CAFE Men’s Rights Group Welcomes Former White Ribbon Ambassador Tanveer Ahmed

The Canadian men’s rights group CAFE has welcomed Tanveer Ahmed into their fold, an Australian psychiatrist who thinks radical feminists are responsible for male violence. They sat down with him for an interview and uploaded it to Youtube.

Early this year Ahmed wrote an article for The Australian (I’d link it but it’s behind a pay wall) where he let loose at feminists for making the world horrible for men and telling men to ‘man up’ and embrace toxic masculinity. He also let loose this:

“family violence within newly arrived ethnic groups is often related to the sudden dilution of traditional masculinity, leaving men lost and isolated, particularly as females enjoy greater autonomy and expectations.”~Tanveer Ahmed

Clementine Ford quickly responded to the drivel presented by Ahmed regarding domestic violence, which we radical feminists rightly name male violence against women.

‘Radical feminists didn’t endure the wrath and measurably violent pushback of people opposed to women’s liberation so that their activism could be scoffed at by a man directly benefiting from its passion and fearlessness. Nor did feminists come so far just to end up back in the frustrating position of being ordered to preserve men’s privilege ‘for balance’.’~Clementine Ford

The Conversation’s Petra Bueskens also responded:

Men have become “feminised” and are, as a consequence, “humiliated”. It is this, he argues, that is “increasingly the driver of family-based violence”.

While masquerading as analysis, the piece ultimately reads as an apology for men’s violence. There are two reasons for this. First, Ahmed’s “diagnosis” is not followed with a recognition that men’s (likely very real) problems with declining power are theirs to work through, not to enact on their wives, girlfriends or other women in the form of violence. Second, he criticises, in the most stereotyped and deliberately inflammatory terms, the feminist movement, which gave the very tools and resources to make such a critique of male violence possible.

Plus, Ahmed is a notorious plagiarizer as reported in The Guardian. Ahmed was sacked by The Australian in 2012 but vowed to return to writing which he did in 2015.

“There was definitely a time there where I knew what I was doing was wrong,” Ahmed told the Media Report.

And essentially I did it anyway. And the way that would have happened is that I don’t think…I think I’d lost sight of the magnitude of what I was doing. I think it felt like a fairly minor transgression for me. But I think in terms of my self-audit, I think that’s how it happened.”

He was hired again by The Australian and published his domestic violence piece in Feb. 2015. He didn’t learn his lessons and plagiarized again.

Ketan Joshi’s blog ‘Some Air’ has chronicled the multiple times Ahmed’s plagiarized. In fact, in one article he plagiarized Ronald Dworkin. *WomanoftheWoods corrected this. I quoted this from another site and automatically assumed it was Andrea’s due to the context.

Ahmed wrote:

“The thinking is that the human body has an energy to it that can be guided by external manipulation, much the way that matter and tissues are influenced by chemicals and radiation in conventional medicine.”~Tanveer Ahmed

Dworkin wrote:

“Supposedly, the human body has an energy to it that can be guided by external manipulation, much the way that matter and tissues are influenced by chemicals and radiation in allopathic medicine.”~ Ronald Dworkin

Ahmed’s excuses for plagiarism possibly reflect his ridiculous position on domestic violence. Ketan Joshi has eloquently put it thus:

‘Ahmed’s incoherent justification of plagiarism seems to mirror his twisted explanatory reasoning around domestic violence. He characterizes himself as some sort of innocent automaton – carelessly copying paragraphs from other people’s work, only semi-aware that his actions are wrong.’~Ketan Joshi

Ahmed was an ambassador for White Ribbon, an international education group on domestic violence. They quickly fired Ahmed but offered him a way back in if he completes ‘training.’ They said ‘views of Dr Ahmed do not reflect the views of White Ribbon Australia.‘ While I like the intent behind White Ribbon, I’m very wary after this happened, that they hired a misogynist men’s rights activist without having a process to determine that’s indeed what he was. I also fundamentally have a problem with men making a lot money off the backs of women’s endless pain.

CAFE has scooped up Ahmed and it’s a good fit regarding what we know of CAFE’s leader Justin Trottier and his dishonesty. Lying to get charity status was just one of his dishonest stunts. Marching in the Pride parade after being told not to was another. The most basic of his deceptions is insisting CAFE is interested in equality but we can clearly see what his group is through the people they employ.


