Warren Farrell Fun Open Thread

Let’s have some fun! Warren Farrell sat down with Steve Brule to babble inane crap in front of a camera. Some of the shit he comes up with is priceless. Let’s make it clear, Farrell doesn’t use peer reviewed research in his writings. It’s a bunch of pseudo-scientific crap that fills blank pages with shit men want to hear, not what’s correct and has a basis in reality.

The thing is, the modern men’s/fathers rights movements rely on his faulty statements about the world so it’s important to show Farrell for what he is.



10 thoughts on “Warren Farrell Fun Open Thread

  1. But what about the menz!? (Feminist Man-Ignorers!)

    What about menz need to skydive from outer space!? (Feminists Funsuicide-Bashers!)

    What about the fact that girls are outstripping boys at school!? (Feminist Merit-Mongers!)

    How come women have the option of staying home with infants while men keep working!? (Feminist Lactation-Chauvinists!)

    Men would walk on their hands if women gave them sex for walking on their hands! (Feminist Puppet-masters!)

    That’s as far as I got.

    The fundamental reason Warren Farrell is useless at articulating what is to be done about men’s problems: he isn’t willing to go after the ruling male class that is the source of the problems (or even admit that class exists).

    Who sends young men off to their endless wars? The male ruling class.

    Who keeps wages depressed so men have to work like dogs, often in dangerous physical jobs? The male ruling class.

    Who invented the “man up” paradigm that contributes to male suicide? The male ruling class.

    Who wants women “staying home” doing all the unpaid domestic labor and propping up male workers? The male ruling class.

    Who could care less whether working men have a chance to be good fathers? The male ruling class.

    Who is systematically emasculating and removing men of color into prisons? The male ruling class.

    Which sex is indefatigably hierarchical and has set up this male ruling class? The male sex.

    If Mr. Farrell could carry his logic through, he would not be associating with anti-feminists. He would be fighting the male ruling class on behalf of working men. He must on some level understand that he is contributing to the scapegoating of feminism by not pointing out the actual agent of men’s distress.

    • Yeah, I always want to say “you want us to do something about the world’s problems? Put us in charge. Don’t expect us to help you fix what you broke while meanwhile we stay a slave class. Fix it yourself.”

  2. Every time Farrell says “Society” in this video, he is referring to the male ruling class. Every time he says “men and boys” he is referring to low-status men. These distinctions whiz over his head…or are deliberately ignored because of the need to find some other agent than the real agent. Mr. Farrell doesn’t express open misogyny, but it is part of the structure of his ideology. He presents himself as compassionate. It’s a kind of neoliberal, postmodern compassion, where he’d like to fix the problem, but “society” is just too nebulous to get ahold of to change, no one can know why society does what it does or what to do, and besides women have asses to wiggle which means nothing can ever get better for men, so he’ll have to content himself with hanging out with Paul Elam.

      • True. He’s hugely focused on sex and it infects his logic. If I gather correctly, he is saying that women are born with more “power” than men due to their ass-wiggling capabilities, a magical superpower that makes men serve them.

        In all fairness then, men have rightly and needfully suppressed women’s power in every way possible since the dawn of history, because egalitarianism.

        Lately, due to inattention and sloppiness of “society”, women have been attempting to assert the same rights to a public life as men. But since women are already so intrinsically “powerful”, this means they take over! Automatically! (cue Fidelbogen bellowing in the background).

        This is against egalitarianism. Look what happens when they are allowed into advanced education! They do well! They do better than men in fact, when they are treated equally!

        So forget equalityof opportunity! Men demand equality of outcome! Change the educational system so men do equally well! Boys enjoy not doing their homework, not paying attention in class, and are only interested when somebody shows them what’s in it for them! They don’t care about the pursuit of knowledge for knowledge’s sake! This is the “nature” of boys! What to do? The only implication here is to go back to the old system where women were effectively banned from higher education! Because egalitarianism!

        It’s a hilarious algebra. Ass-wiggling women plus equal opportunity = way too much power for women! To equalize the male-female equation, women must be artificially hobbled as usual. Equal outcome!

    • @woow, sadly, this is the precise truth. For men to avoid the loss of honor involved with being failures, they need every help than they can get, especially from their longtime servant class. For that servant class to get uppity right now is a panicky, insupportable idea. The spectrum of persuasion, bribery, brainwashing, down to brutal violence, is being looked at. And I hate to say this, but violence is starting to look good to working men. Because one must have someone to look down on, and the ruling class has given working-class men Women. The peasant has his burro to beat. The man has his woman. They will submit or die.

  3. Warren Farrell has always been a famewhore looking for a bandwagon to jump on. Farrell is about Farrell-nothing else. First he jumped on the bandwagon of feminism, thinking he would make a name for himself there. He was mates with Steinem.

    He then decided he would research & take out of the closet ‘incest’. In his interview with Playboy he said that ‘fathers should caress their daughters genitally’ and that ‘women enjoyed the sexual advances of their fathers’. Steinem stopped taking his calls. He said he would write a book about incest. I don’t know–maybe he thought it would be taken up by the mainstream. That research and book never eventuated. I suppose he realised his ideas would never be popular and that the world is–as it should be–repulsed by incest and that it does incredible damage to victims.

    He is an antiquated, outdated anachronism. He put a photo of a naked bum on the front cover of his latest book–cos that’s really the way to advocate for the men.

  4. Yes, Lisi, that book cover says it all. Women have ass-power. Therefore they should not have any other power.

    • And “ass power” comes directly from men who objectified us and reduced us down to body parts.

      That’s also providing we have an “ass” worthy of power as determined by the MALE GAZE. If not, sucks to be us.

      Just another delusion of female power in a world where there is literally none.


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