‘[Women] would be even hotter if they were too stupid to talk.’~ Paul Elam

Women’s bodies really bother Paul Elam. In his efforts to control them he rails against abortion and would love to get a woman pregnant and tell her to ‘fuck off.’ According to Elam, women’s bodies are supposed to be beaten as evidenced by his ‘Bash a Violent Bitch’ article as well as his ‘fictional’ stories about the joys of being a male batterer.

Now we come to it. Elam is upset that girls are trying to grow up accepting their bodies. Have any of you read ‘Our Bodies, OurSelves?’ I have. It’s old too. It was first published in 1971 and I found it in my grandmother’s corner library. It was the first time I ever saw a naked woman outside of my father’s porn stash. She was defiant in black and white, unashamed. Her pubic hair caught my eye as I didn’t have any and the women in porn didn’t have much either. It was the first time I saw a woman who was comfortable in an image.

The struggle of women to accept their bodies has been going on forever, with the constant pressure to adhere to beauty standards set by men in advertising.

In a new rant Elam posted the other day, he admits his ignorance.

It causes me to wonder, though, just where Social Justice Worriers™, include among many of their ill-conceived and utterly moronic ideas the notion that some mysterious “male beauty standard” is out their poisoning the minds of women, causing destruction to their otherwise intact sense of self-esteem and even driving some to starve themselves to death trying to get skinny enough to feel attractive.

This sort of dismissive hand waving is classic Paul Elam woman-hating. Girls usually start with eating disorders at 12 years old. Twenty million girls and women will have an eating disorder some time in their life in the United States. Many will die.

Elam dismisses the concept of the male gaze while simultaneously posting pictures of stereotypical bombshell women that are considered attractive only because men want to fuck them. As Gail Dines has said many times, young girls are either ‘fuckable or invisible.’ These two categories are how women are constructed by the male dominant culture. Young boys start watching porn at around age 12 while girls start to starve themselves.

This heteronormative beauty standard wreaks havoc on girls as they are socialized into femininity, the role of submissive, the ‘thing’ to be fucked by males.

Elam invests in pseudo-scientific theories to explain what men find attractive along with the insinuation that women are stupid objects to be fucked.

As long as the proportions were even close to correct, and as long as the brain did not come addled with too much stupid, they resulted in perfectly acceptable sexual specimens.

By calling women ‘specimens’ he disproves himself by saying the only way men look at women is through sex. Men don’t see women as human, just as sexual objects to be coveted. In one paragraph he says women shouldn’t be ‘dumb’ but then calls for women to be ‘too stupid to talk.’

He furthers this sexual male gaze by posting pictures of feminists who he then calls ‘fat and ugly.’ You see women are only visible when they’re being coveted sexually by men. This is the male gaze in action. Paul is notorious for saying a concept doesn’t exist and then proving its existence.

That is not a digression from the topic, as we now see popularized use in the Social Justice Worrier lexicon of terms like “fat shaming,” and “fat acceptance.” That is shorthand for learn to love coronary artery disease, diabetes and sexual rejection. Such trends — and the statistics — still stand in contrast to the assumption that we are shaming and manipulating women into becoming human stick figures.

Except it’s not. What Elam is doing is equating two totally opposite concepts. Logic isn’t his strong point. I know of no feminist who thinks body acceptance means we’re pushing for diabetes. The point, dumb silly man, is that the image presented to girls is one that is virtually unobtainable because female bodies just aren’t naturally stick thin. That’s just not how we’re made. The media takes the outlier, the extremely thin woman, and presents it as the norm. I also find it odd that he thinks women go to pieces about sexual rejection. As we’ll see with the comments, it’s men that are doing this.

Elam puts a lot of stock into evolutionary biology. He thinks men are attracted to certain ratios. This isn’t true as we’ve seen there is great diversity in who people are attracted to. However, it’s men who’ve created the stereotypical blonde, in a bikini, draping herself over products to sell them, to other men.

Elam later admits that people are attracted to different things but still pushes the male gaze of how women ‘should look.’ He even talks about Twiggy and gives us a little too much information.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t push people in that kind of direction. Take the once super, super, SUPER model Twiggy as an example.

She was becoming huge (in terms of popularity) about the time I started figuring out what to do with a hard on in the bathroom, but I never rubbed one out thinking about her.


So he admits that men pushed an outlier, Twiggy, who was super thin, but can’t logically follow the conversation.

How many women in your daily life do you see that look like the cover model of GQ? Women are bombarded with the male vision of woman, not the vision of herself.

For for the freaking love of god quit trying to infect the world with the infantile idea that you have a right to turn them on. You don’t.

What’s funny about that is the men in the comment section do precisely that.

Elam snidely mentions his looks and casually admits he’s 60 pounds overweight. Nothing will make Paul Elam a turn-on. He is the asshole of the world and toxic masculinity in action. When we found out he was a deadbeat dad/drug addict, I bet nobody flinched. It was expected he left a wake of destruction and abuse in the lives of women who came across him.

The entire planet has a right to throw up in their mouth a little at the very sight of you.


Here are some of the comments by sexually violent abusive men at AVFM:

The part about Lesbians who look like men, and why I don’t get why a penis less man is attractive to them?

I guess he didn’t get Elam’s bit about feminists demanding ‘the infantile right to turn people on.’

So if they (feminists, white knight tv hosts, etc.) mean what they truly say, then we need to start shaming women for not being sexually attracted to hairy fat men.

Again, we see men trying to force women to be attracted to them, the very thing Elam was accusing women of.  LOL

Because lets face it, most men will fuck anything slower than them, that’s how you spread the genes. They care, but they don’t care that much.

Admitting male sexual violence.

