Creeps and Betazoids

First I must say: Happy Anniversary to Mancheeze. This blog is now 2 happy years old!

I’ve been watching Star Trek: The Next Generation for several nights now and my mind loves to wander creatively, imagining that I’m on the starship. The character on the show that I find most pleasing to my psychology is Deanna Troi, who is half human/ half Betazoid. Her primary skill is Extrasensory Empathy. She is capable of reading the deep psychological intentions and motives of others and instructs the crew when she feels the feelings of other life forms.

Betazoids like Deanna Troi come from the planet Betazed, an extremely peaceful culture that values honesty and compassion. Betazoid children are born with black eyes and an extra cortex which produces a neurotransmitter that gives them psionic abilities. They develop their telepathy and empathy over time, usually starting in adolescence.

Deanna Troi and William Riker on her home planet Betazed

Deanna’s skills are taken quite seriously and she is highly respected by all her colleagues. Only in science fiction and women’s earthly lives is empathy and emotional competence valued. Earth has a long way to go.

Men denigrate emotional life, probably because they don’t understand it. Masculinity prevents this essential element of human life to be transferred to males. This is especially true of Manospherians who continually bleat about logic being the standard method of solving problems. It’s then odd that most Manospherians are Gamergate geeks, who love Star Trek, which is basically a story about diversity and the deep connections and respect for all life.

Most MRA’s admire Spock, a Vulcan whose only purpose is to think logically and suppress emotions. Logic is all men ever talk about, as if it’s the only way to solve a problem, when it’s obvious that emotional savvy and skill is highly capable of doing the same.

So what then of a highly valued female character, Deanna, who saves entire planets by feeling feelings?

In one Star Trek episode, a community was conducting an inhumane experiment on a new life form, trapping it against its will. The captain of the Enterprise, while orbiting the planet, spoke on a tele-screen to those responsible. Deanna also saw this conversation and immediately told the captain they were ‘hiding something’ which led to the intervention and release of the life form.

Deanna Troi advising Captain Jean Luc Picard on the Bridge of the Starship Enterprise

In another episode the captain takes Deanna into the holodeck to ride a horse. She refuses, explaining that Betazoids can feel the passion of the animal and do not want to use it for selfish purposes. On Betazed, there is no animal cruelty.

The more I watch Deanna the more I come to the conclusion that she is modeled after us: human females. The ability she has to ‘read people’ and recognize dishonesty is something every little girl learns how to do very early in life, especially with males. How we acquire this skill is another question. There’s a feeling you get. You just know something is wrong. It’s automatic for most girls to instantly scan the environment for negative emotions and motives of men and we have a standard term for it: creep.

creep as a noun

A disgusting and obnoxious person; crud, jerk, nerd
“a creeping motion,” 1818, from creep (v.). Meaning “despicable person” is 1935, American English slang, perhaps from earlier sense of “sneak thief” (1914). Creeper “a gilded rascal” is recorded from c.1600, and the word also was used of certain classes of thieves, especially those who robbed customers in brothels. The creeps “a feeling of dread or revulsion” first attested 1849, in Dickens.

Every woman knows several creeps. Creeps are those men who cheat our social systems, who lie and steal to get what they want. Manospherians have fits over the word creep. They know what it means. When a woman calls a man a creep she’s telling him ‘ I see you’re a liar.’ This translates to him as ‘I have no honour.’ Why do you think there are PUA’s desperately exploring every detail of the female experience? They’re trying to find ways to cheat the Betazoid in every woman. The only problem is, generally, they can’t because they don’t recognize our emotional skills as intelligence. They use terms like ‘rationalization hamster’ as if our minds work in such simplistic ways. They just don’t.

Here is one woman’s experience with a Manospherian PUA:

The first time a man used a trick on me that he had learned from a pick-up artist (PUA), I did not do any of the things his guru had promised I would: I was not “intrigued”; I did not feel an urge to “impress” him; and nor did I immediately drop to my knees and start servicing him sexually – which was, no exaggeration, cited as a possible outcome. Instead, I walked away. In PUA parlance, I showed my “bitch shield”.

So I turned up to a friend’s party and was thrust in front of a 30-year-old dude who worked at GQ. He asked me what I did for work. I told him, and he laughed. He asked where I lived. I told him, and he made sarcastic comments. By the time he asked me where I grew up, I thought I was prepared for his reaction. I was wrong.

“Ohhhh, I know that part of town,” he smirked. “I used to tutor kids up there, but I couldn’t justify to myself giving an extra leg-up in life to spoilt kids, and dealing with their dumb-dumb parents. So can I have your number?” I told him to get it off my butler, and walked away.

I assumed he was just a weird one-off. Again, I was wrong. There was the 50-year-old news editor (“You work for a British paper? Does your wrist get sore copying stories off the New York Times website all day?”); the 25-year-old from a trendy literary magazine (“Has anyone else ever told you that you have a face like a rabbit?”); the 45-year-old arts critic (“I’m having a party. You probably shouldn’t come – it will be quite highbrow”). Eventually, I mentioned to a girlfriend that the men in this town all seemed to be jerks. She rolled her eyes: “It’s that negging thing. They all do it these days.”

“Negging” is a “negative hit”, or what you and I call an insult. PUAs teach their acolytes that if you insult a woman, she will be intrigued and see the man as a “challenge” , or what you and I call a jerk. The PUA mentality is that women should be psychologically (and sometimes physically) manipulated into having sex.

Note to dudes: you can’t cheat a system you know nothing about while comparing women’s minds to hamsters on wheels. But this doesn’t stop them from trying, and failing, and coming up with more elaborate cheating schemes. Look at this frighteningly long list of terms and concepts men have pulled out of their logic-ass in order to tell a woman he likes her. Have you ever heard of Kino Anchored Motion Inducement? It’s a PUA concept where men think if they touch certain areas of a woman’s body, she’ll magically go where he wants. When you read the description, there’s no magic to it. It’s simply pushing her around.

‘For example, if a PUA wants a girl to move with him to another side of the room, he can place his hand on her lower back and gently nudge her as he moves forward. If she’s sitting, touching her in the back of her upper arm will indicate for her to stand.’

‘By pushing a girl near the front of her hip area lightly, she will feel compelled to sit down. Also, placing your thumb and index finger around her wrist will physically lock her hand to your hand, and these pulls become physically powerful to actually move the girl, should she hesitate.’

