Grace Mann

I heard her name a few weeks ago but I was so busy with documenting male violence against other women by MRA’s that it went past me. The world is not safe for women and that’s because of men. Men are the common factor when dealing with violent crimes against women. Grace Mann is no exception. Once we accept this universal fact, we can then begin to deal with it.

Grace Mann was strangled by a violent male. I won’t name him. His name is not important. She was a member of her University feminist group, Feminist United. The Uni has an anonymous social media platform called Yik Yak that males use to threaten women with violence anonymously. Grace joins the endless parade of women harassed, threatened, and murdered by a male. I don’t need to quote statistics on the violence by males against women, girls and children.

‘We have been watching the wholesale demonization of men on college campuses for years now. It is open season on men and their civil liberties in academe, even as the culture yawns in response to each life being destroyed in the name of ideology.’~Paul Elam

While Mr. Shouty has a temper tantrum, men are murdering women on college campuses.

The only comment on a Youtube video about Grace’s death was by an MRA:


grace mann MRA commentGrace Mann was sexually threatened and harassed online by males who did it anonymously. They got a thrill by being sexually violent to women on the Mary Washington campus. They even had a software program, Yik Yak, that made it easy for them to target women. These men didn’t have anything better to do than to be violent towards women.

We have men’s rights activists who are glad to go after women, threatening to rape them and punish them. Whenever we expose their violence they claim it’s free speech. Yep. It’s just like men to claim their violence is a matter of urgency, that they must be able to do it.

Most of you know that Dan Perrins is my latest stalker. Like most violent males he called the cops on me because he couldn’t handle a woman tweeting about male violence on Twitter. Every day I’d log in and my sisters tweets would inform me of yet another woman harmed by a male, one after the other. I’d retweet it. You’d think any normal human being would take issue with the violent males, not the women speaking about it. But that’s not the world we live in. Men get even angrier when you point out male violence, and then they call the cops to whine about it.

The good thing in my case, and not Grace’s, is that by making a spectacle of himself Dan is now in the spotlight as well as MRA’s in my area. Not me. I was very fortunate and lucky he has a criminal record. The cops came to my door within a half hour of my call when all I requested was a phone reply. Grace was threatened anonymously. Her school did nothing but dismiss her and wave her away. The women tried hard to get Yik Yak shut down and to inform the admin of the male violence. It was typically dismissed as ‘boys being boys.’ How many more Grace Mann’s will it take?

Men gather online and harm women to control us. Just like in the public sphere where men harass and stalk women day and night, keeping us under threat of rape and other sexual crimes, the online space is used by males for the same purpose. Susan Brownmiller was right.

‘[Rape is] nothing more or less than a conscious process of intimidation by which all men keep all women in a state of fear’

The state of fear was expressed several times to the University officials by countless women. It led to a Title IX lawsuit. The president of the University responded, sounding like an MRA. He thinks ‘free speech’ is more important to uphold than to make it impossible for males to threaten women anonymously through a social media program. He also thinks university escorts for women are the answer and a good step rather than inhibit the predatory males. It’s always about changing women’s behaviour and keeping them fearful. The rape and death threats he dismissed as ‘lacking in context’ and went off on a tangent saying some of the threats were lines from pop culture movies and shows, as if that matters. All in all he’s butthurt that Feminist Majority got involved and publicized the inaction of the school towards the misogyny.

Feminist United, the school club Mann was proudly supporting before a male murdered her, responded to the president. The president is claiming he has no knowledge of the complaints, which they’re contesting.

Part of why I’m posting this is because I want people to understand how serious it is that men’s rights activists are producing hate groups on campus. They’re there to harm women and feminists. Now, I don’t know whether the violent males at the Uni considered themselves MRA’s nor do I care. The point is male violence is an epidemic whether it’s offline or online. Men don’t need to openly state they’re MRA’s for them to enact the same woman-hatred that MRA’s openly express. Open expression of misogyny is the only difference between men and MRA’s.

There are more Grace Mann’s out there just waiting to happen because of our culture’s failure to understand the gendered nature of these crimes. Time and again we see the media spin these stories of male violence against women as if they’re one-offs or due to severe mental illness. We will never solve this problem unless we name the agent and see the pattern.

RIP Grace Mann


29 thoughts on “Grace Mann

  1. The accused is being represented by a public defender and the preliminary hearing began June 16. The roommates of both Mann and her attacker testified and filled in what happened ( The question I have is what the “verbal altercation” was about, that resulted in the accused “slapping” Mann, whereupon she “bit his hand”, whereupon he brutally killed her. That info did not come out yet, and may not come out for some time to come. I plan to follow this. Hadn’t heard about it – there is so much going on that it’s very hard to keep up.

