I Want To Rape Them: CAFE Men’s Rights Group Supporters Looking To ‘Punish’ Women

The Canadian men’s rights group CAFE (Canadian Association for Equality) has just opened up an Ottawa branch to pair up with their Toronto one. I can’t tell you how scary this is for Canadian society and of course, women. During the inaugural meeting a group of young women came to protest it. Men’s rightsters think the protestors were radical feminists which is funny because it’s obvious to anyone with a functioning brain these women aren’t radical. Even a screencapped FB post from the protestors admitting they’re socialists wasn’t enough to clue in CAFE’s supporters. Also, since CAFE is directly related to A Voice for Men and Men’s Rights Edmonton, their affiliated members are all posting the video of the protest and asking men to find out the personal information of these women.

A Voice for Men has also publicized this because AVFM and CAFE were in each others pockets at the formation of CAFE and employ the same people as well as share the same members.

Here’s one video of the protest posted by Victor Maltby:

AVFM commenters recommended using violence against these women, especially the woman who blew a whistle

pussies advocating violence

In the You Tube comment section of Victor Maltby’s video, an MRA on the comment section said we needed another Montreal Massacre. The comment was upvoted.

we need marc lepine massacreHere’s a broader sample of the comment section. These are the men behind and who support CAFE’s men’s rights group:

women screaming is their role beating up protestors bring back gas chambers bulldyke pussy stinks i want to hit that woman 2 I want to hit that woman manginas get handjobs misandrist feminists pity fucks ruin them and beat them sandy cunts beta males woman should be drawn and quartered

CAFE and their affiliates are now searching for the personal information of the young women who protested the meeting. Paul Elam has promoted the video on AVFM and Men’s Rights Edmonton has publicly and directly asked for the personal information of these women in a video titled ‘We Want Names‘ in order to ‘punish’ them since they’re angry the police didn’t arrest them.

You are allowed to demonstrate in Canada but when men’s rights groups are protested, the women are hunted, doc dropped and their personal information passed around to many unstable men who have criminal records. In fact, the main speaker in the video is David Shackleton who said feminism is the same as the ‘the historical rise of Nazism in Germany.’

Here’s David’s full quote from the site:

‘I will argue that the feminine archetype is now dominant in the western world, and that, most dangerously, we are virtually blind to the shadow side of this archetype. As a result, while we are vigilant against masculine forms of evil, feminine evil is taking over our culture, and feminism is the leading and driving ideology of this process. This situation has its roots in our childraising practice in the last fifty years, and is directly analagous to the historical rise of Nazism in Germany.’

Shackleton worked heavily in the father’s rights movement in Canada in the early 90’s pushing for equal parenting. Equal parenting involves men getting immediate custody even if they’re abusers. In fact, that’s where the concept came from, abusive dad’s. It has other names: shared parenting or equal shared parenting. The father’s rights group even made up a syndrome called ‘Parental Alienation Syndrome‘ where they gaslight their own children. These fathers blame the mother and children for not wanting contact with the abusive father. No psychological body uses this diagnosis but some lawyers have been able to argue it in court in order to place the kids back with their abusive dad’s. I’ll dig up more on Shackleton in another post.

Victor Maltby, the MRA who was at CAFE’s Ottawa meeting and who videotaped the protest, asked on Men’s Rights Edmonton’s comment section why MRA’s didn’t want to talk to the constables who didn’t arrest the protestors. The response was typical. It’s less scary to go after women and also, Eric Duckman wants to rape them.

eric duckman wants to rape female protestors

Going after the establishment=wrong. CAFE going after young women to ‘punish’ them through rape= perfect.

They intend to announce the personal information of these young college women on their various back channels and even on Youtube. I told Eric Duckman of Men’s rights Edmonton on Youtube that if he uploads any personal information or puts it in the description that I will flag it. If any MRA announces the dox I will put a link up so you can all report it. If any of you find MRA’s dropping docs on a social media platform please inform me through my email: joyintorah18@gmail.com

I don’t think it will do any good because MRA’s have their back channels where they pass around the personal information of women. However, we must do what’s right.

CAFE is very dangerous. At the beginning of this year my resolution was to expose them because I am a Canadian and I recognize that they’re the Canadian wing of A Voice for Men. From their inception they’ve been dishonest. From lying on their charity application to sneaking into the Pride parade after being told not to march is just the beginning. They’ve welcomed Tanveer Ahmed, a fired White Ribbon ambassador who blames radical feminists for men’s violence. This year they’re trying to march with Pride Toronto but from my sources they’ve been denied. I’d like to thank everyone who has written to Pride to inform them of CAFE’s true intentions. I especially want to thank Feministas of Canada who has probably done most of the leg work to expose CAFE to Pride.

If you would still like to email Pride Toronto to let them know you don’t want CAFE to ever march in Pride, click here.


22 thoughts on “I Want To Rape Them: CAFE Men’s Rights Group Supporters Looking To ‘Punish’ Women

  1. Thanks for a great posting. It raises so many questions, like why do these men react with such violent ideas to a brief sit-in by a few students at one of their meetings? Why are there so many calls for the protesters (both men and women) to be assaulted, attacked sexually, even killed? This reaction needs a lot more examination as it could shed light on why women are killed so regularly by their partners for what appear to be trivial reasons? We are watching a mechanism of patriarchal control of women swinging into action.

    Why the complete cognitive dissonance, also? How can Nick Reading (“Eric Duckman”) say over and over that he wants to identify the protesters to humiliate and punish them, but he is positive no harm will come to them if he does so? How can you say that out of the same mouth? Maybe he thinks his readers are all bluster? Maybe he’s wrong.

