Introducing David Shackleton President of CAFE Ottawa Men’s Rights Group

David Shackleton is part of the CAFE (Canadian Association for Equality) men’s rights group. He’s president of CAFE Ottawa. CAFE made a video to promote his new book ‘Feminist Power Under the Banner of Powerlessness.’ He’s also written a book called ‘The Hand That Rocks the World’ which CAFE has promoted as well. In the video he explains how he refused to apologize to a woman he was working with for demeaning her. He mansplained to her why she had to do the photocopying while the dude engineers were paid more. He never says he was fired, but I’m guessing he didn’t last long in the working world. As CAFE has made him president of CAFE Ottawa, he was the main speaker at CAFE’s inaugural event in Ottawa.

He thinks women need men’s protection, money and political power. He proposes that men and women are unconsciously co-dependent. He thinks men have failed by ‘punishing’ women through removing their physical protection, economic abandonment and political power. Women’s three ‘power roles’ are validation of men, emotional tending of men, and giving sex to men and reproduction. Notice how the three power roles of men women are capable of doing themselves while women’s role (gender) is all focused around men’s needs? That my friends, is gender, and Shackleton worships it.

masculine and feminine

From David Shackelton’s post on MenWeb

For a moment I’d like to focus on gender and women. We say as radical feminists that gender isn’t real because we know it’s just a system of power, of patriarchy, that trains women through ‘gender’ education from birth to be of service to men. Whether it’s being the nurturer or the object of sexual gratification, it’s the system of male power that puts women in the subservient role. In other words, women can and do discard ‘gender.’

My sister Dirt who runs the blog The dirt from Dirt is one such woman. She, along with many lesbians, has thrown ‘gender’ in the garbage. This is how we know gender isn’t real: lesbian existence. This is also why men target lesbians for corrective rape. ‘Gender’ is why society sees lesbians as a warped version of a male because in patriarchy you are either feminine submissive or you are male dominant. Since lesbians don’t service men through ‘gender’ they become the dispossessed.

The freedom of women will be led by lesbians. I am convinced of that.

Boys tend to absorb and manifest those behaviours and attitudes described above as masculine, and girls to value and embrace the complementary feminine set. One consequence of that, of course, is that men and women are pychologically drawn to each other. The opposites attract because we unconsciously seek out what we lack.’~David Shackleton

David Shackleton: neckbeard misogynist who thinks women are evil doers.

Back to Shackleton. He was part of the father’s rights movement that was prominent in the early 90’s in Canada. He’s characteristically divorced (no surprise there.) His wife took the dog and told him she was going to the vets office and then phoned him to tell him she had left him this way because she was concerned for her safety. He uses this story to claim he doesn’t benefit from male violence, which he does.

He thinks feminists aren’t compassionate to men and we need to ‘feel’ men’s feelings. He wants women to be ‘held accountable‘ which usually means abused by men. His worship of gender is complete but of course can’t properly define them in any way that would make a lick of sense except to say the highest feminine archetype is ‘love’ and for masculine it’s ‘truth and the objective world.’ He’s just another Jungian rip-off psychobabbler, catering his crap theories around hatred of women.

‘Feminists are pushing into men’s areas,’ he chides, ‘and men are giving them more and appeasing, like Nazi Germany.’ He compares feminists to nazis again in his recent interview with CAFE.

‘The majority of women’s issue have been settled, they’re already in law.’

Knobhead. I can make laws against rape all day dude but if our society doesn’t change how it views issues around rape, like untested rape kits, victim blaming, male violence due to gender training, and how we count sexual assaults in statistics then I can prattle on about the law too. I can also tell you about laws made to protect the working woman but it’s no use if the employer discriminates and under his breath and won’t hire young women for fear of their biology. Look at the Tim Hunt issue. This dude is a Nobel laureate and during a public talk said:

“Let me tell you about my trouble with girls. Three things happen when they are in the lab: you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticize them, they cry.”

Notice first that he doesn’t call them women, but ‘girls’ as if they were children. He suggested sex segregated labs so that the wimminz aren’t tempting his dick and so the men can do ‘true science’ without hearing women crying, because we all know that’s what women do. Ever wonder why STEM fields are so difficult for women? This is the patriarchal attitude in every man that makes decisions about hiring, firing, promoting, work assignments and pay. Of course MRA’s and the other sexist menfolk are up in arms that Hunt was fired from his University post. ‘It’s just a joke!’


Shackleton thinks sexism and woman-hating are just jokes. ‘Issues that aren’t issues will get raised with great hysteria.’

He doesn’t think there’s a rape culture but a ‘moral panic.’ He’s not the first men’s rights weirdo that can’t get the definition of rape culture correct. The real problem he says is men being raped.

Shackleton’s website ‘MenWeb‘ is a good read if you want to understand how he compares women to children and Nazis. Because he worships gender and female submission he thinks women have no reason to fight for our rights. Women are too emotional to have an argument for their liberation in his mind.

