @Calgaryexpo? You let those double-G people have a booth? I’m hoping it’s not true.

— Mike Donachie (@Mike_Donachie) April 17, 2015

Dean went after him immediately on Twitter:

So was Sam Maggs, the editor of The Mary Sue who published the first article on the debacle that occurred. Dean Esmay had some words for Maggs,calling him a


Some guy named Ben was targeted too for being afflilated with the Expo. AVFM is accusing him of deleting his LinkedIn profile after an online onslaught.

Gerard asked his fellow AVFMers to express their disappointment at being put out and unable to meet their favourite men’s rights stars. I’m betting it was more likely his behaviour that got them booted as I saw him screaming into a live camera ‘MRA’s are going to take over your world! FUCK YOU!’

Esmay stammered, ‘Calgary Expo HATES YOU!’ to rile up the Gamergate mob, while Wallen encouraged vendors to back out of supporting it. ‘You might be too masculine for them.’ she quipped in between complaining about ‘Cosplay doesn’t not equal consent’ signs.

‘We’re just gonna make your life hell for censoring us!’ ~Dean Esmay screamed shakily.

Straugn got excited about meeting a ‘white Aryan male’ who owns a comic book store and offered to help if AVFM and Gamergate could generate lots of press and that’s exactly what they’re doing today.

After an hour the Honey Badgers had to leave to go to the park to meet their 10 fans. A dude pipes up ‘it’s not sexual harassment if they enjoy it.’ There wasn’t more than 2 words about Alison Tieman’s comics.

In the meantime here are some of the comments from the misogynist hate site AVFM on the matter. Keep in mind that Elam wants you to know there’s no snuggling with the Honey Badgers. His site has absolutely nothing to do with it. LOL

Alison Tieman should contact the police and accuse the security staff of harassment and kidnapping, and accuse those who made the complaints of harassment.

MRA’s have no shame when it comes to making up shit.


Sure they were.

The thing to do here is counter this with “our” own Expo (or closest we can achieve), and undo their lies. We must keep them on the defensive for it is here they will crumble.This is why they have avoided this inevitable conflict for as long as they have been scheming. They know it, we know it.

Isn’t one Man Bawl a year enough?

Does this have any potential for a lawsuit? It seems horribly unfair essentially being cast out for having heretical beliefs about Feminism?

Here’s some MRA/Gamergate tweets for your cup of male tears:

Could this be the ‘White male Aryan’ Straugn was talking about?

Tieman was banned across all Canadian Expos.

She essentially misled the Expo by using her private company name and website for her comics and then showed up with Honey Badger/ A Voice for Men lackeys and merchandise in tow. The Expo staff told her they would’ve never let in A Voice for Men/ Honey Badgers if they’d applied under that name.

She has no legal leg to stand on.

I’ve got a bright idea for Tieman: Don’t bring your obnoxious MRA friends to conferences if your intention is to represent your personal work. Don’t barge into cons and interrupt the panelists while your friends harass others.

In a word, don’t misrepresent and think no one will notice.

Here’s Tieman crying in a brand new video while stating the obligatory MRA talking points. Words like protection, husband, man, victim, damselling and so on.

Final Words:

I felt your pain when you spoke about the boys spitting on you, but to turn around and join a hate group that encourages that same behaviour towards other women is beyond the pale. You still haven’t managed to wrap your head around feminism yet either. You claim we’re all victims as if that’s an indictment of our psychology, or that’s we’re somehow wrong for advocating for victims of male violence. I don’t have a clue why you’re obsessing on the word ‘victim.’

Women are victims of patriarchy and that’s as far as I’ll get with you since you have no comprehension of these social concepts. You can’t even define feminism properly so I don’t expect I could write an ounce of theory and have you understand it. I can’t even point you there.

The truth is, you’re not ready. You’re part of a misogynist hate site and if I’m not mistaken you invented the Honey Badgers, another misogynist group formed right off of AVFM’s stinky testicles.

