It’s Only Damseling When

It’s official, the MRA’s are doing a lolsuit and want $40 thousand.

When you lose $9 grand on a stunt to infiltrate the Calgary Expo you gotta recoup those costs. Karen Straughn uploaded a statement to get the guys to dig into their pockets yet again.

The endless videos of Alison Tieman crying into the camera and now this plea for $40 grand is what men’s righters call ‘damseling.’ There is no official definition of the word but there’s a lot of examples of it and one could say that Gamergate depends on their theory of damseling to go after Anita Sarkeesian.

Gamergate, which is basically a group of MRA’s, accused Anita Sarkeesian of damseling when she successfully crowdfunded $160 thousand after only asking for $6 thousand. The reason she got so much attention was due to the Manosphere/Gamergaters taking to the internet and endlessly threatening her. If you go to Youtube and search her name you’ll get thousands of videos by disgruntled MRA’s screaming obscenities at her, one of which is the charge of damseling. This boost of internet attention informed people about Anita’s fundraiser. While the rape and death threats flooded in, people were reaching into their pockets and supporting her project.

Paul Elam has written a lot about damseling and Anita Sarkeesian. He says of her extremely successful Kickstarter project:

Personally, I am jealous. I have had half the major media in a couple of countries disingenuously and maliciously demonize me. Even after forcing some retractions I bet I got more threats than Sarkeesian.

My reward? Jack shit.

Maybe it was because I didn’t swoon hard enough or treat the threats like they were tickets to Disneyworld.

Or maybe it was just that I don’t have a vagina and the sociopathic acumen to be profitably distressed and empowered at the same time.

I think I am correct in assuming there is some cha-ching going down in her PayPal account right about now. And there will be some more gash-cash for other members of the sisterhood who pen their outrage over this worse-than-death-almost-as-bad-as-rape event, demanding that someone, preferably the state, take over the Internet and make it safer for lying, feminist con artists.

It’s only damseling if Anita gets funding but when three AVFM women want it, well, that’s different.

After being kicked out of the Expo the Badgers made hours upon hours of videos including two videos of Tieman crying into the camera because she was dumb enough to misrepresent herself at the Expo. If this was truly about her comic, bringing half the staff of AVFM, flying the Gamergate logo, and harassing feminist panelists wasn’t exactly a bright idea.

Even the Badgers themselves have written about how horrible damseling is:

Damseling and Gynonormativity. These roughly correspond to femininity seen as childlike, in a dependent position; and femininity seen as the moral standard, in a dominant position. This sounds like a contradiction, but in fact it is just a description. The switch from dominant Moral Guardian to trembling Damsel can be instantaneous because at bottom there is not much distance between them. The dominant matron battle-ax can very easily stand over a man and lecture him about defending and protecting poor, helpless women.

John Hambling, former AVFM staff, thinks the hypocrisy is showing. In a video he tossed the Badgers hyper-masculine slogan right back at them: ‘Honey Badgers Don’t Give a Shit.’

Honey Badgers aren’t supposed to damsel.

Hambling was met with cold, blank stares from dudes in their dark basements, knowing they’re being hypocrites but delving into their weekly paper route money anyway to provide $40K ‘gash cash’ for the damsels in distress.

Hamblings video got several responses. An MRA that infilitrated with the Badgers reassured the guys that the ladies aren’t really damseling because they were banished from the village, not locked in a tower:Allisons hubby on her damseling and banishmentIf you’re locked in a tower by all means, ask for ‘gash cash.’

Allisons hubby on her damseling and banishment2Can’t argue with that superior logic.

Woolybumblebee, another former student of AVFM publicity, knows the Badgers ‘infiltration’ of the Expo was a stunt to get more cash. She even made a second video, foretelling the inevitable ‘fundraiser’.

Paul Elam and the ladies will milk this for years as Woolly pointed out that Human Rights complaints take a long time.

MRA’s are out in full force telling anyone skeptical of Tieman’s tears that this is ‘true victimization’ and the tears were real.

In fact, the Badgers have been so victimized the dudes think they’re identical to Gandhi and Rosa Parks.

human rights violation just like gandhimra comparing to rosa parksAlison is Rosa ParksLOLZ

A game blog abused me.

Meanwhile, the Badgers are knee deep in their quest for true justice, invoking the Canadian Charter and proclaiming they’ve been abused. Yes, they actually use that term.

The Honey Badger Brigade is now seeking legal advice to hold the Calgary Expo staff accountable for their acts of abuse and discrimination against us.

this eviction was based in discrimination, an act that has defamed and abused us.

it is our belief that the actions taken by the Calgary Expo staff were of a political nature and contravene the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, in particular freedom of conscience, freedom of thought and freedom of association.

They’ve learned well. It wasn’t too long ago their brethren Dean Esmay from AVFM claimed a gaming site was abusing him.

On the ‘Feed the Badger’ fundraiser page, they’ve already reached $23 thousand. That should keep Karen in $10 packs of cigarettes for a few years.

Only idiots will donate to this second stunt. The Charter wasn’t breached at all. Any first year law student can tell you that. Businesses have every right to remove someone from their event based on the rules and regulations they’ve authored. It was a choice to go to the Expo and act like assholes.

Here’s the video request for $40K


From the video:

Why is a woman rejecting victimhood so threatening? Because you need a damsel to have a villain. Having a villain justifies every act of war, lynching, genocide, marginalization, bigotry, and hatred throughout history.

The time is ripe for money. Even Sage Gerard, AVFM’s Collegiate Activism Director, is asking for Patreon money. In a video just uploaded he wants money to shave his head and currently will make almost $200 per video.

Gerard calls himself a human rights activist. LOL

Even breathing costs money according to these people.

Make no mistake. This isn’t about Tieman’s shitty webcomic that her own friend Sage Gerard said had ‘no story.’  It’s about making a public scene over and over and over again for views and more importantly, cold hard cash.



6 thoughts on “It’s Only Damseling When

  1. @Housemousequeen

    It is staggering the amount of cognitive dissonance these people possess. You would think being anti-feminist, but pro-‘human’ rights would be a tip-off but nope.

    They have the cluelessness set to 11. :\

  2. I love it.

    Woman does… anything really. Just about anything can piss these idiots off.

    Misogynists go on a tear and threaten her relentlessly.

    Non-misogynists, likely mostly women but probably some men, donate money to her to fight back against the violent bullies.

    MRAs: That woman is using our abuse to get ahead!

  3. Grifting is hard work, but the pay is good. Elam has made a living selling his version of Prosperity Gospel for years.

  4. This fundraising for damseling or grifting or whatever is fine with me. The more cash they dump on this and energy they spend on their odd little jihads, the less likely they are to ever do anything that matters. The more people see of these clowns, the less people want to be associated with them. Well, thinking people with class won’t want anything to do with them. But even if they gain more followers, it is better to know who is out there. Kind of like following somebody else’s Twitter discussions and finding new people to block every day.

  5. They don’t have a legitimate complaint. A lawsuit would be frivolous and wasteful of their members’ money and maybe expose them to the other sides’ attorney fees in defending, and an administrative human-rights-based complaint would be thrown out and free. This is only about PR and grifting. The fact is that nothing is going on at AVFM or with its associates; no activity, no engagement with the world, no drama. So pseudodramas and crises have to be dreamed up. Noise requires a platform.


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