The goal of PUA’s is one thing: compliance aka ‘she does what I want.’ There is no room for an autonomous human being if all you want is compliance. Reducing human beings, which are women, to an automaton is incredibly sociopathic. This is why the best solution to a dude who wants compliance is plastic.

The entire Manosphere reduces women in this way in one form or another.  For all the men crowing about the ‘meritocracy’ men sure do lie and cheat a lot. (Ashley Madison anyone?) In the crime of rape, a man is stealing from a woman. He is taking something without her approval. He knows this too because the first thing he compares a woman’s body to is a locked home. Of course, he admits he sees her as an object and not a living human being entitled to self-governance and bodily integrity. No. He sees her as a lock on a home that he must cheat, sometimes by murder. This isn’t merit. This is dishonesty and depraved indifference to human life.

Think about the way the Western male of the Manosphere encourages other men to go to a third world country to find a ‘good woman.’ He can’t be successful in his own country under his own rules so he throws the ‘meritocracy’ right out the window. He wants to cheat the system, to find a woman that has less options, even if she successfully ‘reads’ his intent. It turns out to be true that even third world women are Betazoids and eventually kick these men to the curb, realizing the creep factor knows no international borders.

When I look at things this way, it’s easy to see why prostituted women openly admit their inner Betazoid. When C36 was made law in Canada many prostituted women said it effectively cut off their ability to scan men. Now, as a former prostituted woman, I don’t buy that. Men can and do avoid detection precisely because a woman is economically desperate. She may read him just fine but take the risk anyway and I know from experience that that is exactly what happens. What they’re really saying is ‘don’t take my johns away or I’ll starve.’ This is why this radical feminism thing is so concerned with elevating the sociopolitical and economic status of women and abolishing this form of sexual slavery.

It’s not a coincidence that men despise feelings and are always saying ‘women are too emotional.’ If it weren’t for our emotional expertise, men would have a much easier time cheating us. For all their ‘logic’ they still haven’t found a tried and true method of avoiding the creep factor. Logic is no match for emotional intelligence. It’s not even the same system. Men whine that ‘good men’ and ‘nice guys’ aren’t being recognized. So what if a few ‘good ones’ get tossed by the wayside during the process when the possible result of lax screening could be a horrible and painful death?

The Betazoid in all women is a survival mechanism but it also allows us deep connections to life. I often wonder if we would have developed these skills if it weren’t for the fact that we must navigate masculinity’s obsession with dehumanizing, cheating, and stealing. Maybe it’s due to the fact that we are the sex that has the most direct experience with caring for new life even though women who’ve never had children are more than capable of detecting creeps.

Creeps love to expound on the meritocracy but they never play by the rules, even the ones they set. It’s amazing how quickly things like fairness and honor go out the window when a man has a sexual or violent impulse and insists on, say street harassing. Not only do men seem to lack rich emotional lives, as evidence of their complete hatred for ours, but whatever emotions they do have they can’t seem to control in any humane way.

Sci-fi fantasy is truly the world of women. Since our Earth world has no place for us, doesn’t honour us, and 50% of the population are always trying to find ways of stealing from us, we should bravely take pen to paper and create new worlds in the hopes of making them a reality. Star Trek shows that our skill set isn’t worth .75 cents on the dollar but is worth a leading role on the bridge of a star ship saving entire worlds. Our creep scanner is invaluable.

If there is any criticism I can muster regarding the show it’s that the female characters are still being interpreted through male minds. There are many episodes where this profoundly male viewpoint is evident, especially the original Star Trek which began in the 60’s. The youth element of The Next Generation is represented by a young male, Wesley Crusher, who is being groomed for Starfleet command. Why not a young female? They also invented a midlife crisis called ‘The Phase’ where older Betazoid women get horny as fuck, roaming around Space fucking every man that will have them and of course they did an entire episode on it. When Star Trek tried a female captain (Captain Janeway) of the USS Voyager the show was met with angry derision from male geeks and there are pages and pages online of men yelling about it. Some of them come right out and admit they hate her while others have endless lists of ‘reasons.’

Lwaxana Troi, Deanna’s mother, wandering around the Enterprise looking for men to fuck during her ‘Phase’

There is a distinct message repeated often on the show that Earth eventually abandoned misogyny and sexism, racism and classicism, that Earth was failing and had to evolve. When will men realize there is no quick method, no cheat to the fundamental principle that women are worthy of dignity and respect? It’s not that we’re the same as men, because we’re clearly not. And I’m not arguing for being treated ‘equally’ because that means having to learn dishonesty and play by men’s distorted concepts and philosophy. I’m talking about liberation from men’s wonky systems entirely.

Why do Manospherians/Gamergaters love Star Trek so much while despising every principle the show stands for? Ah yes, it’s a question for true philosophers to understand why men value and accept a social justice position, as long as they don’t have to actually live it. I’m afraid until then, there’s no country for creeps.

Watch Star Trek: The Next Generation all episodes here for free.

Note: I do not consider myself a Trekkie or a fan of this show.

Men Murdering Women: Vester Lee Flannigan

MRA’s always complain that women are taking their jobs, that women aren’t qualified. The dangerous ideologies of MRA’s affect real people and this time is no different. This is what Vester Lee Flannigan accused Alison Parker of and then went on to stalk her down and shoot her while she was interviewing on live television. He recorded the shooting from his cell phone and uploaded it. Alison is an employee of WDBJ Virginia channel 7. She was interviewing a woman, Vicki Gardner, who was also injured.

This sets a terrible precedent. Women are now going to be frightened of doing their jobs and I bet a ton of women are going to ask the HR department if there were any disgruntled males who also wanted the job and of course they’ll ask, ‘was I really the most qualified candidate?’

Of course, it doesn’t matter if they were the most qualified. It’s male entitlement that isn’t logical, as is clearly witnessed by today’s tragedy and its reflection in the Manosphere.

Alison and Adam are dead. Flannigan shot himself afterward.

