Trans Male Attacks Ben Shapiro On National Television

Zoey Tur, a male and ex military, decided to verbally and physically threaten writer, and nice Jewish boy, Ben Shapiro on national television. Before I hear any whining about Ben Shapiro being a Conservative, stop. I don’t wanna hear it.

Dr. Drew had a panel discussion about Bruce Jenner winning an award. The panel went nuts when Shapiro flatly said males are males and Jenner is a male.

‘What are your genetics sir?’

That’s the question Shapiro asked Zoey Tur which resulted in Tur grabbing Shapiro by the back of the neck and threatening to put him in an ambulance. He also threatened Shapiro to wait in the parking lot after the show and on Twitter threatened to ‘curb stomp’ Shapiro.

Shapiro takes a radical feminist position on the trans question. Shapiro talked about Tur’s threats and even filed a police report on the manly behaviour of Tur. Here’s the video of Shapiro talking about the incident and replaying what happened.


45 thoughts on “Trans Male Attacks Ben Shapiro On National Television

  1. Shapiro is lucid and showed restraint. I support people being what they want to be, acting how they want to act. If men want to dress as women, that’s fine. But why the denial? Why do most trans (not all) stick their heads in the sand? To tell these men that they can’t have children, don’t get a period is ‘hate speech’. And we’re all supposed to jump on the denial bandwagon and, if we don’t, we’re the victimisers.

    Great way to prove to the world that you’re a woman Zoe–act like a violent man.

    I’m not a conservative; I’m a lefty. But neo-liberals are the new thought police. God forbid that people attempt a rational discussion and use logic. God forbid that we should say that men have male biology and call them ‘sir’. Why do we have to tip toe around these violent people’s feelings? The only hate speech I saw was that coming from Mr Tur. He was absolutely disgusting and reprehensible.

    Dr Drew pitted five against one. He should be ashamed of himself.

  2. Yeah, actual women don’t usually react to words they don’t like by reaching a hulking, hairy hand behind the offender’s neck and threatening to put him in an ambulance. This dude is not performing femininity very well, at all, is he?

    There’s an article, “ADAM CAROLLA ON ZOEY TUR’S THREATS AGAINST BEN SHAPIRO: TOLERANCE A ‘ONE-WAY STREET’ TO THE LEFT” also, at Breitbart, which Shapiro works for or somehow represents, that points out the obvious truth that if it had been Shapiro who had assaulted the hairy lay-dee, he would have spent the night in jail and would probably have been charged with a hate crime ’cause the dude is a tranny.

    Of course, if either one of these men had attacked an actual woman, he’d have been applauded by MRAs and woman-haters everywhere.

    Another thought I had reading this – and maybe this thing has already happened and I just don’t know about it – I think we radfems need our own political party. We really have no home. Both major parties and, as far as I know, all the minor parties in the U.S. are dominated by men and their ideas. This is the case in the U.S. and, as far as I can tell, in every other country. We need our own party that pushes for our own interests instead of lumping us in with dudebros!

  3. At 11:30, Shapiro points out that this trannyism/gender ID thing is the absolute height of male supremacy. And, as he said a few minutes before, tolerance is not enough. We women already know this, of course – it’s not enough to tolerate them, we have to let them into our women’s group, our women’s educational institution, our women’s locker room, our women’s restroom, we have to let them into our very skins – let them BE US – and we have to let them fuck us else we are “bigots” – oh, and “racists.”

  4. To answer Shapiro’s question at the end of this vid, “Who is looking for a solution?” – radical feminists already have the solution and have had it for, at least, decades, which is to abolish the absurd notion of gender.

    No gender = no gender identity confusion.

    Loved this vid, by the way. He’s a funny dude.

    • He’s an Orthodox Jew and keeps kashrut and shabbat. He went to UCLA where he pounded a bunch of BDS Jew haters which resulted in a negative vote, which I watched yesterday a few times.

      Much of his conservative views I absolutely don’t agree with. However, I did feel bad that he was assaulted on national tv by hulk smash Tur.

      • Breitbart is a big white boy’s club, but if you espouse their views, you can join that club – even if you don’t have 100% acceptance, you can be part of the winning team.

        I read some stuff about “Jackie” who was basically skewered by Rolling Stone and then left to die a slow death at the hands of the online and MSM (mainstream media) mob over there at Breitbart. They defended the fraternities and said that the white boys were being picked on. They see women as part of that victim class – or “protected victim class” – that Shapiro mentions, although he doesn’t say that here.

