Our Favourite Things: OPEN THREAD

1970’s advertisement for The Doric

I haven’t had an open thread in quite some time. This will be for my sisters to share their favourite things so we get to know each other a bit better and can cheer each other up with favourite things while wading in the swamp that is the Manosphere.

I’m a pretty simple person in that small things make my day. A smile from a woman on the street or a chat with a woman I meet really does wonders and allows me to get closer to women. Part of being a feminist, for me, is that solidarity I have with other women I don’t know. I make a point of sending out good sisterly vibes to women in my community.

I have other interests of course. I love mice, which drives the Manosphere nuts. Haha. They call me ‘ratlady’ which is hilarious since I don’t have rats. They can’t even get that right and you expect them to understand feminism?

I love aviation and watch a ton of videos watching the large commercial jets taking off. Here’s a comm air, a new 787 Dreamliner by Boeing that did a near-vertical take off at the Paris 2015 airshow. The pilots couldn’t do that with passengers on board although I wouldn’t mind it.

My next project is to build a model 747-400 to hang from my ceiling.

I remember when I was young I traveled extensively and flew at least twice a year. One flight I’ll never forget. We were going to Haiti and we took a late night flight from Boston to JFK, to stay over in New York for a night so we could leave early the next morning. The plane we took was a 747 (largest comm jet at the time) and it was almost empty. I felt like a little Queen having that huge plane to myself. I ran in the aisles, exploring under the seats. We stayed at the Hilton, right at the top suite and all night I could hear the planes coming into JFK. The sound of planes actually relaxes me and I slept so sound. Most people don’t like living near airports but I’d be a top candidate.

My favourite airplane. Model 747-400 Delta Livery

My favourite place is Bermuda. I’ve been there several times. The sand is pink. I love Front St. and The Southampton Princess where we always stayed. Each night, after dinner, I’d beg my grandfather for money so I could go to the oyster seller to find a pearl. It was $1 and oyster and the man would open it and if you found a pearl, it was yours. I eventually found one, a perfect sphere. My grandmother had it set in a golden cage on a gold necklace. I especially loved seeing the cruise ship called The Doric when I was young. The ship was massive. Everything looked larger when I was young. I know how mice feel about everything being bigger than them!

Capturing girlhood

I admit, I love traveling. One of my sisters on Twitter is in Puerto Rico, which brought back memories for me. I stayed there when I was 4 years old and went back again when I was 9. I remember seeing a manta ray for the first time. It was at least 15 feet across and had a leopard pattern. It was in shallow water.

My 3 month trip to Australia was my latest excursion. I had friends there who invited me to come. I sold my car to do it. The ticket was almost $3,000 dollars. It was an 18 hour flight, Vancouver to Los Angeles and then on to Melbourne where I stayed for a week, and finally a short flight to Tasmania, where I stayed.

Cape Barren Goose feathers

It was the first time I drank water from a mountain spring on Mount Wellington. I held baby wallabees, stroked a wombat and held a Koala. My favourite animals were the birds. I have several feather collections I snuck back into Canada to add to my large feather collection. My favourite bird was the Cape Barren Goose. The feathers have a black heart shape at the tip.

I could go on about my many travels but we’ll leave it there for now. Threads like these are my way of taking a break from misogyny-land. If you think I need to do these more often speak up and let me know. I’d like to hear from my sisters on their favourite things.


50 thoughts on “Our Favourite Things: OPEN THREAD

  1. My favorite things:

    Growing plants
    Reading classic modern fiction
    Sleeping whenever I want to
    The monsoon at night when I’m not worried about getting struck by lightning
    Chocolate that doesn’t have palm oil in it (actually you can do a lot with cocoa powder)
    India pale ale
    The light outdoors when it’s strange
    Photographing weird/funny stuff
    Birds singing at dawn
    Plants turning out alive that I thought died
    Eccentric people who do good work and have found their place in the world

    I ‘m leaving out a bunch of stuff that requires people or tools currently outside of my option pool.

