Talk Shit

We haven’t had an Open Thread in a long time. Here’s one so we can talk about anything we want.

I’ll start off.

I roasted some potatoes last night. Little red ones in garlic and salt with a little Kraft Italian dressing. This is a recipe my Mom used to make. It was delish. I saved the rest of the taters to eat today. I’m getting really good at this cooking thing. My neighbours always take a peek in the community kitchen and ask me what I’m cooking today.

My neighbour-woman Charlie bakes on the weekends and uses our ovens. She baked double chocolate muffins last weekend. The only problem is they were severely dry. I don’t think she uses butter or oil in them and so they weren’t very good. I want a nice way of telling her but I don’t want to offend her. Maybe I’ll just suggest she use oil in her mix to bring the chocolate out more.

Charlie had an oven thermometer that someone stole. If you cook in a community kitchen you sort of have to be right there. I take a book with me.

I finished reading a book called The Pagan Lord, historical fiction about the Saxons fighting the Danes in the 8th century. I tend to read one paper book and one online book. I’m finishing up Jeffrey’s ‘Unpacking Queer Politics.’ Some twanz on YouTube stalked me to another comment section and started calling me a transphobe bigot and then had the nerve to recommend books to me as if I’m unaware of transpolitics. I recommended ‘Gender Hurts’ by Jeffreys. I doubt he’s going to read it.

Captain Andy stalked me around this week too. He found a comment of mine on Jenny McDermott’s video where she talks about how MRA’s spread a rumour she’s HIV positive. I used to date someone who was HIV positive and they feel so unloved, like Frankenstein. Anyway, an MRA started in on me there and right behind him was Liberal Lefty-man Andy to yap at me that I’m a bigot for understanding gender. He flat out asked Jenny to block me. She refused. He ended up being blocked by her and I. He whined about the term ‘gender critical’ implying it’s racism. Good Lordy, these people are so dumb!

I really like Jenny. She seems to be a tough cookie who doesn’t take shit. It’s not often you find many women like that. She really understands the politics of Youtube and how it’s a male cesspool. At least now I can comment on her videos without Andy buzzing around shouting at me in a mantrum.


32 thoughts on “Talk Shit

  1. Well, I’m making some homemade tortillas right now!

    I finally got a decent pie pan, but I haven’t figured out what to make in it just yet. Baking and calorie watching don’t often go together.

  2. OK, on the food topic, I have just discovered something that beats ice cream all to hell: Greek Gods vanilla and honey yogurt. All socks are in danger of being knocked off.

    • Andy is a buttplug. He really doesn’t get this argument at all b/c he’s either too thick to understand it or it’s his male gender that prevents him.

      He thinks he’s being so feminist and is very self righteous. It’s funny.

      • I dunno, that video I posted is so fricking offensive, I just can’t believe that idiot is serious. I have seen a vid of a white guy who seems to seriously believe he’s Black, but can’t find it. Anyway, I did not mean to offend by putting that thing up, and apologize now that I have seen all the racist stuff in there.

  3. I’ve been getting into Asian cooking lately. Got me some fermented chile-bean paste, tahini and miso, and a big bag of brown basmati on order. Also bok choi is awesome.

    I make a mix of grated frozen ginger root, minced garlic, and tahini and chile-bean paste and tamari, then add that into whatever vegetables I’m sautéing, and then the rice.

    • I live in Chinatown in a major city so I know the passion when you enter a Chinese grocery. The most amazing things are there.

      If you like hot food I’ll be putting up a recipe for Hot and Sour soup, a restaurant recipe. You can make it vegan if you like.

      • I live near the “Chinatown” in my city too, except it’s called the Asian District. My favorite thing to buy at the Asian market is miso paste. I use it in my vegan cheese sauce recipes. They haven’t been turning out that great because I have a blender that isn’t quite up to the task. But, I just bought a new one on! Very high-powered Vitamix imitator (and much cheaper) called Cleanblend. Can’t wait for it to arrive!

  4. I read “Nothing to Envy: Real lives in North Korea,” journalism, this was very good. Also “The Orphan Master’s Son,” fiction, which was also excellent.

  5. I’m into cooking too. I’m Italian-American, and was taught that cooking can be an escape from every day stress. It works, on most days.
    I am sick of men purposely misusing words. Words mean things. Always have, always will. But men are self-serving, and will contort language to serve their own self-interests on any given day. Orwell knew this.

    • I’m an Italian/Jewish American. I know all the secrets of good sauce. The key to a good sauce is 1) pork bones (this is NOT the Jewish side of my fam LOL) 2) pureed onions in a blender

      There is no sauce without the pork.