        I find him very easy to listen to an all. He is a small dude with a little voice and i find him slightly less threatening than the average dude. Still, whether it’s cops and non-uniformed men killing each other or a dude in a dress vs. some other dude, all I can really see is two factions of my enemies opposing each other, attacking each other – sometimes killing each other. And, I just can’t feel too bad about that. I have no kind feelings toward any of my enemies and mostly I find it interesting that this dude is being assaulted by another dude. I’ve been manhandled this way by men many, many times and it’s interesting to see how it plays out when the victim is a dude.

        • Yeah, I don’t find him particularly threatening. He said in one interview that feminists in the 60’s and 70’s got it right that men are pigs but then said we got in league with men and tried to be like men. I’m guessing he’s talking about the libfems b/c he makes no distinction between libfems and radfems.

  5. Thoughts and observations:

    1. Most female impersonators (aka “transwomen”) claim to “feel like a woman” based on some very ridiculous, extreme, socially-fabricated stereotypes (eg. I love the color pink, I love flipping my hair, I have a My Little Pony collection, etc.), but this Zoey character did something that an actual biological female would never do; physically threaten a dude on live television. Because Zoey is trans, he is being championed for this behavior, and that is male privilege. The reaction would be very different if this was a woman; MRA rage, death threats….hell, she’d probably have to leave the country and go into hiding.

    2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dude mansplain to another dude before (Zoey’s constant touching & patting, and belittling Shapiro’s intelligence), but I got to see it today. LOL

    3. Shapiro screwed up on a couple of points; brain sex & femininity. Neither of these things are real. The issue isn’t so much that Zoey isn’t acting “ladylike”; it’s the fact that he CAN break those rules (because of male sex privilege), and the fact that the entire premise of transgenderism is based on behaving like a stereotypical woman/man. You can’t say “I feel like a woman because [insert stereotype here]”, and then throw all of that out the window when it’s advantageous to behave like a typical male.

    4. If Zoey Tur did curb-stomp Shapiro, I wouldn’t care. Hopefully, they would take each other out. They both reek of misogyny.

    5. Dr. Drew is highly annoying. I avoid his shows like rectal cancer.

    • @sugarpuss:
      “Because Zoey is trans, he is being championed for this behavior, and that is male privilege. The reaction would be very different if this was a woman; MRA rage, death threats….hell, she’d probably have to leave the country and go into hiding.”

      Ain’t that the truth.

      • I haven’t seen much of the reaction except for the ppl on the show that did absolutely nothing and then covered it up and laughed.

        Mr. Tur didn’t contain himself after the show either. He then threatened to meet Ben in the parking lot and on Twitter threatened to curb stomp him.

    • Tur “was” an extremely aggressive, violent macho man pre-transition (it’s also worth noting he only transitioned about a year ago). He claims that it was all an act to hide his true self, but it’s pretty clear that being an aggressive, violent macho man is Tur’s true self. The difference is that now he’s being applauded for it by people who should know better.

      If a woman did something similar, she’d be hounded by MRAs and other misogynists, but even liberals wouldn’t happy about it. They’d concern troll her for her “tone” and for alienating the other side with her rhetoric and behavior. Tur doesn’t get that treatment because everyone knows he’s a white heterosexual man.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if a somewhat passing, non-ugly, feminine trans woman wouldn’t get the accolades Tur has been getting for this behavior. Misogynists hate effeminate gay men as much as they hate women.

    • “2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dude mansplain to another dude before (Zoey’s constant touching & patting, and belittling Shapiro’s intelligence), but I got to see it today. LOL”

      To be fair, men mansplain to each other about 400% of the time. That’s a big part of what ‘being a man’ is about.

      To read:

  6. I was so pissed to have to argue at LG&M that it doesn’t matter how much you don’t like someone it is not ok to applaud them being groped and threatened. The thread was full of d00dz saying that violence was the appropriate response to being insulted. So I said male violence is the greatest human rights crisis the world has ever known.
    I resent these corporate media performers and abusive asshats being presented as “the left”.

    • LG and M? I might be slow this morning b/c I’m exhausted but what is that?

      It is true that men consider saying ‘no’ is a good enough reason for male violence. And you’re right, it IS the greatest human rights crisis.

      Think of every woman in the world today that is being belittled, battered, prostituted, raped, street harassed, threatened, controlled, and dominated by a male.

  7. I also found out today that another transMALE attacked a 56 year old man with a baseball bat and murdered him. Why? The man called him a ‘faggot.’

    Madison Reid pictured here is the man who beat the other man.