Here’s the CBC report and they say people described the shooter as a man who was upset that his life wasn’t going the way he thought it should go: entitlement


MRA’s On Abortion: She Needs To Be Destroyed and Kept as an Incubator

The Manosphere tends to be a haven for right wing Conservatives who want to control women. Dalrock wrote a post about abortion where he got enraged that a new study claimed 95% of women were psychologically happy after an abortion. This sent him off the deep end, quoting bible verses and generally being a dickhead. Dalrock says he’s a happily married father. I feel bad for the women in his life and I hope to hell he doesn’t have daughters.

The very title of his rant ‘Punch Harder on Abortion’ has male violence written all over it.

‘The argument that abortion is a problem because it makes women sad is foolish.  What we should instead be pointing out is that our embrace of abortion has turned our women into monsters.’

He tells his audience that they should point out to everyone that women are happy after abortion, as if that’s some sort of indictment against us. Why wouldn’t a woman making the right choice about her reproduction not feel good about it?

The real key is that the idiot thinks women are supposed to be a nervous wreck for life after abortion as punishment. Not only are women supposed to be permanently damaged but other men who see us happy, even our male allies, are supposed to get butthurt that we aren’t weeping nervous wrecks.

My Three Abortions

I had 3 abortions. I was happy and content after each one. The males who impregnated me had no say in any of it. I didn’t care what they thought and didn’t even ask. Their bodies weren’t carrying a single ounce of the risks of pregnancy and my god, there are a ton of risks to a woman. My body, my choice.

The first two abortions I had done at 7-8 weeks. I got pregnant even though I was using a diaphragm and spermicidal foam. Looking back, I think my diaphragm wasn’t fitting me properly. My third and final abortion was done at 12 weeks due to the clinic telling me I was going to miscarry after viewing my ultrasound. I begged them to help me because sometimes a woman bleeds out during a miscarriage. Abortion is much safer than going home to bleed, not knowing if you’ll hemorrhage. The doctor performs a complete cleaning of the uterine walls, called dilation and curettage, to prevent this.

In order to legally perform an abortion they had to have a positive blood test confirming pregnancy. Since the pregnancy hormone was being flushed from my body due to miscarriage they ended up taking 4 blood tests to finally achieve a positive test result. To avoid complications, I had an abortion. I had already had two and had no complications. Abortion is extremely safe.

Maybe it would help to let these ignorant jackasses understand just what happens during an abortion?

The doctor uses a speculum, a metal or plastic instrument that goes inside the vagina and opens to expose the cervix, which is the opening of the uterus. It looks like a closed up belly button and is about the same size. She injects the rim of the cervix with a local anesthetic. Some women feel this but most don’t.

After the injections the cervix must be opened or dilated. This is achieved by using a sea kelp called laminaria. They are small rods that vary in size. The doctor places them in the cervix to open it as wide as the procedure demands. An early abortion, like mine, do not need much dilation.

She then places a suction tube in the uterus and vacuums the uterus of its contents. You don’t feel pain. It just feels like you’re sitting on a washing machine during its spin cycle. You just feel vibration, nothing more for about 5-7 minutes. It’s important to clean the uterus fully to prevent infection. Again, since I had my abortions in the first trimester, they were easier to perform and the recovery time was minimal. After the procedure you are taken to lie down and given non-narcotic pain medication, warm water bottle and blankets for cramps. The recovery for me was just like having cramps on the first day of my period. Within 2 hours, I was fine and ready to go home.

Each abortion cost $350.00 USD in the late 1980’s. I had all three abortions done at Planned Parenthood in Boston. I don’t know what a suction abortion (least invasive) costs at this time. I worked a professional job from the time I was 15 years old so I had plenty of money. I can only imagine what poor women must do to obtain one but these days we have the Morning After pill which currently costs $30 Canadian dollars. If any women want to inform me of the prices in the US currently, I’d appreciate that.

After a couple days, just like a period, I was completely back to normal but I must also explain another factor at play.

I am RH negative. It’s a rare blood condition. It means that each of my pregnancies my body wanted to reject. For any woman who is RH negative and doesn’t have an RH negative fetus, the pregnancy takes everything out of you and if you carry to term your child might have serious problems. There are ways to minimize this risk but women who are RH negative suffer terrible symptoms. In my view, all but one of my pregnancies were RH positive. I felt the difference, as in, I had flu-like symptoms during two of the pregnancies.

Choice Words

Would any of you asshat males have any experience with this? No? Course not. You’ll never be pregnant. You’ll never have any of the complications arising from it. The only thing you’ll do is waddle your lazy asses outside abortion clinics with silly signs that show just how fucking ignorant you are. Or you’ll sit online and slap each other on the back each time one of you says something more idiotic than the next guy. This means whatever you say about abortion has no meaning. You’re just a bunch of blockheads that wail ‘BABY KILLER!’ to women like me. You have no idea how risky it is to be pregnant.

I don’t need your approval nor will I ever request it. It was my body, my reproductive choice, to end my pregnancies. If you think an 8 week fetus can live on its own you’re a fucking idiot. Oh, and btw I also support late term abortions for women and think Dr. Tiller was a great ally to women. You motherfuckers, in your quest to be as ignorant as fucking possible, murdered him. So much for ‘pro life.’

Wail away dickheads.

Men’s Ignorance

Now let’s look at the comment section TW for graphic male violence against women:

‘How about we stop providing facilities for women to have these procedures performed? If a woman wants one so bad she can try her luck in the ally and hopefully die in the process.’

‘a woman who will destroy something of inherent greater potential than she will ever have, needs to be destroyed and kept as a incubator for the more valuable potential within her. Then after having been useful for that task, using her for parts would be the overall best usage for her parts. I think we have this whole thing backwards – leave the clinics, kill the women, sell their parts and adopt out the babies a MUCH more effective operation, and preserves the higher-value life for society to improve.’

‘Any society that lets women slut it up and then kill the infants that naturally arise from their loose morals is matriarchal,’

‘Remind them of the latent racism inherant to abortion by explaining WHO gets abortions….’

‘GOD’s law regarding un-wed, non-virginal young women was death. The church has removed ALL shame from being an un-wed mother. This is why churches are filling up with them.’

‘There should be no excuse for abortion.’

‘They’re simply convenience killings by people who are too stupid to use any of the five hundred methods of birth control that are given away’

‘Even so, they should be judged appropriately and without mercy. Anyone who is this irresponsible is really unfit for life in a civilized society, and they need to know their place.’

