Miss Piggy Makes MRA’s Rage

The dudes over at AVFM and Men’s Rights Edmonton targeted Jeff Perera of White Ribbon on Twitter because he tweeted a Miss Piggy cartoon. The MRA’s are all butthurt and are accusing Perera of promoting violence against men because, get this, Miss Piggy is one of those violent female muppets whose been attacking poor Omega male Kermit the Frog for way too long.

MRA’s really can’t find any of the systematic violence they accuse women of so they’re stuck going after Muppets.

Psychotherapists the world over would have a field day with this.

They’re so upset they’ve made a video and a Twitter hashtag #notallmuppets

I wish this was fake but these dudes are dead serious.


5 thoughts on “Miss Piggy Makes MRA’s Rage

  1. Wow. The ridiculousness of that video is dense and convoluted. As if Miss Piggy is some kind of feminist hero rather than a puppet character that was created by and voiced by a man to portray misogynist stereotypes for laughs. As if quoting or referencing Miss Piggy is a dog-whistle for piggish large women to beat up froggy little men. What? I’m embarrassed that I’m even trying to analyze it. I agree with the basic point that it’s a bad idea for an anti-violence campaign to make jokes about violence, even Miss Piggy jokes. I’ve always found Miss Piggy to be a vicious mockery of female power…or maybe she’s a vicious mockery of what many men believe female power to be. Either way, again, what??

  2. I’m surprised that guy didn’t cite Miss Piggy beating the crap out of a purse snatcher in the Muppets Take Manhattan; although I was bemused by his use of the clip of Miss Piggy being harassed and then (unintentionally) scaring off the harassers by tearing a metal bar off some scaffolding. I can see why that would make Mr. MRA piss his pants.

    And what about the time she saved Kermit from an evil Nazi scientist by fighting off a dozen manly men?

  3. ::head desk::

    Way to grasp at straws, d00d. Still, better than arguing with the straw feminists in his head?

    Yeah, Miss Piggy is tasteless, and the tweet wasn’t a great choice, but, really? Holy over analysing, Bat Man!


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