MRA View of Equality: Beating Up Women

MRA’s are overjoyed because Florida State football player DeAndre Johnson knocked a woman out at a bar. She threw the weakest punch at him that grazed his face and he knocked her out. MRA’s think a bigger, stronger male knocking out a woman who obviously can’t throw a punch to save her life is equality.

These MRA’s are so happy they’re making 15 minute videos whereby they loop the 15 seconds of him hitting her as they remark on how great it is. This video is very disturbing as the MRA gets a rage boner every time he loops the tape. You’ve been warned.

Remember ‘Bash a Violent Bitch’, Elam’s rant about how awesome it is for bigger, stronger men to hit smaller, weaker women? MRA’s are just serial abusers. Many of them have criminal records for beating up women, pedophilia, resisting arrest, sexual assault, and other sex offenses.

The local papers in Florida are saying DeAndre was pushing her around near the bar as she was trying to get him off her. Of course MRA’s won’t mention that he was roughing her up first and she was trying to defend herself. It’s another case of the Abusers Lobby rationalizing violent males.

DeAndre has been dismissed from the team and arrested for a misdemeanor battery charge. The woman he hit intends to go forward and testify against him, that is if she’s not threatened. Her name was released to the public because Florida has laws that allow it. DeAndre’s football friends are defending his violence on social media as are MRA’s. They’ve even started a petition to get him back. It has 14 signatures at the time of this post.

‘I say we strip women of their rights and give them to toddlers.’ ~ Prince Revolver

‘He should have delivered a powerful HayMaker to that bitches head. Now that would have sobered her up real quick.’~ Nathan Explosion

‘They want equal rights, we give them equal lefts.’~Optic Ninja

‘ this bitch most definitely should have served the cock lol. All hyperized feminists should serve the cock. A real women serves her man, more than just a cock. This bitch is a cunt though.’~ XGod0

Finally, the MRA who posted the video where he’s obviously encouraging male violence has had his videos flagged before for doing just that. The flagged video had, as he says, over a million hits. You know as well as I do that every MRA saw it and rated it up and even commented on it. I don’t know how other women feel about flagging his video for encouraging male violence but for now I’d like it to stay up. The reason I want it to stay up is that I’m working on something in the background whereby this video is used in correspondence with University campuses regarding this incarnation of the men’s rights movement and their desire to have their organizations on campus.

MRA’s are trying to establish themselves on University campuses and this video is a perfect description of why that shouldn’t be allowed. It’s evidence of what they’ll bring to a University if ever allowed to flourish.


67 thoughts on “MRA View of Equality: Beating Up Women

  1. There has been a rash of attacks on women – all very white women – by a variety of different kinds of men in the past few days. Two women have been “randomly” shot in the head, although it is clear that they are being targeted for being female and in every case very conventionally attractive.

    That Rihanna video certainly isn’t helping anything, either. It is open season on blondes and red-heads, it seems.

    The women were in the company of men, at the time of the murders, also – which blows the whole theory that women are safe in the company of men or with other women. You may remember that was the solution provided by the male leader of the school where Grace Mann was murdered.

    I saw the whole vid provided online and you can see that he is right on her ass, literally on her ass with his groin as she first arrives at the bar. He pushes another woman out of the way. She turns around in a non-direct confrontational manner, over her right shoulder while he’s at her left shoulder, and tells him to knock it off or something. Women have a right not to be harassed and assaulted by men. Women have a right to say, “Knock it off or else.” When she balls up her tiny little fist, he grabs her arm and it looks like he’s pulling her hair. She knees him and bushes him with a closed left hand to try to get him off her, yet again. Then he viciously attacks her, punching her in the face.

    Only two women come to help her. The rest of the men there don’t even blink because public violence against women is completely ordinary everyday behavior for men. It is normal to see women victimized by men and women are supposed to just put up with it.

    The MRAs have been all over the comment sections – or maybe they’re just regular dudes. It’s hard to tell.

    But, as I was saying, there has been a rash of targeted attacks on women by men – mostly not covered by the national media. You have to look at local news sources in a variety of cities to find the stories.

    • I’ve been keeping up on the story about the pier. Did you know that the gun used belonged to a federal officer? The going story now, is that the guy “just found” the gun wrapped in a shirt and it went off in his hands. Riiiight. It goes without saying, something is really off about all this.

      I agree with the rest of your analysis, too.