55 thoughts on “CAFE Men’s Rights Group Welcomes Former White Ribbon Ambassador Tanveer Ahmed

  1. I always find it interesting how these dudes who advocate for “traditional masculinity” are a pretty poor example of it. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I hear the term “traditional masculinity”, I immediately picture somebody like, I dunno… John Wayne or Arnold Schwarzenegger. By very sharp contrast, every MRA I have ever seen is a physically weak & emotionally unbalanced crybaby. Masculinity seems to get redefined every few decades, while the definition of femininity remains incredibly rigid & oppressive.

    Geek culture is incredibly misogynistic, for example. But these are men who do not fit the basic, traditional masculine ideal. It seems that the current, modern definition of “manliness” is simply defined by how much rage they can spew at women; all other criteria has been tossed aside. Misogyny is a one-way ticket to the Boys Club for men who do not measure up in other areas of their lives.

    • Certainly men who fit the ultra macho ideal can be misogynistic, but it’s so rare to encounter one who has made that his sole purpose in life. It’s the disaffected, put-upon nerds who obsess over how non-compliant women are.

  2. Why would they hire a man? Why not have a crime victims’ advocates group and have it headed up by convicted murderers and rapists, too? This was very stupid on the part of the White ribbon people.

    Regarding that quote: Some arrogant patriarchal bastard wrote it. It wasn’t Andrea. My first clue was the word “Supposedly,…” at the beginning like that. Besides, she wrote about witchcraft, but didn’t touch much on alternative medicine that I’m aware. I looked it up and sure enough, some arrogant, patriarchal white coat named Ronald Dworkin, deigning to address the subject of medical and scientific views that lay outside the boundaries of Western conventional medical rape and butchery wrote it. This seems to be it:

    For a second, I was hoping there was some Andrea material out there I hadn’t read, but alas – not the case.

      • My first clue was the arrogance in that first sentence. Andrea was passionate and truthful. She said a lot of things men and some women didn’t really want to hear sometimes, but she was never arrogant. She was just so strong. There was no arrogance or even a hint of conceit or ego in her writing. Arrogance is for weak men.

  3. Just for LOLs, I’m listening to the interview with Ahmed. What a goof! He’s a pee-see-kee-atrist, which explains his hairdo. I don’t know to explain that wide-load tie, though.

    It’s the usual masturbatory blah-blah-blah. Women initiate violence just as often as men and other bullshit. Yeah, at 5’2″ I run around challenging giant, hairy, dick-swinging motherfuckers all the time! LOL! These guys are idiots.

    • Why are professional bodies not censoring these idiots, and stripping away their qualifications? Like how Andrew Wakefield is no longer a doctor thanks to his lies about the MMR vaccine. If I was a psychiatrist, I would be appalled at another psychiatrist pontificating such misogynistic viewpoints *that are actually outside his area of specialty – psychiatry*.

      • I think it’s because because these pillars of or civilization are all patriarchal in nature and in their origins. They’re on board with it. The psychiatric and medical establishments have a history of torture and murder. Before, during and after the Nazi period, and they continue their “work” today, with their victims being primarily women and our (“our” meaning “us women’s) children. The same applies to other pillars of our civilization the way I see it, whether it’s the banking system, the capitalist system, our system of government, it’s insistence on taxing us without representation or even acknowledging our basic human rights, etc. As I’ve said before, men see us as cattle – as an energy source and basically a food supply!

