More Nastiness From The Silly Youtube Group


So this idiot from that silly Youtube group took his mantrum out on me today because I wouldn’t let his friends stalk and bother me on Twitter with their shit earlier this morning. Apparently after I blocked his friends they continued yapping about me for some time after. Then this.

Then Mr. MRA brought in racism. Are you purposely trying to look stupid? I’m not going to play liberal oppression olympics.

I don’t know what’s inside this creeps ass today but he’s been blocked. Cock blocked.

Twanzrights! How could I forget I’ve said nothing about rights.

Are you idiots on some sort of co-op plan at the local 4H club? Is that where all this straw is coming from?

Oh but the analysis! This dude wants me to explain radfem analysis to him! I almost forgot! He wants me to do his homework for him!

I’ve got an idea. All the time you idiots spend harassing me on Twitter and Youtube like your silly friend LaughingWitch, who really made an ass out of herself, would be better spent Googling and doing research. You’re apparently still butthurt, and maybe you look just a little foolish with your last meltdown that was so MRAish it could go on AVFM.

Here, since your little man brain is hurting I’ll give you a hint. It has to do with the differences between sex and gender. Nobody said anything about rights you douche.

Males can never be females. Men are not women, no matter how many times you try and click your heels together.

Women deserve women-only space.

One more thing. I hope you’re not as much of a dumb rock as your pal LaughingWitch is.I put this post under the category ‘Manosphere.’ You’re in good company.

It’s not my fault you’re a whiny jackass who is so uneducated about this shit that you have to lash out at women all day on Twitter.



19 thoughts on “More Nastiness From The Silly Youtube Group

  1. Talk about gas lighting! – this: “Nobody claims males are females.” Pretty much that’s all we’ve gotten from these dudze and their allies. Men have girl-schlongs, they got a dose of the wrong kind of hormone while in the womb, they have dysphoria, etc.

    • I know it eh.

      Then to start the oppression olympics as if that’s a logical response to any of this.

      Being white has nothing to do with any of this. Last I checked there are black females wanting female only space too.

      It’s as if they don’t understand that women are a class. Their neoliberal crap doesn’t wash when we discuss patriarchy and feminism.

      If women aren’t a class then patriarchal oppression of women doesn’t exist. Rape, male violence through porn and prostitution, reproductive restrictions, are all meaningless.

      Patriarchy has an affect on ALL women as a class that is measurable and distinct as how it affects class MALE.

      These people are idiots.

      I talked to one of my Twitter sisters about the fact that these ppl have tried no-platforming her by DMing people in her Twitter list.

      I bet a million they do it to me too.

      They’re rabid!

      • HMQ,

        Just as an aside, I was visiting my parents recently and showing my dad how to use YT. So, I was looking at random vids, you know about funny cats and stuff, and I was explaining YT and how it worked – or used to work as a community. I told him how I met a couple of people through YT a couple of years ago. One was this wonderful lady who does cat rescue and the other is you. I put in your name and said this is my friend from up in B.C. But, all that was there were these hate videos with clips from your original videos. So, I had to explain that you had a lot of enemies! I couldn’t find any of your original vids! My dad replied with something like making those vids didn’t look very safe for women – which it isn’t thanks to the MRAs and other violent perverts. It’s a shame YT has been ruined that way. It used to be so much better. But, women have been almost completely run off of it.

      • Re: Bringing race into a discussion where it doesn’t belong, especially into a discussion about feminism or misogyny. Racism is primarily a male problem. It is a male-created and male-perpetuated problem. In my observation, women who are not male-identified don’t participate in racism. It is a patriarchal problem and when the patriarchy disappears, it will disappear, too.

      • Just going by my own anecdotes, the most avid gender critical women I’ve seen out there are black women of any sexuality and lesbians of any race. This is one reason why I have no patience for the “shut up, white woman” and “racist!” claims from trans activists. Black women and lesbians have intimate knowledge with being treated as “not women” by society. I feel like it makes sense that they have the greatest objection to males piggybacking on their own gains in being viewed as women despite the white supremacist, gender conformist culture that would deny them that.

        You’ll also see many of trans activists claiming that black women have “institutional privilege” over late-transitioning, white trans women. Say what now? Who’s the racist here?

