Paul Elam ‘My Opinions On My Intellectual Property is the American Way’ and Other Bigoted Ass Ramblings on the Confederate Flag

Elam confederate flag photoUPDATE: Dean Esmay leaves AVFM and they claim it’s amicable but also say Dean wants to take his ‘activism’ in another direction and has health issues. Keep an eye out for why he really split.

Poor, white males and their racist terrorists who commit murder. That’s what the reaction of MRA’s and other right wing idiots has been like since Dylann Roof shot up a church and killed 9 people.

‘Only a fourth to a third of people in the South owned even one slave. Yet every White person is treated as if they had a slave owning ancestor.’~Dylann Roof

‘What gets me about your argument is that it (sic) appear to interpret the North as good, South as bad when that in nowhere a complete picture.’ ~Paul Elam

‘They are always thinking about the fact that they are black. This is part of the reason they get offended so easily.’~Dylann Roof

‘Today’s people love to be offended. Their victim mentality is astonishing. Sure 9 black people were murdered, but that does not give right to use such heinous atrocities to exploit for political gain and infringement.’ mgtowman (AVFM)

‘Black folks who the condemn the Confederate flag over slavery are hypocrites.’~AlfromBayShore AVFM

‘People that assign malice to the south remind me of atheists who assign malice to Christians by citing the Crusades. It’s true, Christians have killed in the name of Christ, and Muslims kill in the name of Allah. But let’s look at everyone to get some proportion.’~Joe Buck AVFM

They fought to save the union, not for black americans.

Elam’s gone off his rocker again in denying the Civil war was about slavery and yelling that African Americans should stop feeling revulsion about the Confederate flag because it’s only symbolizing ‘facts.’ He cites Fox News in his 2-source rant about those pesky ‘civil rights ‘activists” and their desire to shame him (he’s from Texas).

You know who else denies this reality? Gavin McInnes and of course Stormfront, the white nationalist website. (I won’t link that here)

gavin mcinnedSince I’m not an expert/historian of the Civil war let’s examine the South’s own words as to why they seceded. In the Declaration of Immediate Causes, the South admitted why it was seceding.

Our position is thoroughly identified with the institution of slavery—the greatest material interest of the world. Its labor supplies the product which constitutes by far the largest and most important portions of commerce of the earth. These products are peculiar to the climate verging on the tropical regions, and by an imperious law of nature, none but the black race can bear exposure to the tropical sun.

The issue here is Paul’s ego. He’s a white male who’s placing his masculinity into a fucking flag because in his mind it represents white male power and ‘freedom.’  Hey, that’s sorta like White Nationalists! Even his own commenters get what he’s doing:

‘This is avfm, so perhaps an appropriate metaphor would be to cast the South in the role of todays’s men, and the battle flag of the confederacy as the mrm.’ ~billybob AVFM

Now for Elam’s flimsy little defenses of the flag which he calls ‘opinions about his intellectual property’:

It can be summed up thus:

Some men in the North were bad too.

‘I hate the sight of the American flag.’~Dylann Roof

‘The American Flag would seem a much more logical choice given that there has been a thousand times more atrocities committed while waving it.’~Paul Elam

That’s it folks. Slavery in the South, in which the US fought a Civil war over, the Confederate flag being its most visible symbol, wasn’t really that bad because a few white men in the North thought slavery was great, or something.

‘I have no desire to blot out the artifacts of our history in order to offer meaningless appeasement to people who could be working on real, more meaningful problems than just choosing to be offended.’

Like the hordes of white males who’ve made endless videos on Youtube as a response to yet another white male going on a racist, terrorist shooting spree, Elam wasn’t going to be outdone.

The Confederate Flag, he says, is really about

‘the ending of slavery and subsequent efforts to keep the hope of freedom alive.’

WTF? Who’s freedom would that be?

‘I do not know what motivated a madman to commit those horrific acts in South Carolina. I just know that it wasn’t a flag that pulled the trigger.’~Paul Elam

‘So what drove his rage? We will never know.’ ~brxman AVFM

‘I wish with a passion that niggers were treated terribly throughout history…‘ ~Dylann Roof

A few MRA’s weren’t going to stroke Elam’s fragile white male southern pride. They attempted to educate him but were quickly banned.

