Paul Elam’s Nonviolence Turns Violent After Roosh’s Canadian Experience UPDATES LIVE

As an example of how the entire Manosphere closes ranks, Elam took to Twitter to threaten to shoot someone over Roosh V.

Paul Elam incites his male audience to do violence against women.

In a bizarre rant sticking up for Roosh, the dude who advocates for rape to be legal on private property, Elam has told women that he will kill them in an article called ‘Don’t mistake my nonviolence for pacifism.’

Roosh is currently in Canada spreading his hatred of women while lots of women are protesting and have petitioned to keep Roosh from crossing the border. The petition sparked Roosh to make a plan to harm these women, target them online, and dox them. This is a typical strategy MRA’s use. One MRA will post that he wants the dox of female protestors and the information gathered is then disseminated to the audience so that each man can take his violence out on her online and offline.

There’s a reason why it’s called the Manosphere. There is no distinction among the various groups. Each group (PUA, MRA, MGTOW) all have different strategies to harm women but they’re all hateful misogynists and they close ranks whenever one is being protested.

Elam has taken this opportunity of Roosh being protested to tell women that he will kill us and what they’ll use to do it.  He uses a very sarcastic tweet he found on Twitter as his ‘justification.’ Someone joked on Twitter that beer was flammable and that Roosh had a drink thrown on him for grabbing a woman by the waist and dragging her into a bar.

It’s pretty obvious that this was a joke and nobody would actually think someone would catch on fire if someone threw a smoke at him. Well, MRA’s clearly don’t understand that it’s 1) a very sarcastic joke that 2) is very unlikely to ever manifest.

‘In the case of Roosh, a feminist threw a drink on him. Another feminist on Twitter suggested that people should pay attention to the fact that alcohol is combustible. It was retweeted and favorited several times.’~Paul Elam

The woman who threw the drink on him who might not even be a feminist wrote about the experience:

It was videotaped too! Watch Roosh the rapist get what he deserves for grabbing a woman by the waist and dragging her into a bar.

And then a different woman on Twitter joked that the beer might be flammable and told people to throw things at Roosh. It was quite clearly a joke and over the top as she followed up with this tweet:

This sent Elam into a rage. While he said violence should be proportional, his pretzel logic kicked in.

‘The problem in this scenario is that the decision on proportion is not quite that simple.’~Paul Elam

It’s not so simple because Elam really does want to enact violence on women and he certainly wants his male audience to do it too.

‘Here’s the deal. Given the current climate it becomes rationally questionable whether a feminist throwing a flammable liquid on me intends to ignite it. My personal option at this point would be to assume they would. Thus I would make my response proportional to someone trying to incinerate me. That means they would have to go down and at the very least be completely incapacitated, by any means necessary.‘~Paul Elam

Taking into consideration that the tweet never directly threatened Roosh nor do women routinely go around lighting men on fire nor do people catch fire from this sort of thing, it seems Elam is just using this event as a plank from which to declare open season on women to his audience. He even commented, along with his male audience, about which gun they would use to kill women. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Paul Elam on the guns they'd use to kill women

He advocates that his male audience shouldn’t take risks and should do violence first, because we all know how likely it is that some random woman will incinerate a man after tweeting several sarcastic over-the-top scenarios.

‘I don’t suggest anyone roll the dice on these insane ideologues.’~Paul Elam

In the end Elam suggests he’s not really as non-violent as he says he is:

‘I think feminists of all kinds should be aware that belonging to a nonviolent movement does not mean you are a pacifist.

As an MHRA I am willing to die for my beliefs. I only think it prudent to caution that I am equally willing to kill to protect myself.

UPDATE Aug 10,2015 Roosh and Manosphere searching for dox on female protestors.

Roosh and the rest of the Manosphere is trying to find the personal dox of women they recorded at a protest. Roosh uploaded a video to Youtube where he’s searching, along with all the other violent men in the Manosphere for her dox.