  2. If I could afford to travel, I’d like to visit Romania. My favorite holiday is Halloween. I love all things spooky, creepy & mysterious. I got excited when the topic of Astrology was mentioned in that other thread because I love it, and it’s a bit of an obsession of mine that I’ve been into since childhood. I’m pretty much an Atheist, but I acknowledge the existence of natural energy and the ability to manipulate those forces via magical means. I collect tarot card decks. I enjoy various genres of music, but prefer 70’s & 80’s rock/metal (especially Judas Priest) . I have an interest in gardening but I’m not very good at it. I love hot & spicy foods (but they don’t always love me back). Favorite incense is Dragon’s blood resin. Favorite colors are red, orange & sky blue. Favorite season is Autumn (of course because Halloween!). I love artistic things like painting & sculpting (and I’m especially good at the latter), but it’s been a while since I’ve engaged in either one.

    I’ll probably think of more stuff later. LOL

    • Amazingly, dittos on everything Sugarpuss said except I don’t sculpt and my favorite countries on earth are Germany and Mexico. Also, take out “Judas Priest” and insert Yngwie Malmsteen.

      My favorite big city – the one to top – is New York City.

      If I could go anywhere in the blink of an eye it would be Iceland.

      • Ditto on the Tarot card collecting, Halloween and all thinks spooky and weird.
        I like books — comic books, cook books, novels and non-fiction.
        Black cats are the shit.
        New Orleans is one of my towns — but not during mardi gras. Niagara-on-the-Lake is cool.
        Cooking. Nothing helps the nerves than making a batch of risotto.
        Binge-watching TV, admittedly.
        I used to really be into The X-Files when I was younger. I mean, really, really into it. I wrote an academic paper on it once and presented it at a conference for media studies. Did you know there’s an X-Files revival coming this January? A reason to welcome an otherwise dreary season.

        • What decks do you have and what decks do others have?
          I have Rider Waite, it was gifted to me the way Tarot decks are supposed to be given
          New Palladini
          Cat People
          Klimt Tarot

          As well I have other decks that aren’t Tarot. My fave deck that I don’t have with me that was given by my mom in law was a Celtic deck called Celtic Book of the Dead. It was my most successful deck and most accurate for readings. The book is a poem about a journey and you can learn the journey and what each card means in that tale and apply it to your reading.

          I’ve got animal decks too but too many to list.

          • I have a Rider Waite deck somewhere. I also have a Golden Dawn deck and a MotherRound deck. I used to have a Bosch deck based on the Dutch painter’s work…but man, I only realized later how much Bosch’s art freaked me out. I gave them to a good friend. Bosch’s art doesn’t give her the heebie jeebies.

          • I gave my Rider deck away years ago. Also once somebody gave me an Aleister Crowley Thoth deck, the original printing, because he thought it had bad energy. I sold it on eBay for $200. Perhaps I should have burnt it, but we needed the money.

            I stopped laying the tarot years ago because it had gotten too depressing and I was always pulling the five of swords.

          • I’ve lost several decks (including, unfortunately, The Gill Tarot, which is now out of print and hard to find). My two primary decks are the Tarot Draconis & The Golden Tarot (has beautiful gilded edges). Also have The Halloween Tarot (of course!) and The Goddess Tarot. I used to have the standard Rider Waite, but I trashed it. Just didn’t like it anymore.

          • Miep, you made 200$ from a Crowley deck? Good for you. Money can be a comfort — most of the time. And yes Rider Waite is by far, one of the most boring decks ever. That’s probably why everyone either trashes their deck, gives them away or misplaces them.

          • Thanks Mortadella. I have considered, of late, that I’d like to have another deck, but I am not too familiar with the different ones. I’d like one with a lot of weather in it.

      • Cool. 🙂

        Being partly German myself, It would be neat to visit Germany as well, though I doubt that will ever happen. I get cold really easily, so I’d probably stay away from Iceland. Sometimes, I have the urge to sell everything I own (or just throw it all away) and go traveling and just live kind of like a hobo. LOL

        • if you don’t like the cold, you’ll probably want to schedule your trip to Germany for the late spring or summer. I experienced some pretty intense cold there – and I love cold weather – but, they don’t seem to have much of an electricity allowance or something on their heaters. I learned there how to live at my own house at a much lower temperature in the winter than most Americans are probably used to. So, you could say I adapted pretty well to the cold.