‘modern feminist arguments always reveal themselves to be built not on objective gender equality but on female superiority.’~ David Shackleton

He labels feminism an ‘evil ideology’ based on ‘archetypally feminine child abuse.’ He also sounds like he’s against abortion like many other MRA’s including Paul Elam and Dean Esmay. He worries that women’s sexual attractiveness is getting out of hand and men are sexual psychopaths that never stop thinking about women’s body parts:

‘We have sexual harassment laws addressing the ways that men might abuse women’s sexuality in the workplace, but no laws addressing (or even acknowledging) women’s use of their sexuality to unfairly advance their careers.’

He denies the pay gap and compares women to welfare bums:

‘They want to increase their consumption without any increase in their production. They want a legal entitlement to it. And they’re getting it. Their goal is to regress women to the state of childhood: i.e., rights without responsibilities, consumption without production.’

His goals is to take the evil women down some notches. Notice he’s hurling this not at feminists but WOMEN:

‘we have to take women off the pedestal, and we won’t do that as a culture until we see the evil that they do.’

CAFE has a a lot of questions to answer. They claim they’re not against women but have a president that thinks women are evil. I recommend that all feminist activists in Canada who are monitoring CAFE take note of this. It’s clear to me that we have a serious problem in Canadian Universities and CAFE, along with its counterpart A Voice for Men, are the main reasons for this problem.

I was just reading the report on Dalhousie Dentistry whereby a group of men set up a private Facebook account where they expressed incredible misogyny, racism and homophobia. One of the defenders of the men claimed the reaction to the misogyny was ‘self justified  misandry  [hatred  of  men]  in  the  name  of  fighting  misogyny.’ ~pg 12 This is a hint that MRA’s are on Canadian campuses and injecting their particular brand of asshattery and misogyny into the mix.

CAFE has done everything it can to present itself to the public as an equality group but they are far from that. Their group is made up of men like Shackleton who would love nothing more than to hurt women in any way he can.


38 thoughts on “Introducing David Shackleton President of CAFE Ottawa Men’s Rights Group

  1. Kind of off-topic but that is so cool that Dirt is your sister! She is way cool. I watched her whole interview with Mark and Lynna. I think that’s the one I posted on my blog, too.

  2. Yes I read Dirt every day. She reaches out to everyone in a compassionate way but keeps her boundaries too.

    Dr. Shackleton appears to be a retired biology professor at UBC. Unfortunately this does not qualify him to pontificate on the deceptiveness and evil of women. He needs to do some reading on the falseness and artificiality of gender constructs.

    I recommend starting with the topic of slave mentality, where scholars of sociology and history with real depth can explain his chart handily. My favorite book on the subject has to be specially ordered. It’s called “The Pro-Slavery Argument” and expresses the philosophy and morals of “The Most Distinguished Writers of the Southern States”, first published in 1853. Try Truly it is astonishing. It’s all there, the slave’s duplicity, emotionalism, lack of intellect, covertness, indirectness, and subjectivity. And so many more pernicious rationalizations for African-Americans’ oppression. It’s also important to have an in-depth knowledge of Stockholm Syndrome and the Colonialist Mentality. Even Woman, that lacy, duplicitous but charming creature, is discussed, as an example of why slavery is totes natural and always will be.

    All slaves are alike; sneaking around (because the only way to have any agency is by indirection), emotional (because caretaking is an important asset to the Massa), stupid (because they are deprived of education), and so on. The real explanation for the “complementarity” Shackleton talks about is that an Other is constructed by the Master to compliment himself. How delightful that must be late at night when self-confidence slips and doubt as to one’s value arises in the head of the Massa. Thus, the classic Inferior to make the Massa look good. And it’s all in his neckbeard head.

    • That oppressor mindset is so amazing.

      The people whom you’ll literally kill if they talk back to you are indirect and “duplicitous”? You don’t say.

      • What is also amazing is how old and worn out his yammering is. I was hearing this stuff about men and women in the 1960’s. The Suffragettes were smeared with all the same type of nonsense the MRAs say about women now. They just can’t come up with anything new. Same old nonsense about sex roles being “natural” because they want it to be that way. Ladybrainz, menbrainz. No ability to look at women as anything other than objects or enemies. And it all repeats over and over again, not only with the tired old “male chauvinist pigs” but with the AFTAs and their handmaidens from the libfems.

        Guess we just have to keep fighting the good fight and moving ahead, even if these knuckle-draggers try keep humanity moving backwards.

        • Yeh, it’s so old and lame and tired. If this guy wants to stop embarrassing himself he needs to get his chops up and find out what’s been going on since 1969. Misogyny has gotten much more sophisticated than this.

  3. An aside: any retired biology professor talking about “Evil” better soak his head and remember the years of studying scientific method. Or if he is senile, somebody, preferably a male, should take care of this poor bastard.

  4. Here’s an introduction to deep reading on the subject:

    The Master/Slave dialectic doesn’t work for anybody.

