Elam Furious At a Puppet

As you can imagine, the MRA’s are in a panic downrating the video with all their accounts while Elam is ranting at AVFM wanting to ‘debate’ with a sock. It’s the only debate partner he can get these days. If you notice, my site was featured in the video.



11 thoughts on “Elam Furious At a Puppet

  1. Hr’s funny and clued-in here, but let’s see what he says about feminists before we form an opinion.

  2. Did I mention it’s a pleasure to see common sense about MRAs again entering the picture? The problem with the MRM is Paul Elam, He was going along developing his issues when around 2011 he went batshit and started harassing individual women. This was very popular among his followers and brought in a lot of money. Fucking their shit up became much more important than any issue of men.

    He went so far into orbit he lost all credibility and almost killed his own site. Every attempt to enter the mainstream was unsuccessful because this goon was the voice of the movement. Every time the mainstream reported on him they found more sleaze.

    By about 2013 sane people at AVFM (some of whom, like Dean Esmay, would also lose it later) had convinced him to get in the corner and let them try to restore some credibility. But he kept acting up and their own paranoia started taking over. The re-branding effort (MRHM, anyone?) went nowhere.

    As Ed says, this could have gone another way. An MRM could have formed which looked at certain issues of men and could have garnered mainstream support. Unfortunately, Elam’s misogyny just couldn’t be tamped down. Everything that had ever happened bad in the history of the world to men was the fault of women, not the elite men who profit from capitalism.

    Even men raping men, a huge problem in prisons, is presented with the perps absent — somebody is raping men — and somehow some way it’s women’s fault. They raise the perps from childhood, after all! The move to now say it’s all the fault of “gynocentrism”, rather than the feminism that got blamed before, makes clear that all women are now to blame for getting raped, for having kids who they get custody of because they are the primary caretakers, for men not getting sexual access and doing mass murders and killing themselves because their desires are no longer being met, and all the rest.

    And it’s Elam’s tantrums that are the framework. He owns his site and nobody gets to ask where the money goes or question the misogynistic claptrap that regularly appears there.

    Elam ought to retire, and soon. And then he ought to be invisibilized and become a vague romantically-veiled historical figure. I suspect most of his staff would secretly agree with me. But if he doesn’t, he’ll keep this misogynistic crap up, and kill the site he built up and probably kill the MRM too. He’s a goon, a whole goon, nothing but a goon.

  3. Elam lives in a bubble, I am guessing, else he would know better than to post a non denial denial to something that would be lost in youtube static if he and his flunkies did not post all these notes from their rage boners.
    Given the size of the pool of marks available to him and tools at his disposal he really makes a poor showing as a grifter.

  4. Paul Elam is nothing but a grifter, and yes, not even a good one — if he was, he be a financial adviser or a televangelist — that’s where the real grifting money is. He has managed to find a group that is so completely clueless even his sixth-rate scamming works.

  5. I’m totally going to see that Mad Max movie, especially after I saw MGTOW slimeballs calling Charlize Theron a “feminazi bitch”. Wow…it must be really good!


    • It sounds like a ringing endorsement to me…that and the badass motorcycle gang of grannies I heard about.

      • I bought my ticket, and I’m going to see it tomorrow! I was already a fan of the other Mad Max movies (especially Thunderdome) and planned on seeing this new one anyway, but the fact that it pisses off the troglodytes of the “mansophere” makes it an extra special treat.

        Granny gangs? LMAO Awesome!

  6. See if you all agree that this movie is about a whole new plot, oppressed women making a break from the patriarchy and fighting back until they take over.

  7. I was just reading a bit on tumblr about how different the cinematography Miller required in Mad Max was from the male gaze tradition so obvious in Age of Ultron. It is one of those things where as soon as someone points it out you suddenly realize exactly what you have been seeing that is so very different.


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