  4. Hello,

    I really enjoy your blog. This is unrelated to the post, but I just really need to rant and maybe get a few words of encouragement from someone like you, a person I look up to. I’ve been a separatist for a few years now. For whatever reason, I decided to engage in a family function a little bit ago. When I got there, I was immediately made nauseous by the mere thought that there are males in my family. Of course that’s a biological given, but to think that these abusers are part of my family is sickening. My sister asked me to change her three year old son’s clothes. It was so sad to fully recognize that she has a boy child, as she is the one who got me into radfem and separatism years back. I was so sad about this, but I agreed to do it. In the back room I changed his shirt, and took off his pants and then briefs. He started tugging at me and whining while standing there. Amazing: even at three years old, males think that they deserve female energy and attention. All of my stress and anger about this entire situation and life in general began to come out at once. Finally, when I looked down and saw the boy’s naked, disgusting danglers (Well, they barely dangle at that age, but you know what I mean: testes) that will in the future be tools of oppression, I was too overwhelmed and snapped. I don’t care how young or old a male is. Seeing those gross, squishy parts makes me want to vomit, both because of how repulsive they are aesthetically and because of what males do with them. Without thinking I buried my shin bone right into both of this skinny, future-abuser’s bare little nuts as hard as I could. He didn’t even see it coming because his hair was in his eyes and his legs were spread slightly. I could feel the disgusting orbs between my shin and his body. He gasped, howled, fell to the ground cupping his danglies after his legs gave out, crying and coughing. Maybe that’ll teach him a lesson: Don’t exercise male/patriarchal privilege in front of a woman who is awake to the games and stand there naked with your balls right there. I heard my sister coming and tried to stand him up, but he wasn’t able to get up (As a long-time martial artist, this helplessness is what makes strikes to the testicles so effective). When she came in and saw her son curled up on the floor crying and holding his testicles, she asked what happened. I tried to answer first, but he choked out, “She kicked me in my ballsack.” My sister, the sister who was once an ardent lesbian separatist who recognized that all males are intrinsically dangerous, wants nothing to do with me ever again. I just needed to rant about this. I’m sorry and don’t intend to get you off-topic. How would you go about handling this situation, and do you think I was wrong to do so? Personally, I don’t. All males are all the same from the moment they’re born, and I feel no empathy for the disgusting creatures.

      • I call it a knuckle-dragger doing some trolling.

        This is the same kind of porno-fantasy sickness they write at their own sites. Ball busting women is a particular genre of porn fetishism. That’s what this is right here – a bit of porn courtesy of a knuckle-dragging, Men’s Rights troll.

        Again I say: Men are sick. How much more proof does anyone need?

          • It’s “ball-busting porn.” It’s a porn genre or sub-genre. I hate the fact that I have to even know this, but I do. Sick dudes get off watching scripted scenes or reading/writing material in which a woman is provoked into kicking a man in the balls.

            I don’t know about male children, but I don’t think they have anything much to ball bust at that age… this dude is just a really sick piece of work. In other words, typical!

            Any sick written fantasies about child sex abuse, also, fall into the porn category.

        • Just the fact that it’s so rare for a woman to stand up strongly against males that even other feminists find it so strange that it must be the product of a male mind brings a tear to my eye. There shouldn’t be anything strange about my story. It’s strange because it’s rare, and it’s a shame that it’s so rare. My actions were quite simple. I was angry, sad and overwhelmed all at once. I saw the boy’s testicles while changing him. As a martial artist of over thirty years, I know that a blow to the testicles is more incapacitating that any other strike that can be done to males or females. Also, the fact that it is those very parts that contribute to both the privilege this boy does and will receive and the oppressive behavior he will display when he is older gave me more incentive to want to incapacitate him in that way. I wish you the best.

          • Not my blog, but if it were, I would have problems with your comment as it is either a troll comment or a confession to a crime of assault against a child.

          • And the problem is nobody knows which. The site stats have gone up considerably today. It’s either MRA’s here gawking and thinking of doing violence or I’m a brilliant writer. I don’t like patting myself on the back that much so yeah.

          • I think you must understand this environment. We get trolled on a regular basis by MRA’s just itching to grab a quote they can plaster all over their sites to justify doing violence against us women. The fact you’ve read my blog and are unaware of this fact worries me.

            You wanted my opinion on your actions. I gave none. Other women gave theirs.

        • I do absolutely understand the environment, and it’s sad that we have to doubt the truth of everything we hear. After the whole “Agent Orange” debacle, how can we ever be sure? I’m sorry if I’ve caused any issues. I’m stressed about the whole situation and was just looking for someone to tell me that I’m justified in what I did, since no one else in our community has. I’ll move along. I’ll still be a faithful reader and look up to you all the same. 🙂

    • I’m glad you enjoy my blog. My sister has a boy child too. I think of him and how he’ll start watching porn at 10 and how he’ll become sexually violent, starting from birth.

      I like to trick myself and think my sister will know how to raise him but I can’t give her that much since most mothers are totally unaware of what their boys will turn out to be once they start with the gender training.