‘Welcome to 21st century America, where women can be sluts and you’re the a-hole if you judge them, and where they can kill their own babies and you’re the a-hole if you judge them.’

‘There’s so much obsessive guilt about slavery, and so much moral preening about how much better we are than those monsters. Yet the slaves and their children at least got to live.

‘I dealt with it by not marrying one of those vagina controlling baby murdering whores. Instead, I married a sane woman who knows that her vagina isn’t hers to misuse, and a baby should not have his life snuffed out at the whim of an irresponsible woman.’

‘Instead, execute women who abort their babies because it’s murder.’

‘Shaming and blaming are the most effective tools we men have in dealing with women.’
‘What I usually do when a woman confides to me that she has had an abortion (and this has happened quite a few times since I am easy to talk to) I shun. I give her the silent treatment for the rest of her life.’
‘A feminist is anti-male authority and supposedly pro woman.’
‘Abortion should be forbidden to allow men to easily snag a prime aged partner through beta bucks game.’
30 million women murderers, and yet the social scientists tell us female serial killers are rare. Perhaps they’re just not looking in the right places for them.
Sluts will always be sluts, but the modern legal system has made us all a party to the murders.
Men’s rights activists are extremely violent males. Women need to be aware of how much men hate us.

Paul Elam Wants To Harm Journalists and Their Families

Elam wrote a post that he took down very quickly whereby he threatens all the journalists who have written honestly about him and his hate site. I think the last piece calling him a woman hating asshole in so many words by his own home town paper brought out a case of ‘Elam-has-serious-anger issues.’

Here is the archive of what Paul wrote. Here is the apology he wrote in its place.

He is now backtracking as he has realized he just threatened a whole bunch of people and their families. Even some in his audience were taken aback by Elam’s rage but some were egging him on.

In the months ahead we will be teaching some of these people, all that we can, a lesson or three about what happens when you go too far in provoking the wrong people.

So, you can bet right now that if Jeff Sharlet, Mariah Blake, Adam Serwer and a whole lot of other people have dirt in their backgrounds, we are going to dig it up and spread it around like gonorrhea in a whorehouse.
That goes for their family members and embittered exes as well. Two can play at that game and it is our turn.

There are two archives of Twitter exchanges Dean Esmay and Paul Elam had with Nicole Sandler, a radio host who had Jeff Sharlet on to talk about his excellent piece on MRA’s. Archive 1, Archive 2

Paul Elam has a serious problem with women and anger issues. We’ve known about his hatred for quite some time. It seems his stunts for media attention have gotten him exactly what he deserves.

The Terrorism of the Manosphere

As a long time purveyor, exposer, and writer about the Manosphere I have to confess that it hurts me to do this work. Scouring the misogynist hate sites that make up the Manosphere in search of the latest plots to target women is psychologically and physically traumatic. I do it because some day, somewhere, a woman will need to know and she will want to fight back. The men in the Manosphere also scour the internet for women they can harm and it’s like trying to stay one step ahead of them at all times. The Manosphere makes no distinction between online and offline. If they can target a woman and get to her, it doesn’t make much difference to them how they do it.

There are times when I must take a break, times when I’m completely numb. My ‘break’ consists of a few days of wandering aimlessly around my apartment, looking for something to re-anchor me to humanity. I clean the sink, rearrange things, and mop the floor mindlessly at times wondering when I’ll feel grounded again. I play with my pet mice, wanting a hit of innocent joy.

When I go outside and see men in the street I ask myself ‘is he an MRA?’ and I wonder if I could tell the difference between a man who inhabits the Manosphere and one who doesn’t. But who am I kidding? From birth women are taught about men’s violence and how we must ‘there there’ them and never tell them ‘no.’ Women don’t have the luxury or the time to differentiate between who is and who isn’t an MRA and I admit it’s a bit futile since male violence knows no bounds.

Just look at what happened in Montreal after Roosh supposedly ‘spoke’ there. A woman was harassed in a bar. She told him to stop and he choked her. The media picked up on it and we got to hear her story, her terror. We also got to hear the female interviewer subtlety blaming her for saving herself. She knocked a pint glass over his head to save her life, a no-no. Women aren’t supposed to fight back. We’re supposed to smile, act nice, and die. Just imagine how many young women listened to that interview? We got the message loud and clear: don’t make waves.

The message is: telling men ‘no’ can end in violence against us, or worse, death. We know this before we’ve ever had a sexual relationship with a man. We remember the first catcall from an old man. We remember the first man that stalks us down the street yelling sexual slurs at us. We know what we are to men: ‘bitch, cunt, slut, whore, slag.’

We understand that men are only interested in one thing and that we are very unlucky to be born female. We become prey and we are hunted and that’s what Roosh and his cronies do: hunt us.

In my view the Manosphere is honest. They tell us ‘we hate you because you’re a woman.’ They tell us emphatically that this hatred is all part of being a man. If we mention toxic masculinity, these same men get enraged, never having the psychological skills to take a good internal look. The problem they say, is women, not their view of us.

This type of feminist work isn’t for everyone and I think any woman that has to wade into the cesspool that is the Manosphere will find herself coming closer to embracing the fact that men hate us and it will sting and burn. She’s heard about Andrea Dworkin from men who call her a ‘manhater.’ Now she’s being called a ‘manhater.’ She’s read the comment sections on feminist articles and heard about the SCUM manifesto and asks herself if she’s a misandrist.

She doesn’t hate men, she just wants them to respect her as a human being. She can’t understand what she’s done to deserve to be targeted for such violence. The fact is, she’s done absolutely nothing but exist as a female in this world who doesn’t want to be violated. The women who protested Roosh were simply saying ‘no’ to a man who teaches other men to hurt women, tells them that women are ‘bitch, cunt, whore, slag.’

Writers like me take some solace in the fact that there are other people out there exposing the Manosphere. Knowing the burden doesn’t fall completely on my shoulders is a relief. I remember one time talking to David Futrelle and telling him through email that I had no interest in PUA, that I was solely interested in A Voice for Men. I basically said to him ‘I’ll leave it to you to cover the pick up artists.’ I said this because I had my hands full with just one site because being a woman who covers the Manosphere, I believe, is different and much more difficult.

