Jordan Owen Poor Victim of Emotional Bullying Or a Bully Himself?

Jordan Owen has come out with a new video where he expresses just how much of a con artist and emotionally abusive asshole his movie partner Aurini really is. It’s not like most people don’t know this about Aurini but Owen is playing victim when he’s just as bad. Owen just happens to be a bit more socially clueless than Aurini and that aspect of his personality tends to attract sympathy. What I want to say to Jordan Owen is, serves you right.

Remember those years on Youtube where you and your friends bullied 3 radfems for our stances on prostitution? You’ve neatly erased that history from Youtube as have most of your gang but I remember and I’m sure if asked the other two women they will recall it too. So you can take your sob story about being abused and shove it. This is poetic justice.

It’s not only you but also your mysterious mediator, who we all know is Michael Whiteacre aka Ari Bass, that also stalks and attacks women online and calls it ‘activism.’ Sound familiar?

Now nobody deserves online abuse but my goodness you’re acting like some innocent party when you’re just as much of an abusive asshole as your bro Aurini.

The fact that you’re making a film attacking a woman isn’t lost on me. I remember how you stalked porn abolitionists Gail Dines and Shelley Lubben with Whiteacre, and probably still do to some degree. My impression of your stalking when I witnessed it was that you were an opportunist, just looking for a woman to attack so you could make a name for yourself. You stalked Dines viciously, just like you did to the three of us. If she was doing any kind of real time event you’d be the first one sending comments to her. Dines even recognized you in a live event for the stalker that you are. Those videos of yours are still up. Hell, you even made a 41 video playlist of your stalking.

Like one of my commenters pointed out, your silly movie on Anita is just something you and your failed porno friends have opportunistically attached yourselves to to get cash. That’s all this is. Some of your donators should look up your mediator Whiteacre and his wife Christina Perriera. And here. And here And here. While I don’t like feMRA WoolyBumblebee, she did a blog post on Whiteacre too. He’s pretty shady.

You even put Paul ‘Bash a Bitch’ Elam in your silly film while you whinge and moan that you don’t want your film to be associated with the men’s rights movement. Are you dense?

You know what’s odd about this? Guess who’s involved with Whiteacre? Paul Elam’s porn lawyer Mark Randazza. Here’s some sort of scandal involving these two. Of course, it’s about stalking a woman.

Let’s face it, the people who’ve come out of the woodwork to make this silly ‘documentary’ are just simply in it to con a bunch of male gamers who think the world is coming to an end because a woman has a different opinion about how games are made. You failed pornofundies saw a way in to a cash cow and are milking it for every cent. I’d like to think these male gamers are smart but they’ve shown us just how much anger blinds them. They’re so butt hurt over Anita they’ve completely lost any and all rationality. Hey, if they want to flush their cash down the toilet, that’s their prerogative.

Oh and this shit about Aurini feeding you red pills and trying to get you to become an MRA? You are an MRA. Plus, I read the chat logs that Aurini released the last time your bromance blew up in March. You were in a rage over Roosh’s misogyny but in your mind it’s ok to buy and sell women’s bodies like cattle and film them being abused. *yawn*

Owen is getting lots of sympathy from Youtubers who call themselves ‘SJW’s’ and it’s totally undeserved but then again the Youtubers who consider themselves pro feminist aren’t feminists at all. Many of the ‘pro feminists’ that are sympathizing with poor Jordan Owen were part of the same group that harassed three radical feminists for *gasp* daring to stand for women’s rights.

I just want people to know that Owen isn’t what he says he is. This whole pity party over his failed bromance with Aurini is totally undeserved. He’s not a victim. He’s a perpetrator. The final thing I want to mention is that Owen dropped another ‘we need money’ line in his latest video where he talks about Whiteacre being on his side in this. Funny how he’s angry at Aurini for his latest cash grab but mark my words, Owen and Whiteacre will ask for more money before this is over. Anyone who trusts these guys is a total fool.

Owen’s ‘victim’ video



6 thoughts on “Jordan Owen Poor Victim of Emotional Bullying Or a Bully Himself?

  1. Ugh. It’s no picnic getting to know these particular characters. The pornography industry is the outer limits. It’s still a mystery to me how the ACLU became one of its biggest legal backers. I still can’t believe the ACLU chose to support First Amendment Free Speech arguments over women’s health, safety, and dignity as human beings.

    • Re: I still can’t believe the ACLU chose to support First Amendment Free Speech arguments over women’s health, safety, and dignity as human beings.”

      Somehow, I can believe this. I’ve never seen them give anything but lip service to protecting women from things like sex assault in airports. It’s more dudes, dudes’ laws and dudes’ ways of justifying harming women and girls simply because they want to and because this is the order of things and always has been.

  2. I think most radical feminists recognize this particular textbook abuser tactic that has been developed, refined, and perfected, by grifters over the years. I hope they do.

  3. It just goes to show how dense men can be. *Of course* Owen is being bullied, did he expect anything less from actively participating in a system of abuse and oppression? Did he really think he would be magically exempt from associating with people with no respect for human rights, WHILE trying to take rights away from women and feminists? What a ding dong. Of course, like any MRA loser he can’t tell the difference between human rights and hierarchical entitlements, which are NOT protected by the UN or Constitution. They’ve got a lot of googling to do, don’t they?

  4. I am so grossed out by this dude that I can’t even watch the vid. I can’t listen to his voice. He looks like he just crawled out from underneath a rock, a really filthy rock, crawling with worms and vermin.

    I’m so confused! I thought SJWs were bad, evil people that the MRAs wanted to destroy.

  5. I have no sympathy for Owen or Aurini. They’re both misogynistic grifters. I also have no sympathy for anyone who gave them money.


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