Did Roosh Fake His ‘Victory’ Photo? UPDATED: Still No Proof, Just Whining


Roosh might be planning a lolsuit and I’m betting he’ll start a fundraiser in a few days. He has to find ways of parting men from their money somehow. This seems like a good bet. What Roosh doesn’t understand is he has no case. Plus, even if he did, it would take years and years to accomplish this.

Now he’s making an antisemitic attack on a Jewish woman who protested him saying she has ‘Jewish Privilege.’ Now his Manosphere followers are going to endlessly harass her.

Roosh followers privileged jewish bitch tweet

He’s trying to incite racial hatred against her claiming her Jewish ancestry and highlighting his Islamic ancestry while then claiming there must be some Jews in his family tree, yeah right dude. He still hasn’t figured out that nobody cares what religion he is, but he certainly cares about the religions of the females he targets. He plays up the ‘jews own everything’ stereotype in his latest blog piece. It’s truly horrible.

Roosh V is celebrating a ‘victory’ but it’s far from a victory. The photo he released, a 600 X 400 .jpg image of him at the event was supposed to confirm that he spoke in Toronto on Aug 15th. He’s supposedly holding an Aug 15th copy of the local paper to prove it. I suspect the photo is fake.

Original Photo as posted by Roosh V on Twitter.

Picture quality is horrible in the ‘speech’ photo. In an earlier picture Roosh posted on twitter you can see the picture quality is MUCH better and he’s sitting around a table with a couple guys. Both were uploaded by him so how can one photo be so clear and the other looks like it’s been taken through a potato?

Earlier photo uploaded by Roosh, much clearer.

The next thing I noticed was the whiteboard in the background was just too white, I opened the photo in PS CS3 and picked the color up from the center of the whiteboard on the original. It was complete white in the center but the edges weren’t pure white. So I opted to change all the white pixels to black and it showed that the photo was indeed photoshopped. Someone blocked out what was on the whiteboard digitally.

roosh photo whiteboard digitally erasedNow that’s suspicious. Why do you need to hide what’s on the white board?

Why are none of the men looking at Roosh? He’s supposedly the star, the hero, the dude who won some historic battle against Canadians. He’s been whining online for days that he’s fighting a battle. Not a single guy is looking at him.

Next is the fact that if you look next to Roosh’s right leg to the metal chair top behind him, It’s perfectly in focus yet Roosh himself is totally blurry. Why?

The body sizes look off too. Roosh looks like he’s too big and too tall.

Roosh looks like he has red eye but there is no discernible flash area and the shiny metal chair backs aren’t lit up either.

I also put the photo through a program online called FotoForensics. It shows a clear outline around the top half of Roosh’s body.

Roosh claimed 50 idiots from Canada came to hear him. Not one other guy posted a photo, not a single one with an internal date and time. If he really wanted to prove he had a seminar, that would be my first action. I would be plastering the internets with photos from various men showing the date and time. None have been posted. Just this one really suspicious photo.

I think Roosh just hung out with a couple friends. I don’t think he had any events and no battle was won. I think Canada shut him down.


Roosh has taken to Twitter, not to prove this photo isn’t fake but to whine about my post. It’s obvious he also can’t argue. I never said he wasn’t in Canada. I said the photo was photoshopped and wasn’t proof of anything.

Roosh tweeted that he had to take 11 steps to do his ‘talk.’ One of the steps was no cellphones on. How can you take any photographs on your phone if you’re not allowed to use them? It’s just another reason why I think the photo he released is fake.

Now he’s tweeted some pictures but none of them prove he was giving his ‘speech’ in Mississauga nor on Aug 15th. The pictures are almost thumbnails so there’s no way you can see any detail. I’m still convinced he didn’t speak when he said he was going to and that those might be other photos from somewhere else.

If you don’t think Roosh is dangerous, listen to this woman in Montreal who was assaulted by a PUA when she said ‘no’ to his harassment. She threw a drink on him when he wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer and then he strangled her. To save her life she smashed a pint glass over his head to survive.

