Dan ‘Kill The Bitch’ Perrins of AVFM and CAFE On A Liquid Diet For ‘Ethics in Journalism’ Or Something


Dan Perrins threatened suicide tonight during his video hangout with Paul Elam. Instead of encouraging Dan to call a suicide hotline or his counselor he sees once a week because he’s mentally ill, Elam just kept pushing his misogynist views.

Elam is an exploiter of men, not a men’s rights activist.

AVFM and CAFE are doing a Walk a Mile In His Shoes to highlight male suicide in Canada. Dan Perrins, who is a member of both AVFM and CAFE is walking from Hamilton, Ontario to Toronto to raise money. Dan runs the site antimisandry.com where he announces to women who come across the site:

If you’re a feminist, female supremacist or of similar mindset (i.e. misandrist), you should read the contents of this forum prior to asking ‘why are you here?’

Dan is the men’s rights activist who told GQ he ‘should’ve killed the bitch 5 years ago’, speaking of his ex. Dan’s now on a hunger strike, well sort of. He won’t eat solid food but will drink. Boy those suffragettes were a lot tougher than Dan.

Paul Elam uploaded a phone conversation with Dan during his walk and is now uploading video after video after video after video after video exploiting Dan’s solid food strike. After only 24 hours Elam thinks Dan is looking ‘dangerously thin.’ I suppose all the drugs Elam’s done have affected his vision.

Paul Elam wants Canada to become an MRA haven but exposes his utter ignorance of our political system. He thinks Canada has a Prime Minister in each Province. D’OH! Then he says ‘I hope the Premier of Toronto is paying attention!’ DOOOOOOO’H! When Dan corrects Elam and gives him Kathy Wynne’s name, Paul says ‘Miss WynnT, I hope you’re paying attention!’ D’OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!

‘I hope Dan doesn’t have to die.’ smiles Elam, rubbing those greedy hands together. He’s gonna milk this for all it’s worth.

What is Dan demanding? Your guess is as good as mine since he uploaded a 7 page document Dean Esmay wrote that anyone can edit. It’s full of grammatical errors and reads like a 12 year old writing his parents on how shitty his life is. Esmay also forgot to include male suicide in his manifesto and had to be reminded that this was the issue that started this whole thing.

This has made the MRA’s quite confused because nobody really knows what Dan’s demands are. He made a comment on AVFM but with all the videos and documents nobody knows what’s going on.

Dans comment about his demands

Men’s rightsers must always have a female target and Dan’s target Premier Kathleen Wynne of Ontario. They’ve been tweeting her and saying things like this:

Premier Wynn – is that an intentional choice? Of all the politicians in Canada you went with the liberal lesbian woman.

Dan also demanded Canada arrest American journalist Jeff Sharlet of GQ for writing about them at their last Man Bawl and remove any information about the fact he doxxed [2]the red-haired woman they call Chanty Binx. No, I won’t repeat her name on here.

Dan Perrins dubbed her the “Little Red Frothing Fornication Mouth,” snarking about her “sheer tits in your face gumption.”

In an interview he said Chanty loved being ‘turned on orally’ and that she ‘played the victim’ but thinks Canada has jurisdiction over Jeff Sharlet.

They’re even bringing back Earl Silverman’s ghost. Dean Esmay, that bastion of hatred, thought feminists were gonna ‘dance on Earl’s grave.’ Meanwhile, it’s MRA’s that are dancing on it in a lame attempt for media attention and money. They are really hamming it up.

CAFE is putting in their two cents with a video about Kathleen Wynne’s program to stop sexual assault. Justin Trottier emailed StatsCan and then Wynne. This is more of the same zero-sum game men’s rightsers engage in. They tell her she’s illogical for focusing on female victims of sexual assault. Ask any woman if she’s been sexually assaulted. She’ll say yes, many times over.

If you want to help out Ontario’s anti-sexual assault campaign you can tweet #whowillyouhelp.

In the real world men, women, everybody commits sexual violence against members of the opposite sex.~CAFE

We women know about the real world and how men sexually assault us daily, whether public or private. The worlds most dangerous place for a woman is in her own home. CAFE doesn’t admit the gendered nature of sexual assault.

Male suicide in Canada is going down. One of the reasons that men in middle age are more likely to commit suicide has to do with toxic masculinity. You won’t hear CAFE or AVFM talk about this because men’s rights groups tend to enforce rigid masculinity from the 50’s.

Suicide Prevention Canada states:

There is a growing recognition that the social construction of masculinity is a major factor that tends to impede positive physical and mental health outcomes for men (Courtenay, 2000).

“Hegemonic masculinity” refers to the current form of masculinity to which most men aspire and/or against which they measure themselves in relation to femininity and other masculinities which are marginalized and subordinated. Marginalized masculinity refers to gender relations experienced by men in lower socio-economic strata.

Hegemonic/traditional masculinity is characterized by attributes such as: striving for power and dominance, aggressiveness, valor, independency, efficiency, rationality, competitiveness, success, activity, control, emotional restrictiveness, and stoicism (Möller-Leimkühler, 2003; Synnott, 2010).

Men are reluctant to express emotions and they may conceal or deny distress and emotional pain, thereby not seeking the help they need.

