Tammy Bruce Twanzphobe?

‘When I was a child I thought I was a cocker spaniel.’

Well that was it. Tammy Bruce is now officially a twanzphobe and the Twitter shit storm is on its way.

The video segment that started this is located here.

Tammy Bruce is a lesbian and she understands that parents are in a lot of confusion about transpolitics these days. Once a male child wears a dress in this political twanzclimate, he is immediately told he must be a girl and brought to a gender clinic to ‘correct’ him by shoving implants in his arm to stop his puberty.

Public schools are taking up the twanz narrative and not notifying parents. Books, lesson plans, and videos about how cool it is to be twanz are now available for kids as young as 5.


She doesn’t. But YOU DO Zack.

Wow, a research study with 32 subjects taking a written measure is telling us that 5 year olds need ‘correction?’

That’s not an argument either.

Carlos Maza, remember him? He’s an LGBT ‘activist’ who was mocking lesbians this week for our sadness over the end of Michfest. Here he is, going after Bruce, a lesbian woman:

Notice something about the first responders? They’re ALL MALE.

This should tell you something.


15 thoughts on “Tammy Bruce Twanzphobe?

  1. Twittered with somebody about the Alice Eve thing today. Now this. Seems like people who get money from being in show business, blogging, speaking, etc. have a touch choice to make on this issue. If they truly believe that men are women just by claiming they are, then they are fine. If they don’t believe that then they suffer the abuse/loss of income/loss of opportunity or they have to pretend to believe the edicts of the trans activists.

    Having lived in my car a few times (younger days) and collected recyclables out of trash to have enough money to eat, I have a hard time judging on this one. Right now I am pretty sure I would not be financially hurt by being the target of a trans-jihad. Guess that is one thing to be thankful for.

    Saw some blog last night bringing up the issue of how white people should not be running around in Native American dress because it is wrong to appropriate another group’s identity and struggles even if you think you are doing it to celebrate them or show solidarity.

    Many folks would be furious with me if I told them I was entitled to control the dialogue on Native American issues because I feel that I am a Native American. And they would be telling my that the FACT that I am a white woman trumps anything I FEEL about myself. And they would be 100% correct.

    But if men want to appropriate my identity? And I say that the FACT that they are men trumps anything they FEEL about themselves being women — look out, here comes the slurs, the big drama and the cries for intolerance.

    I feel for both Alice Eve and Tammy Bruce. Seems like Eve has decided to drink the koolaid or at least say she has. Hope Tammy Bruce stands firm if she feels that is the right thing for her.

    • It’s interesting because I’ve seen non-Native American trans people claim two spirit identity for themselves. From what I understand about two spirit is that it’s an honor bestowed on an individual by the community. So, you have to be Native American to be able to be two spirit, and even then it’s not just something you can claim for yourself because you feel like it.

      It really feels like anything goes when it comes to trans identity. Identify as a woman even though you think that “identity” is pretty dresses and makeup! Identify as two spirit even though you’re white! Impose trans identity on butch lesbians and effeminate gay men! This year, at least two gender non-conforming male homicide victims were claimed by the trans community as their own, and, in the case of Brian Golec, I still see his death attributed as an anti-trans hate crime.

      “Misgendering” a trans person is unspeakable. “Misgendering” a “cis” person — eh, whatever.

    • Oh, and on the topic of Tammy Bruce’s livelihood, I’m sure she’ll be fine. Conservatives are allowed to criticize trans dogma; anyone on the left is not, unless they’re somehow considered untouchable. Men sometimes get leave to say what they want about trans women, but women don’t ever.

      There was a piece in the NRO several months ago where the author stated flat-out that Laverne Cox is not a woman and proceeded to deride the entire idea. The way the liberal press handled the response was very telling. A woman writes something like that, she’s attacked and vilified. A man writes that, did write it, and he’s afforded a great deal of respect. One of the responses was that the NRO writer had a good point, but… When has a pro-trans response ever afforded even basic dignity and respect to a female critic of trans ideology?

  2. It looks as though people who really ought to know better are going all in on curing any hint of homosexuality by transitioning children and demanding feminists submission to male dominance.

  3. Hey Southwest, your comment (and the posting) makes reality snap back into place. All I can say about any of this today is that mentally ill people have the most amazing means and talents for drawing others into their illness.

    A word of caution. Radfems seem to be taking on the burden of dealing with this, not just because we are a specific target, but also because the rest of the liberals, conservatives, and G and B folks out there are thrilled to have us take on the burden. That way they not only get to see women having our political energy sucked away, but they have someone else taking care of their problem with no flak for them.

    So you want to be a Native American, but some Native Americans are objecting.

    You say you can join any tribe you want, you’re sure you have some Native American DNA, everybody does, it’s scientifically soon to be proven, what’s the problem?

    That your kid likes to be the Indian when the kids play cowboys and Indians and is therefore an Indian?

    That the past history of Native Americans, their cultures and near-extermination, is irrelevant to your personal Native American politics and cultures, and those are the only ones that matter now?

    That you are hurt by Native Americans not welcoming you, that they are transphobic and non-inclusive and selfish?

    That you now can show hatred for Whitey in the name of Native Americans and have all Native Americans be blamed for your threats?

    That you understand Native American problems better than people assigned that way at birth and are now straightening the media out about Native Americans with a blizzard of transsplaining?

    That you like to wear your hair and fringed jacket like Tonto and talk in pidgin and Native Americans who don’t like your adopting that stereotype are maybe not real Native Americans themselves?

    That you wouldn’t dream of taking on the boring irrelevant actual real problems of Native Americans, you have enough problems to struggle with as a trans-Native American?

    That you can insist on tribal membership today, and if tomorrow you want to be white again, so what, identity politics are soooo Second Wave and playing and subverting identities is just good clean fun?