  2. So now understanding that men and women are not the same biologically at any level is racist? Logic is really not something trans activists practice, is it? Hey, why let facts get in the way of ideology. Seems like there is no group of people whose legitimate struggles and issues the trans activists won’t hijack and pervert for their own gain.

    • Yep.

      It’s weird the male whined like that and tried to play oppression olympics since a WoC today was talking about the black female bands who stood by Michfest when it was invaded by twanz. I suppose Big Lundi will call black lesbians who support Michfest racists too?

      I just blocked another Youtuber b/c he couldn’t handle the very same statement about Bruce Jenner.

      This was my tweet:

      It brought him to a rage. He literally screamed at me on Twitter.

      They’re nuts.

  3. O/T: Geez! Did you see this?

    It was just posted about 40 minutes ago. Dude says he has a lady brain!

    I’m wondering if he’s getting paid to do this. I figured the rest of his family gets gets kickbacks from plastic surgeons as well as fashion designers and other mass consumer product providers.

    In the next video that comes on after this, he tells the interviewer that this is not a publicity stunt. LOL!

    • I was on Twitter when this was airing and I wasn’t watching it. I didn’t want to listen to the claims of laydeebrainz that no neuroscientist worth her salt has ever discovered. I didn’t want to listen to how flipping your hair means you’re a woman and all the other gendered crap that oppresses women daily.

      It’s insulting.

      Now the media will call him ‘brave.’

      He’s not brave. He’s appropriating womanhood for his own delusions.

      You know who’s brave?

      Biological women who are the ONLY ONES due to SEX, forcefully married, raped, beaten, and manage to split and care for their children.

      That’s bravery.

      My list of examples could go on.

      • Yes, I’ve seen him repeatedly called “brave” and I thought exactly the same thing you did. He is a very highly privileged white man and he’ll never be anything else.

        In the interview he said to Diane Sawyer something like: I’m like you. It’s the same thing one of those dudes said to me in the comment section of your blog a few months ago and I countered by asking him if he worried about pregnancy after being raped or new what it was like to lose a child due to such violence. Men are NOTHING like us – so much so that I’m wondering how we can even be part of the same species!

        • Some of my twitter sisters are pointing out some of the celeb reactions to Jenner and one of them is the Lesbian Mafia tweeting about Wendy Williams calling Jenner a ‘fame whore.’ We all know by Monday any female that doesn’t take kindly to having her life experience appropriated by a man in a dress and has said this publicly will be told to grovel and apologize.

          We’re all waiting on the dudes telling females to be quiet b****! Jenner has a laydee brain!’

          Monday is a comin’!

    • I published your comment because I know you’re an MRA from AVFM.

      The reason is pretty simple. You MRA morons are just like twanz’activists’ who hate women for being women. Something men will never be no matter how much money they spend modifying themselves surgically and otherwise, although most MtT keep their dicks intact.

      Males are not females. The twanz’males’ might wear different clothing and do everything in their power to appear feminine but they never will be women. This is why they, like MRA’s, spend so much time seeking out women’s spaces and infiltrating them. Straight outta the patriarchal playbook.

      It sorta shows just how misogynist y’all are that you show up on this post and spread the same exact hatred.

      Really, thank you, for making my point.

      • If you want to see brave try being a 13 year old gang rape victim in Rotherham – called a ‘bitch’ by the police that are meant to be protecting her, rape and trafficking positioned as a lifestyle choice by her social care home workers, then called a whore and a liar in court by the seven defence barristers when the case finally got to court. Now that’s brave and we have nearly 1500 victims from the past ten years of police and authorities turning a blind eye to child rape to protect the male rapists. Men appropriating women’s struggles so that they can pretend they’re not needed is just a fascist tactic. I notice we are not getting a rash of white men trying to pretend their black by assuming black face and then running around at the front of Ferguson riots screaming ‘its all about me!’ And you know why? They’d get lynched.

        • I agree. It’s not brave to surgically alter your body and invade women’s spaces, threatening women if they’re not keen on it.

          Bravery is being born a female, having to navigate this patriarchal, pornified culture.

    • Men like you are the reason that we have sooo many child rape victims. Men like you cannot handle the fact that masculine supremacy is a lie – and reality keeps showing you that by the sheer volume of rapes, lies, wars and stealing that you guys get yourselves into.

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