Triggered by Flowers

Elam’s been severely triggered, by flowers. Flowers that look like vaginas are really pissing him off and he’s not waiting six more months for Valentine’s day to declare how much he hates women. He’s thinks it’s ‘Time for a National Whore’s Day or something’ because he found out men buy flowers for women and women buy flowers for themselves. I know that every man loves getting a bouquet of roses on Valentines Day.

The money (at least men’s) is a very important matter given the fact that over half of women surveyed said they would end a relationship if they were not given something on Valentine’s Day [1] – which is to say that 53% of the women surveyed are whores, and just like more garden variety whores, they will take a hike when they aren’t being paid.

Wanting a gift and/or a card on Valentine’s day makes you a whore according to Elam.

If the woman who “loves” you hinges that love on whether you shower her with frivolous, wasteful presents; if she will leave you if she doesn’t get them, then just stick a C-note in her whorish little bra, show her the door, and find yourself another whore who is a lot more honest about how she does business.


He continues, saying flowers are like women’s vaginas and are also symbolic of them since they dry out.

That’s right, they look and smell good for a very short period of time. Then they become useless discards, like the majority of relationships and at least 53% of surveyed vaginas.

It gets worse. He alludes to dead women and gardening tools.

If you insist on being sentimental, save the flower money and use it to buy a nice colorful arrangement. You can put them on the coffin where any illusions you had about not being with a whore will invariably be laid to rest.

His solution to his misery of ‘vagina flowers’ is for women to get gardening tools on Valentines Day. I shit you not:

The most romantic gift you can give on Valentine’s Day is a tiller, a garden trowel and a set of heavy duty work gloves. Throw in a few YouTube videos on how tillers, trowels, gloves and, uh, work works, and you have a woman with the ability to perpetually produce flowers of all varieties.

I suppose if you date an MRA the gardening tools will come in handy when the cops have to dig up the backyard. God damn, these creeps.

And finally he says we need to change the name of V day

“Whore’s Day,” is simple and concise, but I am concerned that it would be an insulting affront to prostitutes who are honest enough to tell you who and what they are.

This post will definitely go into the SPLC’s files on him.

One man commented that he doesn’t mind V day and buying gifts for a woman. Elam immediately replied. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Elam berating man for valentines day

For Updates on Roosh and the Canadian women he’s harassing go here.

If you’re experiencing vomit from Elam’s woman hating, watch this. Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi, a.k.a. Rokudenashiko and her vagina kayak. She was arrested for taking a 3d scan of her vagina and making the kayak.



27 thoughts on “Triggered by Flowers

  1. Hmm, this is utterly trivial. I think he’s masturbating. He’s said he gets hot thinking about abusing women, so here he’s verbally abusing. The only thing that’s going on is the regular repetition of “whore”, like he keeps inputting a few unnecessary words with his left hand then “whore”….”whore”…”whore”…rhythmically while his breathing gets heavier…whorewhorewhore…

    and when he finishes he’s finished. But maybe he’s a liar and even “whorewhorewhore” doesn’t work any more, who knows or cares. Maybe he should try “Bitch! Bitch! Bitch!” like Janet Bloomfield. Works for her. Esmay gets off on “Bigot! Unh!…Bigot!…Unh!” Elam could try that.

    Wotta bore. He has nothing else to do than (try to) jerk off. He’s finished.

  2. Huh. What about other days? Birthdays? Christmas? Hanukkah? Are we ever allowed to be given presents without it being about paying for sex? Is everything a transaction in his eyes? Isn’t that kind of sociopathic, hmmm,?

    • Yes. What’s odd about his rant is he doesn’t even know what he’s saying. Like Flageolet pointed out, it’s just him saying ‘whore, whore, whore.’

      One man in the comment section said he doesn’t mind buying a gift for a woman on V day and Elam lit into him immediately.

  3. Last time I was involved with a man, I grew my own flowers *and* gave them to the guy. But I guess according to Mr. Elam, women like me don’t exist.

    Also I bought my own goddamn gardening tools.

  4. I’d also like to point out, he means vulvas not vaginas. The vagina is the inside bit. And if he thinks 53% of vulvas smell bad, he’s either been with a hell of a lot of women with STDs (which would not amaze me if he’s patronising prostituted women, unfortunately) or he’s really basically preferring blokes. They actually smell great.

  5. So what about when a woman gives a man a present on V-day? Is the man a whore? Or when they both give each other a present? Are they both whores? The world of gift-giving is just so confusing for my poor little ladybrain. Clearly I need someone like certified sociopath, er, I mean “Real Manly MRA Man” Paulie to explain it to me.