Rule #1 at AVFM: You are not allowed to question or disagree with Elam when he shows the world what an insensitive bigoted asswipe he really is.

Here’s how it went down (thank you screen cap software) CLICK TO ENLARGE IMAGES TO FULL SIZE:



The MRA’s sure know how to appease Elam before disagreeing with him:


A mod steps in to try and reframe Paul’s argument which he rightly says is about pointing at the North and saying ‘but they’re BAD TOO!’David King standing up for Elam

You are abusing Paul by disagreeing with him, even though you pampered him before you did it. Banned.David King bans Fonda

‘If you don’t like what somebody is saying, don’t listen to them. Or, better yet, argue back with better logic and reason. More speech is always better than censorship.’ ~Mod David King at AVFM

Another MRA very carefully disagrees with Paul and asks a few questions

antisocial questioning Elam

Dean Esmay steps in to save Paul and scream obscenities at the commenter. You cannot disagree with Paul.

Dean ESmay sticking up for ElamThey decide to unban the first guy and give him a warning but he’s not going to let Elam get away with his non-answers and refuses to stroke Elam’s ego.ban gets reversed but Fonda gets a warning

Elam begs, in his own way, for the ban and says we shouldn’t be outraged at a white male killing 9 African Americans because it has nothing to do with racism. Elam is saying the same bigoted shit as white men on Youtube making videos saying we should look at everything else but white male racism and entitlement.

Elam reacts to the banning

Sue McCarley steps in. She wants the ‘warned’ commenter to submit to Elam by assigning her own meaning to Elam’s rant. She understands that Elam is masculinizing the flag and taking it as a slight to his poor manhood:not before driversuz argues for the last time with Fonda

He gets banned again, for the final time for refusing to go along with Elam. Elam finally shows he knows what censorship is when it concerns blocking but can’t figure it out when private establishments either kick out or don’t want to host his misogynist friends.

Fonda ultimately gets banned again

Sue McCarley suddenly thinks context is important and describes the article as being about bigotry. LOL:driversuz on the banning

Other MRA’s question Elam too:antisocial questioning Elam

Elam responds with some cover story about what the Civil War was really about (not really slavery) forgetting the premise of his article and dismissing African Americans and other civil rights activists.PE1

Then he completely counters what he just said and admits it was really about slavery.PE2

This comment shows precisely that Elam is masculinizing a fucking flag.PE3

Elam refuses to answer a single question by calling the questioner David Futrelle:PE4

Lynching is really women’s fault says AVFMer keen to minimize Elam’s bigotry:

Women's fault there's lynchingElam admits he doesn’t care about how African Americans feel. He’s all about facts and doesn’t give a shit about racism. Elam tells anyone who doesn’t like it, and by extension black people, to stuff it. These comments from Silvermane are being erased as I type by Elam.

Silvermane questions Elam tooPaul once again dimisses a question by labeling the questioner an SJW and claiming that banning the flag is a question of his manhood. He also dismisses black men with a curious twist:

Parul Elam puts men above black menI’m betting that the commenter was banned because Elam noticed I upvoted their comment. It’s pure projection. I’m glad I screencapped them since Elam is throwing them in the bin and erasing them from sight.

PE6 shapeshiftingThe rest of the comment section is MRA’s circlejerking about wars and other human atrocities as if they themselves are such manly men for doing so. The biggest battles these guys have ever fought were from behind a computer with a feminist on Twitter while in mom’s basement.

I love watching Paul flip flop:

‘The South did not simply start the war “just” over slavery, but soverignty as well.’~Paul Elam can’t spell

I agree totally that the south seceded over slavery, and little to nothing else, but as abhorrent as that institution was at the time it was indeed a state’s right, including states that did not secede.’~ Paul Elam

‘What I don’t think is semantics, though, is the idea that the north went to war over slavery. It didn’t. The north went to war over control of the south to maintain forced inclusion in the union — and nothing else. Not banking laws, and not slavery.’~Paul Elam

If you’re wondering about the links between white nationalist orgs and Paul Elam, there are connections. Elam is a fan of RamzPaul, a member of the white nationalist group American Renaissance where the Texas based Earl Holt III hangs out. Earl Holt III is the leader of the Texas based Council of Conservative Citizens that played a major role in radicalizing Dylann Roof. If you look at Ramzpaul’s video on Roof, you can see some Manosphere dudes there. It’s not a great surprise that the men’s rights movement overlaps with white nationalist movements. My friend from HailtotheGynocracy wrote about it extensively.