          It’s so cold in houses there that you have to warm up your teapot with warm tap water in the morning before you poor the hot water into it, or else it will break! They have what they call “glatteis” or what in the northwest of the U.S. is called “black ice,” which means you can’t see it and you can’t stand or drive on it, no matter how balanced or skilled you are.

          Summers in Germany, at least, central German are mostly very mild, though. But, don’t expect air conditioning, I was there one summer when it was way too warm for me! I like my air conditioning – mine’s set on 63 right now! I’d be in a heap somewhere gasping for air without it!

          • I keep my AC at 75 degrees. Anything lower than that and I’m freezing my ass off. I have problems with my blood pressure being too low, and it causes me to experience a lot of chills. I enjoy the milder temperatures during the fall, but I have major issues when winter comes rolling around. Maybe I should move to Hawaii. 🙂

      • I got a revised birth certificate when I changed my name, and the new one had the time of my birth. I checked one of the free online chart services, and was shocked to find my moon and rising sign were different from what I’d always thought. Rocked me to the core of my foundation.

      • I read charts, mostly my own. LOL! The aspects between the planets are the most powerful influence. I have Sun conjunct Saturn, Moon conjunct Pluto, Sun square Uranus, etc. Also, there is the matter of aspect patterns, and not to brag, but I have a Yod. 8)

        Astro.com is the best place to calculate your chart, btw. It’s the site that all of the professional astrologers use. You can get basic interpretations, but I don’t use that since I already know what they mean, plus it uses the Placidus house system by default, whereas I prefer Whole Signs (more accurate, and the original & oldest house system). Still, with the default Astroclick Portrait, you will get accurate interpretations of aspects & signs (just not house placement).

  3. I love:
    – my partner
    – my cats
    – doing craft work
    – my academic study
    – being in contact with intelligent women from around the world
    – living in a warm, safe house in an area with friendly neighbours who are generally all very quiet

  4. Hey friends, thank you for sharing. I’m finished traveling abroad I think although I still have this big desire to go to Iceland and Scandinavia. We take being in the air for granted now but every once in a while looking out the airplane window at the Earth, watching night come up, and moving in sunlight above a weather system reminds me how incredible flying is. My favorite airplane views are Greenland and the Greek Islands in summer. The islands are baking and crystal-clear. There are so many, and they are all shaped most wonderfully. Greenland is mostly brown with many many little blue tarns (like ponds) and a complex graduated system of ice around the edges, slush, bergs, plates. I also remember looking down as we approached Honolulu airport to see, swimming along the shore a mother whale with her calf in the transparent water.

  5. This is great to have all of you sharing. I have things in common with each one of you.

    Judas Priest (fave song is Heading Out To the Highway, Glenn Tipton in those red leather pants YUM!) and all 70’s classic rock. Check
    Warm house aka THE hobbit hole. Check
    Looking out airplane windows over the Rockies and Honolulu. Check
    Sleeping whenever you want. Check

    If any of you are down I know just what to post to make ya feel better.

    • YES! I love basically every song they have ever made. There are so many great ones, it’s hard to choose a favorite, but here is one of my favorite videos…..

      I was really into Glenn too, when I was very young, but later on, I developed this terrible thing for Rob (yes, I know he’s gay, but I don’t care). 😛

      • I don’t know your age but do you remember the late 70’s, early 80’s when everyone already knew Rob was gay and were just waiting for him to come out? Do you remember the trial of JP when those two kids killed themselves while listening to Stained Class?

        • I was born in 75. To be perfectly honest, It never even occurred to me that he was gay because, as a child, I had no awareness of same-sex relationships. Even much later on, as an adult, when I was quite aware of the LGBT community and had lesbian & gay friends, I never even suspected he was gay until he came out. It just never crossed my mind. Sexuality is a complicated thing, and sometimes appearances can be deceiving, so I tend to avoid making assumptions until I know for certain.

          And yes, I remember that lawsuit. Crazy stuff.

  6. Your lavender seems good for reflection and smells good too I can tell.

    I like red and yellow in my place and blue on me.

      • Wow! You have amazing luck with the cops. I can count only a couple of occasions (once a NJ transit cop stayed in a train car with me to make sure I was safe from two scary-looking dudes and another time my friend and I were warned that we were being stalked, but told they couldn’t do anything about the stalker – but, at least, they told us about it! – the rest of my experiences involve having loaded guns pointed at me, being raped, being stalked, harassed, etc.) ever where cops went out of their way to be helpful to me – or anyone else I know. Your cops must be better, or at least, a lot less sexually perverted and violent than the ones down here.