    • Bryl,

      I just read that article and among the things that struck me was the roommates testimony that Briel gave no prior indication that he was going to kill her.

      Despite what some people (those with an agenda to drive attention away from the root problem) say, men often give no prior indication of violence before they attack women. There are no warning bells, no signs, no tattoos on his forehead. That’s another reason why men, especially those women think they can trust, are usually the most dangerous of all.

      • Yes…yes, he was considered a mellow fellow, the article says. He roommated with 3 women in a small house and all was well until one day…she must have said something he didn’t like, to get that first facial blow she got…and after he hit her first, he naturally had to defend himself, he told the other roommates. The murder happened when the victim stopped in briefly at home between meetings.

        And of course he’d been on the uni rugby team, that had just caught hell from the victim’s feminist group for a song that celebrated committing sexual acts on a “dead whore”…maybe it was just loyalty to the team…maybe she made a critical remark about it…I hope we find out, but he’s the only one who knows, and he doesn’t even have to testify in court, so we may never know the “motive”.

  2. Re: “These men didn’t have anything better to do….” This is a huge part of the problem with men – they don’t have any ambition or drive to do anything productive. This is nobody’s fault but their own. I ran across an article recently on the sad state of the U.S. economy, which stated that part of the reason is men have no drive to work and when they’re not working they’re hanging out somewhere harassing and threatening women. I could elaborate on this problem at length and I’m sure you could, too. So, while women are working hard and going about our business, we’re having to deal with men who have nothing better to do.

    “He also thinks university escorts for women are the answer and a good step rather than inhibit the predatory males.” Yeah, I wonder who he thinks is going to pay for this? We used to have armed body guards escort us out to our cars where I worked because not only were we women in dark parking lots alone at night, but we were carrying lots of cash. The male perps would come up behind the male body guard and throw him into a trash can, then attack the women. I’ve been with men when I was attacked and nearly murdered by other men. Are men purposely obtuse or do they just lack real world experience. I can’t be sure, but this dood is an idiot.

    • Middle aged white men are becoming over-represented among the long-term unemployed.

      I can’t find the article now, but I remember a sob story from the New York Times back in the mid-aughts about middle-aged unemployed men. Even at that time, they were already being left behind by outsourcing. The feature of the article was a long-term unemployed white man who spent all of his considerable free time in his barcalounger reading mass market paperbacks. His wife, meanwhile, charged with the task of keeping them solvent and keeping the household running, was working tirelessly by baking pies and selling them and doing other odd jobs to bring in money, but that guy couldn’t even be arsed to do the laundry.

        • Yes, that’s a good article on this subject. Thanks for sharing it. I found a few such articles when I did a google search on the phrase, “Why don’t American men want to work?”

          The above-referenced article gives an example of a typical man, unwilling to take a job he regards as under-paid or demeaning. Let me tell you, if I hadn’t done underpaid and always demeaning work for years and years – and taken abuse from men during the course of it – I wouldn’t have what little bit I have in life right now. But, men would rather be parasites on women, harass us, rape us, kill us, sabotage us, steal our work, etc.

          Here’s the article I was referring to in my above post It’s also from the New York times, but dated December 2014, “The Vanishing Male Worker: How America Fell Behind”:

          It’s pretty similar, but features different deadbeats. The poor, poor menz just can’t accept work that they think is beneath them and prefer to live off of their wives, moms, girlfriends or the taxpayers.

          • I can see why it would be humiliating to take unappreciated, unvalued work after years of doing relatively well, but the vast majority of human beings don’t have the luxury of refusing that kind of work. The guy could also work in the gray market alongside his wife, that way of making money is really common among the long-term poor and among the former middle class in economically devastated parts of the U.S. (such as the Rust Belt).

            What would these men do if they didn’t have wives or (often female) family members to support them? I presume that most would suck it up and figure out how to make a living however they can. It’s also really interesting, and frustrating, how much pressure there is on the women supporting them not to emasculate these men by asking them to do their fair share.

            On a related note, unlike any other demographic, poor white women’s longevity has been decreasing recently: This article makes the connection to poor white men being a burden on these women. They don’t receive the financial support from men that middle class and wealthy women receive, and, of course, they receive no help around the house.

