Dan Perrins Calls the Police on Me For Being a ‘Radical Feminist Who Hates Men’

Just. LOL

My stalker and harasser Dan Perrins is at it again making us all laugh! He called the cops on me and uploaded it to Youtube!

Dan Perrins, who loves to try and scare women from a misogynist hate site and who love to waste police time, after trying incessantly to drop my personal information online, has decided to call the cops and report me for being a ‘radical feminist who hates men.’ I shit you not. The dispatch thought he knew me personally and when he admitted he didn’t she got a bit confused. He started rattling off the Canadian Criminal code and the dispatch got noticeably frustrated and I could hear her brain saying ‘we’ve got a live one!’ She had to tell him to speak plain English because he was really out of his mind.

So now that Dan’s wasted police time and I’ve screencapped his attempts to doc drop me and all his tweets harassing me on Twitter as well as anyone who DM’s me, I have quite a nice file on his harassment. Dan called in order to do what a lot of abusers do. They try to get out in front of the police when they know they’re the harasser and they’re being abusive. It’s Dan’s twisted way of trying to cover his ass. He thinks if he calls first, his ‘complaint’ is more valid.

When I saw him harassing another woman on Twitter that had been DMing me I mentioned to her that now that he’s harassing others online that speak to me, that I’d have to call the police on him. Even though I blocked the creep a year ago, he finds a way to view my tweets, probably by logging into another account that I’m unaware of that I can’t block.

What Dan doesn’t understand is that I can write whatever I want on my blog. My opinions are my own. I can call him a rape-apologist abuser all day long and since he’s openly talked about murdering his ex and regularly jokes about rape online, there’s nothing he can do. Aren’t those MRA’s so intent on Freeze Peach?


Dan is mentally ill and has a track record with the cops. He thinks this will scare me. It doesn’t.

I’ve already gotten the Hamilton Police phone number and plan on phoning them when I have a spare moment. I don’t consider it too urgent since I’ve got the file and he doesn’t live in my Province but judging by the fact he belongs to a misogynist hate site, along with this remarks about killing his ex, I should just send in the file, just to be on the safe side.

These misogynists just never learn.

I’m going to be away today so if you leave a comment and it takes a while to be approved, you know why.

Enjoy the video!

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28 thoughts on “Dan Perrins Calls the Police on Me For Being a ‘Radical Feminist Who Hates Men’

  1. This whining dudebro gets an “F” on originality.

    What’s wrong with not wanting to be raped? What’s wrong with not wanting to be beaten up by men? What’s wrong with wanting to live our lives in peace?

    Clearly, the thing that upsets the most is any talk about stopping all their violence against us. …can’t even talk about it hypothetically.

    Speaking for myself as a survivor of a Christian sex cult founded on the rape of 14-year old girl, as a survivor of the so-called “sex industry” and a multiple rape and attempted murder survivor, I have every right to hate men.

    Men, on the other hand, need to take a good hard look at themselves.

  2. Re: “Province but judging by the fact he belongs to a misogynist hate site, along with this remarks about killing his ex, I should just send in the file, just to be on the safe side.”

    The problem is that men never act alone. They always have the power of other men behind them, for instance, here the way he tries to get law enforcement to do something to you. This bunch of online thugs is very well-organized. Men who talk about killing women very often aren’t just talking! They get pleasure out of our pain and our deaths.

    • This is true. this is why I have to submit the file and let the police handle it. MRA’s are all coming to my blog today so I know they’re reading this. They can’t help themselves.

      It’s good they out themselves. Means less work for me. Much less work for me.

        • I just finished doing that. File is being prepared as of now. I feel better now that it’s done. This will do the trick.

          I suppose I never thought I’d be the woman they target and while I’ve always worked to help women who are targeted by them it’s a different feeling entirely when they’re targeting you.

          I have good faith in the police on my end. I’ve dealt with them before when that guy sexually assaulted me and continued to harass me. I was very pleased with the outcome.

          Oh I am scared of them, make no mistake. The problem, as you so clearly highlighted, is that they work in groups. It might not be Dan that one day decides to show up and harm me. It might be another guy from their group who is so angry and hateful of women that he decides to take matters into his own hands.

          Look at Elliot Rodger? Marc LePine? Now Rodger did go the Manosphere and found it filled with hatred of women. It might’ve been the one thing that gave him the courage to go murder. Marc LePine said the same things that AVFM does. The very same ideology. Look at how many women he murdered and his letter to the women. Any one of those MRA’s could’ve written it.

          The problem is that these hate sites allow men to gather together in their misogyny where the anger is so palpable you can cut it with a knife. All it takes is for some guy to go to AVFM and read the articles, get really angry and then harm a woman. It only takes one man.

