Donations Needed

I’m having a tough month and I haven’t done my usual donation drives on time. Any help is much appreciated.

You can click on the donate button on the right under the picture of Boogie.

Your help is much appreciated.


11 thoughts on “Donations Needed

    • I hope I do. I really hope I do. You coming to visit so I can cook for you?

      Yesterday on Twitter I told my sisters on there just how I felt about things.

      I have no kids and that’s a good thing b/c I can put much more energy into my sisters. I sort of mother the younger women and I consider myself the ‘big sister.’

      That’s a really special place to be.

  1. Yes, a good place. About cooking-I have spent a lot of years cooking for others. These days I enjoy cooking for my woman friends, partly because they cook back! You know what I mean? There is no greater luxury than having another person home cook, serve,and clean up-for another woman, and not for money, for friendship! On our cook days we don’t let the other woman lift a finger – she gets her glass of wine and a seat. It’s an incredible small experience. Other women know what went into the meal, how much work it is, and appreciate it all the more.

  2. Thank you to all who’ve donated to me so far. I must get through this hard time somehow and it’s good to know that I have sisters to count on in such chaos.

    My fridge completely died. I’m losing all the food I cooked and my frozen food, milk, eggs etc. what I could salvage of it, I cooked yesterday, all of it. Put it in the fridge only to wake up this morning with the fridge dead.


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