Dan ‘Kill the Bitch’ Perrins Media ‘Hunger Strike’ Stunt Comes To a Whiny End

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Dan Perrins, the dude who wanted to kill his ex and said so openly at the last Man Bawl in St. Clair Shores, has ended his ‘hunger strike’ stunt for media attention. Those suffragettes were a lot tougher than Dan.

In a letter posted on the Canadian equivalent of A Voice for Men, CAFE, he wrote:

I, Dan Perrins, have ended my hunger strike, as of today, Saturday May 16th at 3:00PM here at the Canadian Centre for Men and Families. Many of you have supported me throughout this period while some have questioned my motivation and goals. So let me offer some reflection.

My decision to begin my hunger strike was not taken lightly. It was a decision I came to at the end of my 120 km walk from Dundas, Ontario to Queen’s Park as I considered what I could do next for those in need. It was motivated out of a deep sense of injustice at the lack of social support for men. I know this well as I am a victim of PTSD brought on by abuse and trauma. When I needed help there was nothing for me. I hoped that a shocking act like a hunger strike might firstly jolt people out of their complacency and secondly, earn a commitment from our government to open the province’s first shelter for male victims of abuse.

I end my hunger strike having made a real breakthrough in opening up a frank discussion about men’s health, and yet with much work yet ahead of me. The public has responded with resounding concern for my cause. The disconnect between those loud voices of support and the deafening silence from our elected officials toward an invitation to meet with me, is telling of a real problem that confronts our society.

But I recognize that just as my walk gave way to a hunger strike, with both acts having succeeded in advancing awareness, it is now time to transition to something new and more appropriate for the road ahead. To lay the groundwork my friends at the Canadian Association for Equality have already picked up the ball. In the last two weeks, motivated by my actions, CAFE has met with elected officials from each political party, including the chief-of-staff of a provincial cabinet minister. They have received interest in government partnership for their programs aimed to address violence against men, the social harms of fatherlessness and mentorship for at-risk boys.

I am cautiously optimistic that these are positive signs that doors are starting to open. It suggests there is, after all, some appetite by politicians to discuss men’s issues openly. If that is the case I believe it is time to move on from my hunger strike and work with CAFE and other organizations that care about these issues, to pursue other more traditional channels of awareness and advocacy. I am open to participate where appropriate in meetings with policy makers so I can share my experiences.

I know CAFE was never comfortable with my hunger strike because of the risk it posed to my health, but I want to thank them for respecting my decision and being there to make sure I got through it. Thank you so much to all those who have wished me well during this journey, and please do not let the momentum we have built together be wasted.

It is ironic, given that the whole point of my hunger strike was to improve men’s health and well-being, that the health and well-being of this man had to be compromised. As activists, such a sacrifice is sometimes necessary, but to each of you, please find your own way to make a contribution while taking care of yourself and your loved ones. We are all in this together.

#Istandwithdan Hashtag

The #istandwithdan HT is really funny. Yes, feminists got wind of Dan’s Man Bawl and responded appropriately

Men Do Have Services In Canada

Since Dan is mentally ill and MRA’s are not known for being coherent, nobody really knew what Dan’s demands were. The only ones I could make out was he wanted the government to make a men’s shelter in Ontario as well as some crap about lolsuits against me and Jeff Sharlet of GQ magazine.
Let it be known that Canadians have on-demand health care that is free of charge. Dan has plenty of services at his disposal and I know this as a Canadian immigrant. Dan is mentally ill, he admits this. He sees a psychiatrist once a week, which if he didn’t have health care, he wouldn’t be able to do. Any Canadian, at any time, can go to a GP(General Practitioner) free of charge.

When I first came to Canada I was astounded at how easily I could see a doctor or go to a hospital. I had my endometriosis surgery in Canada by one of the top surgeons in British Columbia. I’ve also had major testing for my spinal disability here in Canada, MRI’s and the whole show, for free. I’ve been seen by the Vancouver Canuck’s (NHL Team) own physiotherapist.