        Several years ago, I was being threatened with an air rifle by the drug dealers (a whole gang that threatened me with rape and other bodily harm for months) that moved in close by. I had pictures of them standing in the trees pointing an air rifle at my house. I gave it to the local sheriff’s department, but they said it was JUST an air rifle and no big deal. Of course, things continued to escalate after that.

        • They said I probably wouldn’t hear the gun b/c it is an air rifle and the asshole who’s been shooting at people and cops has been doing it for years. They told me which side of the building it’s coming from. I really want to help them because one cop told me that it’s only a matter of time before the dude hits a kid, and we know it’s a dude who’s doing it.

          I was kinda shocked they came to tell me. There was a male and a woman cop. I was really happy they let me know. I want the bastard caught.

          • If we have to have cops (and I think this is questionable, at least, in the U.S. ), it would be nice if we had more women. I don’t think there are any women cops in the nearby towns here and there are absolutely no female deputies in my county. I’ve never had any experiences with female cops, but I’d think it would have to be better than the experiences I’ve had with males – in fact, I’m sure that most if not all of the totally illegal encounters I’ve had with them would not have occurred had they been female.

            I’ve only read about air rifles – never seen one up close. According to what I’ve read, if they are of a high enough velocity they can break a window.

            The stupid thing around here is that most people don’t have air rifles, they have regular guns. So, going around terrorizing homeowners with an air rifle is a good way to end up with lead-in-the-ass-syndrome. But, these dudes were all on meth and a bunch of them seemed to not originally be from here (they were from California – people from there not infrequently come here, rob places and seem surprised when they get shot!), so maybe they didn’t have a grasp of how bad an idea that was.

  7. My favourite things and people are all (pretty much) in my house. My children (I love when I get home from a late shift and their dad tucked them in and they’re asleep and I kiss them and they hug me in their sleep), their father, our garden. I love cooking with fresh herbs and veggies that I grew myself. It’s like you can taste the earth and the sun!

    My favourite band is the Greatful Dead, and I followed them for a bit when I was in my 20’s, before (and a bit during) nursing school.

    I also love talking with people on the internet when we actually share ideas and learn stuff and have a laugh.

    My favourite place outside of my house is a book store. Pretty much any book store, especially if it’s a used book store.

    • I helped run a used bookstore here for a couple of years, about fifteen years ago. Unfortunately this is not a used book store friendly community. I keep hoping some fool will try it again so I can hang out and buy books. Would be awesome for as long as it lasted.

  8. Doing elder care now so decided to try braiding (kumihimo) and then found out about braiding with beads. Now I crave new beads from Miyuki and Toho (want to get to Japan some day) and have projects I want to do lined up. But I am so slow at doing the work! And have had to banish the cats from the room I do the work in since they are fascinated by all the threads and finished works. Even had to cut the lids off cardboard boxes to cover works in progress since the sneaky cats sometimes get into the room. You have not truly lived until you have chased a cat all over the house hoping to get them before a beading needle flies loose and pokes the little brat!

  9. southwest, are you braiding hair? That would be so sensational! I’m imagining an old folks home with the women all bedecked like Alicia Keyes! The japanese have such marvelous hobbies and arts. A friend of mine loves japanese papers – they must be the most beautiful in the world. Can’t remember the name. She covers little boxes with them. I am very interested in sumo-i ink art and Chinese calligraphy.

    Miep, Oct 14 is my bday too (and a feminist friend I know who posts often too)! I’m going to double check that I’m a double Libra since we have the same date.

    BTW, Miep, are you Dutch? Your name sounds Dutch to me.

    • My braiding is way too slow to do hair, LOL! Mild arthritis in the hands and all that good stuff. Mostly do bracelets, necklaces and cords for household use. Japanese paper art is fantastic. I so want to go to Japan someday. The Miyuki bead company has no retail outlets in North America and no retailer here carries their full line of products. Guess that when my current elder care gig is over, I may lurk the fly-at-short-notice airfares and plan to sleep in shrubbery and live off noodles in Japan to afford a week long trip!


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