CoolStoryBro Dude Is Like Totally Rosa Parks

A Canadian MRA tommygilfiger takes a trip to Poland with a bunch of other males and females. They have their own bus but it’s crowded and two people have to share one seat. During a dinner outing the girls get back to the bus first so they get on first. The boys are late. The teacher tells the boys they should sit in the back of the bus. MRA has a mantrum.

So quick description, I’m 18 (M) and I’m on a trip from Canada to Poland for this teaching opportunity, and there are around 16 of us total. 5 guys and 11 girls youngest from 15 to 20. We’re visiting a well known land mark outside of the city. And were taking a small bus on for our group. We were finishing up dinner and we had to use the rest room, but the girls all finished early and went to the bus. I meet up with them first and everyone is standing outside including all the organizers which are all ladies. I get there and the organizing lady tells me in polish that us guys have to sit in the back of the bus. I didn’t know what she meant, because I didn’t see why we would have to sit I the back or it could have been a joke about us having to sit in the truck because we’re late. Which if that was a joke I would’ve been fine because I try to keep a light sense of humour, but I digress. Let me get this straight I speak both fluent polish and English. But I was confused by what she meant by that so I didn’t really know how to respond. Then the lady asked If I understood, I guess questioning a comprehension of Polish. So one of the girls translated it. I replied that I knew what she said but I didn’t understand what she meant. They told me we have to sit in the back row. And I was like why would we have to sit in the back, and I asked how many seats there are. They replied with ‘4’, but there are 5 of us. He are decently sized guys and we have to squeeze into 4 already small European seats. I told them that it wasn’t fair and why we should be uncomfortable. They said because we’re guys. And that “it’s proper etiquette”, I stated that this was sexist. And they laughed at my frustration. I felt belittled and if any of you know polish it just makes it sound more patronizing being told that. They didn’t give any logical rational reasons, all they said was that because they’re girls, we should be sitting in the back. No compromise, just that we deserve the uncomfortable position. We got on the bus and honestly it’s terrible. I’m writing this write now with my cousins arms on mine and there is a giant sweat stain on my arm from him. Not his fault, just the fruit of situation mixed with 30 degree summer weather.

Yet, the most infuriating thing has been the laughing, that even if I did say something. They laugh and if I raised it to the attention of the organizers, all the girls would think I’m being a little bitch. You know what Fuck it, I’m going to tell her and I’m going to say that it isn’t fair. I’m done with their bullshit. There were more instances of gender stereotyping and sexism, however this was one that infuriated me and I felt like I needed to rant.

I do not identify as a men’s rights activist, but I’ve been reading many many posts and I see it daily. But I can mostly deal with it but I at least try to verbally let people know. And I’m lucky that my girlfriend sees this too. So lucky that I found a girl that sees equality the same way and not just saying she deserves something because she’s a girl.

Edit: it was a very small bus. There are 18 of us and only 17 seats. Edit 2: I apologize if I was unclear, but the girls with us explicitly stated that we had to sit at the back of the bus because of the fact that were guys. And they stated that it was “proper etiquette” for guys to do that for girls. What happened was not a result of the tardiness.



27 thoughts on “CoolStoryBro Dude Is Like Totally Rosa Parks

  1. What a fucking drama king.

    And this…..

    […]decently sized guys[…]

    This is dude code for FAT (see also: husky, big guy, king sized, etc). No idea what the comments look like, but if he were female, several concern trolls would have recommended weight loss. Also, is he implying that Polish men aren’t “decently sized”? And WTH does “decent” mean (free clue: fat)? I don’t hear them complaining about the seats. Gee… I wonder why?

    […]small European seats[…]

    Yes, I guess they just aren’t equipped to handle the average American male hambeast. Cry me a river and drown in it, tubby.

    • “Hambreast.”

      Oh, giggling over here. Can’t help it. If they dish it out, they should be able to take it.

      • Yes, exactly. But that is the thing with men; they can’t take it. All of the claims of women being “overly sensitive” is actually a projection of their own faults. The reaction is so strong because, quit simply, men just aren’t used to being criticized in the same harsh fashion as women are. They have no clue what it’s like to be scrutinized down to every minute detail. The good news is, Sugarpuss was put on this planet to help them get in touch with that oh-so-special feeling. 🙂

        • Holy shit, I’ve thought that forever (projecting oversensitivity on women).
          Cripes, let’s drink to that, sugarpuss.
          What else do they project on women? Hmmm. Let’s see. Their fear of getting older, for starters. Jesus, I have friends who do online dating who have told me some tales of lying man hoes. I was involved with a man who lied for years about his age. Whenever he saw a starlet on the cover of a magazine who was of a certain age, he’d mumble, “hag” under his breath. Can you believe that shit? He was projection his ass off.
          It was a pleasure dumping him.

  2. Men have the most sensitive nervous systems in the world, I swear to god.
    Everything is geared to service men, asshole. I swear, if women aren’t eating shit every other minute and being treated as second class citizens, some men explode.
    That guy in the OP most of had the most indulgent childhood ever.

  3. It’s totes sexist to segregate the d00dz so they can’t grope the girls, and expecting the boys to share is just the most outrageous horrible discriminatory thing that ever happened, I guess. I was particularly sympathetic to how frustrating it must have been for someone to question your understanding of Polish when you look confused in response to something they said in Polish. Dreadful story, bro.

  4. I almost want to give him a break because he’s only 18, but he seems well on his way to being a grown raging misogynist. So, no break. What a baby.

    Did you all hear about the 18-year old man-boy in Montana who just shot and killed a mother and father because their daughter laughed at him? He shot the daughter in the back when she tried to run away. She lived. But nooooo, there’s no toxic masculinity to see here. Move along everyone.

    • link?

      I’m watching docs on ted bundy and he outright blames porn for his developing misogyny. i see many men on the comment section arguing about their precious right to consume male violence against women. sick

      • Here’s one link. I don’t know how to make it shorter.

        Oh yeah. I remember the Ted Bundy interview from shortly before he was executed and how he blamed porn. My mother was riveted by it but I was still relatively young and didn’t understand the porn thing. I thought he was trying to take the blame off himself and in a way he was. I only knew my mom invoked him as the proverbial boogyman to teach me to be terrified of strange men.

        Yes, many, many men believe that they have a “right” to enjoy hurting women.

      • I’ve watched that before. I saw one dude comment on how Bundy was just being “deceptive” or some shit like that. Uh… he was fixing to die; there was no reason for him to lie about how he was affected by porn. Nothing was going to save him from the chair, at that point.

        • Yeah, there’s a bunch of comments trying to take away from the point about how porn is male violence against women, how all men watch it, how all men are taught WRONGLY to be sexually violent from a young age toward women.

          The amount of bellyaching by men who watch porn, or are prolly addicts, is astounding.

  5. 30°C is 86°F. It’s been around 40°C here all of last week. My air conditioner is a fan with water and ice to make it a mini evaporative cooler. Dude’s whining about 30°. Wimp.

    • For most of my childhood, there was no AC at all in our home (we just used cheap box fans). And I’m talking 103-105°F heat on most summer days. The only way to really cool down was to go for a swim in the icy-cold springs of the local park (more like a mini-forest, really. beautiful place).

      But yeah… dude is soft.

  6. This is so lulzy. Female-only space is sexist! Why can’t I sexually harass women all the way to Poland?!

    • Get a spell-checker, then learn basic grammar and then go fuck yourself.

      What exactly do you assist Roosh with? Holding his balls while he wanks on your face? How does it feel to be a flunky?


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