These violent men will go to any lengths to find these women. Roosh left a comment on the video telling other men to look at her T shirt, which had a french word on it they went to the trouble of translating that represented a roller derby team. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Roosh searching for doxRoosh Drops Dox of Woman

Roosh is now dropping the docs of a woman he thinks threw a drink on him and the Manosphere is right there to violate her through social media. The violent men in the Manosphere have declared a victory saying she’s deleting her online presence. Roosh apparently pressed charges against her but he shows what a violent male he is by dropping her dox, knowing that a lot of other violent men in the Manosphere will take their turn threatening her.

Many men on his site have talked about beating her and one wants to violently rape her in public. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Roosh member wants to rape woman who threw drinkThis is why Roosh should never have been allowed to cross the border in the first place.

Roosh’s Butthurt Brigade Attacking Cafe in Montreal

Roosh is butthurt that someone in a cafe in Montreal publicized his location on their Instagram. He still doesn’t get it. Nobody wants him in Canada. Here’s the donotlink of his whining. He’s instructed his minions to go to the cafe’s business page on Yelp and rate it down and make negative comments.

The cafe is aware their Yelp is being brigaded by mantrolls and are doing what they can to lock the page down. Now the misters have decided they’ll give the cafe 5 stars with a shitty text review so the cafe won’t pick up on it. Could someone please tell the Cafe what these idiot males are doing? Thanks.

Toronto Doesn’t Like Creepy Misogynists Who Spread Hate Speech

Roosh’s last stop on his Canadian Tour is Toronto and several politicans want him gone. John Tory and Norm Kelly have spoken out on Twitter to tell the hosts of Roosh’s ‘seminars’ to cancel on him.

Mississauga Mayor Says Roosh is a Disgusting Misogynist

Mayor Bonnie Crombie doesn’t want Roosh in Mississauga, where he’s planning to have his ‘seminar.’ Mississauga mayor says controversial U.S. blogger, ‘Roosh V’ not welcome

In response to 40,000 Canadians not wanting him in our country, Roosh the ‘alpha male’ sure is whining about how he’s been assaulted and misrepresented in the press. It sorta goes against his facade that he’s a tough guy. Most tough guys I know can handle a rejection that involves a beer shower. Not the super alpha male Roosh. He’s convinced he’s the poor victim in all this and has written about it as if it’s some World War II battle.

Many legal experts have viewed Roosh’s ideas and have said that some of them are indeed hate speech but the border hasn’t done anything as of yet.

Women Fight Back

Women who are being targeted by Roosh during his ‘Operation Fornication’ are fighting back. The online harassment has gotten very severe and women are filing police reports. One woman who is going by ‘Vanessa’ said she won’t wait for something to happen to her.

As time passes and more women are targeted, I expect there will be more filing.

It’s gotten to the point that Roosh has had to post a bulletin on his forum telling the violent males to stay calm and not write anything violent. It’s a bit late for that. Roosh sees this as some epic battle, which it’s not. It’s just a bunch of violent males taking their rage out on women they target. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Roosh forum warning

Roosh in Toronto

MPP Cheri DiNovo organized a protest on Saturday in a Toronto park to address issues around rape culture since Roosh promotes rape of women. It’s great that there are politicians involved. This way it will be easier to get the border police to listen.

However, the Manosphere has researched her past and found out she publicly spoke about being raped. The Manosphere went to work discrediting her and harassing her. They’re digging up her past and she’s being targeted.

Roosh’s minions were out videotaping the women for future harassment.

Meanwhile Roosh has instructed the Manosphere to video tape the women at the protest so he can identify them and target them for rape and death threats. He’s also accusing protesters of wanting to swat him and his little group of manbabies. There is no evidence of anyone swatting him since he does represent a legitimate threat to women’s safety as he’s shown in the past week with his doxxing. It’s a typical Manosphere tactic to turn it around and blame the protesters, video tape them, dox them, and then further harass them. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Roosh instructs video taping of women Toronto

Roosh is a Rapist

Look at the pics in this tweet. Those are his own words and what he’s describing is rape.