      • My grandmother always used pork bones. 🙂

        I’m more of an upstart; I like the modern way of finishing sauce — pasta water (salty and starchy) with a few pats of butter. Silky goodness.

    • My grandmother thinks the same way. she spent most of her life in her kitchen. It was HER domain. The only thing about her was when I was little and wanted to help, she didn’t really like that. She did have the need to show me but wanted me to just watch her and not participate. My cousin and sister have taken it upon themselves in later years to get serious and write her recipies down. My grandmother had this old solid steel pasta maker. I don’t know what happened to it but it was like 15 pounds and she stored it in the stairwell. My grandmother grew up in New York and only later in her life did her family move to Boston.

  6. Oh, and what is more annoying and sexist than a conservative man? A lefty liberal man who thinks sex work is oh so joyful and attempts to tell women how to talk about their own issues.

    • I’ll second this comment, M.! It’s even more annoying when said liberal bastard admits that he’s sitting in a nice, cushy office (where other men aren’t sticking their hands up his skirt or down his blouse) and reading books on the subject. There’s one of those that buzzes around here, occasionally and refers to those of us who have been abused by johns as “sex workers,” repeatedly – even after being told not to. But, he’s a liberal man, so he’ knows best.

    • Mortadella, I will see your pro-prostitution lefty liberal man and raise you one zillion “but I am just asking questions” energy suckers from either party. Since starting Twitter I have been amazed at how that is still so popular. And, sadly, even I fall for that ruse more often than I like to admit. It is so ingrained in our socialization to be nice and helpful and the jerks take full advantage.

      • But I notice that even when women go through the trouble of explaining something to said lefty liberal men they all go into, “I have the option of believing you or not — especially since your truths might make me personally uncomfortable!” stance.
        These days I post things like, “Look it up,” or “I’m not your mommy.”

    • This idiot asshole turd peace of shit:

      Presents himself as “progressive” and believes women should shave down there because all men are naturally pedophiles and are attracted to hairless vaginas. No matter what side of the political spectrum all men are entitled turds.

      • Men still haven’t figured out that women are HUMAN, and therefore have hair follicles on our body, just as they do. Imagine the outrage if a woman did a similar video, telling dudes to shave their nuts. The MRA clan would be screaming “misandry” at the top of their lungs. It’s not socially acceptable for women to be critical of men’s bodies, but they get a free pass to hate on us in every way imaginable. I didn’t watch the video (I just ate a late lunch, and I’d rather not lose it), but I’m going to take a wild guess and assume that the mascunazi in question is most likely drop-dead UGLY (or blandly average, at best). The biggest creeps have the highest (and most unrealistic) standards of them all.

        I have never been a particularly hairy person…except for one area. That’s right, it’s my vag. 😀 I should send him a photo of it. Make him squirm. And, who knows…. one day, I just might make him kiss it. 😉

        • Yeah, dudes have all naturally evolved to want to fuck girls too young to be impregnatable. Because survival of the fittest and all.

  7. Unpacking Queer Politics was amazing. I had no idea. According to Jeffries, if I understand right, gay men are the real macho types, and none too sympathetic toward gay or straight women.

    • What really stuck with me is the way gay men talk about women’s bodies. They are extremely repulsed. It’s not anything like what women think of men. It’s a great hatred. Men do hate women. It’s a fact.

      • My experiences with gay men have been mostly positive in RL, but there was a certain online forum I used to visit where I witnessed a good deal of misogyny. I recall being attacked for stating that I found the pro-wrestler, Chris Jericho, unattractive. Now, these dudes that got pissy on me were the very same dudes who had been saying all sorts of nasty, critical shit about guys they didn’t like. It became pretty clear to me that….

        Men critical of other men = OK
        Men critical of women = OK
        Women critical of other women = OK
        Women critical of men = NOT OK AT ALL! STFU JUDGMENTAL BITCH111!!!

        And, is it just me, or are some gay dudes not as gay as they claim to be? *cough* I could share a few stories on that topic. LOL

  8. Happy Sunday! I wish everyone a relaxing day.

    Breaking news: Elam has canceled the AVFM conference, saying the quality of his site is suffering and everybody over there is burning out. The real reason may be ticket sales and speakers backing out, but we’ll never know as Elamia is a secretive autocracy.

  9. Oy! Did you see Bruce Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair, yet?

    If you’re not yet convinced that the media are one big practical joke on the the public, this ought to do it!


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