As a personal experience, when I attended University in Boston I came into contact with a southern dude who hung up Confederate flags in his dorm room. I listened to him talk for the first time and he wasn’t very bright. What an ass to bring that flag to Boston while attending Uni with several African Americans. He didn’t last at Uni and ended up leaving before the end of the first semester.

In the past week, since Roof’s racist killing spree, many articles are being published about the fact that the Civil War and the flag were about slavery because the right wing southern pride dudes are coming out of the woodwork.

“Confederates Speak: Yes, We Fought the Civil War Over Slavery” by Jackblog | Jackson Free Press | Jackson, MS

Fox News Contributor: ‘Civil War Was NOT About Slavery. Google It,’ And People Did (TWEETS) | If You Only News

The Confederate Cause in the Words of Its Leaders – The Atlantic

Exactly which ‘states’ rights’ do today’s Southerners say was worth Civil War? | | Dallas Morning News

Historian will school you:

I Will Not Argue About the Confederate Flag. | The Tattooed Professor

And finally, here’s a song that encapsulates Paul Elam’s thinking:



69 thoughts on “Paul Elam ‘My Opinions On My Intellectual Property is the American Way’ and Other Bigoted Ass Ramblings on the Confederate Flag

  1. Whoa! The little man who wants to keep his symbol of slavery just came out from behind the curtain!

    Your posts sure are getting good, HMQ.

    Regarding Dean Esmay, you wrote in the article before this (in the comments): “Esmay and anyone associated with AVFM is never going to go anywhere. AVFM follows ppl around like a bad odour. ”

    This is true. AVFM has chosen to make men’s issues infamous and linked to misogyny and racism. It now bans all dissent, even respectful discussion that does not toe the lyin line contained in the Elam articles, as you point out so well above. It’s going to be a disaster for anyone, like Esmay, trying to move on from a site with that kind of rep, especially since the nasty junk Elam got him to say will be sitting online for anyone to read and recoil from.

    • Yep. The poor white Southern male. He just can’t understand why black folks are tired of seeing that fucking flag.

      Elam’s wittle mascuweenity resides in a flag symbolizing racism.

  2. I vould also like to compliment Suzanne “Banhammer” McCarley for her excellent vork. She has risen high and obtained the trust of the Master. She has been the best infiltrator on behalf of our Feminist PsyOps branch we haf ever had at that site!

          • I possibly have the names confused. There is one who presents with a female avatar and says they are ex-Army, but who has said in other comments that they are male. So it may not be this person.

          • LMAO! It’s hilarious how Paulie launches all of these nasty ad hominem attacks (eg. calling HMQ a “toothless hag”) at Feminists, while his own camp is full of women whom I would politely describe as…rough around the edges. And of course, Elame himself looks like a large stream of projectile vomit. The hypocrisy is astounding.

  3. A bit off topic. I have notice that “offering a perspective” has become the current popular weasel wiggle words for bald faced liars telling bald faced lies.

  4. Wait wait wait… I thought feminists were the racist, hateful, bigots? Weren’t we also the ones who couldn’t handle dissent and censored all opposing opinions? Gee, Paul, projecting much?

    About Esmay, I can’t wait to see how that develops. I’m getting the popcorn ready. These silly little boys and their boy-fights, LOL.

  5. Of course the American flag is 100X worse. I don’t see how anyone could deny it. But that’s an indictment of the American flag, not an excuse for the Confederate flag. The Confederate flag is not good enough to fly and should be taken down everywhere; the American flag should be publicly burnt and the genocides it oversaw should be repaired.

