Canadian Association For Equality and Men’s Rights Edmonton Threaten Women, Then Dox Them

Canadian Association for Equality is a men’s rights group bent on harming women. They try very hard to disassociate themselves from other men’s rights groups but they are all the same.

On June 9, 2015 Eric Duckman aka Nick Reading of Men’s Rights Edmonton uploaded a video titled ‘Let’s Identify Some Asshats’. The video was live footage from CAFE’s inaugural event in Ottawa. There were several female protesters at the event that were filmed. The Men’s Rights Edmonton video asked other MRA’s to find the personal information of the women.

Eric Duckman's video

Eric Duckman’s video

He then uploaded another video called ‘I Still Want Names’ to reiterate his point. He was upset that A Voice for Men didn’t link directly to his video on their site when they initially had posted it. He said the intention of doxxing is to ‘punish’ these women for protesting.

I still Want names mens rights edmonton

True to form, MRA’s went to work digging up information on the women to harass them. The names of two of the women were dropped in the comment section of this video along with links to their Facebook profiles. One girl was said to be 15 years old. Another woman they doxxed was so badly harassed she had to take her Facebook page down. CAFE and Men’s rights Edmonton take this as a victory. They successfully harassed another woman to the point she has to go into hiding.

We know it won’t stop there.

CAFE will likely play this off as ‘extremist MRA’s’ who they’re not associated with but it’s pretty hard to do this when you get money from A Voice for Men’s coffers directly from Paul Elam and all your members are associated with one another. Plus, it’s CAFE’s video footage shot at their event. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Doxxing photo w redacted names

Doxxing the two women on Youtube with links to their facebook accounts.

If you want to keep up with Roosh V’s doc dropping, online and offline harassment, and other sordid crap please go here.


11 thoughts on “Canadian Association For Equality and Men’s Rights Edmonton Threaten Women, Then Dox Them

  1. Male privilege = the ability to upload a YouTube video, looking like a total slob, and nobody in the comment section mentions it. They are so oblivious of things like that, while screeching for “men’s rights”.

    As for all of this doxing bullshit, how can somebody do that and not be perceived as a potential stalker, serial killer and/or rapist? On what planet is this considered normal, rational behavior? The fact that it has 140+ upvotes really says a lot about how fucked up men are.

    • Meanwhile when a woman has a hair out of place, the comments section is filled with dudebros screeching about how ugly and fat she is, and therefore how everything she says is therefore invalid. Ugh. Assholes.

    • Yes.

      Something I’ve noticed about men in general, is that they seem to experience some sort of temporary blindness when they look at themselves & each other. That critical eye that they so eagerly cast on women just clouds right over. It’s a complete lack of self-awareness, and a luxury of being born male.

  2. LOL! These misogynist dudes are always on about how ugly, hairy and unkempt feminists are – of course, you hardly see any feminists due to all the rape and death threats we receive, plus the no-platforming and the fact that a whole bunch of us hide out in our homes and rarely go out precisely because of all the misogynists. Yet, here’s this woolly fellow who really does look like he’s been out hunting mammoths! In fact, he reminds me a lot of Captain Cave-ma-a-a-a-an!

    Do you think he owns a bar of soap or has indoor plumbing?

    Maybe if these men had – you know – JOBS, instead of living off women, they might be inclined to put some effort into looking civilized. I don’t think even some hippie joint would hire some dude who looks like this fellow. If any of these dudebros had some gainful employment, they would have a lot less time on their hands with which to destroy the lives of women and girls.

    • Captain Caveman! LOL! Or “he” which I read in Jezebel today (*hangs head in shame*) is the new LOL. Apparently LOL is so yesterday.

      Also, he has man boobs so I just can’t take him seriously.

      And what the hell is up with those stairs in the background? Is he re-enacting a Dr.Seuss book?

  3. Eeeeeew his house looks like a college crash pad. I bet it stinks. What a creepy-crawly creepy creep.

    A little off topic but did anybody see the in-depth article in The New York Times today about the ISIS sex slave/raping girls to get closer to God situation? I cried and cried. Then I waded into the comment section to give hell to patriarchy. There were a couple of other radfems in there, doing the same, but there were way more people talking about how we need to bomb the shit out of them, as if the same thing isn’t happening here in the US and all over the world. It’s just a matter of degree. There are 1800 comments on it, but I can’t find mine; I was pretty harsh. (Gee, a realistic comment on patriarchy/religion not being published…look at the shocked look on my face.)


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