Block Her!

The Youtube ‘SJW’ community is imploding at such a rate! Gee, who coulda seen this coming?!  Last week it came out that SequesterZone is a manipulative abuser along with other unnamed men who sexually harass feminists and all along I’ve been the evil feminist that should be blocked because men lose arguments with me. Now I’ll say this for a start: I am not friends with any of these Youtube personalities. When I go to Youtube I watch videos and comment on them. I don’t consider people on Youtube my friends. SequesterZone, the dude who made that video about ExtremelyBoring, his ‘non-girlfriend’, wrote publicly that he was friends with me. No. You’re not my friend and have never been my friend. When I comment on your video it doesn’t make me your friend sir. So there. I don’t go to your cliquey little groups on Skype. I don’t talk to you in email. I don’t even know who half the fuck of you are, and I don’t want to know.

sz and his analysisSequester Zone has no clue. There are serious legal issues here regarding transfolks and women’s safety and space but he dismisses it by comparing it to some other argument he doesn’t explain. You’ll never get an analysis from him. It’s just more accusations (‘terf’, ‘racist’ etc) that have nothing to back it up. Plus, my analysis of his video where he’s abusive to a woman really got under his skin. As far as I know he’s privated the video. Notice how he doesn’t explain how I got his public abuse of ExtremelyBoring wrong, just that I’m like an MRA for calling him out.

I’ve been subbed to Jenny McDermott’s Youtube channel for a while now. I can’t remember how I subbed to her. I probably saw one of her videos, liked it, and hit the sub button. Jenny is now under fire from a group of bullies because they want her to distance herself from me and block me from commenting on her videos. Captain Andy, that asshole who can’t make an argument to save his life,  is responsible for this 5th grade behaviour. He’s the dude that thinks ‘intersectionality’ means the sex industry is a great ‘choice’ for women, including those dispossessed aboriginal women who have no ‘choice.’

I’ve been hanging around Youtube for several years and I know the ‘manpolitics’ of it well. A few years ago I took an abolition position on the sex industry and was bullied for 2 years over it, led by Divinity33372. She either privated or deleted the many videos where she shamed my body and screamed shit at me so I can’t link you those videos. This makes it seem like she was the poor victim when in reality she was the bully.  She and her minions false flagged at least 2 of my channels and several other feminist videos. I uploaded a friggen music video and they false flagged it. She and her rather large group of mostly males were merciless.

This ‘sex positive’ (I hate that label) group has a vendetta against me, FIVE FUCKING YEARS LATER. I don’t know them. I don’t talk to them. I don’t want anything to do with them.


After almost 2 years of being attacked by the pro-prostitution lobby I got tired of Youtube. My better channels were dead from their campaigns of false flagging and bullying. I couldn’t speak there for fear my video would come down within 24 hours of putting it up. For the time I was on there I mostly critiqued MRA’s and spoke about prostitution but it was so toxic I decided it was time to put it on the back burner. These people still stalk me today, FIVE years on. I never knew any of them, never befriended any of them and never wanted fuck all to do with them but they can’t drop it.

Every person I come into contact with on Youtube, and now Jenny and BewilderedApe, has to listen to endless screeds about me because I leave comments on their videos. They call me a ‘transphobe’, racist, ‘TERF”, ‘anti’, ‘bitch’, ‘cunt’, etc. Now, I don’t need to defend myself against any of their accusations because I know who I am and know my own mind and can back up each of my positions with ease.

I’ve always said if people want to freely dole out labels to me then they should at least be able to argue the argument. They know they don’t have one so the only way for them is to bully. I dare say there are some people, Jenny included, that haven’t succumbed (yet) and I truly don’t know what will happen. She has insisted that while she may not agree with my positions she does know they come with analysis, not from hatred or anything of the kind.

I’ve commented on some of Jenny’s recent videos and have read the outrageous comments against me. One of them just astounded me. I said feminism is that movement for women, not men, and got called a ‘TERF.’

Saying feminism is about women is TERF territoryAnd this is the kind of childish shit I see all over the place. If feminism isn’t for women then who is it for? you're a terf I saidHahahahaha! So the mister can call me a ‘terf’ for stating the obvious but saying that’s like MRA-style shit is below the belt. Idiot.

These people don’t quit. Jenny’s comment section is full of this.

she harasses trans

I call biological males, males. I swear, these upper/middle class white dudes and their oppressions! Penis is male is true oppression.