    And: why are women the “evil” that so many of these men think is responsible for all their problems? Have they looked at the civilization male-dominated society built? The constant warring between men, the use of young men as cannon fodder, the exploitation of men in the coal mines, the strict gender roles of the past that not only kept women secluded and servile but kept men servants, through incessant work, to other men? Scapegoating of women is such an insult to men’s intelligence. All these troubled men have to do is open their eyes and they can see who’s exploiting them and women as well.

    I was interested to see that Proletarian Feminism has come to Canada. This seems to be a grassroots movement of women with Maoist backgrounds who fight the destructive impacts of capitalism, imperialism and colonialism in their countries. They are radical, I would say, in their politics, but they aren’t radical feminists. Radical feminists would disagree strongly with some of their viewpoints, primarily the idea that women’s liberation must wait until capitalism is overturned. But even with these disagreements I think radical feminists do see, as they do, that the problems men have are not caused by women, but by destructive old societal structures that do need to be swept away.

    I think you are right that people like Reading are dangerous. He doesn’t seem to understand the consequences of his calls for cyberstalking of the protesters. That’s more dangerous than some of the demagogues in the manosphere who deliberately whip their readers into furies to increase donations and clicks. Reading doesn’t seem inclined to try to put the brakes on any of the anger he has incited, or to take any responsibility. He’s a mindless blunt instrument.

  2. This is happening because we’ve never really left the Middle Ages. We’re here and those same evil men who did all those evil things to us before, are still here with us and they are still saying almost all the same things they did then.

    I don’t know of any MRAs dropping docs, but a mob of online liberals went after a woman who tried to break up a fight in the McKinney, Texas melee, dropped her docs, got her fired from her job and are threatening to rape and murder her and her children.

    Loving liberals are all over RawStory saying derogatory things about this woman’s appearance and calling her a “bitch.”

    It’s terrifying to be a woman doing anything, anywhere right now.

      • No. I’m talking about a woman named Tracey Carver. Here’s a vid that will bring you up to date on that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMo0EYSmbYw

        That other thing, where the woman cop shot some dude apparently hopped up on meth or something like it was in DesMoines: http://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/news/crime-and-courts/2015/06/10/fatal-officer-shooting-ryan-bolinger-dancing-man-vanessa-miller/71010592/ I wasn’t aware they were going after her, but I’m not surprised.

        Meth heads are scary. I don’t defend cops as a rule, but you don’t know what they’re going to do and when I was having trouble with some here a few years ago (including very specific threats of rape, which nobody but me seemed to take seriously), I packed heat right next to me on the seat of my car at all times and worried about this very thing – that I might have to shoot through my windshield at one of them. I wasn’t sure you could do that without getting injured, but apparently she was okay. Only think I see she did wrong was maybe fire a ridiculous number of rounds at the freaky, dancing dude.

      • I was looking some more at the thing in DesMoines. It looks like it’s mostly a bunch of dudes protesting. One of them was wearing a Trilby or Fedora, which got my attention. Then, they said that they are mad because they don’t think women are good police officers, that women need more training, and more gendered bullshit, which we are all up to our eyeballs in right now.

        Here’s a link: http://whotv.com/2015/06/13/dozens-protest-at-des-moines-police-station-over-officer-involved-shooting/ I smell the stink of the MRM on this.

        I saw a pic of the dude she shot and he looks like a meth head. And, trust me I ought to know what one looks like! He was clearly hopped up on something and maybe that’s why it took so many shots – meth is like cocaine X 1,000 and it’s a very sexual drug. They say he was unarmed. I say men are never unarmed – unless they’ve been castrated or they’re on lots of high blood pressure medication.

        • Yep it’s the menz yelling that a woman has power to defend herself from violent men. When men are jacked up on meth they’re impossible to talk to or command. I’ve seen it. When I worked for a local NGO there was a client there that injected meth. He couldn’t sit still for longer than a nanosecond and was quick to anger and when he acted out it was brutal. I’ve also seen cops try to restrain them and it’s like they have superhuman strength.

          • Yes, and now they have those bath salts. They’ve literally ripped their victims’ faces off.

            The meth makes them extremely hostile toward women and they are just bursting with strength and energy. I could sympathize with the male cop trying to describe to the dispatcher what this nut was doing. I remember placing a 911 call years ago trying to describe their behavior – ‘cuz they ask, “What exactly are they doing?” They were hopping up and down – adult men! – hopping up and down like a bunch of preschoolers jacked up on Kool-Aid. It’s hard to sound sane, yourself, when you try to describe their behavior. They dance, they scream, they roll around on the ground. The dude she shot was very hollow-eyed. I, also, think someone lied about the number of shots fired. In fact, it was only one, according to a more credible report.

          • The man who mutilated/ate the face of a homeless man actually wasn’t on bath salts. If I remember correctly, no drugs were found in his system. Given that level of violence though, that was definitely a clean shoot, and I don’t say that about police shootings often.

  3. I just watched the vid, which is pretty hilarious. But, like you said it’s pretty clear they’re not radfems, for one thing half of them are men. But, I’ve noticed that a lot of hetero-dudes have difficulty telling male from female, especially if the person is gender-stereotype non-conforming, so maybe they didn’t notice they were actually men. LOL! I like the woman with the rape whistle or whatever that is!

    BTW, your porno troll is starting to run amok! He’s a really gross dude.

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