▶ CBC Interview – AUG13 2015 – HomeRun Show – 5:40 p.m. by ilovesecretagents


89 thoughts on “Did Roosh Fake His ‘Victory’ Photo? UPDATED: Still No Proof, Just Whining

  1. They shopped him into the back of the photo because it would be harder to make it look like he was at the front of the room. This is..this wins some kind of stupid award.

    • The pattern on the carpet (much furtherer away from the camera than “Roosh”) and the back of the chair “behind Roosh” and the one to its right (about the same distance from the camera as “Roosh”) are in excellent focus.

      Also the lighting. The shadowing is towards the back of the hall. “Roosh” should have been in the shadows as he is facing with his back to the main light sources. Say a camera flash lit him up, how come it didn’t also light up the backs of the chairs and the backs of the people “near” him?

      • Yes. He still hasn’t proven he actually gave this talk. His fellow rapists are really butthurt over this post but not a single dude who supposedly attended has uploaded a photo to confirm. It was basically Roosh just hanging with a few friends, not a talk given on that day.

          • He can’t give anyone the proof b/c I already know he faked it.

            He photoshopped that image by doing this:

            1) he took a picture of himself w/ that local paper when there was nothing going on
            2) he photoshopped himself at the back of a hotel meeting room
            3) that meeting was held on a different date and possibly in a diff location and he knows it.

            So for proof

            1) a video with date at time stamp showing the front of the hotel he had this ‘meeting’ at and it’s surrounds to prove that he was in Toronto or Mississauga at a specific hotel
            2) within the video and with his participants in the ‘meeting’ I want to see him with that paper showing clearly the date passing it to other dudes.

            He won’t provide this b/c we know he’s a fraud and he’s lying.

  2. Let me get this straight.

    People filed a FALSE police report against Roosh, mobilized a lynch mob to get him at a cafe, had reports on the national news on the CBC and other media for days prior to the lectures to discredit him, got government officials involved, had two protests, had an online petition to keep Roosh out of Canada (or removed from Canada), had people running all over Montreal trying to find the location of the lecture, got the first location for the lecture in Montreal canceled days before it was to take place; all to stop a ‘fake event’?

    Really? You don’t really believe any of that, do you?

    Plus one would have to believe that Roosh spent all kinds of money to reserve a lecture room for the ‘fake event’ and ran the risk of getting a beating to have a ‘fake lecture’.

    The prior four lectures had no problems or absurd speculations that they were ‘fake’, why would the two in Canada not be as real?

    What next, are you going to do your ‘expert analysis’ of the moon landings and ‘prove’ that they were a fake also?

    Why doesn’t anyone else post a photo from the lectures? I don’t know, I am just guessing, but maybe because such a person would need to be concerned that someone, like you maybe, would raise a lynch mob against them in the middle of the night, or maybe get them fired from their job first thing Monday morning, but I am just speculating.

    MAYBE, if people didn’t try to disrupt the event or beat up the person giving the lecture, then you could have bought a ticket for $59 and been present to see for yourself how many people attended.

    • Maybe if there was any actual talent involved here, they could come up with something beside that completely laughable image and “WE DID SO HAVE AN EVENT YES WE DID YES WE SO DID!!!” Lmfao

      • Roosh was holding a *lecture*? LMAO. A lecture is defined as an educational talk. Telling guys rape techniques does not fall into that definition.

        What would be really cool is if conspiracy to commit sexual assault/rape was an offence. With jail time as the sentence.

    • Yeah, god forbid a “lynch mob” should be raised to go after a man who sexually assaults women and who teaches other men how to do the same.

      Oh, yes, I’m sure women in Canada are lining up to spend $59 dollars to enter a room of masturbating rapists who are going to sit around and listen to a rape promoter talk about how to properly rape them.

      I seriously doubt if this dude has a job. Taking pictures of yourself assaulting women and promoting rape for a living doesn’t count.

      Women are human beings, entitled to justice and peace, whether you and other lowlife men like this dude in the pics think so or not.

      • Do you believe the lecture/speech/talk/whatever you want to call it, took place or not?