  6. I get the impression he is typing one handed also.
    I am skeptical that there is a survey where half the women said they would end a relationship over not getting presents on VD. That is just so Elam.
    I have always been a bit bemused by these d00dz who expect daily household and sexual service in exchange for room and board and then claim that women are greedy hos if they presume to expect a token of appreciation on the four designated days a year.

  7. The problem with Elame (and dudes who are like him), is that he believes he should never have to bring anything to the table. He is physically repulsive, his personality reeks and he’s a tightwad. LOL What exactly is his selling point? I can’t imagine any woman willingly spending time with him without some sort of financial compensation…and the price of flowers on Valentine’s Day doesn’t even begin to cover the cost.

    He wants everything in exchange for nothing. That’s his idea of a fair trade.

          • I was reading yesterday about an organization one can hire to send people a bag of gummi dicks with a large note reading “Eat A Bag Of Dicks.” Maybe they could be persuaded into branching out into FedExing dildoed chairs.

          • LOL! He probably already does. That would explain why he always seems to be in such a foul mood. Maybe he should lubricate it with a little Prep H. Could help deflate the hemmies and reduce inflammation.

    • What’s interesting to me is that many of the men who rail the hardest over bought women would be happy to buy someone. I’m pretty well convinced that Rush Limbaugh has a quid pro quo relationship with his wife.

      The only reason Elam et al hate “whores” is that they can’t afford the going rate. These guys think women should give them the benefits of a bought-and-paid-for companion except they think they should get it for free. They don’t want to pay monetarily, and they don’t want to “pay” in the form of being a partner in a more or less equitable relationship.

  8. There are lots of people who think Valentine’s day is pointless. Really it’s a consumer holiday where we are supposed to buy stupid stuff to feed capitalism. Elam is not smart enough to realize that it is capitalists, not women, who are pushing the idea that men need to buy women gifts just because it’s February 14th. Lots of regular, everyday women would be very happy with a kiss, an I Love You note, or some small gesture that doesn’t involve buying a product. MRAs get their ideas about women from popular culture: TV, movies, commercials, porn, etc. They have no idea what real women are actually like.

    • yep. V Day is just a backdrop so Elam can tell his followers how much he hates women, so they can rally around him and incite male violence.

      If he’s thinking he’s changing the cultural narrative, he’s sadly mistaken.

  9. This probably isn’t the first time anyone has ever mentioned this, but you do have to wonder about MRA’s who go on about vaginas; I think more than a few of them have penis size issues. I personally think it’s ridiculous that penis size means so much in the stupid phallocentric culture we live in, but these guys, instead of getting mad at the cult of masculinity that makes penis size such an thing, become misogynists.

    I dated one MRA type guy very briefly (he was who made me aware of them after he used the word “misandry”) who had a smallish penis and was completely hung up about it. Like, it totally ruled his psyche. Raging misogynist. He told me straight away that a couple of women in his life had made him feel bad about it, almost like he was trying to head me off from ever mentioning it, which I never would have, because once you say something like that, you’re burning that motherfuckin’ house down. You’re crossing the Rubicon. I always thought, “Wow, that’s pretty low, to say something about a guy’s penis size,” but the longer I knew him, the more I was like, “Well, I can totally see why a woman eventually would!!!” So which came first, the mean-spirited dick comments or the misogyny?

    You can *almost* feel for small-penis guys who want women but yet know women might not be “satisfied” by them—at least that’s the fear these guys have—and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy/circle jerk/hate fest. Surprise surprise he was a total porn-dog, which I eventually figured out. I was so naive about this stuff until I got into reading radical feminism.

    The Japanese “vagina” artist is great. (WTF with calling it “vagina” people in the video? She’d have had to use Plaster of Paris in a really uncomfortable way!) Of course they have a penis festival over there and of course it’s totes okay. Of course there’s Japanese animation that MEN make that depicts “vaginas” but of course it’s not okay for a woman to take pictures of her own vulva for her own creative expression/kayaking adventures. CALL THE POLICE!!!

    I wonder if she’s been called a transphobic bigot yet? LOL

    • Doodz are creepy about their penis size. They start checking one another out at the kindergarten pee trough when they are six and spend the rest of their lives judging themselves and one another by the size of their dangly bits.

  10. I would be highly annoyed if my partner only gave me something (anything, doesn’t have to be big, expensive or even purchased) for my birthday, Xmas, and Valentine’s Day.

    If three days of year are the only ones deemed worthy of doing something nice for the partner, that’s not a happy relationship.

  11. Creepy creeper who obviously had his ass handed to him via an ex-wife. Yeah. Couldn’t have been too hard, with all his weird-ass posts hanging around.
    He has dreams about putting flowers on the coffins of alleged whores? What the fuck?
    Err, I hope the FBI is monitoring his posts.
    Hello, sir, you are FUCKING CREEPY.
    Also, you look like and sound like a nutter, Anyone who take you seriously should seek assistance…right away.


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