I haven’t figured out why any of you very few women join up with these men. Of course I have simple explanations such as taking crumbs off the master’s plate but I find that’s not completely accurate. You are a handmaiden of male violence. You stand behind it. You put your name to it.

Until you change your views there’s nothing to talk about. Be honest about what your group did and stop fucking around. You could’ve gone to the Expo by yourself or with a friend to push your comics. Instead you brought your AVFM pals and made a mess. The wider culture doesn’t like this and never will.

You MRA’s talk about winning. You’re not winning. You continue to push your bigotry and hatred and to be blunt: nobody likes you. The sooner you realize this the sooner you can move on and do something positive.

PS. Oh, and gender not real.

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15 thoughts on “Actually It’s About Ethics in Calgary

  1. These comedians need a new schtick. Alison Tieman’s whole schtick is how feminists go around calling themselves victims and acting like damsels in distress by crying and boohooing and trying to get attention from sympathetic men because their feelings are hurt.

    Hmmm. Where’s she getting that from? Could it be….PROJECTION?

    This is the brave crusader against damseling and acting like a victim right here, folks.

  2. This is all pretty boring, a real time-waster. We get it, donations are down. Why didn’t they just cut to the chase?

  3. I clicked to that u tube video with Dean E. Did anyone else notice that the “red pill” the hand is holding at the beginning, is actually a stool softener – Docusate

    • Yes, actually. Pretty much every single internet instance of red pill visual aid I have ever seen has looked exactly like colace/docusate. I don’t understand their bowel obsession…

  4. > Straugn described Tieman’s words as ‘2nd wave feminist ideas’. Yeah, right. Even in the 45 second clip they released you can clearly hear Tieman interrupt the panelists screaming some shit about women being perpetual victims. Oops! That’s not a 2nd wave feminist idea nor does it having anything to do with promoting your comic. *shrugs*

    Actually that sounds like a stance I’m pulling right out of my ass that many 2nd wave feminists took including Betty Friedan, Karen DeCrow, Nadine Strossen and many others would take. I did pull this out of my ass.

    >>> Edited for Gamergate misogyny. Would anyone like to educate this poor Gamergater?~ HMQ

    • You’re an idiot. Karen DeCrow is a men’s rights weirdo who’s been featured on AVFM. Nadine is a lawyer, and Friedan wrote about the nuclear family and motherhood.


      None of your comments will be admitted again since you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about.

  5. That video you posted above of Alison Tieman weeping floods of tears is the most ironic video ever. In it she announced that we can call her and the other Honey Badgers “transgender”, weeps and groans about how mean boys were to her when she tried to take a shop class, announces she’s bisexual, tells us Karen Straughan knew in advance they’d be kicked out, pretends with hilarious disingenuousness that it all came as a total shock to her, tells us about her mother-complex and need to “protect” men, complains with fake shock that her comics work might actually be affected by her highly public association with Gamergate and MRAs, breaks down as she damsels about how feminists damsel, and generally gives us a picture of a pathetic, mixed-up person who hates her female self and can’t deal with the cognitive dissonances she has set up in her head.

    WoollyBumblebee, who is no friend to feminists but who has learned quite a lot from being another MRA female bitten on the ass by Paul Elam & Co., has put out a pretty good video about Tieman’s meltdown in that video you post.

    The truth is obvious. This tiny group of MRA agitators went with AVFM support to the ComicExpo to fuck shit up, get kicked out, and get sympathy dollars from the rank n file for their “victimization”. The really cringe-y part is that Tieman is weeping real tears in the midst of the crocodile tears, as if she is just waking up to the fact that she is being callously used and exploited by the men she has foolishly thrown her lot in with. Tieman’s going to end up permanently damaged by her MRA involvement, and although she has said a lot of hateful things about women and feminism in the process, that is still sad.

  6. p.s. I linked to the mensrights subreddit in my comment above to remind people here to use an IP blocker before going to AVFM.

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