This evening, as I watch the number of signatories rise on the counter petition I wrote to support Meghan Murphy, I have hope things are changing. Currenly, there are1 almost OVER 1000 signatures from all over the world. I’m very hopeful.

Gail Dines, who is critical of pornography like Murphy, calls the new breed of feminism the 4th wave. It’s a creative way to get people to think of the future. This new wave has its roots firmly planted in the feminist movements of the 60’s through the 70’s. This feminism isn’t compromising to patriarchy or capitalism, the two intertwining systems that oppress women daily.

It’s very odd that neoliberals, who are so concerned with things like ageism, are using that precise slur to denigrate her.

Let me make myself perfectly clear. When I say women I have a very specific definition in mind. It’s the definition that’s lasted a long time. A woman is a biological female. Feminism aims to liberate all women, not a few, not this group or that group, but all of us.

Corporate, neoliberal feminism is rooted in rhetoric devoid of any critical analysis of the wider societal systems that affect us. It employs words like ‘choice’ and ‘agency’ that are totally meaningless without context. Women don’t make choices in a vacuum. Women make what some have called constrained choices, but I digress. Is it really choice for an aboriginal teen to become a prostitute when she has no land due to colonialist practices? When she’s come to the city in poverty and lack of opportunity? Neoliberals erase her oppression by mindlessly shouting ‘choice!’ or ‘agency!’ at everything people do, even if it’s based in oppression.

For the record, Murphy’s analysis of prostitution, pornography, and sexual objectification aren’t brand new and even if they were, who cares?. These criticisms have been around for decades. They’ve been passed down like fragile heirlooms from our mothers, grandmothers, and aunts. They are the source for this new 4th wave that gives no quarter to corporatism and male supremacy.

Feminism isn’t supposed to make men, corporations, and patriarchy happy. In my personal opinion, that’s how I know I’m doing it right. Every day when I wake up and go online and I see the men’s rights backlash, this becomes more and more apparent. These days the neoliberals and men’s rights activists are indistinguishable.

I wasn’t surprised that a bunch of neoliberals got together to make a petition to get a woman fired whilst simultaneously calling themselves ‘feminists.’ This fascist reaction isn’t new. Women who dare to voice a critical opinion of the sex industry are immediately labeled ‘anti-sex’ and personally attacked with complete indifference.

Being critical of industries is by no means bigotry or racism, as they’ve accused Murphy. The petition against her is chock full of offensive terms. None of them are defined and no quotes aside one, badly taken out of context, are given.

It’s not very feminist to get a woman fired in an economy where women are struggling. Hell, all I have is my words and generous donors that help me live month to month. Feminist writers are the ones that usually scrape the bottom of the change purses at the end of every week. What kind of feminist fails to see this larger picture?

Let’s also get at the underlying issue here. It’s fucking fascist to behave like this.

I’m an Italian Jewish immigrant to Canada. Some of my relatives died at Auschwitz. The lessons of the Shoah permeate my life, more than most. When I see this fascist behaviour counterpointed with rhetoric like ‘agency’ and ‘choice’ and ‘freedom’ my stomach wrinkles up in a knot. Who the hell do you people think you are? I’ll say no more on this as the historical point is well made.

Criticisms of neoliberal ‘feminism’ aren’t new. Many feminists have written about it. All you have to do is a simple Google search and you’ll find reams of pieces. The problem is, neoliberals are too damn lazy. They’re infatuated with images and slogans, the easy sell. Scream ‘bigot’ enough times and people are bound to believe it. It doesn’t matter that there’s no critical approach. Just yell it really loud and get a whole bunch of other people to do it too. It’s sorta like corporate advertising in a way.

It’s vacuous.

I think neoliberalism tries to sell a fantasy. Women can be instantly liberated if they call what they do a ‘choice.’ It has no anchor, no consciousness of the reality we live in.

They’ve even created a Twitter hashtag campaign whereby they’re trying to sell a slogan to the masses. Twitter is the perfect place for it since you can’t really analyze worth shit on Twitter. It’s the perfect place for them. Even the men’s rightsers have joined in, a perfect couple in their quest to burn the witch.

While these fascists are busy selling their utopia online with ‘terf’, ‘bigot’, ‘racist’ and ‘transphobe, feminism will still maintain its age old premise: to liberate all women from oppression.

There’s no fantasy about it.

Please sign my counter petition.

Petition · We Need Meghan Murphy ·

I posted an update on the petition that I’ll reprint here:

May 3, 2015 — We’re well on our way to 2000 signatures. Thank you so much.

This ain’t over by a long shot.

This is my first petition ever. I run a blog called Mancheeze if you’re interested.

I am a radical feminist that critiques the current backlash. Men’s rights activists are my main target for critique but also neoliberalism and transpolitics.

