Being Stretched Too Wide

So Elam declared that his October Man Bawl won’t proceed. Of course his devoted followers are chocking this up to AVFM ‘stretching too wide.’ Yep.

Elam says we need to look at this failure ‘in context.’ Funny how context becomes important when it’s mantrums that need quelling. It was too tiring for the poor dears and their ‘activism’ was taking a huge hit. Translated, it was Elam’s poor personal pockets that were taking the hit. He even hired, A WOMAN *gasp* to be the public ‘human shield’ in order to lend his shitcon legitimacy he knows he’ll never get. He says he’s going to return to ‘roots’ which just means harassing women online and offline. Hahahahaha! Idiots.

The comments were even funnier:

But maybe some guys do need to get back to basics …. and discovering the joy of Prep H, after they have gone to the bathroom and discovered they need botany classes on how to ID Poisened Ivy.

maybe A weekend, a camp ground, fire light and laughter. Some may think it sounds Homoerotic, but in fact it’s how MEN (and their fellow travellers) have organised for millennia.

I know some great “hidden” places so teeming with exactly the medicine we may need.

So is that a yea or nay on the drum circle? 😉
N.B. Prep H is probably a bad idea.

They wouldn’t ahve to be in bars and could be in parks or libraries or whatever

Feminism, coupled with its gynocentric intentions is actually partially the root cause of how ordinary males seek to exclude and punish gay men. Thus, running from one to the other pours salt on wounds. It is really too bad most gay men can’t get a grasp on this conundrum.

For example, it enabled me to finally form a narrative which contextualized the many examples of feminist homophobia I have filed away over the years.

you have decided not to allow this success to put AVfM in jeopardy by growing too big too quickly, thereby overstretching the organisation’s human and financial resources.

get the ball rolling with friendships and some good old-fashioned bonding

What shall we do with all the male butthurt going around? Shall we send Elam some Prep H? Oh, the poor dears and their silly FTSU acronym.

It’s so sad. Even poor Bretibart writer Milo thinks men’s penises are better when they’re clipped! This made Elam really grumpy.

Let’s give them all a vision of stretching!

My link in this little announcement will all make sense in a little while. Maybe some of you already see what I see? It’s Jeffrey’s writing that’s pieced it all together for me.


9 thoughts on “Being Stretched Too Wide

  1. Let me see if I’ve got this right. Homophobic men hate gay men for reminding them of women because women think we are people. Did I miss anything?

  2. Shit, I read it as the asshole blaming feminists for men’s homophobia. Like he’s saying, “Hey gay guys, stop showing women empathy — and stop acting feminine! It makes all of us dickbrained, insecure MRAs feel weird. Conform and claim your male entitlement. If you have a dick, you are a god! Women are beneath you.”

    Err, that’s already happened, in some cases.

    • he was doing just that w/o knowing that many gay theorists have regretted not following lesbian feminist ideas about sex and consent. That will be explained when I put my analysis in a big post. I don’t approve of porn but I had to put it in here to make a point that will be totally clear soon. I’ll just say, the number of gay men over at AVFM is astounding and there’s a reason for that which will b explained through Jeffreys.

  3. hahahahaha…..

    wild guess, is it because they feature creepy Roosh and if he can’t find any drunk women, he might try to do things to drunk men who aren’t strong enough to fight him and Jack Donovan off?

    is it because M(h)RA’s invade into spaces where they don’t belong-such as when they insulted MGTOW’s and still wanted MGTOW’s to follow their broken, corrupt ways?

    I knew the manosphere was absolute bullshit when they had guys like Jack Donovan a neo nazi talk about “masculinity.” I got called a homophobe when I said this ain’t no men’s rights I’ll sign up for. If those guys really cared about men’s right’s they’d try to reform drug laws so less guys get thrown in jail where they can get raped for the “crime” of getting high…

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