      All women are welcome here and welcome to tell their stories. I can’t make a value judgement as I’m not part of your life and don’t know all the little intricacies.

      I hope your sister comes around at some point. What made her have kids being a radfem? It seems odd she would have them.

      • Thanks for responding. I don’t know why my sister decided to have children. It’s like she has intentionally forgotten all of her feminist teachings. It’s as though she deleted everything she spent years learning. We hadn’t been in touch for a little longer than three years. I had heard that she had a child, but I had no clue that it was a boy.

        As you talk about your sister’s boy child, it seems you can understand to an extent. Though my sister’s son is a seemingly harmless, skinny little boy right now, he will no doubt grow up to be a threat to women to some extent, maybe even his mother or me. Even now, he expresses entitlement. As such, I feel like kicking him in his balls isn’t much of a transgression. I’ve received so much condemnation for this rant, even from other radfems, so thank you for not condemning me along with them. I won’t lie. It did feel relieving to do it. It felt satisfying to watch the entitlement drain from his face and his demanding tugs on my clothes turn to whimpering on the floor. Maybe if women did this more frequently when male children feel that they already as toddlers deserve female energy, they actually would grow up differently.

        Anyway, thanks for not condemning me, though I have still yet to speak to anyone who will agree that I did the right thing. I still think that it is morally justifiable and that males don’t deserve my moral consideration, but I feel so alone in that no one has reassured me of that. I’m really starting to feel down because of that.

        • I can’t speak for others but I clearly don’t know what happened as I wasn’t there but I can also see why my sisters don’t like it.

          He is a child, he couldn’t fight back.

          Women are smaller than men, as a rule, and men use their extra strength and height as a weapon against women to dominate us.

          Doing this to a child, when you’re bigger and stronger than he is is what’s wrong with what you did. We want men to stop using their strength and added height to stop harming us but it’s somehow ok for an adult to do this to a child?

          I CAN say I would never physically harm a child aka my nephew unless he physically attacked me first and I had to somehow get him to stop. I suppose it would be an instant survival strategy that would occur and I would try to physically restrain him.

          Maybe there is something more to your story that’s not being told but I can see why my sisters have a problem with it.

          I do know what you’re getting at regarding male violence. I don’t think anyone here would disagree with you on how male children are socialized to enact violence against women.

          • I have a problem with it because if this is real, it is quite possibly a felony assault and the law is not interested in hearing about anybody’s moral rights to commit felonious assaults, especially against children, and should the law wish to contact you and demand Gloria’s IP and you refuse to give it, you are setting yourself up for charges of accessory after the fact.

          • I think I understand. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this with me. You’re a far more well-thought out person than I am. I guess I was just angry and knew what the quickest way to incapacitate a boy is. When you put it that way, it is wrong. Thanks again.

    • I kind of doubt that three year old boys use the word “ballsack.” You are a troll. Not my blog but I would delete all this if it were.

          • I just wanted to get them all and for him to keep talking. Got the ip although it’s a proxy. Now we can tear his ass down. I know who to ask about this but if you have any other ideas about this email me. Also, I caught the ‘ballsack’ thing too. Only a porn addled man would speak that way.

            So, we can try to report to the company being used and of course it can go to law enforcement.

            To the dude from AVFM or some other MRA joint trying to troll:

            Nice try dude, whoever you are. Now you’ve got a bunch of us on your case.

          • I gotta admit. it caught me way off guard. I had just barely wiped the sleep from my eyes and read it first thing this morning. I too had problems with the ‘ballsack’ comment. No 3 yo talks that way.

            Some porn addicted dude into male violence against women doing a reversal and thinking this was the site he’d get some purchase. I had to keep him commenting which means more material.

            No regular reader of my blog would start off that with that but since we’ve had a lot of trolls the low bar gets set lower and lower by these guys.

            Now I know why my stats went nuts today. it was an MRA attack. Of that I’m sure now. They were just looking for an excuse for whatever shit they’re planning.

            I’ll report it to CSIS and the FBI. I have a ton of postage so communicating with CSIS isn’t a problem. If y’all would do the same the link to CSIS is in my side bar.