Then there’s this guy, and his screen name is a hoot, who conflates gender (mutable;not real)  and skin colour (immutable in the majority of cases) (race)

gender is race says mra idiotHe stalks me on Youtube and screencaps images of me arguing on other videos where transpolitics are discussed. Like this Steven Crowder vid of a lesbian and a trans going at it over very serious political and legal issues that my readership understands very well. Now Mr. Stalker probably hasn’t watched the video where those comments were left nor understands the discussion so I told him he lacked the context to interpret my remarks. Do you think he watched the video where I left these comments? No. Did he engage in the argument? No. He just repeated to me I was a ‘TERF’ and that’s that.

In this next exchange notice I carefully explain why gender and ‘laydee brain’ is an MRA concept but this dude probably can’t comprehend it so he just calls me the MRA.

there's a female brain with gender in it

A week ago Jenny McDermott asked me outright if I hated transppl. It was a really strange question because I’ve been pretty up front about this on Twitter. I replied that I don’t hate the people but I do dislike the politics for very good reasons. People lit into her for asking me a direct question because they said I wouldn’t give an honest answer. Ugh, these idiots.

I even said in my last post referring to Youtube politics that people could come here only if they argued the argument. Of course, I heard nothing but crickets and some offhanded remark from ExtremelyBoring about how transppl were on her side in her personal problems more so than women. SequesterZone didn’t show up to ‘correct’ my analysis. He’s just content going around Youtube and making silly accusations.

When will you people realize I want nothing to do with you? I use Youtube as a casual thing, not a home base for my politics. I watch videos. I comment on them. That’s it. I have my positions, I state them there once in a while. That’s it. None of you people will get private messages from me and I won’t join your Skype groups. I won’t try to know your personal lives or your favourite colour.

What I do wish is that you’d all grow the fuck up and leave your petty vendettas in the bin where they belong. If you can’t argue the argument then I don’t want to know you. You’ve kept this up for five long years only two of which I even tried engaging you. The last three years you assholes have hoisted your own petard. Like little automatons you think if you repeat the same shit over and over again that it makes it true.

In other news, this is what’s recent regarding transpolitics and how it’s completely counter to the liberation of women. I keep up with this stuff. These Youtube idiots don’t.

A woman was attacked on Tumblr for writing about the fact that she menstruates. Yep, you guessed it, males in skirts attacked her


This shit goes on all the time. MtT tell lesbians they’re being ‘transphobic’ if we don’t want to sleep with them because they’re men with penises. You can’t be a lesbian any more. Kids are forced into conversion and boys are told to go on hormone blockers because transactivists think playing with tea sets means they have a female brain. The reason I speak about MtT so much is they’re the most common, the most obnoxious and the most violent when questioned. You don’t see FtT breaking down men’s festivals.

There’s an excellent New York Times article that just came out, written by Elinor Burket. ‘What Makes a Woman?’ outlines the issues most of us have known about for years. Do I think any of these Youtube morons will read it? No. Will they comprehend it? No.

That’s [gender] the kind of nonsense that was used to repress women for centuries.

People who haven’t lived their whole lives as women, whether Jenner or Summers, shouldn’t get to define us. That’s something men have been doing for much too long. And as much as I recognize and endorse the right of men to throw off the mantle of maleness, they cannot stake their claim to dignity as transgender people by trampling on mine as a woman.

In the process, they undermine almost a century of hard-fought arguments that the very definition of female is a social construct that has subordinated us. And they undercut our efforts to change the circumstances we grew up with.

In January 2014, the actress Martha Plimpton, an abortion-rights advocate, sent out a tweet about a benefit for Texas abortion funding called “A Night of a Thousand Vaginas.” Suddenly, she was swamped by criticism for using the word “vagina.”

As expected Amanda Marcotte, ironlically writing under the column name ‘XX’, retorted with some silly response catering to men which I won’t link because it’s too stupid. The r/transgender spot is basically a clusterfuck of idiots who can’t argue the points either. Here’s one that stood out:

  1. It’s so shitty when people reduce women to breasts and vaginas or hoary stereotypes!
  2. Cailtyn Jenner is not a realwomanTM because she’s never had her period start while riding the subway!

What a load of crap.

Once again, the men can’t understand that women’s lives and feminism revolves around women’s reality of their bodies, ya know? It’s the autogynephiles who think women are just breasts and ass. Women are taught, by men, to see our bodies as sexualized objects.

In March of this year Katha Pollit wrote ‘Who Has Abortions?’ for The Nation. It sparked a huge controversy with transactivists because women aren’t supposed to refer to the realities of their bodies which is the locus of our oppression. You’re not supposed to use the word ‘vagina’ anymore but ‘front hole.’ If women cannot name our experience we cannot fight patriarchy. It’s that basic but I don’t expect the idiots on Youtube to understand this.