      • Yes, Meg. It’s hard not to hear the voice of Serpico echoing in my head. The cops have the ability to stop crime, if they would just do their jobs. But, what most people don’t know – and what you, also, won’t learn from watching media local or national – is that the cops are in on most of the crime. It’s the case in the county where I live and it’s why no one calls them here unless they absolutely have to. I’ve personally seen cops in a particular midwestern city heading up a prostitution ring. I know a lady whose life was turned upside down when she reported human traffickers bringing women into the country across the Mexican border to the cops. The cops were in on it.

        My first thought is that this guy, this killer, was working for the Feds. That’s sure what it looks like on the surface.

  2. I read that this perp has already been charged with sexually assaulting another woman. He was in the bar illegally because he’s only 19.

    And, here’s the cherry on top of it all: He’s a volunteer at women’s shelter.

  3. These red pill philosophy videos are being shared on my facebook feed, but not for the reasons the red pill turds would like. People understand that it’s sexist, hateful propaganda. They are really digging their graves.

  4. I’m going to take this moment to point out, that while MRAs claim that feminists just want to dominate men, you never hear feminists talk about men serving them. You never see conversations with handfuls of feminists talking gleefully about giving men violent sexual acts as a display of domination. The MRA and MRA-types argument that feminism is like upside down fruitcake with men at the bottom is bogus. Nothing, I mean NOTHING like this ever comes close to being said in feminist circles.

    So thank you, thank you MRAs for showing us what kind of people you really are, and how feminist theory bears in contrast to your predilection for rape and battery.

    FYI, I’ve saved a copy of the video if you need it.

  5. Oh, and one more thing.

    I’m tired, very tired, of men complaining about women stereotyping them as abusers; but then do nothing when videos like this are posted, or have no problem bonding over other males with their shared desire to abuse women. Make up your minds, dudes, are you abusers or aren’t you? Or do you just hate it when feminists point it out when you’re not bragging about it? Because you if you feel that abusing your institutional power is “equality,” then it’s an unequivocal YES, you are abusers.

    • Not only that, but this video does nothing for their “Men are heroes” or “Men are protectors of women,” narratives, either. Not one of those be-penised losers, including the two bartenders or the dude who most closely witnessed this vicious attack, did anything to help the victim. They were totally nonchalant, going about their business, or leaving the scene.

  6. I can’t comprehend the hate, the glee these kind of men have over violence. It’s so disturbing I don’t have the words for it. A lot of times it makes me so angry, but much of the time, it makes me so sad. Sad beyond imagining. One thing it doesn’t do is make me want to hurt them so I am so glad that I am not like them. That is key, I am not like them.

  7. That’s appalling shit. Eeeesssh.
    Though, I’m glad MRAs and their brethren are so mad and pissy. It means they can’t get a woman to be their slave. They may rally around this violence and go “rah!” But they’re just impotent, asocial dispshits who can’t get a non-relative woman to look them in the eye. Women won’t touch them, tolerate them, or humor them.
    That makes them mad.
    When they seem satisfied and happy, that’s when we should worry. They’re sickos. Enough women have the good taste to avoid them like the plague. Enough women left them in disgust after getting to know them. The handmaidens are the exception, not the rule.

  8. HMQ,

    This Manboobz article, which is donotlinked below, was reblogged in my reader feed. I’m posting it because, as I said before, there has been a LOT of “random” (read “targeted”) public attacks on women in the past few days. Coincidence? Maybe something else is going on.

    I know you’ll probably see this as soon as you’re up this a.m., but I thought you might see it faster here:

    • Oh, never mind, you’ve probably already seen it. So, it’s nothing urgent. It’s from July 6. One of the bloggers I follow must have just discovered it and I don’t read usually read anything over at that asshole’s blog.

      I just saw it and thought it fit the trend I’ve been observing for probably the past couple of weeks – actually it seems to go back longer than that and there are always all kinds of attacks on “random” women, but lately it seems like there are more and they are being obscured from the national news. You have to go to individual city’s news to see them. Detroit, for instance, has had a rash of attacks on women there and women have shot the perps. You almost never hear about those cases except locally.

        • This sounds interesting. I’ll have to email you with a time to do the Skyping and it may be several days. I’ve got a lot of stuff going on – stuff I’d share with you privately, of course, but it’s just mundane personal stuff and I don’t want to post about it publicly. I really enjoyed talking with you last time and look forward to doing it, again, once things simmer down here.

          Also, under the category of “Johns are not nice people, but…,” did you see what’s going on with women being murdered and human trafficking via ads on Backpage?:

          • I can’t wait to talk to you!!!!!! I’ve missed you and I realize we both have things going on in our day to day lives.

