Speaking of Violent Males and Video Games

A guy in Germany drugged his girlfriend so he could continue to play video games. I shit you not. His punishment was a $500 fine. As the show points out, it sets a dangerous precedent.

This gives a new twist to Gamergate and why video game addicts think it’s totally ok to threaten women. This guy thinks it’s ok to drug women so he can play games till 5 am. Oh and yes, she has a job and a life, unlike he does. She did break up with him. I hope she sues the shit out of him and takes this judge to the cleaners.


12 thoughts on “Speaking of Violent Males and Video Games

      • There are people rotting away in prison for mere possession of much less questionable substances. Mere illegal possession of Rohypnol should be enough to send a man to prison, considering its popular usage as a rape drug.

          • She’d have to sue him, and he doesn’t sound like the type with assets. I don’t think he can be tried again on criminal charges. She can, however, tell the whole world what a sick creep he is. As can we.

  1. They’d have to go after a new charge, I imagine. Isn’t poisoning illegal? Reckless endangerment? Something having to do with interfering with the operator of a motor vehicle? Aggravated assault?

  2. Wow. What an asshole. These guys would be better off with sex bots — or rather, women would be better off if these idiots had sex bots.

  3. What an unmitigated ass hat! How he could only give this little creep a $500 fine for a chemical assault on someone he was in a position of trust with. (yes, I think the judge is an ass hat. I don’t want to offend anyone by using language strong enough to describe what I think of the ex-boyfriend).

    I wonder how long a sentence a woman would have got for doing that to her male partner?

    • My guess is that a woman who did that to her boyfriend would be at substantial risk of violence in the case of many men, and in a court situation painted as a dangerous sociopath, not a young man who “made a mistake.”

      • She would’ve been jailed and then pilloried on social media. Gamergate would spin it. MRA’s would spin it. They’d end up using it as the ‘violent woman’ trope they’ve been trotting around for years.

        I was researching the Duluth Model yesterday to figure out why MRA’s are so butthurt about it. Turns out the Duluth Model is stable and won’t disappear no matter how much MRA’s whine about it. However, the criticisms brought up come directly from Straus, who is responsible for the ‘but women are violent too’ crap. I’ve looked at his research and it’s horrible.

        He invented a scale to measure violence and it completely removes context. Straus was so idiotic that he thought just counting violent acts would show who the violent partner was.

        Case Scenario

        A woman kicks a man counts as one violent act. A man punches her out and counts as one.

        Straus would say the couple is EQUALLY violent but of course that misses the point. The woman kicked because the man got in her face and threatened her with his body and she was acting in self defense. He’s the controlling partner. Not her.

        This ‘research’ is what MRA’s trot out to support their claim that women are just as violent.

        • The Dickopedia article includes some whining (from a woman, alas) about how she didn’t see male abusers expressing the desire to have power over their female partners. The naïveté, it burns…


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