In regards to the Youtube drama I’m not going to explain myself any more. You assholes on Youtube are fucking ridiculous. None of you can argue the point so you run around with your silly rhetoric. I could give you 400 links and none of you would do the required reading. You’ll just sit on Youtube and yell ‘TERF!’ at any woman who doesn’t think men in skirts get to define womanhood and feminism. You’re fucking pathetic.

I do feel for Jenny as I’ve felt for all the women they’ve attacked because I leave comments on her videos. She has stated outright that she won’t block me and that she knows I have an analysis. We’ll see how this plays out.


25 thoughts on “Block Her!

  1. No sweat baby, we have your ass. Donation following. Women must unite. Let’s become a group of females fighting the male chimps with their hunting parties for vulnerable single females. It’s about grouping as females against The Other. HMQ please pull a group if fighter women together, thanks.

    • The group is already in the works. I’ve been working the background to do this and I have our first action coming out soon and it will be made public here and I’m already looking for women to help organize and be the council for the international organization. It will have a structure and be woman-led.

      • I hope to join. I can’t emphasize enough that we must unite as a sex-industry critical, manosphere-critical, and transpolitics-critical group to be effective, first because the modus operandi of aggro male groups is to pick off isolated and therefore vulnerable women trying to fight these issues alone, and second because we need to develop a coherent, simple agreement on what the issues are and what needs to be accomplished.

        If we had a way of expressing our critiques as a group we could make it clear from the start that our opposition is principled and that we do not intend to be drawn into the destructive emotionality that gets nobody anywhere. We could make comments as a group and it would be difficult to harass us as individuals, like happened to you. I see us as frankly a radical feminist group, but maybe focused on combating the backlash as radical feminism covers much more than just the backlash.

        • I was thinking of you when i spoke to the woman who contacted me for this purpose.

          I thought precisely of you. I know your experience and I’m grateful to have you aboard.

          It IS defined as handling the transpolitic, MRA’s and prostitution/porn.

          In fact, the first action, coming up soon is regarding prostitution and it’s abolition.

          We will have a way of expressing our critiques. We’ll have a home base, a council of women only overseers from around the world.

          This is my biggest undertaking yet.

          It’s tough because I know many radfems like to stay independent but this is the right time, the right place and I want the right people.

          I’ve made a pact with my associate that this is to be WOMEN-ONLY led international group.

          We will have a platform and the core council will agree to it.

          This is how we roll.

  2. A big wake-up call for me with how meaningless trans identity is in terms of behavior and attitudes toward women is how “sex positive” (read: porn- and prostitute-obsessed and penis centric) trans women are. There’s nothing that differentiates “lesbian”-identified trans women’s and straight men’s attitudes toward sex. Sure, some of them may be soft and sensitive and prefer to cuddle, but that’s true of straight men as well. It doesn’t make them women, and it doesn’t absolve typically sexually exploitive trans women from their entitlement, misogyny, and embrace of rape culture.

    That you’re being harassed by the sex “positivity” crowd comes as no surprise. This is entitlement to women’s bodies dressed up in a pomo, “liberal”, choice “feminism” package.

  3. The sheer level of logic-fail within the trans community is just astounding. Yeah…men in pantyhose, fetishizing oppressive, socially-constructed femininity roles is totally the same thing as being born a certain race. Except, it’s not.

    It seems that almost nobody is willing to call out transgenderism for what it really is; a mental disorder. And trust that a nut recognizes another nut when they see one. 😉 It is no different than the 80 lb. anorexic who gazes into a mirror and sees a blimp looking back at her. The only exception is in how the latter receives treatment to help them recover from their delusions, whereas the former is actually encouraged to engage in their wacky little fantasy (to the point of destroying their own bodies with hormone injections & genital mutilation), and beat anybody over the head that refuses to agree with their ‘grass is blue, sky is green’ ideology.

    Now, I personally don’t give a damn what they decide to do to themselves, but this shit is getting to a point where it’s affecting other people. Children who are perfectly normal & healthy are being diagnosed as “transgender” just because they don’t conform to these stupid fucking gender roles. And of course there is the matter with “transwomen” trying to force themselves on lesbians; if that isn’t douchebag behavior, I don’t know what is. They prove their maleness with every entitled, misogynistic & selfish demand that falls from their lips. I don’t know what’s more despicable; the incessant whining about “cis” lesbians not letting them into their panties, or all of the pathetic cyber-begging for donations to get their dicks lopped off and reformed to resemble female genitalia (aka SRS or GRS). Holy fuck! First world problems alert!