    Dr. Shackleton is an ignorant poor bastard; however, since he managed to get degreed in biology, I hold out hope for him. Even those of us who are no longer young can change.

    As for the aged, ignorant, and embarrassing Dr. Shackleton advising a group of troubled young men on the subject in Canada, I can only larf. Young men, please feel free to form a group with an open mind devoted to equality of the sexes. Beware of your misogynistic elders, though. Think straight and all will be well.

  5. Sorry, Dr, Shackleton is such a mine of misogyny I keep commenting: “‘Feminists are pushing into men’s areas,’ he chides, ‘and men are giving them more and appeasing, like Nazi Germany.’ ”

    Men’s areas. The agora, the public sphere. The halls of power. The publishing, art, and scientific fields. The roads out there that women have been forbidden from travelling independently. Men’s areas. What a gentle phrase to encompass so much deprivation and exclusion of half the human race.

    As for men appeasing women. He is critical that men are seeking an accommodation, peace, with women. It’s like appeasing Nazi Germany, that’s how Evil women are.

    What a blunderbuss. Many divorced men develop these fantastcal imageries. They were hurt, perhaps, gulp, bested in a contested divorce. Therefore, and of course this is not overgeneralizing — they think, we are men and our theories are completely objective; women are Nazis (notwithstanding Kinder, Kueche, und Kirche). Because Nazis are reprehensible, and women have hurt us. Therefore they are Nazis.

    We think, when we’re all alone and blitzed out of our fucking minds on The Famous Grouse (that substance we drink rather than have to exert ourselves to hunt and take down actual grouses), that, precisely. That women are Nazis. If we think it it is true. Women with power, let’s be clear, are always Nazis. Women are dogs on their hind legs, saying intelligent things which no man can take seriously. If they presume to tell us what to do, they are Nazis. It is all so simple. Because we are ignorant, ignorant, sadly and cringeworthily, bastards.

  6. I do see your point. Poor ignorant bastards like Shackleford have a drive to spread their misogyny to young men, and the locus of that seems to be Canadian Universities.

    It’s the same thing as the US, when Paul Elam impressed the legitimate issues of men’s rights with his brand of fulminating misogyny, distorting that movement hopelessly. One can only imagine what might have happened if working men had banded with women to get rid of all their legitimate grievances, without the sick misogyny, domination-insanity, and illogic.

    It’s probably too late in the US as misogyny is the leading ideology of those working for men’s rights. But I hope you are right, that trying to put forward some truths before it’s too late might help.

    • The US cause isn’t over but since I’m located in Canada I gotta do what I gotta do. Let’s talk this week. Any day is good for me.

      I had my teeth cleaned and polished yesterday. They feel great and smooth and all the stains are gone.

      Today my home worker came in and I had my bath, rub a dub dub in the tub! I have a worker that comes in to help me so I don’t accidentally fall and break more bones due to my spinal instability.

      When I get out I feel great and spray myself with perfume. I really think sometimes I’m a Cancer and not a Libra as I truly appreciate home comforts but then again my home space MUST be comfortable.

  7. Ach did I lose my comment? That I’m a double Libra, it’s about beauty, comfort, harmony? That I like Hawaiian essential oils like pikake and plumeria? That I look forward to talking as per the last time? Sorry if I’m repeating myself.

    • I also found out today I’m in good health and my jade bracelet is old, good quality Jade. Apparently Jade shines when you’re in good health and turns deeper green.

      I didn’t know this of course.

      • Wow am I ever vague. I met a woman at the Chinese grocery and she noticed my jade bangle and remarked on it. That’s how I found out I was in good health and my jade was very old . Of course I don’t have a clue how old it is but it is true that my bangle is deepest green and lavender ( I have a dual colour bangle) and very shiny. She had 2 jade bangles but one wasn’t real jade. You can tell real jade never loses its colour. Fake jade is artificially coloured and the sun washes out the colour. My jade is just deeper and deeper green as time goes on since it’s real.

        I love the idea that my bangle was cut out of solid dual colour jade, as is, like a sculpture.

        • You make me want to find some jade to be close to my skin. I have a jade fish, a jade horse, and a jade orange tree. I love Chinese and Tibetan scrolls and sculpture.

  8. OK, I see you as standing at the casement window in a long flowing gown gazing at the Moon

    …wondering what’s for dinner…


    • I wish I had a view of the moon. My windows face North and the only time I see her is when I go out and she’s risen high above the Coastal Mountains and the Rockies.

      However, when I do see her, I do tend to stare at her. I especially love the Harvest Moon.

  9. More tough talk from another old cock who is in direct violation of his own “masculine” standards. Shouldn’t he be out in the forest, chopping wood? Fixing a car? Arm wrestling? Moving furniture? Crushing beer cans with his armpit? Nope. It looks like he prefers to sit on his soft, doughy ass and attack women. Gee, that sound really tough & manly.

    Oh wait….


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