They had tits, hips and ass. Which is what I like, along with millions of other men.

Male admits sexual objectification in one concise sentence.

One more facet of feminists urging women to not be accountable. Free to be fat! Free to be hateful of men! Free to be bigots who care nothing for boys and men. Seems like a trend….~Tom Golden

An overgrown manbaby that looks like a balding turkey has the nerve to say this.

Many women have chosen to be so sensitive to food and eating and weight that innocuous and even helpful comments get misinterpreted. I remember when I was young a girlfriend asking if I’d still find her attractive if she got fat. I admitted I’d probably not be as physically attracted to her, and within days she was putting her finger down her throat. This was a 19 year old who stood 5′-4″ and weighed around 115 lbs., all in the right places. I had to then explain to our circle that I’d said only something honest, innocuous, and certainly uncritical of her current appearance (of which I was routinely appreciative, and told her so).~Jack Strawb

Male Abuser.

if fat girls can still get boyfriends we’ll have even more fat girls and the heads of thin girls will get even more inflated.

Another male abuser.

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10 thoughts on “‘[Women] would be even hotter if they were too stupid to talk.’~ Paul Elam

  1. Women are more accepting of sexual rejection at least partly because we understand from experience how transgressive sexual aggression is, how important it is for us that men accept rejection gracefully, how disturbing it is when they don’t.

  2. Vintage Elame.

    He looks like shit on a stick, but feels comfortable enough to pass judgment on women’s appearance. Oh wait… this is what most men do, actually. They still haven’t figured out that it’s not a good idea to throw rocks whilst living in a glass house. But then, Paulie lives in a house of parchment paper, so he should be extra careful. Yeah, he’s 60 lbs. overweight alright, and every single one of those pounds are living in his overinflated gut. He doesn’t have washboard abs; he has a switchboard midriff… and every line is busy.

    And how old is this douche? He looks 80, but I’m certain he’s not. Time has not been kind to him, that’s for sure. As men age, they lose testosterone and become weaker & weaker. There is also some evidence to suggest that children sired by old farts are more likely to be born with an autism spectrum disorder. I’ll be 40 soon and I can still get it wet….I’ll bet Paulie is already popping those little blue pills just to make a dent in his underwear. I’ll bet it sucks to be a testosterone-depleted pig whose only claim to fame is harassing women on the internet.

    • Because lets face it, most men will fuck anything slower than them, that’s how you spread the genes. They care, but they don’t care that much.

      Oh, and whoever said this deserves a cookie. Pure truth. Men like to exaggerate their “high standards” online, but out in the real world, it’s quite a different story. Men pretend to be picky, in order to (falsely) elevate their worth. Since Paulie & Co. are so fond of the “biological hardwiring” angle, I think it’s important to point out that men aren’t designed to be choosy. That is a female quality that men are co-opting as “masculine”.

  3. Oh, the evo-psych bullshit about spreading seed. Shit. Sperm gets really funky after a man is 35-40. Best not to waste precious ovum on old sperm. Also, why would primitive humans try to create too many mouths to feed? Considering that we didn’t evolve out of the food chain yet and people had limited resources? It’s a male myth to explain away infidelity. Hey, those men over there are behaving badly. Huh, say MRAs. Let’s blame their behavior on the cavemen, that way when reformists try to change things, we can shrug and say, “Don’t bother, that’s just the way things are.” Also, it’s a strategy that prevents any actual analysis of social structures.
    Men invented marriage too. Why do they always forget that? The whole point was to own vagina and the offspring. These days, courts have sympathy (in a manner of speaking) for the party that was the primary caregiver — but for centuries, the opposite was true. Still, deadbeat dads don’t go to jail in the U.S. But, these guys don’t read.
    Is Elam a weird looking mofo? Yes. I think many of his rants are an attempt to deal with the fact that most women wouldn’t touch him to scratch him because his outsides match his insides. Sniff. If he were a woman, he would have been pelted with rocks by now. Keep in mind, he belongs to the sex class that isn’t judged as harshly for appearance — and yet, he finds no comfort in that. Deep down, he knows what he is…a piece of vile shit. Actually, though, if he’s still ranting, that’s a good sign; it means most women aren’t giving him what he wants. Victory.

    • He’s paid a woman to make a minute long video to advertise his next Man Bawl.

      The face of men’s rights he figures, must be a woman, because he thinks it legitimizes them. LOL

      MGTOW dudes are giving him shit over it.

  4. And Sugarpuss is so right about, “…men like to pretend to be picky in order to (falsely) elevate their worth.”

    No shit. I watched a comedy sketch in which a group of twelve men started to talk about the old sitcom Facts of Life (sorry this is U.S. centric). One of the men slipped and said he found Natalie to be his favorite (she was funny as hell, but a bit chubby by today’s standards). The other men turn on him and push the idea that any normal man would favor Blair (conventionally good-looking blonde, thin.). As in, “You loser, you’re suppose to be attracted to Blair. We are. You’re not. That means we’re better than you.” All the guys doing the chiding were below average looking.
    American dudebros are notorious for that shit.

    • Well, of course it is. These guys can’t survive without a woman taking care of them. The few that barely scrape by are living in hovels, and their distance from women is not their own choice.

    • No kidding. https://plus.google.com/+MgtowInfo-mgtowunited/posts

      Yeah, they’re really “going their own way” alright. Every single video is basically a vicious attack on women. See. men are allowed to do shit like that, but HMQ gets the cops called on her for this very tame blog. The double standard is glaringly obvious, and yet they claim men are the ones being oppressed. But of course, most of them don’t really believe the shit they are saying; it’s all misogynistic propaganda. And the gaping mouths of spunk-drunk blueballers are eating it up like dollar store candy.


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