            I heard about the shut down. With all the evidence we’ve collected over the years about what prostitution is, I only hope some US activists take this event and start promoting abolition and the Nordic Model.

            What will happen when the ads are taken down? Well, if there are any other places to advertise they’ll either find a place or the pimps and traffickers will make a place to advertise.

            Women who are prostituted on Back Page will have to go to the street if they have no source of advertising. This is the ‘prostitution will go underground’ argument that the prostitution lobby uses against the Nordic Model.

            However, the only time ‘underground’ argument is applicable is in this situation whereby the prostituted have no place except the street to advertise.

  9. I like how you’re just lying out of your ass with this bullshit article. Its like self defense is a bad thing.

    • Self defense isn’t beating up someone who can’t throw a punch to save their lives who is smaller and weaker than you.

      I love watching you MRA’s jump through hoops to try and justify your complete and utter desire to beat the shit out of women.

      Go for it dude, try it here. You’ll end up running away with your tail between your legs.

      • Women are not that fucking weak you degenerate. I don’t like to go around beating people up. Would you be okay with a woman trying to stab you? If a woman hits another is it internalized muhsoggyknee? Fyi i’m 17 and i’m not an mra

    • Animebro, I’m curious…. would you hit a child if they threw a rock at you? What about an elderly person? Just exactly how far do you take this “self defense” stuff?

      I don’t know about anybody else, but I feel no need to go ham on somebody much smaller & weaker than me (male or female) in the name of “self defense”. Granted, I’m a smaller gal, so most of the people who fit in that category would be children or other women. I prefer to unleash my full fury on much larger attackers because I enjoy the challenge…and I’m not a fucking coward, like you.

  10. the black eye she got from it will hopefully teach her the value of containing her emotion flare ups when in public.

    Edited for clarity to show MRA’s are violent~HMQ

  11. Also, I have a question.
    I mean this as an honest question, with no malice or disrespect intended. (I only write this disclaimer because, sometimes, without facial expression or tone of voice, things can be taken out of context as rude or mean-spirited).
    Why are people, who claim to be for equality, constantly adding gender to words that do not require it?
    I get that Master has man in the definition, which is why the word mistress exists.
    But, It seems to me, that an author is a person, who writes proficiently.
    An actor, is a person who is good at acting.
    A star, is a person of notoriety/fame.

    So why use words like actress, authoress, or starlet?

    If the goal is complete equality, and proving that the only difference between men and women are genitals and chromosomes, why add gender to job titles?

  12. Hi. : ) I didn’t know you had this blog.

    A couple of things. Size isn’t a good measure on how much damage someone are going to do with a punch. There can be strenght in a skinny person. And then there is technique. (I might have mis spelled that last word.)
    Do we know what her next puch would be like? No. I can’t see how you anyone can know this. Be sure about this.
    _One_ punch can be extremely dangerous.
    A friend of mine came to be involved in an altercation not unlike this. He was punched once, fell and hit his head. He died after a couple of days in a coma.

    She tried to hurt him. Tried to do physical damage to him.
    I can’t see how anyone can say he should not be able to defend himself just because it is a woman, or a person who is smaller physically. And I get from what you wrote that this is what you say, Ms B. (?)
    She simplly should not have initiated violence. Does not matter that she is a woman.
    If you initiate violence (with or without weapons) you have crossed a line. A lint that every grown person knows about.

    Should Israel not retaliate against hamas attacks just because hamas’ rockets do a limited amount of damage?
    No. Because hamas’ rockets are dangerous and can potentially take lives. Every single one if they hit right.

  13. Hi Sael

    1. Are you justifying violence when you opinion that this woman “threw the weakest punch” at DeAndre Johnson?
    2. Why do you state, that DeAndre Johnson knocked this woman out, when the video shows clearly that not to be true?

      • Hi Sael

        I question that you are letting your ideology cloud your judgement in this case. The video shows DeAndre Johnson punching the woman after she confronted him fist raised, attempted to knee him in the groin and punched him.

        Just because some redneck rejoiced that she got some of the medicine that she was attempting to administer does not alter the fact that this woman was clearly the aggressor. Your attack on the redneck defends by proxy, violence by women against men is ok.

          • Hi Sael

            I have been unable to find any evidence that this altercation began prior to what was displayed in the video. Have you got links.

            Also, you must be disappointed with the language sugarpuss uses below. I guess you have to put up with a lot of trolls when you run a blog.

