‘The Bitch Was a Feminist Crusader’

Paul Elam has launched a new site called An Ear For Men. He’s offering ‘counseling’ services for $90/hour with several categories such as addictions, anxiety, and anger management. Women aren’t allowed at the site although Tara Palmatier, the counselor who thinks women suffer from ‘golden uterus syndrome,’ will be working with him. It would be interesting as to how he got credentials to do this legally. He says he’s going to do Skype calls with men and charge them for it.

We know what this is. It’s another money grab for Paul Elam and his sidekick Palmatier. A Voice for Men hasn’t done well in the past year and so he’s had to rebrand himself with yet another service. Food recipies with misogynist titles just aren’t doing it for him.

His new site features a piece he wrote titled ‘How We Kill Johnny.’ It tells of a man who murdered ‘a little girl he was married to’ and took his own life after finding her in bed with another man whom he also shot but survived. Perfect introduction for violent males.

This short story, which you can tell is Elam’s work, is a reflection of at least one of his many marriages. If you remember, one of his ex-wives was contacted for the Buzzfeed story and she refused saying that Elam will ‘retaliate against her if she does‘ and also said ‘I never want to have any contact with him ever again, ever.‘ Elam also stated that one of his wives was cheating on him while he was out getting arrested for drugs and alcohol and finally, child support.

Intererstingly, Elam’s story about Johnny expresses his hatred of working with women in the counseling field, specifically a woman he named Camille. He expresses rage at Camille, the woman who phoned him to tell him of Johnny’s violence. He rages that women shouldn’t be allowed to break up with their male partners which is odd since he’s the one that can’t keep a relationship to save his life.

79% of all suicides are men. Yet all this has been rewritten with misandric ink. It has been revised by scholars who tell us men are bad, by psychologists whose main field of work seems to be recommending divorce, complete with male scapegoat, as a cure all for women for whatever petty dissatisfactions they feel about their mates.

Elam praises the men who’ve murdered women and others and themselves as if it was women’s fault they murder and terrorize others. He idolizes Thomas Ball’s suicide making him a martyr for men everywhere. It’s not toxic masculinity that teaches men to view women as objects of ownership, it’s just ‘manly pain.’

When you see the story on the evening news about a man who set himself ablaze outside a family court, ask yourself what kind of pain could drive someone to cure it with fire? When you read in the newspaper about the man who holed up in his house with a gun and his children, threatening to take them all out, ask yourself if this is just a crazy man, or a man driven to the brink by a pain so monstrous and devastating that even the unthinkable could become an option?

Who, after all, is putting the gun in their hands and promising them the pain will stop if they only pull the trigger?

We need Dads to teach their sons, not “how to treat a woman,” but how to hold their own with them.

Elam’s career in counseling didn’t last very long. I’m sure it was quickly noted he can’t work with others, especially with his instability and hatred of women. He writes in the story that he had ‘left’ his job when he got the call about Johnny but I suspect he was fired.

Paul has nothing to do with his life now except be loud and obnoxious on the internet. All he’s doing is selling masculinity, toxic masculinity. He even wrote about Elliot Rodger on his new site and blamed women and feminists for ‘relentlessly demand that men, even complete strangers, take care of them.’

The insistence on seeing men as benevolent protectors is Farrellesqe drivel. Feminists don’t want men to protect them because we know that ‘protect’ means ownership. This toxic masculinity that engages in doublespeak where protection is ownership is something Paul supports by calling it ‘men’s self respect.’

Elam blames women for men’s violence. That much is clear.

Tao Hsiao may not have plummeted to his death if he had had the self-respect and boundaries to leave his girlfriend at the mall after an hour, or by not going at all — refusing to indulge her childish whims. He would have been much more equipped to do that if he were not struggling so pathetically to please her. What if Tao Hsiao was someone who would not be bothered with a woman who would spend 5 hours in a mall?

He’s teaching men that in order to be respected, they must be violent and ‘hold their own.’ Paul Elam is a failed man. He’s the worst person to be giving advice, or an ear, to men.


26 thoughts on “‘The Bitch Was a Feminist Crusader’

  1. The only way I know of that one could do this without being a licensed counselor would be to somehow run it through a church as ministerial services and solicit donations. I would not be surprised to see MRA organizations, including transactivist ones, rebranding themselves as churches. It’s a classic legal go around in a number of ways.

  2. Miep’s question about credentials reminds me of an article posted on AVFM by a man who claimed to be some sort of expert on fathers’ rights, last year, I think. It turned out that his credentials were as bogus as the site is. Anybody remember? I think Francois Tremblay wrote about it in a comment?

    • I’ve looked down the rabbit hole of Father’s rights groups and there’s a ton of pedophilia. It’s really disturbing.

      In fact, CAFE, the Canadian men’s rights groups has David Shackleton, who compared feminists to Nazi’s (and was dead serious.)

      CAFE also managed to get Tanveer Ahmed, the Australian guy who was fired from White Ribbon for blaming radical feminists for male violence.