Paul Elam is notorious for shaming men’s sense of masculinity when he calls men ‘manginas’, ‘pussy beggars’, and so on. He chides any sociologist who mentions the problems of toxic masculinity, patriarchy and gender roles. Paul Elam and CAFE are men’s worst nightmares because they are trying to hang onto an old 1950’s identity that doesn’t fit our new social landscape.

Along with the many articles AVFM is pumping out about Dan, Elam said yesterday that he’ll make a video every single day Dan is on his solid food strike. Be prepared for a money grab. It’s coming.

If you’re feeling suicidal, call a crisis line. They do work well. Dial 411 if you’re in serious trouble and they’ll auto connect you in Canada. Oh and suicide hotlines are for everyone in Canada.

17 thoughts on “Dan ‘Kill The Bitch’ Perrins of AVFM and CAFE On A Liquid Diet For ‘Ethics in Journalism’ Or Something

  1. Very helpful quote from Suicide Prevention Canada. Many medical authorities posit that suicide is aggression turned against oneself, and, since men are biologically more aggressive, that has to play a part in addition to social roles in the increased number of successful male suicides.

  2. Apparently this is not the first time danny boy has gone on a hunger strike. How will it end?
    Not until sufficient money has rolled in. He will probably stand down “on the advice of my doctor”. No way those demands will be met.

  3. In his latest video Dan Perrins compares himself to Gandhi and says if he starves himself to death “there’s caselaw” that may show it’s a “quasi-murder”. Then Elam jumps in to say that feminists are really hoping Perrins dies, “because that’s what they were hoping for all along”.

    In other words, if this disturbed man commits slow suicide out of seething anger at society, it’s going to be because feminists murdered him.

    If we refuse to be their servants, prostitutes, and child-makers, fine, we’ll be made into their scapegoats for all their failures in life. There’s always a use for the subordinate class.

    • I know. Also, Elam is using him. He’s mentally ill. He threatened suicide and Elam just sat there egging it all on instead of urging him to get help.

      Elam keeps saying ‘he’s of sound mind.’ When he’s clearly not.

        • Get those lolsuits started. I bet you can get the United States Canadian Police SWAT team to arrest me for making fun of MRA’s. You must have a lot of energy to come here. So your stunt is over I bet.

        • Shut up, Gandalf. Go drink your cream of potato soup (or whatever the fuck you’re subsisting on) and cry for more donations. Welfare King.

          • You don’t fool around. I like that.

            Oh yeah, he’s been desperately at me now for two days. He sure does have a lot of energy for someone apparently not eating.

            Yeah right. He’s eating. We all know it.

            It was just another mantrum for attention from the media. which he did NOT get.

            They probably figured it would be easy but alas, nobody wants anything to do with them.

            I love watching them having mantrums.

          • You don’t fool around. I like that.

            😀 Yes, and this is why, when I had an account on Twitter, MRAs would block me, as opposed to harassing me, as they tend to do with most women.

            I am happy to report that I’m the same way in RL. A few months ago, some obese redneck tried to attack me while I was leaving the grocery store with my economy sized package of toilet paper (Cottenelle Ultra FTW!, btw.). He started yelling “hey bitch!” from the porch of the apartments he lives in (I’ve seen this douchebag before; he and a apparent friend were trying to get me to “come here” when I walked past. I ignored them). When he yelled “hey bitch” a second time, I flipped him off and kept walking. So he then scuttles off the porch and begins to race towards me. I turn around and stare him right in the eyes and scream “Don’t FUCK with me or I’ll kick your fucking ass!”. He stops in his tracks, and there is a bit of a stare-down for a moment (he looks scared). I glance down and notice a wet spot forming in the crotch area of his jeans, and then I point at it and say “You pissed your pants”. He looks down at it, then looks back at me with a disoriented expression. I turn around and continue my journey home.

            The End. 😛

  4. If I was going to kill myself (and I’ve considered it many times), I wouldn’t tell people about it or make a big fucking spectacle of myself by threatening to do it via a hunger strike or some other pathetic, attention-seeking nonsense….I’d just fucking DO IT. Also, these dunderheads fail to mention that a large percentage of men kill their whole families before they off themselves. The selfish, dirty fucking murderers get ZERO sympathy from me.

    LOL @ “walking in men’s shoes”, as if that’s actually a difficult task, considering the fact that they get to wear the really comfortable ones, while women are systemically bullied into foot-destroying high heels….just because men think it’s “sexxxaaay”. Of course, being the evil shitbeasts that they are, they get off on our discomfort. And no such sacrifices exist for men. Take a good look at Danny Boy; his male privilege is oozing from every pore. Mass of unwashed gray hair, huge smelly beard, ugly as hell, old as hell. probably hasn’t seen the inside of a shower stall since 1978…but it’s guys like this that complain about women’s appearance. The hypocrisy is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Every MRA I’ve ever seen is either a fucking slob, or so tragically ugly that no amount of turd-polishing could make them presentable. They are so good at dishing out criticism on women, but can’t take it when it gets thrown back at them.

    • Most suicides happen very quietly. Which isn’t to say that people who threaten it don’t sometimes eventually follow through, but I’d wager that there’s a fairly low correlation there; that most who threaten suicide publicly aren’t serious. And threatening suicide to get what you want is a known abuser tactic.

  5. Ah, he’s on a “huger” strike, not a hunger strike. So he won’t give hugs to anyone until we give in to his demands. Gosh, what a threat.

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