I’m very happy to see the myriad of women, and yes men too, who have taken 3 minutes out of their day and signed. This no-platforming, firing and harassment of women is rampant in our current society.

I want that to change. I yearn for that to change.

Remember, there are more women that are being silenced as I type this. There are women all over the world who are being married against their will, forbidden from accessing reproductive services and products, forbidden to drive, raped, beaten, prostituted, and otherwise oppressed due to the fact they were born female.

I said it today on Twitter. Being born female, that is if a female is even allowed to be born, is the world’s oldest and most primary oppression. When a female is born, she is immediately set up for a life of submission.

Female is not an identity.

When you sign this remember to look for the many other women that will need your help so their voices aren’t silenced by a mob.

Thank you.



9 thoughts on “Afterthoughts

  1. It is the other way round, yanno. The young ones are flocking to the olds because they want some of that old fashioned womens liberation, and they know exactly where to find it.

    • Hmm. I think Gail Dines talked about that. She mentioned in her new TED talk that young women are speaking up about what the men are doing to them while they’re addicted to porn.

      I really feel for the next genz of women and girls. We thought Playboy and Penthouse were a problem?

      These young men are being raised by sexual violence all over the place and young women don’t know what to do.

      I hope they find us. That’s why I had this idea a while back to start a global network of radical feminists, one site, one spot and global connections up the wazoo.

      I really want to network with Sweden’s feminists. Get ideas.

  2. I’m pleased the number of signatures is growing, I’ve been promoting the petition where I can.

      • Please keep up the good work, House Mouse Queen! I made the mistake of looking into the twitter feed against Murphy and posted a few counter-tweets with the result of being called all sorts of names. LOL! Very few of the libfems and trans activists seem to be able to make a rational case for what they want.

        I was on Skepchick earlier and clicked on out of curiosity. I am not in agreement with the conclusions or the breezy waving away of dangers to women BUT the author made an effort to think about why women do not want men in bathrooms and such. So, it is possible to discuss these matters without resorting to slurs and accusations of evil.

        Of course, the author also used the example of men claiming to be women being faced with the choice of being “beaten up” in the men’s room or “being yelled at” in the women’s room. She did not address that the answer of women having to let men into their spaces means that men are still free to be violent and women have to shut up if men want their spaces (while also having to allow possibly violent men in their space). Well, I just mention the article because, with all its problems, at least it was profanity free.

        And back to evil. I think we have to invent a new word to describe being called racist when your opponent can’t defend their beliefs rationally and need to rally/bully people to their cause by painting you as the ultimate liberal evil. I am thinking “wacism” should be the word. If anybody told me years ago that stating that men and women exist and one cannot magically turn into the other just be saying so would make me a wascist, well, I would have wondered what they were smoking.

  3. Mancheeze – I didn’t know you had a blog!! You’ve had my back and vice versa in a couple of fights with MRAs on line (I post under oneclickboedicea as well as Derrington). Signed petition and completely agree that the neo liberals are using tactics of neo Nazis – to shut down dissent from their One True Way – get your kit off and give us what we want otherwise we’ll get you the sack, beat you, intimidate you, hack your account, post rape and death threats or encourage others too. This is just sexist hate crime. Maybe we could report it as such to Canadian authorities or is there a media standards agency in Canada? Violent censorship of women for speaking about male violence is just another form of DV, just without the domestic bit, which is a misnomer after all since DV is just sexist violence but in the home rather than on the street or in the workplace.

  4. I am so glad I looked into Twitter and spotted that you had created that counter-petition! Thank you so much! I’m not the most brilliant feminist mind, but I never had the opportunity to truly discover my voice in life. Feminist Current has done so much for me. It’s just a shame that all these crazy people will resort to outright lies to shut someone up. I couldn’t believe it. Even in the comments under her article where everyone was “WHITE FEMINISM MUST DIE.”, and I was like.. ” Im not white… and this is a fair analysis..” . Of course, met with silence. Never a single attempt to respond to any discussion just; #Transphobe!! #Blacklivesmatter!! (she absolutely made no commentary on that? Meghan Murphy is the furthest thing from racist and teh article never said otherwise) #Lilywhitefeminism!! #Bigot!!
    I just.. can’t even. They are unreasonable, illogical, and I think only one of them sounded half-way educated. But I think that’s part of the problem these days with Twitter Slacktivism. They breed from lack of education. They google surface thoughts and never study anything deeply. So when they approach an article like Meghan’s, they don’t even understand the grammar used in it ( this was a thing).
    I put the petition on my FB and a few of my friends signed. I don’t see the petition against Meghan will actually go anywhere. The comments under it alone reek of mindless internet rage ( seriously, can they see what they’re typing?).


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