  6. We is MRAs! We is logical! If you make fun of us for not understanding subject-verb agreement you are a bigot because it’s all your fault anyway for outperforming males in school and the gynocracy oppressing male children by trying to make them sit still in class!

  7. Has anyone even suggested a ban? The free-for-all in the U.S. would seem to preclude it. It’s really hard to ban speech around these parts; even slander/libel and hate speech are rarely addressed. Although the corporate media do plenty to prevent any dissenting voices from seeing the light of day.

    If anything, activists are trying to get the flag removed from governmental display/endorsement and have succeeded in South Carolina, against all odds. But no one’s coming to wrest Bubba’s flag away from him.

    Leave it to a bunch of crybaby MRAs to equate government no longer endorsing a thing to a total ban of that thing.

  8. I don’t get why any of Elam’s followers are so surprised by this. Let’s see…they are members of, and support, a website that advocates hatred & bigotry towards women. Paulie’s next logical step is to extend this hatred to other “inferior” groups of people.

  9. The line between the MRM in any form and white supremacy is very, very thin. These are all men who believe they have an inherent right to own other people, to take from other people, to take what they believe is THEIRS.

    It was MEN who wrote all the laws and it was MEN who fought in the wars. It is MEN who rape women and children. It was MEN who formed mobs and attacked people. It is MEN who devised systems to steal from women – in every imaginable way. And, they LOVE doing that – as I see from Tremblay’s comment. Who does he suppose is going to pay for the wrongs done to us all by men? (It sure as the fuck won’t be the white men in this country because 90% of them can’t hold down a job and are sponging off mom or some other woman!) And, who are those reparations to be made to? Half my family was out on the plains long before there was any United States here. Still, I’m sure with offensive blue eyes and white skin – great for making porn or being prostituted, but not much good for anything else! – and my even more offensive vagina, he would like women like me to PAY for what men have done to me and to all of us for centuries. This is more of men’s bullshit and I’m sick of hearing it.

    Men react so strongly to these threats to their social supremacy out of fear that they might lose the tiniest little bit of power continually steal, kill and destroy. If there is ever to be peace in this world, then men should never have any say in any kind of government – especially any government over women and children – since all they know is how to spread death, perversion, poverty and misery!

    • On that note, how many men of color belong to the MRM? Even though these men get the worst of it among their sex, it seems like they’re not spending their free time complaining about it online and blaming women for their problems. It’s almost like they have real problems to worry about, and I would guess they can pick up on the not-so-subtle racism among the MRM.

        • I recall seeing a handful of black males at that ridiculous conference they held near Detroit, too.

          Black men are still men and they want to keep their male privilege, which, in the U.S., is very deliberately outlined to exclude women in the 14th Amendment. They are part of the good ol’ boy’s club, even if they are only barely tolerated by the white supremacist’s there. As far as they are all concerned, we women are sub-humans and we are their common enemy.

        • Something else, too – I don’t know if they are official MRAs or not, but take a look at what has gone on at YouTube. Black men have been extremely abusive toward black women. They say the most awful things about them. They criticize their hair, their bodies and every other aspect of them – all very hypocritical stuff, but men hold women to a far higher standard than they hold themselves, especially when it comes to personal appearance. A lot of great black women bloggers have been flagged out of existence by mobs of black men. There are a few videos left of men talking about what happened and how awful it was.

          So, there is a sub-culture of misogynistic black men specifically targeting black women online. You just have to look a little to find it. One of my favorite bloggers is a black woman who has very bravely talked about this recently. I don’t want to post her vids because I don’t want to send her any more stalkers and harassers!

          • Yup. And Tommy Sotomayor is one of the biggest offenders by far. He has several YouTube channels and a website. He calls black women “hairhats”, “beasties”, and of course “black bitches”. He’s also a raging homophobe & general race traitor. A lot of white dudes love him (gee, I wonder why), in addition to the black dudes who want to maintain control over black women.

            Also, something that has been pissing me off for a while now is the foul treatment of Serena Williams. She is constantly scrutinized and body-shamed.

            Now, I find it very bizarre that these misogynists think she “looks like a man”, since I’ve never seen a man shaped like that before. Funny how a scumbag like Fallon Fox actually does look like a man…because he actually IS A MAN, but nobody has anything to say about that. That would be transphobic! But it’s perfectly acceptable to be femalephobic.