            Screen cap the comments and I’ll give you the other info in an email. drop me a line joyintorah18 and I’ll give you the stuff I can’t publicize.

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  6. @womanofthewoods: I’m uncertain why it’s more likely to you that I am a man with a fetish than a woman who just acts differently than you. I would have expected another feminist, someone who is supposed to help and comfort other women, to be a little more understanding. I’m already upset. Also, I’m not certain if you’re speaking about anatomy, but the testicles descend before birth fully intact with all pain receptors/nerves. There’s just as much to “bust,” whatever that means in the context you’re talking about.

  7. To Gloria:

    While I don’t think what you did is acceptable, I’ll share with you something since you seem to feel alone. My aunt had a son. Immediately thereafter her boyfriend left her. After a few weeks of caring for him, she began to get into feminist literature. When he was about four months old, she began to identify as a radfem. From a little before I was ten until I was fifteen or sixteen I would go to her house on days in the summer and she would answer the questions I had about the ideology she had found. One summer day I was there. I was eleven and her son was two. She was giving him a bath as we discussed the concept of the patriarchy as a whole, which, by the way, is not easy for an eleven year old to get her head around. She even opened up a little bit about trying to reconcile her feminism with the fact that she is the mother to a boy child. She finished cleaning him and lifted him out of the tub onto the floor to drip-dry off. That’s when he started throwing bath toys at her—three of them, I think. She yelled and told him to stop. The final one hit her right in the eye. This was the eye on which she had recently had surgery, by the way. This all happened before she could even get clothes or a towel on him. Once it hit her in the eye she was really mad. Instantly, she firmly thumped the top of her foot into her son’s nuts. He grunted, fell to the floor holding his ‘nads in the fetal position, and started crying. Though this was clearly not a proper response from my aunt, at age eleven, I thought it was as funny as the boy in my class who was crying on the ground the week before when he got kicked. She hadn’t put any thought into it, as evidenced by the shocked look on her face, as though she had done it without thinking. She bent down to him, looking concerned. After a few minutes of my laughing, she finally started to laugh, too. Even if her son’s pain itself wasn’t funny to her, the situation itself was: She had just thoughtlessly kicked her naked, two-year-old boy in the nuts after a bath and now he’s on the floor crying. After fifteen minutes or so he stopped crying and could stand up. She hugged him and apologized. She said that he was actually much more well behaved after that, at least for a while. LOL. So, to summarize: I don’t think what you did was okay, but you’re not the first person to do something like that, and it hardly makes you a bad person. Even looking back, the scene is oddly funny: A woman in her 30s laughing alongside her eleven year old niece after she just kicked her toddler in the ‘nads who is now in the fetal position crying. While it’s unacceptable, you bboth just reacted to your anger and struck a boy where you knew it would hurt him the most.

    • Wasn’t “Sara” one of James Huff’s trolling iDs? He’s getting off being both Gloria and Sara. He’s not even trying, he’s just using one of his lonely nights sitting at home with no life to waste some of our time. Do you think the poor dude gets a sexual frisson from doing this? Probably. Well let’s pity him and move on. Have to worry about him a little. The block quote and rushing words look like bipolar or drugs to me.

  8. I am surprised that “Gloria” was not prevented by “her” overwhelming nausea from taking her lesbian sister’s three year old son into the back room to strip him down and then kick him in the scrotum for being naked in front of “her”.
    Enormous mendacious disembodied anus, sung to the tune of Kokomo.
    tip of the hat to The Editors

      • To me it read like a dudebro’s clunky spoof of what feminists sound like when they’re alone. What was the idea? We’d all fistbump him, then he’d go back to neckbeard HQ and report that feminists think it’s OK to harm boys?

        That or he’s a troll too cheap to pay a dom.

        • To me it read like a dudebro’s clunky spoof of what feminists sound like when they’re alone.

          Yes, this is immediately what I thought. MRAs are desperate to “prove” that RadFems are child abusers (projection), so they send one of their bros over to post crap like this under a female name, thereby creating false evidence of their lunatic assertions.

  9. Gloria (Gloria) I think we’ve we’ve got your numba (Gloria)
    I think we’ve got the alias (Gloria)
    that you’ve been trolling unda (Gloria)

  10. Well he’s entertaining with his bad & insulting parody, but let’s not waste any more energy on the fool.


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