        It seems that some people are now even claiming that they ‘do not believe Roosh was ever in Canada’.

        If that is the case; i.e. people believe Roosh was not in Canada; who did the cafe take a picture of? Or what that all a fake also, even a setup by Roosh?

    • Here’s an online definition of a sycophant:
      Oh, by the way, it’s a noun, ladies and gentlemen.
      But let’s look at the definition closely:
      “A person who acts obsequiously toward someone (percieved as) important in order to gain advantage.”
      But the synonyms are the shit! They really apply here. Take a look:

      “Synonyms: yes-man, bootlicker, brown-noser, toady, lickspittle, flatterer, flunky, lackey, spaniel, doormat, stooge, cringer, suck, suck-up. Example sentence –“I thought you wanted a competent assistant, not a nodding sycophant.”

      My favorites are bootlicker and toady. Evan, are you getting all this, you misogynistic, pro-rape, low-life?

      Any idiot can see that image is faked. Have a nice day, asshole.

    • Why is a speech by a woman-hating asshole worth sixty bucks? I can spend one-sixth of that, go to a comics convention and have a hell of a lot more fun.

  3. So Roosh forum is already butthurt and a click back link to my blog shows they’re already whining and moaning about this post. Prove it dudes. Let’s see internal time and date stamps of this ‘historic’ talk. Let’s see something other than Roosh’s potato photo!

    Posting a video of dudes clapping in the background while you talk about ‘battles’ in Canada doesn’t cut it Roosh.

    Prove it.

    • Prove it.

      He already did.


      People are finding it incredible that now some of the people against Roosh are now retreating into a ‘delusional reality’ where the new ‘party line’ is that Montreal and Toronto lectures were ‘fakes’.

      >Delusional is thinking 45 thousand people signing a petition to get you out of the country, mass media calling you a rape promoter, and a single lousy photoshopped shot is a victory.

      Whining and Moaning?

      It is called WINNING!

      >winning the micropenis contest is exciting for you, i get it.

      The ‘whining and moaning’ you claim you hear, are gales of derisive laughter at such an Unbelievable big victory.

      >ah the joys of being a lonely, desperate male.

        • Here is what I do NOT understand about this entire situation

          If no one had done anything, the lecture would have been given, at best a few hundred people, that already read his material, would have been the only ones that knew or cared about the event, Roosh would have went home, and that would have been the end of it. It is possible, in that situation, that the event would have done so poor financially that there would never be another one.

          It is possible that if the turnout for Canada was low enough, that Roosh would never bother to have another Canada event because it would not pay its costs with only about 50 attendees (or less) at each event. ( 50 people x $60/ticket is only $3,000. That is not much money to pay for a room, plus hotel and lodging while in Canada for a few weeks, and leave anything left over to generate a profit for the time spent at the event or preparing for the event.)

          Roosh gives four other lectures prior to Canada, and no one in those places/countries cares about or even knows the lecturet is taking place. If there was something criminal or illegal going on, I expect that one of the people that attended those lectures would have reported it or at least made a mention on it to the authorities. At the London lecture, it is reported that someone from the BBC was present doing a documentary or something, and present for the lectures. (I think the documentary was about MGTOW.) I can not see a rep from the BBC would not say anything to anyone if there was a criminal activity or a conspiracy going on.

          Roosh then went to Canada, then a report was made that he made a ‘rape threat’ and a police report filed, the petition started, and the SJWs mobilize to stop the lectures. Then the CBC runs a national story on the lecture. Now hundreds of thousands of people know about the event and wonder what is going on, and start to look into it. The lecture gets all kinds of coverage, coverage that Roosh could have never gotten otherwise, and people are talking about the lecture who normally would not have ever known about it.

          On top of that, after what happened, now there is a new group trying to get Roosh’s books banned from Amazon. From what I have seen, it is almost impossible to get a work banned from Amazon. (Amazon seems to take Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press to extremes, since they are a book publisher and do not want anyone to tell them what they are allowed to publish.)