  3. If men can’t behave themselves on college campuses – and they can’t or they won’t – then, maybe there should be separate universities for them they way there once, not long ago, were for women. Their numbers in higher education are dwindling, anyway. Why not put them someplace where they are, at least, in less direct contact with their victims.

  4. I’m not surprised. The most sexual harassment I ever experienced was while I attended college. Dudebros think campuses are hunting grounds — they’re entitled to ass while they attend college, by god, and woe to anyone who says differently.
    After I graduated and started working as a staff writer at various newspaper offices, I experienced weird shit from married guys going through a mid-life crisis — but not in droves.

  5. I’d like to know that too. I read that he has only been charged with murder and “abduction”. Now that’s a strange charge, since she lived there and went home herself.

  6. Thanks Mortadella, that “abduction”/kidnapping charge was strange. Around here he would have been charged with false imprisonment I would think.

      • Sure. Women who talk too much need to be shut up. These misogynists like to silence womens’ voices. She probably had a strong opinion about something.

        The abduction charge is strange, but for all I know, she lived part time with her parents and that house wasn’t her full time residence. It sounds silly and knit-picky, but that’s how charges get altered during booking.

        • In some states, I believe “abduction” is being held against your will and does not necessarily involve being transported to another location. It’s some kind of legalese.

          Grace did express a strong opinion, at least, once in the comment section beneath this silly article: If you do a Ctrl-F for “Grace,” you’ll see it.

          It looks like it was written by two women (presumably actual women, although who can be sure – often pieces like this are written by dudes these days) from the school who are in denial about the existence of rapists and killers of women on campus. I wonder if they’ve re-thought their position on this since Grace’s death.

  7. Mann was also a lesbian. I don’t know if that factored into Briel’s violence toward her, but it’s also something that’s been ignored in the reporting about the murder.

  8. Oh, and the MRA pictured above who posted, “Good riddance you feminist cunt.” What a fugly, pathetic bastard. Before the internet, degenerates like that didn’t have a public place to air their warped thoughts. They wrote, long, scary letters to publications then had their letters intercepted by editors who would promptly through their rants into the trash so as not to trouble their readers.

  9. Here’s an interesting vid, posted April 9, the day before Grace commented on that silly article I referenced above: It features another woman – one with a really big potty mouth, by the way, things have changed a lot since I was a college student! – defending the right of the “boys” on the rugby team to sing of the joys of raping dead “whores.”

    The woman in this video kind of freaks me out. Maybe it’s all the obscenities. Maybe it’s the hard look in her eyes. Or maybe its the fact that she doesn’t understand that men who sing joyfully about such things all too often act on their words. I foresee a terrible, violent tragedy in her future, if this is her view, as it seems to be. The fact that there were girls laughing in the background of the recorded singing doesn’t mean that they were comfortable – this is how women react sometimes when we are scared, but we don’t want to let men know how scared we are. I can tell you that I’d probably react similarly in such a situation until I could get out of there to safety. It doesn’t mean I’m comfortable with men singing to me about the joys of raping dead “whores.” It just means I’ve learned how to survive around men.

    There is something more to this whole thing there at this campus. There is all kinds of animosity toward the feminist group Grace was a part of and toward its other members. What the people who are against the group uniformly don’t seem to grasp is that the only opposition to the idea of women being able to attend college without threats of rape and murder is the promotion of the rape and murder of women. There is no in between. You can’t say, “I’m sorry you were raped, but I’ve had a different experience with men, so shut up you “radicaler than thou” feminist bitch,” and still get to call yourself a feminist. It looks like a whole bunch of people there are guilty of promoting violence against women, including some women who are apparently too young and inexperienced to know any better.

    • Wow, this wacky handmaiden also did a video about “false rape accusations”. I guess she is too stupid to realize that she’s basically setting herself up to be raped by some psycho MRA/MGTOW. A woman who trusts men is a fool, and men know it. All of this desperation to shut Feminists up is about keeping this little charade going where men are the “real victims” of society (or the classic NAMALT defense), nevermind facts & statistics that prove otherwise.

  10. I can’t think of a more appropriate example of how toxic and violent men are. How many women do you see killing men in this fashion and harassing them online? *cricket chirp*

    And that freak in the YouTube comment? More of the same. Every day, men prove me right. Where are those alleged “nice guys” that are nothing like the “evil 1%” of males? Yeah… more silence.

    • PS I’m especially pissed off right now because I just finished debating with some delusional fucktard who insists that men who say nasty shit to women online shouldn’t be taken seriously. I had my Misogyny Apologist Bingo card out for this one; It was a blackout.


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