            Oh, and that courage award that Bruce “Tranny” Jenner stole should have been given to Serena for just being able to endure all of the extreme hate that has been aimed at her for basically her entire career. But no, a man wearing pantyhose, and undergoing hormone therapy + plastic surgery is defined as “courageous”. What a load of crap.

          • I’ve definitely noticed the way black men treat black women. I didn’t realize it was that organized though. The public faces of the MRM are very white, but of course that’s typical of any mixed-race movement since white people just somehow manage to rise to the top and get all the attention. Funny how that works.

  10. John Hembling has made a video supporting Elam. His argument is that The Dukes of Hazard probably was a covertly racist TV show, but he as a kid was entertained by it, so why go looking for the sinister undertones? Same with the Confederate flag, a lot of people want to ignore the traditions it’s based on and like to think of it as good old Mammy and the Colonel on his white horse and tasty watermelon, so why can’t African-Americans stfu about this innocent picnic item flying overhead all over the South? And this cultural criticism comes from a Canadian (facepalm).

  11. I’m sure Sandra Bland would have understood exactly how cherishing symbols of lynching and slavery can lead to ill-treatment of people in the present day.

    Then there are the cherished symbols of servient women, sex slaves at men’s feet, masochistic women in pop fiction, women who live to look good for men…just all in good fun, of course, just good-natured recollections of the good ole days, it has no effect on modern thinking to have this shit constantly in everyone’s face…

    Femonade put out a few scorching words about Sandra Bland. I had to read them through my fingers.

    • I read it, but I didn’t quite understand it. I think this is because I’m missing some information – for example, what is a “DGR,” which is a term she used in her post.

      I saw the first part of the dashcam video of her ridiculous stop by a that cop. If only he had explained to her why he was asking her to put out the cigarette, maybe that would have helped de-escalate things. I don’t really get why he didn’t just write the stupid ticket (stupid though it was and just be on his way).

      Rule #1, whenever possible, never talk to the fucking cops. When I hear her say that she is aggravated by being stopped since he ran up on her back bumper, I want to tell her to stop talking. It’s not that she should have to stop talking, of course, or that what she is saying isn’t valid. It’s just that I know first hand that cops are rapists and killers. I know, first hand, just how dangerous they are. I am far less afraid of non-uniformed men and common criminals. But, maybe this is a difference between black women and white women – we white women have had to deal a lot more closely with white men. We know how dangerous white men are. They will kill a woman without hesitation – any woman. We have learned how to smile and defer to them in order to stay alive. I would never have said something like, “I’m in my own car, why should I have to put out my cigarette?” It’s not even in me to say something like that. My survival instincts and my experience being brutalized and threatened by white males since I was a small girl. It seems to be like Sandra over-estimated the cop’s humanity and the humanity of the justice system. She says, “I just can’t wait ’til this goes to court!” – this shows her expectation of justice. Let me tell you, that I have no such expectations, myself – I know better. I know the white man and his systems.

      She goes on to him repeatedly and justifiably that he is a man and she is a woman – that he is afraid of her. This to me is the crux of it all: Men’s fear of women – their fear and loathing of us.

      This cop’s IQ must be at the bottom of the acceptable range, also! Sandra’s sister is right – he instigated this aggression.

      I’ve also read that there is some reason to believe that her intake documents at the jail were falsified to state that she had attempted suicide. Rule #2. even if it is true, never tell a cop or a doctor that you’ve had thoughts of either suicide or homicide.

        • It’s so horrible because she SHOULD be alive right now and at her new job in Houston. There was no reason for this to happen.

          When I was in Houston a few years ago, I worked with a lot of black women and I found that most of them are far more out-spoken than I could ever be. I think it’s a difference in our socialization. I wish I could adapt more of this kind of outward expression of rebellion, but my conditioning and my survival instincts are very strong. The more abuse I have suffered at the hands of men, the more I find that I am conditioned to this survival instinct, too. I now just cannot be around men, at all, anymore – least of all white men. Maybe it’s a matter of the devil you know Vs. the devil you don’t know, but I don’t trust white men, at all. My strongest impression from this video is that Sandra really did not fully understand the danger she was in from the moment this demon-in-the-flesh pulled her over.