Canadian Consciousness

A few Canadian women learned that Roosh was in our country to give his ‘talks.’ Due to the mass media exposure of Roosh’s visit those of us that do write about the Manosphere were finally being sought out by people who don’t normally view our content. I hope we were able to show them what the Manosphere is and why it’s such a threat to women’s safety.

It’s not just Roosh’s visit that’s the problem. It’s the way the entire Manosphere targets and harms women using their network. For those of you who think there’s a fundamental difference between factions of the Manosphere, you’re wrong. As soon as a woman is targeted by one faction the rest close ranks.

Roosh advised his network ‘on the ground’ to seek out female protestors, to gather information on them, to get images of them, to dox them, and then allow any man in the Manosphere to take a shot at them. Canadian MRA’s now had an order and they were all too willing to carry it out on the ground while others sat behind their computer screens sending threats to these women.

The Manosphere terrorizes women. That’s their goal. It’s always been their goal. The largest manosphere site’s slogan is ‘Fuck Their Shit Up.’ As soon as Roosh got a video image of a woman, the Manosphere went into full tilt, trying to find the smallest hint on her clothing to identify her. They translated the French on her tshirt. Yes, they actually took the time to type into a translator the writing on her shirt and searched for what it could possibly mean. They found out it was the name of a Montreal roller derby club. Roosh publicly told his followers and off they all went, scouring the internet for hours trying to get this woman’s dox. This isn’t a one-off. This is the Manosphere’s particular tried and tested formula and they’ve been doing it for years.

My blog is almost 2 years old and I have a long list of women who’ve been targeted and harmed by the men of the Manosphere. Remember Danielle D’Entremont, the Queen’s U student who was physically assaulted after she voted ‘no’ on a referendum to start an MRA group on campus? Remember Adele Mercier, [1] the Queen’s prof who had to endure MRA’s postering her neighbourhood with her image calling her a rape apologist and even going to her superiors in the Uni to try and get her fired? Remember Stacy Keltner, [1] another Uni prof being terrorized by Sage Gerard, a student at her Uni that used his MRA group to photograph her and dox her?

I read the petition to keep Roosh out of Canada. While I think the authoresses did a good job outlining why he shouldn’t be allowed I felt it was missing this crucial point. It’s not what Roosh ‘might’ do while in Canada or what he ‘might’ say to a group of men but what they actually do, and that is, terrorize women. The pattern is well established. The evidence is clear and accessible.

I hope that the women working on keeping him out of Canada for next time take this to heart and consider this. Roosh has left a large wake of damage and it will continue. His followers are still searching, stalking, and gathering information from images of women. They are finding women’s social media accounts, noting family members, organizations, and workplaces. They are keeping files on women just like they did with the Agent Orange files and register-her.

I don’t know why Roosh was allowed entry but I have a feeling it was due to lack of clear evidence of harm. While I agree that what he says is hate speech, saying he might break the law isn’t good enough. Also, we know as women that men are given priority and privilege to harm us. We must be extra vigilant.

Lastly, I want to offer my help to the women that are trying to keep him out. You can click on the archives in the side bar to assist in your research of all the Canadian women the Manosphere has targeted and terrorized. You can also contact me by email.

Recent Developments:

Paul Elam’s hometown has nominated him for the creepy-ass-male award. The Houston Chronicle put him at #10 on a list of assholes in their community. Check out the donotlink here.

Coolstorybro: The Abortion

This dude knew his g/f didn’t want kids from the get go and is now doing the fish flop online because she had an abortion which he calls ‘non-consensual’, as if she needs his consent to take care of her own body. He also doesn’t understand that a fetus is not a child.

He’s anti-abortion so he doesn’t give a shit about the life of the woman as she’s only a meat vessel for a kid.

When she became pregnant he went off the deep end, constantly talking about the pregnancy, pushing her into the baby section of every department store during every shopping trip, and generally not caring about her at all. You can clearly see that this guy didn’t see her at all. He’s doomed to repeat the same mistake unless he reads this and wises up.

It’s a long-winded story. Be prepared to read.

Disclaimer: I searched through this sub to see if this question or issue had been brought up and I’m sure likely it has at some point so forgive me if I’m beating a dead horse but I’m new to this sub, as well as Reddit in general, but this is an issue that I’ve been passionate about so I was hoping to get some feedback from other men about this.

So lets continue

Several years ago I was in a long-term committed relationship with a woman who I (believed) that I loved deeply, and who felt the same about me. We were like best friends and had great chemistry, on-par communication, similar interests and we were on the same sort of path in terms of goals and dreams we shared.

About a year and a half into the relationship she wound up getting pregnant. We realized this after she missed her period which sent her into full-blown panic mode which only got worse when she took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. In retrospect, I believe that because I showed such an enthusiastic response this probably pushed her away even further because in her mind she was dead set on never, ever having children.

For the first few weeks she played along as if it was going to be alright and maybe having a child wouldn’t be that bad. I tried to comfort her and get her excited about having a child. We both had good jobs, we had a nice place to live, top of the line healthcare coverage and loving and supportive families who didn’t object to us having a child together. Of course we weren’t married but neither of our families viewed that as a problem and just assumed we’d tie the knot sometime in the near future.

I, personally, have always wanted to be a father. Of course, I wanted to be responsible and wait until I was in a situation where I could adequately provide for my son or daughter; and naturally I wanted to make sure I was with the right woman who I felt could be the best potential mother for our child. It wasn’t something I set out to accomplish or something that I’d push on every girl I got involved with for an extended period of time but I will say it was in the back of my mind. I’d always look at a partner’s character to determine whether or not she’d be a suitable mother.

When my ex and I would go to Wal-Mart or some other department store I’d want to go check out the baby aisles and start looking at accessories, cribs, walkers, strollers, etc and it would fill me with this inexpiable sort of joyous anticipation. Plus it felt so good knowing that at the point of my life that I was in, I could look at my bank account and see that I had more than enough money to buy my son or daughter everything that he or she would need; as well as provide for my pregnant girlfriend or “wife-to-be”.

After about a month her tone started to change drastically. She would always ask me if I was “suuure” that I wanted to have this baby. If I thought she’d be a good mother. If I thought I’d be a good enough father. She had so many doubts and fears but I tried my absolute damndest to comfort her and reassure her that it was all going to be okay. Still, I overheard conversations she’d have (I wasn’t trying to eavesdrop but she didn’t exactly make it hard to hear her either) talking to her friends about her concerns and that she was doubting whether or not to keep the baby.