On my first road trip through Canada in 1995, I stopped in Banff, Alberta to admire the beauty of the Rockies. While there I had a sudden health issue that required me to go to hospital. I wasn’t a Canadian citizen nor was I a permanent resident. I was just there on a 6 month visa. The hospital fixed me up and charged me $40 dollars. Nobody from the United States can go to a US hospital for that amount, ever.

Where I stayed in Banff

This endless whining by MRA’s that there are no services for men in Canada is a bald-faced lie. It’s just them railing against services for women, which have been cut drastically by the Tories. MRA’s are just angry that women have something they feel entitled to without doing an ounce of work for it.

Like Earl Silverman before him, Dan is trying to be the martyr. All the hundreds of thousands of dollars these men have spent on Paul Elam’s new condo and they still make demands like toddlers.

In 2013 Dan called a crisis line at a women’s shelter and berated the staff while taking up the line so abused women couldn’t call. He recorded it and put it on Youtube.

The week he did a hangout with Paul Elam railing and promising to stalk me. He thinks he’s going to get me arrested. Yes, he believes this delusion. He rattled off the Canadian Charter and went on about how I’ve violated it, which is hilarious.

Dan Perrins is a staff member of a hate site. The sentiments he expressed towards his ex are all markers of an abusive man. If he thinks he’s going to call the cops on me then I welcome him to try it. Just try it dude. You’ll be laughed at. You know it, and I know it. You’re just trying to scare me.

Dan has come to this site during his pity party and tried dropping my docs. He failed. He thinks he knows my name. He doesn’t. He tried dropping my name on Twitter, once again failing.

I don’t tolerate abusive men. I will report him if he persists. There’s no reason why women should live in fear of men. I am not going to cower and go offline. That will not happen. I have a good relationship with the police and my second father is a highly decorated retired officer, married to my mother. I don’t usually drop such personal information but in this case it’s necessary to tell Dan, flat out, DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.

I highly recommend Dan stop stalking me. I know he’ll slither on over here and read this. I’m giving him fair warning.

Below is CAFE’s Justin Trottier talking about the end of Dan’s pity party. Of course it wasn’t limited to one video. Here’s the second one CAFE made after Dan’s pity party. CAFE men’s rights group spent thousands on a billboard with false stats and didn’t put a single penny towards a men’s shelter. It’s the same old tactics of making asses of themselves in public, entitled little manchildren, demanding things they won’t work for. Trottier still doesn’t get why Dan wasn’t invited into the Legislative Assembly during his hunger strike. Let’s just say Dan is well known to the Hamilton Police. Well known.

A Personal Side Note

Because I’ve talked about the police I’d like to introduce you to something I personally adore, the K9 Unit of Israel, named OKETZ (sting). I once owned a K9 trained dog named Gia. She was my love. I want another very much. Most people think the cops strictly use German Shepherds but the preferred dog is the Belgian Malinois because they’re lighter and have a better temperament for the stresses of the job. They even parachute out of planes. Many SEAL dogs get titanium canine implants since the dogs use their mouths so much. There’s a great company in Canada that makes dog body armour for about $40,000 a suit.

Titanium implants

The IDF has a special place where the dogs are buried, with honour.

And lastly, here’s the fastest bite recorded in 2014.




3 thoughts on “Dan ‘Kill the Bitch’ Perrins Media ‘Hunger Strike’ Stunt Comes To a Whiny End

  1. Dan is such a wimp. Let him take a look at one of the many pro-ana websites out there, and he’ll see tons of girls & women who are literally starving themselves to death for male approval. Fuck this loser. He knows nothing of true hunger.

  2. Hahahahaha! They’ve told him “Stop it, you stupid bastard. You’re looking like a fucking knob” and he has obeyed. The CAFE spokesman says it all.


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