        • Dear Mark,

          The fact that you buy into the bogus MRA/MGTOW ideology that “female on male violence” is actually a thing, is a perfect demonstration of how out of touch you are with reality. Ask yourself this; if you go walking alone at night, are you concerned about being attacked by a woman…. or another man? I’m sure it’s the latter, if you care to be honest. Your biggest threat is other men, and yet you choose to ignore this fact, and instead focus on a woman who defended herself against a dude who was harassing her in a bar. Is this really your idea of violence? Goddamn, you must be sheltered.

          Generally speaking, most men are much stronger than most women….in fact, this is often cited as “evidence” of “male superiority”. And yet, these same dudes will do a complete 180 and complain about so-called “violence by women against men”. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can’t have it both ways. If a woman isn’t good enough/strong enough to be a Navy Seal (for instance), then we aren’t good enough/strong enough to commit “violence against men”.

          Now, go FUCK yourself, bigot.

          • I love you. Usually I’m too tired and such to make better arguments at these fucks. My constant wading in the Manosphere leaves me exhausted. Frankly, sometimes the circular arguments, the constant reversals, the coolstorybros, and the rest of their tactics sometimes makes me doubt myself.

          • 😀 I love me too.

            And I never doubt myself when I’m arguing with a man, because I’m always right.

          • Sugarpuss

            Violence is a cancer in our society. We cannot justify abuse in any form. Provocation is no justification. You seemed compelled to take a side. They both should be condemed.

          • You seem to not be getting what’s being discussed here and you are trolling.

            The article has a link, which you obviously didn’t read because you asked me why I wrote about him roughing her up before she struck him.

            Nobody will disagree with your broad statements about violence but we are talking about a specific issue of male violence against women that has a context within the larger conversation.

            Not only is male violence against women rampant but there’s an age old analysis that goes with it and that’s what’s being discussed here.

            You are here trolling, trying to make some argument that myself and my readership is promoting ‘violence’ when we’re not.

            Not one person has said that her hitting him was ok. There’s a context here and as usual, you’re missing it. Either put the proper context around your responses or I won’t publish any more of your trolling comments.

          • Mark,

            Men already justify abuse & violence in our society….might wanna go rag on them for a change, coward. It’s like there’s this giant tsunami wiping out everything in sight, but you’re more worried about a leaky pipe in your basement. Dudes are going ballistic; shooting people in theaters & churches, waging wars in various countries, raping women & children, killing women & children, cyber stalking, etc, etc (men are doing so much sick shit, it would take me weeks to compile an extensive list),

            But….THIS is the story that prompted you to “protest violence” and demonstrate your self-perceived nobility? Un-fucking-real.

            @ HMQ: I like how this turd never addresses any of the points made; he just keeps blindly forging ahead with the same tired rhetoric.

          • Oh, and I’d like to point out Mark’s flip-flopping.

            First, he implied that the woman in the video deserved to get hit because she was “the aggressor”…. then he turned completely around and took the “anti-violence” stance, and claimed that they were both wrong. It’s interesting how, when a woman defends herself, she is reminded that “two wrong don’t make a right!” (because defending yourself is wrong, if you’re a woman)…… but when a dude supposedly does the same, he was perfectly justified in said action.

            Yeah, no double standard there at all. What a poor debater Mark is.

          • I find that incredibly ironic, considering male culture’s near-obsession with revenge and the “eye for an eye” mentality. There were the Death Wish films, and many of the old spaghetti westerns’ themes revolved around the concept of “getting even” with whomever had wronged the male protagonist and/or his family. And, gee, didn’t Mel Gibson make a film called Payback? LOL

            This is precisely why it’s futile to argue the facts with men, because most are already operating from a position of bias & hypocrisy. If it’s wrong for both sexes to physically assault each other when provoked, then how does Mark explain his initial comment, which justified DeAndre’s behavior? He changed his position, mid-debate (without acknowledging it), and that reeks of bullshit. Anybody who goes back & forth like that cannot be taken seriously.

  14. It’s funny how men justify hitting women but when a man steps in they get scared and don’t want to fight someone that’s on their level.
    Especially when you watch YouTube videos of men “defending” themselves against a woman and then you see a man stepping in, all the mra cunts in the comments get mad and calls the man a “white knight” and saying they would beat his ass. Haha, yea right. Everybody knows that a man that hits a woman CANNOT hit another man. That’s why men step in. Duh!!!!!


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