          I only started looking at the book rankings for Roosh on Amazon within the last few days, so I expect the effect from Canada on the books sales should be wearing off, but within the last week I have seen the total Amazon ranking go from the high 40,000s, to high 20,000s to 12,245 today. (Lower is better) Unless Roosh posts what the actual sales numbers are for the books, since these are only daily rankings within Amazon, I can’t exactly tell how many copies are selling, but I estimate, from what I know of other comparisons, that it is probably in the range of 30 to 40 books per day on just that one book. (At $.9.99 per copy and 70% royalty on the eBook version, that is around $250 per day royalties on just that one book. One month of that would be $7,500 in royalties to Roosh on just that one book). I expect this effect on his book sales will go on for at least a month, and may even spike up if someone try’s another mobilization effort against Roosh, the most recent is trying to get Roosh’s books banned from Amazon.

          On top of all of that, Roosh’s article is even compared by some to an article written by Jonathan Swift.

          “it’s clear that it (Roosh’s article) is satire in the spirit of Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal.””

          The people that mobilized against Roosh, have gotten Roosh elevated in standing equal to that of Jonathan Swift, and by implication of such elevation, an intellectual or a member of the Intelligentsia.

          • Why is that men can say any nasty, crude or violent crap about women that they choose, and it gets passed off as “satire”? Women certainly don’t have that privilege. Even the slightest bit of criticism, spoken in the most constructive way possible, will garner a woman the ridiculous & redundant “feminazi” label.

            How quickly men’s sense of humor wanes when they are the butt of the joke or subject of criticism.

            And, uh, are you actually gloating over Roosh’s rape book sales? Yeah… that’s something to be proud of (not). How come so few men ever use “free speech” to promote positivity in the world? Why is this almost exclusively male right more valid, and worth fighting for, when it advocates depravity, divisiveness and just general low-vibration scumbaggery? How exactly is this a “win”? How does this sort of thing make the world a better place to live in? Does Roosh bathe in his own feces? Inquiring minds would like to know.

            Doosh is no genius or intellectual, and only a harebrained imbecile would suggest as much. But we live in a world where any random shit that men spit out is considered special & ground-breaking because penis. Topics involving misogyny get extra-special credit for being “edgy”. I say dudes have no fucking concept of what that word really means.

      • What exactly are you winning when the only women you are going to be able to score from here on out will either be really young, really masochistic, or really stupid?

        You will try any approach possible to get a woman in your lives OTHER than treating her like a human being and then you whine because you got someone immoral or stupid or psycho.

        You made your own bed, feel free to die in it.

        • How do you explain MGTOW then?

          As far as I can tell, this is the first time something like this has happened in history, where a group of men seem to be just giving up on dealing with people.

          • That’s fairly amazing that you apparently believe groups of men have never engaged in extended group activities that did not involve women. It’s harder to do so in this advanced civilization, but there certainly is plenty of precedent, and also it’s not a bad thing. Men run into trouble with heterosexual women by coming off as desperate. The most successful het couples I know each have their own things going on, they’re not always obsessing on each other. People should learn to be alone and stop thinking that some kind of sexual partnering up is mandatory. It’s culturally driven and gets in the way of the rest of your life.

          • I’ve pretty much given up on dealing with most people, but the difference is that I don’t have a cutesy acronym for it. Why is this a big deal, worth puzzling over, just because men are doing it? *yawn*

            For a bunch of guys who claim to be “going their own way”, they sure are taking an awfully long time to leave. It reminds me of something…a cartoon, I think. Some character keeps saying something like “I’m going now…. here I go….I’m opening the door….I’m stepping outside….I’m walking down the sidewalk”, etc. LOL Basically, the character is stalling, in hopes that the other character will stop them. That’s MGTOW in a nutshell.

    • Found the fatty!

      Fat men love to project their own lardish condition on women with whom they disagree. It is quite obvious, to anybody with adequate vision, that HMQ is not overweight. But I’ll bet you & your friends are, huh?

      Go back to your fucking cesspool “mancave”, slam down another kilo of deep-fried Twinkees, and then make a YouTube video about how much you hate women because they wont go to bed with your fat, smelly carcass.