I didn’t want to push the issue because I felt that it would drive her away even more so; I didn’t demand that she push the idea of abortion out of her mind or even get mad at her for bringing it up. I am very, very adamantly pro-life but I can respect her enough to know that it’s something that comes up in some women’s minds especially when they find out about an unexpected pregnancy. I don’t condone it but, out of love and respect for her, I wasn’t going to bash her over the head with my ideologies either.

One day I got home from work and found her in the bedroom in a sort of weird, blank state. Very unlike her as she was always bubbly and full of energy. She seemed despondent and aloof but tried to brush it off and tell me that nothing was wrong. “Nothing is wrong, I’m fine. It’s fine,” she kept repeating over and over. I could always read her like a book and I knew her moods well enough to know something was obviously not fine. I tried to let it go for the rest of the day but something just wasn’t sitting right with me. I brought up something about some crib I saw online or SOMETHING, I don’t remember what it was exactly but it was some random baby item related comment I brought up in casual conversation and she just flipped. Like literally lost her shit.


I will never forget that sinking feeling, like all the blood went from my head, down my face and smushed into a big clotted ball that sank down to the pit of my stomach. I thought I was having a bad dream. It felt so fucking surreal. I saw her waiting for my reaction. I could see her eyes tearing up. Her tone changing too. Realizing the truth was out now and there was no turning back.

“What do you mean there’s no ‘fucking’ baby?,” I asked her. Thinking surely maybe she meant that it was a false positive and she wasn’t really pregnant. At the worst, did she have a miscarriage? I felt devastated enough at the thought of her miscarrying but I was seriously not prepared for the words that were fixing to come out of her mouth. Could I have even been prepared for them? Can anyone prepare them for something like this?

“I got an abortion”.

FOUR WORDS. These four words and I felt the course of my life change forever. FOUR WORDS. Even years later I remember the shakiness in her voice yet the calloused undertones. It sounded more like, “I got an abortion?”, you know when a chick says something in a cocky sort of arrogant manner? That tone is only acceptable in terms of, “Ugh, what is she wearing?” or something like that. “I got an abortion” (like it was even a queston?) All I could think about was our trips down the baby aisle, the cute baby shit we looked at together on Pintrest, the conversation with my parents and how excited they were to be Grandparents but how even more excited and thrilled I was to be a Dad, all of the hopes and dreams I had for my future son or daughter and imagining what all that would be like. FOUR WORDS was all it took to break me down completely like a gust of wind to a house of cards.

I couldn’t even say anything. What could I say? Nothing I could say would change what happened. No matter what words I use or how loud I yell or however I might channel my anger none of that would bring my baby back from some garbage can or dumpster back safe and sound to her womb. What was done was done. I grabbed my car keys off the kitchen counter and just walked out the door. She tried to stop me and all I can remember was choking back tears trying not to show that she had completely destroyed me and telling her to just simply, “stay. the. fuck. away. from. me.”

She didn’t test me. I’m grateful for that because honestly I don’t know what I might have done if I had stayed in the state of mind I was in. My child was dead. To me (and I know a lot of people debate about this, I’m just stating from my perspective) she had just murdered my child and attempted to sweep it under the rug or hide it under the floorboard like some fucking Edgar Allen Poe thing until eventually her conscience kept screeching at her like the raven saying “NEVERMORE!” causing her to just come out with the truth. How long had she been hiding this from me? I later found out she had got the abortion a whole WEEK prior to telling me the truth. Seven days of leading me on to believe that she was pregnant. Seven days of pretending she still was. Seven days of saying she wasn’t in the mood for sex. Seven days of going to bed early. Seven days of me being too fucking blind to read the writing on the wall.

I remember taking a drive. I made the mistake of checking my voicemail, which I rarely do anyway; I don’t remember how many calls I had but after about four messages asking about how my ex was doing, how the pregnancy was coming along, what had the doctors been saying, congratulatory niceties and how me and her and the baby were “in their prayers”; I finally threw the phone out the window. I seriously lost my shit. I never had thought so earnestly about suicide in my entire life but I thought that if I killed myself that would be the only way I’d ever get to see, touch or hear my child; the only way I’d ever get to hold him or her in my arms; the only way I’d be able to hear their laugh; all the things I dreamed of, the things I longed for; now all gone, never to happen, never to become a reality. If my child was dead I wanted to be dead too.

Had I already failed as a father? My sworn duty was to protect my child and I couldn’t even do that. Was my child dead because of something I had done? What had I done? What could I have done differently? What difference did it make now? These questions, even now, still haunt me. I don’t quite know what to make of them but every time I read posts or hear people say that in terms of abortion it’s the “woman’s right to choose” and how the “man has no say” all I can remember is that night when my world came crashing down.

I know a lot of you probably aren’t religious and I don’t want to spark any sort of pro-life vs. pro-choice debates or talk about our religious views but for my own sanity and comfort I like to think that one day I’ll get to be with my son or daughter; I like to imagine that they’re growing up, healthy and happy in some better place and smiling down on me; I hope that they haven’t forgotten about me up there because I definitely haven’t (and will never) forget about them. I guess my whole point is in terms of this whole woman’s right to choose vs men’s right sort of context; I know I’m not the only one who has been utterly destroyed when a pregnant girlfriend or spouse went behind her child’s father’s back and got an abortion without his knowledge or consent; without even telling him about it at all.

People joke about how it’s obviously for the best. “Who would want to raise a child with a bitch like that for a mother?” That’s what most of the guys tell me. I’ve had numerous women find some way to blame me and tell me that I must’ve done something wrong; I pushed her into a pregnancy that she didn’t want and so she reacted out of fear and out of being smothered and trapped; that she did the best thing for her AND for me and the child, especially if she felt she wasn’t capable of being a mother. To me these things sound good but it doesn’t stop the pain and it really just adds insult to injury. I’ve only met a small handful of people who even tell me they understand. It’s not like she just took some clump of cells out of her body and tossed them away and then POOF she’s not pregnant. The pain, to me, feels as if I lost an actual child; because, in my mind, I did.