Collection of Mainstream Articles in Canada on this issue:

Roosh V, anti-feminist blogger, launches ‘counterattack’ against Montreal protesters – Montreal – CBC News

Controversial blogger Roosh V not welcome in Montreal, tweets Denis Coderre – Montreal – CBC News

‘Roosh V is not welcome in Montreal’ — anti-feminist blogger incites backlash, demonstration | Montreal Gazette

Infamous ‘pick-up artist’ already in Canada, despite petition calling for ban | CTV News

Protest against rape culture aimed at controversial blogger – Montreal |

Toronto’s Mayor Says a Tour by ‘Neo Masculine’ Author Roosh V Should Be Canceled | TIME

Video: Psychologist insight on ‘pick-up artist’ Roosh V – CityNews

A Rape Advocate Is Targeting Canadian Women In an Online Harassment Campaign | Motherboard

MPP Cheri DiNovo petitions for Roosh V ban |



38 thoughts on “Paul Elam’s Nonviolence Turns Violent After Roosh’s Canadian Experience UPDATES LIVE

  1. I remember back in the day when Doosh used to have an AOL chatroom going 24/7; he called himself “Le Modern Caveman”. I trolled it constantly. At that time, I had no idea he was a PUA, nor was I even aware such a thing existed (this was back in 2006, and also right before I discovered MRAs), but I just knew that there were a lot of assholes in that chatroom and I enjoyed messing with them.

    His site is one of the worst I’ve seen in the Dickosphere. I haven’t been there in a long time because it evokes extreme anger in me. This scumbag can say all sorts of horrific things, and people constantly dismiss it as “satire”. But one woman’s tweet, that pales in comparison to anything Doosh has ever said on his piece of shit hate-blog, is what Elame chooses to bark about. Wow. The irony. I guess Paulie doesn’t understand SATIRE. Well….It’s more like he’s just about to blow, and desperately needs an excuse…. any excuse, to go out and beat women.

  2. Brava, Canadian protesters! Beer was thrown! And insults were hurled! In real life! It’s a start!

    Elam seems to feel obligated to say a few faux-mad words, whatever. There’s no conviction. Even his minions sound bored. I know I am.

  3. His male audience? No honey, his WHOLE audience. Don’t forget my ‘angel of death’. I promise you, I won’t. And why are you such a misogynist when it comes to women in the MHRM? It’s like you think we’re second class citizens, or something. Sheesh. Try and be consistent, would you?

    • How bizarre. You use misogynistic language to describe yourself (ie. Bitch), and yet you claim HMQ is being a misogynist.

      Don’t be so cranky just because you sold out to the perceived winning team, and now the boat is fixing to sink… with you in it. Poor, pathetic robot. So desperate for acceptance from the doods. You’d probably murder your own family if you thought it would earn you a chance to get a whiff of Paulie’s crotch lint.

  4. Yanno, when you grab someone and try to drag them off you kinda lost the high ground for justifying murder as self defense.

    • Roosh was wearing his caveman wig too. Either he thought nobody would recognize him or it was some silly prop he thought would help him pick up women.

      Either way, I’m proud of the women who did this. I admit it’s not my strategy, well, except the petition.

      Roosh pressed charges against the woman who threw a drink on him.

      Can’t wait to see our legal system laugh at him.

      • Huh. See that?
        My subconscious has decided they’re the same person, hence the typo. Gosh. My subconscious can’t tell the difference between one crazed, irrational dick-brain from another. **shrug**
        Maybe it’s a coping mechanism.

  5. Judgybitch is defending this rape-promoter. A good decision?

    She thinks the word bitch makes her cool with the uglies she keeps company with, so she keeps saying it. A good decision?

    Maybe this small-town tradcon should do some reflecting. No one online knows her as anything but a vicious misogynist. Is that what she wants to be known as?

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  9. All of these people are idiots. I could also make snide jokes about violence on women that can be undercover digs, too. You are being biased on this issue by suggesting otherwise.

    Roosh should learn to keep his hands off women, the potential rapist. Elam needs to learn to control his temper. The feminist should be advised that making snide comments that advocate violence, however underhanded, can come back to bite her in the ass when someone else does the same.

    The whole thing is utterly stupid.


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