      LMFAO Sucks to be you.

          • This.^

            They should just bang each other and stay away from women entirely. A more male-ish body shape is what they prefer anyway. Might as well graduate to full-blown cocksucking and call it a day. 😀

      • I was in a McDonald’s (yeah I know) once on the way to a Harry Potter book release. They had American Idol on and I think it was Jennifer Hudson on stage singing. This dude sitting closer to the TV than I was yelled “LOSE SOME WEIGHT!”, stood up and turned around… and you would have sworn he was carrying twins. His gut LED HIM away.

        I *am* overweight, though dealing with it, and I’m at least on the fringes of the geek community and I find myself rolling my eyes every time some fat geek guy complains that the “hot chicks” won’t talk to him. Live in my world for a week, Romeo.

        • Yes, a man emulating the body of a pregnant woman is considered “masculine” these days. If a woman goes anywhere below about 15% body fat, there will be some serious health consequences. But men can drop down to as low as 5% and suffer no adverse effects. And of course, when dieting, fat men lose weight at a much faster rate than fat women. This tells us that men were not designed to carry so much excess baggage on their frames, and since they are more prone to the most dangerous kind of fat accumulation (visceral), as opposed to subcutaneous fat (more common with women), it’s no wonder that so many of them are dropping dead much sooner than their female counterparts. LOL Wait…. isn’t “men die sooner than women” one of the kooky Dickosphere talking points? Evidently, biology is “misandry”.

    • Mike! Your post is beyond smart and intelligent — whoopsie! Just kidding!
      That’s all you got? Fat? Everyone here has heard that before. Calling a thin woman fat when you want her to shut up. Talking about a women’s looks at all when it doesn’t matter. Oh dear god, is that all you got?

      I think it would be best if you presented an image of yourself for regular posters here to examine. I’m sure you’re a perfect specimen, so no worries, right? Your physical appearance is what matters most in all situations. The sooner you get used to that, the better. I’m sure you have a healthy relationship with your penis too, in other words, I’m sure you don’t worry about its size. Do you have all your hair? Zits? How are you managing your weight these days? It matters, because your personality is the shits.

      So, where’s your image? Everyone wants to see. Also, it’s worth repeating how smart your post was — ha! Just kidding again. A simple 12-year-old could have done better.

      So where’s that image, Mike? Let’s see.

  4. Yes dear we know how much you precious clicks back to your blog mean to you. The only one whining and moaning is you, while the manosphere laughs in your putrid face. Reaching as hard as you possibly can to try to make it seem as though it never happened. It’s quite something.

    >You’d think he’d post some proof. Instead it’s one long whiny moan.

    He went to London and did a talk there. He went to Berlin and did one there too. He went to DC and talked there. Then he entered Canada. He entered Montreal and Toronto. Do you really think after all that he was going to just quit and hang around doing nothing just because some faggots decided to oink in the street?

    >I think all the venues in Toronto canceled on him. Not complicated silly man.

    Even if by some laughable feat the femborg limpwristed mob had succeeded in convincing every single venue in the country to ban him, they would have still had the talk somewhere and it would not have been difficult to organize that.

    The talk happened femcunt. And you’re being laughed at as we speak.

    >all those words, not a single shred of proof.

    How old are you by the way? You look like mutton dressed as lamb that’s fooling no one.

    >don’t care about micropenises dude.

    • Re” Mutton dressed as lamb.” I understand that it is difficult for a man to talk about – and frequently to – a girl or woman without referencing his own penis, in some way, but why do they insist on talking about us like we are food?! – Dead meat, in this case. But, it’s also strange when’ we’re called “cupcake” and “sugar.”

      Interesting, too, that he thinks a class of people who are called “slut” and “whore” and about whom all kinds of filthy, sexual assumptions are made as young children by men now care if we are being “laughed at” by men. It’s men who are offended by being laughed at – who will lunge at you from across the room and grab you by the throat if you laugh at Johnny Carson while they’re undressed.