          • That white male cop was ‘teaching her a lesson’ and trying to dominate her.

            Sandra knew her rights.

            Apparently, you can’t smoke in your own damn car when a white male tells you you can’t.

            Apparently, failing to put out your smoke is a reason to pull you out of the car and stomp on your back and slam your head on the ground.

            He told her he was going to violate her from the beginning. ‘I’m gonna light you UP!’

            Apparently, telling a white male cop you have epilepsy garners the response ‘GOOD!’ and he then beats you to the ground hitting YOUR HEAD.

            My good friend has severe epilepsy. She’s had brain surgery for it. You cannot stress out an epileptic nor can you HIT THEM IN THE HEAD.

          • Oh, yeah, that reminds me, I should have added this to the list of “Don’t” – No. 3. never tell the cops if you have a health condition, if you are sick or pregnant. This will be used as an excuse to brutalize you even more.

            People with medical conditions are to cops like blood in the water is to sharks!

          • I’m getting read to visit that link. You know, I’ve watched that dashcam vid a few times now now and it is my strong feeling that her, “…wait ’til this goes to court,” statement is what got her killed. What was a trash bag doing in her cell, anyway, if as they claim she said she was suicidal? That makes no sense, at all! The sheriff’s department knew this dude screwed up and this was the cover-up – the best they could do under the circumstances. Like you, I hope the family wins big, but I don’t have high expectations. There are a lot of deeply corrupt towns and counties in E. Texas. Things have been going on there for a long time – like people people stopped and robbed by the cops and women regularly being raped at traffic stops, even when they are injured accident victims (almost happened to a friend of mine when she got a head injury after an accident, but another woman stepped in before he could complete the rape.

            The other thing cops there do a lot is illegally search your vehicle. I’ve talked to lawyers down there and they say it’s legal – it isn’t, of course! But, it’s de facto legal because the cops are allowed to do it and get away with it in court.

            So, what I’m saying is that’s a really seedy part of TX when it comes to law enforcement. In fact, my experiences in both E. and S.W. Texas have been very similar with corrupt cops. But, that area where Sandra was driving through is all very, very bad – very corrupt. There’s a lot about it online going back for decades!

          • Yes, this video is an example of the kinds of things they do – they criticize black women’s behavior. He sees his woman as representing him – as if she is his car, or some other object, that is an extension of his personal identity.

            Men, in general, want women to be submissive – to defer to men.

            I see nothing wrong with what Sandra said or did in that video encounter. IF the cops were really here to serve and protect the public (which they are not now and never have been), then we wouldn’t even know her name and she would still be alive right now.

          • Responding to WOOW, I agree there is a strong suspicion of murder here. There is opportunity (she was helpless, isolated, and in custody), means (people who know how to make a murder look like a suicide, availability of bag that shouldn’t have been there, guns and tazers to enforce her helplessness, people trained in violence), and motive (to shush up an illegal traffic stop, illegal force, illegal charges, illegal isolation, and most importantly to prevent a lawsuit).

      • I don’t know when this happened, but I just heard about it this morning (I don’t watch the news very often). I really despise cops. I’ve never been arrested, but some of my family members have (and were treated very poorly), and I have been in situations where cops/security guards follow me around in the grocery store because I tend to experience confusion sometimes (can’t decide what to buy), and I am perceived as a potential shoplifter because of this.

        In regards to standing up to men (but not necessarily cops)…I do it a lot. I’m not afraid of them, and I go out of my way to make sure they know it. I’m generally a very quiet person, but if some dude tries to mess with me, all hell will break loose. LOL This is one of those situations where it really pays to be mentally ill, I suppose. I’m just too crazy to give a damn about the consequences. But, it’s something else too; it’s this belief that I would rather live one day as a rebel than a lifetime as a boot-licker. Being subservient to men isn’t in my nature, so this is all very easy for me. When I demonstrate my lack of fear to men, I feel exhilarated… and I feel like I am truly fulfilling my life’s purpose.

