Compare and Contrast: Sandra Bland

Sam Seder made a great point on his show about Sandra Bland’s arrest. Check it out.

Here’s how a traffic stop is supposed to be done. This belligerent white guy doesn’t end up in the county jail and dead three days later. Also notice his New England accent, one of which I own, happily.

Contrast that with the cop who pulled Sandra Bland over. Sam talks a bit in the beginning:


What do you think was the reason the cop 1) pulled her over and 2) why it went down the way it did? Of course I have my own thoughts about this case and in time I’ll publish those thoughts.


15 thoughts on “Compare and Contrast: Sandra Bland

  1. That was an excellent compare and contrast. Sandra Bland wasn’t nearly as emotional as this white man. Not by a long shot. And she didn’t show any of those same signs of physical aggression that this white man clearly showed.

    Now, this cop, who handled the situation so well — he must’ve received very good training. He’s just so remarkably calm. I have the feeling he might also be an unusual person who has a very strong ego. He seemed to understand that the other guy’s intense feelings, which verged on helplessness and despair, had nothing to do with him personally. Unlike the officer who stopped Sandra Bland, whose ego seemed very fragile and unable to withstand rudeness and back-talk. Probably, especially, from a woman — from a black woman. That’s probably why things went down as they did.

    Police officers have an obligation to cultivate these de-escalation skills. They have a duty to do this because they are paid public servants, and because they have been invested with power. The power, in the worst situations, over life and death. They have the upper hand in all confrontations, so it’s only fair that they use it only when it matters, only when it’s necessary.

  2. Some law enforcement agencies screen for arrogant asshattery. Some sort them in, and others sort them out.
    The SCOTUS decisions since the eighties regarding LEOs responsibility to protect the public in general but not an individual have resulted in the adoption of the “force protection” priority. So while it may be a violation of policy to kill you it is not a crime so long as the officer “felt threatened”.
    They may write “to serve and protect” on the side of their cars but it is important to understand that those words do not apply to individual citizens.

  3. If a cop stops me illegally I’m going to be saving a ciggie in my glove box (I don’t smoke) and I’m going to light it up and blow smoke in his face and say I’m not getting out of my car because I might get killed, no offense. And I’ll go to jail because this shit has to stop.

    • What I’ve decided I am going to do if I ever get pulled over (i never have, thankfully) and an officer shows even the remotest bit of unprofessional behavior is that I am going to roll up my window and refuse to exit my vehicle. I will call his supervisor (and if he is violent, I will call 911) and say that I am a woman alone with a violent, armed male, and I feel unsafe. Under no circumstances will I allow myself to be dragged out of my car, thrown on the ground, and handcuffed. I’m severely asthmatic and that sort of assault could kill me. I will not be a statistic at the hands of another violent, entitled male.

  4. The American police system is fundamentally broken. Nothing other than reworking this from scratch will work, because it’s not possible to make incremental changes to improve a system this bad.

    Individual officers act this way because they don’t think they will see any consequences. This problem therefore is being supported by the police officials in the highest state levels, whether through inaction (e.g. failure to investigate accusations of improprietry) or action (e.g. informal awards for negative behaviours).

    A good start might to be get rid of any notion that the police should be military or para-military. This never bodes well, unless one is aiming to create a police state. Get rid of all military equipment given to/ provided at low cost to the police forces. Rename police positions so they do not use military jargon (e.g. “captain”, “lieutenant”). Bring in proper psychological screening so that angry men get rejected. Look at diversity and see what needs to happen to encourage women and people of colour to join *and stay*. Position the police as part of the community, a resource for everyone. /sigh

    • I agree. When I was younger I dated the son of of Mass State Trooper, who did homicide, narcotics. When I was young I was a bit of a wild child although I had a great job and made more money than any of my peers. I partied very hard on the weekends.

      Anyway, it was more the fact of who my family was that made it difficult. The cop family didn’t want their son to date an Italian girl with the family power we have. I don’t want to go into it too much but it was two worlds colliding, two families that had ZERO in common w/ each other.

      I’d sit in my Dad’s corvette outside by b/f house, sneaking away into the night w/ him.

      Eventually, his family gave up. My family, being very accepting, had no issue with it. My dad sent my b/f and I on really nice trips. We spent New Years at a top resort in New England. My b/f was a part of my family, and that’s just how it was.

      I remember the day I met his father. He was like 6 foot 5 HUGE cop just like the trooper in that video and there I was tanned and wearing a bandana around my head. He eventually got to know me and like me, although it was so awkward at first.

      Some cops are nice people, but others as you say are just misogynist, racist, violent assholes. At first I thought my b/f father would NEVER accept me b/c of who my family was but he did show himself to be a nice guy. I know though that not all troopers are nice.

      As an aside, I beat him at cards too. LOL. He took it well.

      The system is broken. It’s built on male dominance, not community.

      Speaking of community, the cops here came door to door to inform the community there’s an asshole shooting his air rifle out the window from my building. I thought that was rather cool.

  5. You may recall that Darren Wilson resigned to put an end to the in house investigation, so he can hire on at another department. Abusive school teachers do the same thing here in the US. Resign to end the investigation and then hire on in another district.

  6. It’s like open season on black women and men, by police, in the USA. And because taxes pay for police forces, black Americans are literally paying people to kill themselves. 😦

  7. Something really important and cute just happened here. My new young wild mouse finally ate from my hand. It takes time to get wild animals to trust you so when they do, it’s so special.

    For the last couple weeks Black Nose has been climbing up on my bed, sniffing my feet and studying me while I can’t see him. He climbs on my clothes and sniffs them and bites them.

    He WANTS to be close to me but he’s wild so he has self preservation but he’s also a social animal and does pay attention when I speak to him.

    The other day he finally came to me to look me in the eye and let me know he’s actually trying to communicate with me. He looked right up into my eyes, happy.

    Today he came right to me and took a Dorito (his fave food) from my hand. I’m so proud of him.

  8. Where’s Mark? Was he not offended by this vulgar display of power? Why didn’t he comment on this?

    Oh, I know… because Sandra Bland didn’t have a penis.

    • He said this ‘If you want to see how revenge feminism contributes to the future of society, you only have to consider American racial harmony. ‘


      I can’t even begin to unpack that crap. Maybe Mark needs to go back to Stormfront.

      • Yes, I saw that, but I couldn’t decipher it’s meaning, so I ignored it. But now that I have re-read it (multiple times, because I’m just not on the same wavelength as these assclowns, so it takes considerable effort), I am now fully aware of what he was attempting to express.

        Yeah, everyone just needs to SFTU and leave the poor white man alone, eat his shit sandwiches, and all will be fine & dandy. I’ll bet Mark is voting for Trump.


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