  4. I have a question. Since my daughter is a (now happily married) lesbian, I have some familiarity with gay rights issues and have even been slightly involved in the marriage equality movement. But regarding transgender issues, I feel like Rip van Winkle — like I went to sleep 20 years ago thinking that transgender people were confused victims of predatory psychiatrists and surgeons, and woke up to find a 65-year-old former star athlete having himself surgically converted into a male fantasy version of a hawttie woman a generation younger (sort of becoming his own daughter?), with a full photoshop sex-object cover girl treatment with overdone cleavage — and instead of finding this creepy and insulting to women, many people, and even some feminists, seem to be defending his rather obvious ego trip.
    I always thought that one of the fundamental beliefs of feminism was that traditional gender roles are social constructs with little or no basis in biology. But transgender theory implicitly argues the opposite — as Jenner said, he thinks he has a “female brain” and is changing his body to match it. This is a doctrine that — as best as my feeble male brain can handle the logic — has always been anathema to feminists. And the idea that a person who was born unambiguously male can simply claim to be a woman, and you are a bigot if you can’t accept that? As I recall, “homophobia” is saying something like “gays are evil and should die and roast in Hell” — but “transphobia” is merely declining to believe that a man is literally a woman because he says he is? There are so many levels and varieties of what-the-fuckery in all this that I don’t think I can count high enough.
    Anyway, my question. You here at Mancheeze seem to be much more up on trans issues than I am. I have come across a person who “identifies” as a “butch trans lesbian”. As I recall, “butch” means — or used to mean — the quasi-male role in a lesbian couple that took traditional heterosexual couples as a model. So when I parse the phrase I get a person who is biologically male who wants to be regarded as a lesbian woman and play the male role in a couple with a lesbian woman. Or, to put it more bluntly, a man who wants to have sex with a woman who does not want to have sex with men. Have I gone wrong somewhere? Because this can’t be right.

    • You have a great grasp of the issues imho. Trans, MtT aren’t lesbians and they aren’t butch. I don’t feel comfortable talking about butch identity b/c I’m not butch but I don’t think butch lesbians have anything to do with male gender. To me anyway, butch women are women that reject gender in an awesomely powerful way. However, they’re ALL woman.

      Hopefully one of my butch sisters will come along and explain their butchness.

      One of the common things we do is superimpose gender onto relationships where one person must take a male gender and the other feminine and that’s another worship of gender which is something not real.

      • I have seen it argued by lesbians that the butch/femme dichotomy is a mirror of patriarchal values, and I have seen it argued that being a butch lesbian is as far away from being a man as it is possible to get. As with so many things lesbian, this issue is more nuanced than it immediately appears. Or maybe that’s just a reflection about how many things about women are more nuanced than the patriarchy would have us believe…

        • I agree. I would never define butch lesbians as men since they ain’t men. Although, these days many butches are pushed to transition. Dirt’s blog is the best resource online for this particular question and Dirt is a butch lesbian who knows her shit. When I look at Dirt, I see a rebel woman, a woman doing woman in her own unique way. In fact, she highlights other women who ditch gender and make their own womanhood. That’s what I adore about her and other butches. To me, they are the amazons of this entire movement.

          • “Amazons of this entire movement” has a really great ring to it. May I borrow that? Because it is awesome.

    • Wait, is this the same grumpyoldmangina from WHTM? Because that GOM didn’t seem to have a problem when DF kicked out a mod for posting a gendercritical link, or with the exodus of radfems who left when DF stated that WHTM was a pro-trans site, which would ban anyone who was openly gendercritical. That GOM actually made statements about how ‘nice’ things were with us gone.

  5. I’ve seen JB’s article. It’s poorly written, as usual. She conflates sex and gender just like peak trans. She also thinks females have a female brain and that men can be born with a female brain that comes prepackaged with the desire to wear makeup and dresses. She’s not the sharpest tool in the shed because then she goes on to say she’s Korean and completely negates herself. She’s not very bright and completely uneducated when it comes to this issue.

    I see why people are calling her ‘TERF..’ She doesn’t get it though.

  6. They’re really saying that we can’t use the word vagina because they feel it’s exclusionary? That’s beyond stupid! It’s the medical term for a female organ! Are we not allowed to use the word uterus, fallaopian tubes and ovaries, either? It sounds like trying to censor our biology. How do we describe our organs if we’re ill? How do we provide kids with sex education if we’re stuck using stupid euphemisms, the way we did when I was a child? Some of us still can’t talk about our bodies without feeling shame and this attitude makes it so much worse.


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