          Look at how many women AVFM has targeted over the years? I’ve documented it all. I’ve even spoken to some of these women who were targeted by Dan Perrins and Paul Elam. When it’s you, you must be careful and notify the police and prepare everyone you know.

          Many years ago, a guy online posted some really whacko stuff to me. When I spoke to my step father and mother it was kinda odd, since my stepdad is from an older generation of officers. He didn’t totally understand how women are targeted online. I suppose I ended up teaching him the ins and outs of how this worked on the internet. It was an education for all of us and that was back in 2001.

          The case was rectified and dealt with. The guy who targeted me was from California. I was living in BC. They paid him a visit. He never bothered me again.

          Any woman who is targeted must do something about it. It’s critical mass I think. The more women report when they’re targeted the better.

      • Again, speaking for myself, I’m terrified of these men. I’ve had lots of scary, life-threatening problems with men online who talked a lot less about abusing and killing women than these guys.

        In general, the laws and law enforcement ought to be doing something about women’s lack of online safety, but we all know nothing will be done here or anywhere else because it never is.

    • No worries Sage. I’ve already started to deal with it. The guy is a loon and loves to waste police time. What abusers do is call the cops first, when they get wind that a woman has had enough they try and get out in front of it by calling the police. They seriously think if they call first, they’re in the right.

      I can’t tell you how many times my old girlfriend, who was a domestic violence worker, told me stories of abusers who called first. Hell, it even happened to me with that guy who sexually assaulted me and then wouldn’t stop harrassing me. He felt if he called first, over something completely stupid, the cops would take his side. He ended up losing his job for 1) wasting police time with a dumb complaint, and by doing this he brought himself to police attention.

      Now that Dan has brought his own harassment of me into police attention, it will be much easier for me. He’s been blocked on Twitter for a long time and yet still tweets me by tweeting women who are conversing with me. He stalks my tweets and my blog. I have all this in a file.

      He’s tried doc dropping me in public too, which I have that as well.

      He’s a nut job.

  3. Hahahaha, what a fucking idiot. This is roughly similar to the time someone tried reporting me to the FBI for “being a communist”. A, that’s legal in the US, and b, I live in Scotland where it is also legal and means the FBI cares not at all about me even if it wasn’t.

    Keep an eye on this mad git and keep yourself safe. But it doesn’t sound like he’s overwhelmed with braincells.

  4. It’s a shame men are such good generalizers. For instance, when a woman rejects them, they often start hating all women. Male abstract thought isn’t what it purports to be. It’s usually a personal/irrational/emotional response disguised as logic and dispassion.

    Not to generalize, of course!

    The real energy here isn’t anything you did or said. Until Dan Perrins processes his personal setbacks, he’ll remain a pest to the police and to women with opinions. http://fixourworld.ning.com/profiles/blogs/hamilton-police-complaint

    • I’m aware of it. I have all of his documentation on my external hard drive.

      Oh I just had the greatest sit down with two women Constables from the VPD.

      I won’t talk further about our convo publically but I will gladly tell my sisters in private emails.

    • I’ve read it in the past. Dan’s line that stands out to me is his endless visions of enacting violence on women

      It’s basically summed up thus: if the cops don’t get her, this is why women are murdered by men like me

      Let me tell you something. At first, I was only going to do an over the phone interview with the police. Once they got wind it was this nutjob and pulled his criminal record, they came to sit down with me.


      • Please stay safe, House Mouse Queen! You do good work and we need more brave women to stand up. (and, on a selfish note, I rather like you and would hate to hear of anything bad happening to you)

  5. This quote from Dan Perrins in the link I posted above is indeed cause for some concern.

    “I then informed said officer that this is probably a good reason why some women are assaulted and or killed if there can be no protection for a man who acts within the law and complains against a woman who breaks the law and the end result is for the police to protect the criminal. “

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  7. Hey HMQ, I would usually talk via other means but since this is probably the fastest way to reach you I was wondering if you could help me with something. The Columbia U. rape victim is being smeared with posters calling her a liar. The harassment is the work of a person or persons unknown who operate a Twitter account called “Fake Rape.” I’m trying to get it pulled for its clear violations of Twitter policies, and I figure the more people reporting it the better:

    I’m also trying to get to the bottom of who put up the posters in the first place. I kind of have an idea as to who, but he hasn’t admitted anything yet.

  8. Don’t let this pathetic POS intimidate you. Predators feed on fear. You have to turn the tables on them and make them afraid of you. Never let on that you’re scared (even if you are); that just fuels their perverse blood lust. Let Danny Boy know that, if he makes any attempt at harming you, there will be a very painful price to pay.

    What is Canada’s self-defense laws like? I know they are very anti-gun, but there are many (and much more creative) ways to take out an attacker.

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