    He tried telilng the judge it was self defense but the judge knew it was bullshit. He got 8 years in prison.

    • It’s interesting seeing this defense juxtaposed with the trans community’s lies about the gay/trans panic defense. Only California has outlawed that defense in court, and trans activists have claimed that this means it’s legal to murder a gay man or trans woman in all the other 49 states. This isn’t even remotely true. The panic defense is merely an argument made in court; it doesn’t hold any particular legal weight. It also basically never works. All the high-profile trans panic defenses have ended in a conviction.

      Meanwhile, trans activists claim that “misgendering” is “violence”, and how do men respond to violence? With violence in kind. Therein is the “self-defense” claim when a trans woman murders someone for being rude.

      Who is really arguing for murder being legal under certain circumstances? Sure looks like it’s trans activists and trans criminals making that claim.

  8. Just when we think that men can’t possibly be any bigger douchebags to women, they invent transgenderism. They never seem to tire of finding new ways to hurt us.

    • Oh my god, I think this all time, Cassandra. It’s a scenario that keeps running through my head. A man sitting around talking to other men:
      “Let’s see, what have we done to women — co-opted their reproductive systems, turned them into sex slaves, brain-washed them into thinking they’re intellectually inferior, denied them civil rights, used mainstream religion to make everyone forget how women were once considered divine….hmmm, what haven’t we done to them yet? Let me think? Let me think.” Then some wack-a-doo in the room raises his hand.
      “Errr, have we subsumed them yet?” He asks. “Like, can we pretend their biology isn’t important (or exists on any meaningful level) then say we’re them? Can we shame them for acknowledging their own material reality when they won’t call us women? Otherwise we’ll have to owe up to history and what has been done to women. This way we can gaslight women into thinking they’re oppressing US. Infecting liberal lefties with this shit should help us get the job done. They’ll never live up to our sex pozzie fantasies anyway, so fuck them.”

      Another loser in the room perks up.
      “We can appropriate their oppression! Wouldn’t that be neat?” Loser says. “Women are just porn, anyway. I mean, I wish they were. I mean, they don’t know how good they have it when someone objectifies them. They should feel bad for us. No one wants to fuck us at the drop of a hat.”

      Then the ghost of Sigmund Freud appears and reminds them how important reversals are.
      “Remember, my sons,” he says, “You must never admit penis envy is bullshit and many men resent a woman’s ability to gestate life. Wombs? What’s a womb? A word that makes men feel bad….so we shame them into talking about it…even though we’re pissed off we don’t have one. When they talk about pregnancy and the like, just remind women they don’t have our upper body strength — which is a good enough reason to treat them as inferior…if we say it is.” He winks at the loser dudebros then disappears into a puff of cigar smoke.

      Forgive this overlong, sarcastic rant.

  9. @Cassandra, yes: “Just when we think that men can’t possibly be any bigger douchebags to women, they invent transgenderism. They never seem to tire of finding new ways to hurt us.”

    I don’t think they care about hurting us. We’re just objects, exploitable resources, long since pacified except for those pesky outsiders the Radfems. All they care about maximizing sexual access. Just look at all this crap through that lens and see what I see.

    BTW, Mancheeze readers, just want to let you know that there are a series of interesting radfem articles being published this week on Radfem Repost, some of which touch on this topic. You can read them at or at a new blog I’m involved with, Feminism XX:

  10. Thanks Mancheeze! WordPress has problems that blogspot doesn’t, wot can I say. Please stick with us anyway! So much to come!

    Hey mancheeze, your most significant articles are being catalogued and rediscovered! Not to worry. Give us something timeless. We will publish radical feminists, have no doubt.

  11. The whole point in calling a male someone you are having a disagreement with “sir” is to show respect, as Shapiro says, but if you know that person doesn’t want to be called “sir” then it becomes a marker of disrespect instead. How someone wants to be addressed matters. Shapiro knows what he’s saying and knows exactly the impact of the words he chooses. He doesn’t have to call Zoey Tur “her” or anything, but he also doesn’t have to use the word “sir.” I’m not going to stick up for Tur or Doctor fucking Drew or any of these other clowns but Shapiro is not being as polite as he claims to be.

      • There is something wrong with that, I think. Anytime you call someone something you know they don’t want to be called, it is disrespectful. Like deliberately calling someone “miss” or “mrs” if you know they want to be called “ms.” Or calling someone by a name they no longer use. Shapiro chooses his words carefully. His intention was to be provocative, and it worked. He baited Tur into responding inappropriately and you are right, Tur did respond inappropriately, but Shapiro is still a jagoff, not a “nice Jewish boy.” He does not take a “radical feminist” position on this or any other issue.