          • Here’s a good quote on that, from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo:

            “She went around with the attitude that she would rather be beaten to death than take any shit.

            Salander was the woman who hated men who hate women.”

      • It’s interesting that he didn’t just write the ticket. However annoyed she was when he initially pulled her over, since she was out of state, most likely she would have just paid the ticket via mail and not tried to dispute it. I’ve noticed the trend when on road trips that cops love pulling over cars with out-of-state plates for absurd reasons (once my father got a ticket for going 57 in a 55 zone) because it’s easy money. I guess this cop, having pulled Bland over initially to give her a bullshit ticket, has such a drive to dominate others, those he deems beneath him, that he couldn’t just write the ticket and drive away.

        It’s also very convenient that he started abusing her after he pulled her out of view of the dashcam.

  12. I only know that Femonade is critiquing (to put it mildly) leftist men for not uniting to put a stop to violence against women.

    As I watch on the news the faked video of her arrest, the real bystander video, her having the nerve to talk to the officer like an adult citizen with civil rights, his rage and brutality and injuring her, when I learn that he pulled her over for not signaling a turn when she tried to get out of his way as he came up behind her, and most of all when I see the wall of the solitary cell they put her in for three days where they could do whatever they wanted to “correct” her attitude with nobody seeing… I feel utter despair. Maybe as Femonade says they simply will never ever stop. Incidents like this pull me away from seeing any signs of progress, which I do try to see.

    • Brylliant,

      Regarding this feeling of utter despair, which I can relate to: I have a kind of rare old VHS series on the subject of the Nazis. It’s a bunch of interviews with people in German and in the first vid, the one that talks’ about Hitler’s rise, a man tells a story about being at one of those big rallys where Hitler is speaking. At some designated point, the members of the crowd raise their hand in a Nazi salute toward the podium and he says the man next to him refused. He nudged him and told him to get his hand up because it was now too late for this kind of open rebellion.

      That’s the feeling I have about this police state we are now living under.

      Also, those Nazis, many of them survived and a whole bunch of them were shipped to places in TX. A bunch more were let out of POW and re-education camps in TX and other remote places in the U.S. that nobody much knows about. Everybody knows about the round-up of the Italians and the Japanese, but few people knew that there were “re-education camps” in the U.S. for Germans, except maybe the people who lived around them. Whitley Streiber has written a little about it. This may be why there is such authoritarianism and corruption in TX – and the Nazis were nothing if not deeply corrupt! This was their culture. If you want to further research the existence of Nazis in TX, perform the following Google search without quotes: “german pow camps in tx”

  13. Speaking of the Confederate Flag. Here’s a black man who sides w/ the conservatives about the flag and predictably, the comment section is full of MRA’s and MGTOW congratulating him on his LOLgic. I posted this mainly for the comment section.

  14. Just so you all know, this is standard practice by police officers who are responsible for maintaining the revenue stream in their department. They charge up behind you very fast and if you move out of their way without signaling, which most people do because they are flustered, they write you up for failure to signal a lane change.
    This guy is a repeat offender with regard to brutality, and now he has finally killed someone.
    Say her name: Sandra Bland
    Here is a quote from GP at Digbysblog:

    “I’ll light you up.” In some districts, I’m completely convinced, attitudes like these are a plus at the officer candidate interview. And by “like this” I mean, explicitly:

    Interest in torture
    Hatred of blacks
    Pathological need for control

    Quote me. I know therapists who treat the families of police officers. They attest to the third point. The first two have been amply and publicly demonstrated.”

  15. Ugh, Bewilderness, the whole thing. I didn’t know the officer was a repeat offender.

    “I’ll light you up.” That’s going onto the signs I hope to carry and see.

    The autopsy results are out and here’s the spin:

    “The autopsy showed that Bland had no defensive injuries on her hands that would typically indicate a struggle, the prosecutor said.”

    But the spin stops spinning in the next sentence from the report:

    “Some lacerations or abrasions were found on her wrists. Those injuries were consistent with a struggle while being handcuffed.”

    So they cuffed her and then hanged her while she struggled uselessly. It’s very plausible.


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