Never before had I felt so betrayed. Never before had I felt such loss, such agony, such intense pain and emotional suffering. But no one listened. No one understood. Everyone just tried to talk me out of feeling this way. The best condolences I got was that, “Well, the baby is in a better place.” Well, fuck me then! If my child is in a better place then I sure as hell better be there with them and what loving parent can even say with a straight face, without choking back tears, without the tinge of regret or the sensation of knives stabbing into the lining of your stomach that your dead child who will never be in your arms or in your home is somehow “in a better place”. It goes without saying that my faith which I once held so dear became very strained and challenged until it was damn near non-existent.

I started drinking heavily, got back into drugs (had been abusing illegal pain killers) and just stopped caring about everything. Naturally, I broke up with the girl as soon as I got back home. It was a split lease so I just let her keep the place. I packed all my shit while she was gone to work, went to the office and paid $1600 (my half of the rent – $400 – for the remaining four months we had on the lease) to avoid any kind of penalties for breaking the lease or her skipping out on me and leaving my credit screwed up. I felt I was at least taking the high road. I was acting irrational but at least I was still fiscally responsible. Besides I had plenty saved up that was going towards the baby fund which obviously wasn’t necessary.

I’ve found it very difficult to trust women at all now. I don’t quite know when or if I’ll be able to reconcile this deathblow, if I’ll be able to heal and move on. I don’t know what to do but I feel like there’s something here, some lesson, something I can take and make into something that might help someone as well as help myself through this loss. So I’m glad I found this subreddit community; I’m glad I found other men who understand clearly how we are being oppressed and discriminated against by radical feminists and their warped ideology. I’m sorry that I’ve almost taken up this entire 15,000 word count limit but I’ve never really been able to get all of this off my chest before so seriously if you made it this far thank you, I mean it!

What I hope to achieve someday, if not through sharing this story here but perhaps through talking to others and fighting for men’s rights; I hope to find other men who have lost children through non consensual abortions which were done behind their back and without their knowledge. Sometimes when I hear about statistics regarding abortion I wonder how many other men who TRULY wanted to be fathers, who TRULY were capable of providing not only an adequate life for their son or daughter but also for the child’s mother, who were WILLING and READY to step up to the plate and do anything and everything that a father should, who were EXCITED and THRILLED at finally having a child to raise and to step boldly into Parenthood who were robbed of that by a woman who got an abortion behind his back. How many other men know that sort of pain? How many of those men are even still alive to tell us about it today? I hope maybe that we might can find each other someday; to offer one another hope, support and healing; and to join our voices and raise them upwards to speak out against the exclusivity of a “woman’s sole right to choose”. It takes two the make a child and it should take two to choose to end the life of that child. I know that I’m just one voice crying out in wilderness of loneliness but I hope that other men might be able to hear my cries, to feel my pain and the suffering I’ve carried and perhaps we can make a difference for other men around the world who share this struggle.

Bro-language is so easy to decipher. The dude forgot about his g/f and only ever talked about ‘the baby’, forgetting that there was a human being right in front of him with her own life’s dreams and goals. He knew from day one she didn’t want kids but stupidly thought if he talked non-stop about ‘babies’ that it would change her mind. He forgot about the human being standing right in front of him and treated her as a receptacle he was only using to make a baby pop out.

He has a breakdown because what he knew all along came true. Earth to dude: Women are human beings, fetuses aren’t. If he stopped flopping around like a fish out of water he might realize this.

Of course, he’s the victim in all this and she’s the ‘bitch.’ Now he’s in the Manosphere with lots of other male terrorists and might become an abortion clinic picketer, or worse, a clinic terrorist. It’s times like these where I wish I could make all men go through pregnancy, just to get a good idea of the pain women experience for almost a year.

The experiment has been done many times but not for 9 months. Men’s abdomens and assholes were strapped with an electronic muscle contractor to simulate labour. They couldn’t deal with even a half hour of the mild pain. The Asian guy in this video had the most authentic experience as he put the electrodes on his asshole. I think he thought it would feel good. What an idiot.

Then there’s this next video from the Nederlands subbed in English, which is much better because you can tell the pain is real and not staged. Only one guy made it through a measly 2 hours. My auntie’s first labour was 24 hours. When I saw her afterward her eyes were completely bloodshot from the pain and pushing. No man has that strength.

Did Roosh Fake His ‘Victory’ Photo? UPDATED: Still No Proof, Just Whining


Roosh might be planning a lolsuit and I’m betting he’ll start a fundraiser in a few days. He has to find ways of parting men from their money somehow. This seems like a good bet. What Roosh doesn’t understand is he has no case. Plus, even if he did, it would take years and years to accomplish this.

Now he’s making an antisemitic attack on a Jewish woman who protested him saying she has ‘Jewish Privilege.’ Now his Manosphere followers are going to endlessly harass her.

Roosh followers privileged jewish bitch tweet

He’s trying to incite racial hatred against her claiming her Jewish ancestry and highlighting his Islamic ancestry while then claiming there must be some Jews in his family tree, yeah right dude. He still hasn’t figured out that nobody cares what religion he is, but he certainly cares about the religions of the females he targets. He plays up the ‘jews own everything’ stereotype in his latest blog piece. It’s truly horrible.

Roosh V is celebrating a ‘victory’ but it’s far from a victory. The photo he released, a 600 X 400 .jpg image of him at the event was supposed to confirm that he spoke in Toronto on Aug 15th. He’s supposedly holding an Aug 15th copy of the local paper to prove it. I suspect the photo is fake.

Original Photo as posted by Roosh V on Twitter.

Picture quality is horrible in the ‘speech’ photo. In an earlier picture Roosh posted on twitter you can see the picture quality is MUCH better and he’s sitting around a table with a couple guys. Both were uploaded by him so how can one photo be so clear and the other looks like it’s been taken through a potato?

Earlier photo uploaded by Roosh, much clearer.

The next thing I noticed was the whiteboard in the background was just too white, I opened the photo in PS CS3 and picked the color up from the center of the whiteboard on the original. It was complete white in the center but the edges weren’t pure white. So I opted to change all the white pixels to black and it showed that the photo was indeed photoshopped. Someone blocked out what was on the whiteboard digitally.

roosh photo whiteboard digitally erasedNow that’s suspicious. Why do you need to hide what’s on the white board?