        I think every one of those panelists is a jagoff and actual radfem analysis of trans politics is nowhere to be found, in this or nearly anywhere else in the mainstream media.

        • Nope. Men are sirs. They aren’t ma’ams. He DOES take a radfem perspective on transpolitics. He even said why in the appearance. My rights as a woman are being trumped by men in dresses who want to enter female spaces. That’s why men are appropriately called SIR. Words have meanings ya know.

          So no. I’m not going to argue about this with you. My arguments and others have been made and they’re correct. All the arguments can be found on the sidebar of my blog and no you obviously can’t find them in the mainstream media b/c the mainstream media is dominated by libfems who are not only allowing men to take over our space but encouraging it. You’re ignorant about this topic. It’s plain as day. Either get educated on this or I won’t publish any more of your comments on here regarding this issue. I don’t have time to argue with people who choose to remain ignorant. This conversation is over.

    • And yet, when women express a desire to not be referred to as bitches, whores & cunts, men tell us we’re being “too sensitive”. So, we just have to live with it, basically. Mr. Tur will have to do the same.

      Actually, I’d like to bring up the fact that many dudes on the internet have accused me of being a man because “women don’t talk like that”. They have this very fictional perception (promoted by the media) of what women are like or how we think. They can’t get it through their thick heads that we are actually a very diverse group of individuals with unique personalities. Zoey Tur is just getting a very small sample of what non-mainstream-conforming women experience on a daily basis. He whines over being called “Sir”? I’ve been called a lot worse than that by dudes who don’t approve of my “attitude”.

      • I get that too, men assuming I am a man in comment threads on political blogs. One of them even tried to mock me for using a “girly word” in a comment. It was amusing.

        • I don’t comment anywhere but here, anymore, but when I used to, using a gender-neutral name, the dudes always assumed I was a dude. But, in my case, I think it’s just because they don’t think women know how to push the power button on a computer. Male is the default sex. And, of course, if they find out you’re a woman, you’re in for torrents of sexualized abuse.It’s much, much better to let them think you’re a man.

        • I forgot to mention that they think I’m a gay man (for reasons that I wont mention here 🙂 ), so I think that qualifies as “girlie” too. I don’t know…men’s appropriate gender behavior rules are as complex as they are contradictory. I don’t even try to figure it out anymore.

  12. I don’t condone the violence or threats of violence from Zoey Tur or from anyone, but the particular situation aside, I would guess from your misgendering that you appear to be against transgender rights or even recognition.

    That’s a shame because I used to actually like reading your blog and seeing MRA logic ripped to shreds. Seriously disappointed by your bigotry, it seems that in some ways you’re just as bad as MRAs (to be honest I had suspected that by your self identifying as a radfem).

    I doubt that you’re going to make an attempt to do some research or actually talk to some transgender people, but I do hope that in time you come to understand that you’re wrong.

      • You’d be correct on my laziness, I only visited occasionally and went straight to the posts that were MRA relevant, thus managing to miss everything else. I really don’t have the time or inclination now to argue with you and I just spotted your ‘transactivists, go away’ note (not that I am an activist, but by some measures, I do fall under the LGBTA/QUILTBAG umbrella myself, so stuff like this makes me rage a little).

        Just wanted to give you the heads up with my disappointment and anger anyway. I had an inkling of hope that it might provoke some thought, but as usual on that front, it seems I was wrong.

        • I speak for myself here. I have some trans friends. I give them feminine pronouns, because I see them taking up feminist causes and being on OUR side. I respect them. The recognise male violence. They see the transactivists for what they are-histrionic woman haters.

          From transactivists like Sofia Banks I see vile, hateful misogyny spewing forth. The Sofia Banks of the world have nothing constructive to say. Not only do they not advocate on behalf of women but also they spend their time hating on women, when their anger would be better directed at men. I see these transactivists telling women to ‘die’ and ‘drink bleach’.

          I see Caitlin Jenner and Janet Mock not having a clue about women’s struggles. Yet they’re held up as some kind of bastion of womanhood–because they’re men and they’ll show us how to be real women, right?

          Transwomen want to be recognised as women without fighting for our causes. I’ll recognise them as women when they start acting like women.

          For you, Embers, to come on this website and start spewing your hatred and insensitivity shows you also have no idea about what it is to be a woman. So off you go.

  13. This show got such a great response that “Dr Drew” is planning an entire show about this show with only transpersons in the audience, according to trantalent who is booking the seats for the event.


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