    Well, all I have to say to that is…

    Lemme out of the ward!

    • Thank you for showing me how much further the fact-free world could go in that example, brylliant, LOL! Frightening, isn’t it? It is just so telling the when it comes to anybody else appropriating anybody else the libfems and that crowd will scream like scalded baboons and I would agree with them BUT when it is men wanting to appropriate women, the intellectual blinders go on and we all tumble down to Bizarro world.

      Had to block a Twitter twit who was claiming us TERFs were the worst group of people in the whole history of the world [hold on a second, my eyeballs just rolled so far they fell out, got to find them and pop them back in, OK, got em]
      What are they teaching in history classes now? I am probably being unfair to schools, though, since this over-the-top drama seems to be a thing with the more fact-free of the trans activists.

      I guess the time in my life spent with a drama-loving older sister was good training. The emotional blackmail, lies, gas-lighting, derailing, threats, and illogical behavior of the trans activists just don’t impress me much.

  4. My trouble with the trans debate is how one sided it has become. MTF is not the only option that is placed on the table in this discussion, and yet seems to be the focus. FTM also happens (and is probably the first incidents I had seen growing up involved female to male transitioning) and yet the focus is still automatically turned toward the male to female aspect of it.

    As for the gender structure that probably drives most to pursue a sex change, I can probably see quite a few in this debate being able to agree that once we eliminate the need to place certain dogmatic labels to certain sets of chromosomes that there will be a waning in the people wishing to transition. Once we can accept that we’re all equally unique and don’t fall into a structure system, there will be more self-acceptance. But in the meantime, most people only understand those constructs (some more vehemently than others.) Unfortunately, this also brings up the disparaging fact that most people also find themselves “higher” in the structure if they have gotten a response from the person they were haranguing; so rather than an exchange of ideas, it gets reduced to rudimentary taunts. Nothing gets accomplished. The sun sets, the sun rises. Repeat.

    As for this post specifically, the discussion about gender is completely separate from sexualizing things. If she were specifically referring to somebody who has already taken the conversation that way, then yes, I agree with her. But if she is the one who took the conversation that way, then she needs to do some internalizing as well. If adults are not allowed to discuss child psychology without it becoming an evil of some sort in somebody’s mind, then we’re going to need more Lucy Van Pelts in the world, because somebody has to deal with children’s psyches as well.

  5. My children both went to a Steiner school. There were no school uniforms; children did not judge; and parents were accepting. Between the ages of 4 and 8 my daughter’s best friend, a boy, would dress only in female clothing and fairy costumes. He refused to wear a pair of pants. Everything was pink, pretty, lacy. He wore dresses, skirts. His fairy outfits were particularly pretty, with pink toile, satin, rhinestone beading. He would come to school with his wand and his tiara. His parents allowed him to make his own choices about clothing. No adults spoke to him about transgender issues. The children did not judge him. He would come over for a play with my daughter, always in a dress. He had no notion of ‘sex’ or ‘gender’ and the adults around him didn’t foist anything upon him. At the time, although I didn’t say anything, I thought he would grow into an effeminate gay man. He is now 19. He goes to university. He wears boys clothing. He is happy and confident. He was not pushed one way or another; he worked it out for himself. He is a man. I dread to think the psychological issues he would have been left with if adults around him had projected their own fears and prejudices on to him.

  6. I am deeply concerned about the promotion of the message that people who are transitioning are so functionally impaired that disagreeing with them or disobeying them prompts them to kill either themselves or someone else. We rarely see any post or comment on transitioning without someone like “emily” bringing up self harm as a response to someone publicly or privately stating their disagreement. In my opinion that is the poison hiding in the kool aid the trans cultists are offering to children.

    • I have an issue with self-harm being treated as a by-product of needing to “transition.” I see the need to use threats of self-harm as a primary symptom of the underlying mental illness. The need to “transition” is simply another symptom of the underlying mental illness.

  7. Emotional blackmail, thebewilderness, emotional blackmail. It shuts down any logical discussion of an issue and is the guilt-tripping derailment weapon of choice for very manipulative people. And trans activists telling confused vulnerable young people to use this as a tactic to bully others seems to be a coldly calculated tactic. It is scary to face people using this bullying technique but it is so important to not let anybody get away with it.

    People who are genuinely suicidal often do not come right out and say so plainly and if we are spending so much time and energy dealing with the emotional blackmailers, we may miss or be unable to help people in real need.

    This whole tactic of “people like you MAKE people kill themselves” is sly, too. There are cases when a person who is the target of very specific, focused and deliberate abuse can become suicidal. The trans activists are trying to stretch disagreement with their beliefs in general to be equal to that kind of abuse. It is the same out of proportion drama making that I grew up around and have become mostly immune to.

    • I spent many years dealing with severely mentally ill people in my job. I have seen many people commit suicide as well as people permanently harm themselves in failed suicide attempts. After all these years, it’s clear to me that if someone truly wants to die, they will make it happen regardless of anything anyone says or does.

      It is so deeply disturbing to see trans people use suicidality to control others around them (to elicit sympathy, to silence critics, etc.). In my job I also encountered a lot of trans people. Without a doubt, I see transgenderism as an expression of a severe mental illness. Transgenderism shares so many components of other mental disorders. Unfortunately, it’s the only mental illness that the health care profession has no interest in really addressing.

      I wish it were easier to call trans out on their abusive use of suicidality and their abusive behavior generally.

  8. Why does nobody speak of and confront the huge industry behind getting young people to transition? Someone is making a lot of money here, and it’s not the young people being used as guinea pigs or their confused parents being fed a lie. Who is pushing the barrow? Who has vested interests in getting young people to transition?


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