Why are none of the men looking at Roosh? He’s supposedly the star, the hero, the dude who won some historic battle against Canadians. He’s been whining online for days that he’s fighting a battle. Not a single guy is looking at him.

Next is the fact that if you look next to Roosh’s right leg to the metal chair top behind him, It’s perfectly in focus yet Roosh himself is totally blurry. Why?

The body sizes look off too. Roosh looks like he’s too big and too tall.

Roosh looks like he has red eye but there is no discernible flash area and the shiny metal chair backs aren’t lit up either.

I also put the photo through a program online called FotoForensics. It shows a clear outline around the top half of Roosh’s body.

Roosh claimed 50 idiots from Canada came to hear him. Not one other guy posted a photo, not a single one with an internal date and time. If he really wanted to prove he had a seminar, that would be my first action. I would be plastering the internets with photos from various men showing the date and time. None have been posted. Just this one really suspicious photo.

I think Roosh just hung out with a couple friends. I don’t think he had any events and no battle was won. I think Canada shut him down.


Roosh has taken to Twitter, not to prove this photo isn’t fake but to whine about my post. It’s obvious he also can’t argue. I never said he wasn’t in Canada. I said the photo was photoshopped and wasn’t proof of anything.

Roosh tweeted that he had to take 11 steps to do his ‘talk.’ One of the steps was no cellphones on. How can you take any photographs on your phone if you’re not allowed to use them? It’s just another reason why I think the photo he released is fake.

Now he’s tweeted some pictures but none of them prove he was giving his ‘speech’ in Mississauga nor on Aug 15th. The pictures are almost thumbnails so there’s no way you can see any detail. I’m still convinced he didn’t speak when he said he was going to and that those might be other photos from somewhere else.

If you don’t think Roosh is dangerous, listen to this woman in Montreal who was assaulted by a PUA when she said ‘no’ to his harassment. She threw a drink on him when he wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer and then he strangled her. To save her life she smashed a pint glass over his head to survive.

▶ CBC Interview – AUG13 2015 – HomeRun Show – 5:40 p.m. by ilovesecretagents

Triggered by Flowers

Elam’s been severely triggered, by flowers. Flowers that look like vaginas are really pissing him off and he’s not waiting six more months for Valentine’s day to declare how much he hates women. He’s thinks it’s ‘Time for a National Whore’s Day or something’ because he found out men buy flowers for women and women buy flowers for themselves. I know that every man loves getting a bouquet of roses on Valentines Day.

The money (at least men’s) is a very important matter given the fact that over half of women surveyed said they would end a relationship if they were not given something on Valentine’s Day [1] – which is to say that 53% of the women surveyed are whores, and just like more garden variety whores, they will take a hike when they aren’t being paid.

Wanting a gift and/or a card on Valentine’s day makes you a whore according to Elam.

If the woman who “loves” you hinges that love on whether you shower her with frivolous, wasteful presents; if she will leave you if she doesn’t get them, then just stick a C-note in her whorish little bra, show her the door, and find yourself another whore who is a lot more honest about how she does business.


He continues, saying flowers are like women’s vaginas and are also symbolic of them since they dry out.

That’s right, they look and smell good for a very short period of time. Then they become useless discards, like the majority of relationships and at least 53% of surveyed vaginas.

It gets worse. He alludes to dead women and gardening tools.

If you insist on being sentimental, save the flower money and use it to buy a nice colorful arrangement. You can put them on the coffin where any illusions you had about not being with a whore will invariably be laid to rest.

His solution to his misery of ‘vagina flowers’ is for women to get gardening tools on Valentines Day. I shit you not:

The most romantic gift you can give on Valentine’s Day is a tiller, a garden trowel and a set of heavy duty work gloves. Throw in a few YouTube videos on how tillers, trowels, gloves and, uh, work works, and you have a woman with the ability to perpetually produce flowers of all varieties.

I suppose if you date an MRA the gardening tools will come in handy when the cops have to dig up the backyard. God damn, these creeps.

And finally he says we need to change the name of V day

“Whore’s Day,” is simple and concise, but I am concerned that it would be an insulting affront to prostitutes who are honest enough to tell you who and what they are.

This post will definitely go into the SPLC’s files on him.

One man commented that he doesn’t mind V day and buying gifts for a woman. Elam immediately replied. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Elam berating man for valentines day

For Updates on Roosh and the Canadian women he’s harassing go here.

If you’re experiencing vomit from Elam’s woman hating, watch this. Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi, a.k.a. Rokudenashiko and her vagina kayak. She was arrested for taking a 3d scan of her vagina and making the kayak.


Canadian Association For Equality and Men’s Rights Edmonton Threaten Women, Then Dox Them

Canadian Association for Equality is a men’s rights group bent on harming women. They try very hard to disassociate themselves from other men’s rights groups but they are all the same.

On June 9, 2015 Eric Duckman aka Nick Reading of Men’s Rights Edmonton uploaded a video titled ‘Let’s Identify Some Asshats’. The video was live footage from CAFE’s inaugural event in Ottawa. There were several female protesters at the event that were filmed. The Men’s Rights Edmonton video asked other MRA’s to find the personal information of the women.

Eric Duckman's video

Eric Duckman’s video

He then uploaded another video called ‘I Still Want Names’ to reiterate his point. He was upset that A Voice for Men didn’t link directly to his video on their site when they initially had posted it. He said the intention of doxxing is to ‘punish’ these women for protesting.

I still Want names mens rights edmonton

True to form, MRA’s went to work digging up information on the women to harass them. The names of two of the women were dropped in the comment section of this video along with links to their Facebook profiles. One girl was said to be 15 years old. Another woman they doxxed was so badly harassed she had to take her Facebook page down. CAFE and Men’s rights Edmonton take this as a victory. They successfully harassed another woman to the point she has to go into hiding.

We know it won’t stop there.

CAFE will likely play this off as ‘extremist MRA’s’ who they’re not associated with but it’s pretty hard to do this when you get money from A Voice for Men’s coffers directly from Paul Elam and all your members are associated with one another. Plus, it’s CAFE’s video footage shot at their event. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Doxxing photo w redacted names

Doxxing the two women on Youtube with links to their facebook accounts.

If you want to keep up with Roosh V’s doc dropping, online and offline harassment, and other sordid crap please go here.