Open Thread


I just got back from the dentist. I had a full exam today. Luckily, no novocaine. What’s new with everyone? Anything in the Manosphere you wanna talk about? Anything at all?


20 thoughts on “Open Thread

  1. Did you hear about the scumbag who opened fire in a movie theater and killed two women (happened about a week ago, I think)? Predictably, the media is blaming it on “mental illness”, rather than typical male violence. It will probably be discovered that he was involved with the Dickosphere, in some form or another.

  2. I’m not sure where else to ask this, but: obviously it’s your prerogative to run your site how you like, and I’m sorry if this causes offense. But do you mind explaining why you link to the site of a woman-hating, homophobic religious conservative man (dale o’leary) in your ‘radical analysis on transpolitics’ section? Was that intentional? It doesn’t make sense to me.

    • I only linked posts that I thought explained a position on transpolitics that were crucial to the arguments being made here and on other sites. I don’t know this person nor did I research their other writings or positions.

  3. This interesting thing here was posted on the Anti-porn Feminists blog this a.m.:

    It talks of the effects of legalizing the prostitution of women by men in Germany since 2002. It mentions the use of the term “sex worker” – remember the liberal dude who likes to come here and call us “sex workers” and tells us that “johns are bad people, but…” and having some asshole follow you around at work or while you’re trying to walk down a street somewhere soliciting you or assaulting you and then throwing money at you is “work” like any other work for women? It reminded me of that guy. It’s not enslavement when it’s “a choice,” you know, and, after all, that’s what we women are here for – to be tortured by men and die for their pleasure.

    As I said to that asshole in one of our previous discussions here, the term, “sex worker,” has been employed since the 1990s to implicate more and more women as “whores” and to normalizing the abuse of women by men in exchange for money. According to this article, this is exactly what has happened in Germany.

    In the above-linked article, you’ll see that the effect of legalization has been that more women are exploited and the abusers have become more numerous and more violent.

    Warning: Maybe keep some kind of anti-nausea remedy handy when you read this article. It’s pretty stomach churning.

    • Reading your comment reminds me of all the attempts I’ve had at debating this subject which is difficult to do when the exploitation lobby is trying to use emotional talking points instead of on the ground facts of what prostitution is and what it does to the community.

      It’s amazing to me how the left rationalizes the degradation and abuse and outright torture of women all around the world with ‘sex worker’ and ‘choice.’

      It’s the most frustrating thing to attempt to get them to understand that it’s NOT a choice for the majority of women involved.

      I fucking despise the left when it comes to this issue.


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