      This is the counter argument by Clementine Ford, just reaming him for his patriarchal crap


      • Good article by Ford.I had trouble trying to figure out Ahmed’s argument. It seemed to me that he was saying that for a government to use civil rights laws to “feminize” a man is an offense so heinous, the man is driven to murder and we must all feel compassion. Just imagine the apocalyptic insult, treating a man just like that subordinated, degraded being who is man’s servant! Anyone would kill others and himself as a result, because killing is required to show everybody. That, um, he won’t stand for being feminized like a girlie man.

        This has dark homophobic undertones that remind me of straight men killing gay men, or transsexuals, because associating with them has “feminized” him.

        I have been reading about traditional societies where male Honor, not money or education or family even, constitutes a man’s status. When believers emigrate they do have to seek status another way than by keeping “their” women under control. And I don’t mean proving they have Honor by killing the women who are now under legal protection as autonomous human beings, or killing themselves from spite because they have lost status when women become free of their control. That won’t get them Honor in the new country, it will get them nothing. To hurt someone who is leaving your illegitimate control is despicable and terroristic. And in my opinion makes you a disgusting prick, not a “man”.

        So back to Paul Elam. What happened in his story? Did Johnny kill people because his wife was leaving his illegitimate control? Well, then Johnny was a disgusting prick…and the author pushing Johnny’s point of view doesn’t even have the excuse of being an immigrant.

        • There’s a ton of gay male homoeroticism, which has to include misogyny via domination and subordination, in this as well. That’s going to be a big post by me and I’ve been working on it for weeks.

          Ahmed’s opinion is the same as MRA’s in that 1) being female is to be owned and controlled 2) to be a man who has any gender training that’s viewed as feminine by men is an insult to manhood, and requires violent means to restore manhood.

          Ahmed is arguing FOR toxic masculinity by enforcing that no man should ever be ‘like a woman’ and that the only restorative process is through male violence against women. Hence, blaming feminists for this.

          His position is patriarchal and completely mimics the Manosphere perspective of manhood,especially apparent in Elam’s edicts of masculinity.

  3. I think he learned that at the Rand Paul school of self certification.
    Oregon does not require certification and ‘bama gives exceptions for non profits. i am guessing he just lies. That is his em oh.

  4. Ah, yet another one of Paulie’s gold-digging schemes. But, who in the hell would pay $90 an hour to stare at his ugly mug over Skype?

  5. Does certification even really matter?

    I don’t know how things operate in Canada, but, in the U.S., much of what we do is a free-for-all. Even if something is technically against the rules, it’s rare when it’s enforceable by government action. Most things that are technically illegal are only going to be “enforced” in civil court, and there are plenty of obstacles in the way there, including the most basic one: the ability to pay an attorney. Most attorneys are only going to work on contingency if they’re certain of a large payout.

    So, whatever the laws are in regard to fake counselors offering their services, the only penalties Elam is likely to suffer are: lack of insurance coverage for his “counseling”; a civil suit if he rips off a dude who actually gets pissed off enough to litigate.

  6. Can I interrupt with some weird news? We were discussing “transracialism” recently. I just saw this story about the NAACP president in Spokane Washington, who has been pretending to be Black for years. She seems to believe it herself, but she isn’t. I imagine Black people in Spokane are just as annoyed as hell at this. However, I guess they have to pretend she is Black and not be critical or anything since she identifies as such.

    • I heard about that on MSNBC, and I immediately thought….how is this any different than people pretending to be the opposite sex?

  7. I have to laugh. Judgybitch has gone TERF. She’s making fun of the transracial and transgender stuff and in an inexplicable fit of stupidity, seems to think this doesn’t make her a TERF. O yes it does. I lerve me these tradcons figuring out that radfems were right all along: http://www.donotlink.com/framed?43259

    • My reading of the article is that JB is attacking the transracial woman but defending Jenner. “It’s because neither gender nor race are social constructs. Caitlyn Jenner is a woman because she has the neurology of a woman’s brain, which is distinct from a man’s brain.” So — although it is never totally clear what she supports, since she is usually ranting AGAINST something — she would seem to be a Trans Accepting Rabid Anti-Feminist. Is TARAF a Thing?
      As far as Ol’ Paul is concerned, I believe he is fully qualified in Anger Mismanagement, Mantrum Design, Dysfunctional Relationships, and Clusterfuck Organizing, and has demonstrated great competence and skill in all those areas.
      I am unfortunately not the person responsible for danperrins.com, but I like to think I can recognize a brilliant idea when I see it. So I am now the proud owner of the domains avoice4men.com and avoice4men.org — now I have to figure out how to use them to help Ol’ Paul towards a career change …
      I have been thinking of starting a pro-feminist blog aimed at men — I want to call it “Male Tears and Mantrums: Stupid Things Men Say About Women” but I’ll probably have to think up something a bit less snarky …

    • LOL Yeah, he can’t even manage his own anger. More than likely, he will just fan the flames, and encourage them to kill as many women as possible.

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