Aurini Wants $15 Thousand Dollars After Releasing 40 Minutes of The Sarkeesian Effect

Aurini has made a long winded, dishonest video begging for money and released and a 40 minute ‘preview’ of his silly movie The Sarkeesian Effect.

Who in the fuck releases a 40 minute rough preview?

Go Fund Me has forbidden Aurini from raising any money on their site so he’s taken to a simple donate Paypal scheme and he wants FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. For what? I dunno since his editing is just Youtube quality, nothing special. You can tell Anita’s videos are much higher in quality and don’t contain terrible soundtracks that aren’t mixed properly.

Aurini claims his job is mostly ‘keeping Jordan from exploding.’

Anyone who can’t see the dishonesty in both Aurini and Owen deserves to see all their cash taken away from them so an adult can monitor it.

Aurini is begging for cash to hire a PI to dig into Anita’s past as suggested by porno-stalker Michael Whiteacre:

The 40 minute preview I won’t show here, but just link it. I have a feeling this will turn into a lolsuit as Aurini spent a great deal of time saying both he and Owen can use the footage which I doubt is true. He even released a contract on his website that was never signed by anyone but confirms Michael Whiteacre as the mediator. See my last post on the shady Whiteacre and his involvement with the shitty project.

As usual the men’s rightsers responsible for Gamergate and making and funding this film, along with some porn actresses who know less about video games than Anita does, can’t manage to make a single coherent argument against Sarkeesian.

The critique Sarkeesian did of Bayonetta, in which she claims the female lead character is hypersexualzed and objectified, is NEVER countered by Aurini and Owen. Aurini simply says that Bayonetta was designed by a woman, therefore it’s not made for a male audience and cannot possibly objectify women. *yawn* Even the cover of the game shows the female lead’s legs open with her crotch staring male customers in the face.

Aurini and Owen make strawman after strawman. It’s not even worth it at this point.


18 thoughts on “Aurini Wants $15 Thousand Dollars After Releasing 40 Minutes of The Sarkeesian Effect

  1. Implosion.

    No recovery possible.


    Best bet: put some crap out so the followers can pretend you made some points after all.

    • Sugarpuss that is maddening. I’d like to read a well-reasoned feminist statement as to what the pros and cons are.

      I ask myself why this bothers me so much. I think it’s simple: that women’s colleges won’t be women’s colleges any more.

      But I’m also concerned about the Separate-but-Equal Dred Scott problem, and the idea that continuing separation at this level starts to look like women being Othered and marginalized.

      Anyhow what this means is that Mt. Holyoke is going co-ed, and that’s that for all-women colleges.

      • But I’m also concerned about the Separate-but-Equal Dred Scott problem, and the idea that continuing separation at this level starts to look like women being Othered and marginalized.

        Well, considering all of the sexual assaults & harassment that women are enduring at regular colleges, it’s easy to see why some would prefer to be separated from the dudes. But of course, men can’t stand it when women try to get away from them, so they send their best female impersonators to break through that pesky “cotton ceiling”. Why is a regular college not good enough for their wangs? Because it’s every pervert’s dream to infiltrate an all-girls school. And the criteria for entry is as simple as “I’m a woman because I say so”. No surgery required. No psychological analysis. No proof. Nothing but their word…because everyone knows that these male-bodied people who claim to “feel like a woman” would never lie. Basically, any dude off the street can walk in and apply for entry, trans or not, just by saying he identifies as a woman. THAT is the only criteria. Can you say rapefest?

  2. Jordan Owen has just posted his response:

    The level of conning, lying, scamming, stupidity, lack of competence, irrelevance, laziness, tardiness, bad ethics, porniness, overspending, and public dead horsewhipping is all very entertaining.

    Aurini’s Rough Draft is the funniest video I have ever seen-It starts out showing why Sarkeesian has done well and is respected, makes a baseless accusation that she’s a bully,, and then proceeds not to even try to back it up. All the interviewees talk about everything but Sarkeesian’s work, they just run at the mouth about their pet causes, porn, 3 ladies on a couch (one obviously tipsy) saying no one knows what, and Paul Elam talking about whatever BS he’s into at that moment. It’s an AVFM-fest.

    The guy in the Tshirt with the big fur coat doesn’t seem to know what the video’s even about, and the guy at the end who obviosly had a speech prepared wasn’t even allowed to open his mouth. Alsion Tieman’s video weepy about how showing up at the gamer conference under false pretences got her kicked out is inserted for no reason. Owen sits there like Jabba The Hut making uh-huh noises right in the middle of each frame. Sarkeesian isn’t even attacked except by the last guy who is practically cut off in midsentence. You couldn’t parody this video. It’s already a perfect parody showing MRAs wallowing around in their own ick.

    Sarkeesian must be drowning in schadenfreude or more accurately relief. If a couple of feminists had raised all this money to do an expose on AVFM and the whole thing had turned into this screeching catfighting, the whole Net would be laughing their asses off. But the poor backers are still filling the comments with respectful suggestions about how to fix the sound as though sound was the problem, not two MRAs who can’t even take $70000 and produce a simple video.

  3. I just had the weirdest dream. It was a dream where I could sense touch and smell and of course hearing and seeing. It was a conglomeration of images, a scene where objects from other times of my life were interspersed.

    I saw my roommate’s drawing that hung on our apartment wall when we lived together in Boston. I touched my favourite cat Black Cloud. I opened the old wooden doors that are part of Boston’s heritage buildings. It was incredible.

    • Just woke up, too. I had a dream that all the streets and sidewalks became viscous–like black liquid–and people started falling into them and drowning. It was because men used up and ruined everything and everybody. There was nothing left and even the sun was gone. I almost fell in myself (it was cold like outer space) until a big, older lady helped me back out. We started screaming: ” Hey! Heyyyy! Help each other, show reciprocal kindness, do what you can to achieve your goals, sing whenever you can, stop being slaves to males, find solid ground!” There was a dusty, cluttered book store we all hid in (hiding from what unnamed thing?). The windows were full of thousands of unlit tapers… I could feel her hand, I could smell the fear… it ended in a futuristic house with a Korgis song playing and 3 rather formally-dressed women playing very realistic and large Tetris and racing through the various floors. I will stop there. I love your blog. say hi to your mice from Doctress Frog. :3


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