      Also, I don’t get “femborg limpwristed mob.” Is he accusing women of being gay men? Very confused there… Okay, I’m done analyzing this insanity.

    • Hi Jason!

      You know what they say about ad hominem attacks; they are the last resort of an illogical person with an equally illogical argument.

      Thanks for playing, but you just broke your own dude rules. Fuck off. 🙂

      • Hi cunt!

        >as per usual we see a sexually violent male who can’t make an argument but who insists women are illogical. In fact, this is his second comment where he’s gone off the deep end ~HMQ

        • Hi syphilis farm!

          HMQ edited your comment, but I can pretty much guess what it consisted of…


    • Wow. Don’t be so emotional, duder, it’s fucking with your ability to write intelligently.
      How old are you, anyway? You sound really fucking old. You on Viagra yet? Can you do an actual push-up? Where’s your hairline going these days?
      You don’t sound attractive, pops. I dunno. I guess grandpas just get tired, over exert themselves, then post silly shit online. Do you have liverspots too?
      It’s OK.
      Seriously, stop crying. Reign those emotions in — it’s just testosterone. Yes, it makes people act crazy, but try to muffle it, OK?

  5. This may be a little too obvious, but if he gave a talk why is he standing in the back of the room holding up a newspaper? It would prove that he stood in the back of a room with a newspaper and had his pic taken, if it didn’t appear to be so badly photoshopped.

    • Yes. I thought of that as well. The photo is very fishy. It has been put through some sort of photo manipulation as a fact since the faces are blacked out and the white board was definitely blanked out.

      The photo is completely fishy and yet instead of putting up a definitive proof, they’re all whining and making silly claims.

  6. To all the PUA wannabees posting here and attacking HMQ – what, exactly, was the Great Man’s Great Speech about? More inspiring words about how rape should be legal on private property? Which Eastern European countries have the most lenient laws about when women are too intoxicated to consent? How to roofie a bitch? Seriously. I no curr whether or not Roosh gave another of his putrid lectures. I just think it’s funny that he would post this kind of “proof” that he did.

    If it wasn’t for the propensity of the manosphere to stalk and harass women, I would have gone to Montreal just to point and laugh. That’s right, dude bros, this surly middle aged woman thinks you’re funny as Hell. Go ahead, call me old, call me fat, call me smelly. I’m glad I don’t turn you on. I’m so grateful that I aged out of that crap! Also, I don’t shave! Nyner, nyner! I hope I just killed your rage boner!

  7. his elbow is hitting one guy in the back of the head! it looks really unnatural, and his height seems odd, too.

  8. Thanks for this safe space where women can say what they think and stand up for ourselves without fear of physical retailiation. Is this what equality feels like? 🙂

    I think this is a very fab expose of a sleazebag sleazin. I went to one of your links and I couldn’t understand whether R was admitting he’s a lyin’ sack. He says the lecture was held but in Mississauga? And he posted a photo of a guy taking his picture to do the fake outline, I guess, on his twitter site. He’s holding the air where the paper shows up later. I couldn’t manage to copy it. So the photo is a fake but something happened in another city?

    No matter what, the evidence seems to be in — lyin’ sack.

    • Yep. He’s lying. The first photo he tweeted, the one above, is fake. He still hasn’t given a single bit of proof he held his talk on Aug 15th nor did he show proof he held it in Toronto or outlying areas. It’s looking more and more like I was right the whole time.You’d think the dudes would immediately post pics to show me how wrong I was.

      Like I said, it wasn’t a victory. It was a massive fail.

  9. Let’s for a moment assume that the “show” actually went on and that this is an actual photo of the proceedings. It looks to me like the room is two sections of six rows of four chairs, so a maximum of 48 seats. So Roosh goes to two great metropolises and after great skulking and subterfuge he manages to address a few dozen suckers — I mean dudes in a small conference room. Meanwhile several times more people protest his speeches and tens of thousands sign a petition. Unknown thousands of women (and many men too) learn that he is a serial rapist who earns a living by instructing his fanboys on how to rape — I mean seduce vulnerable women. He is on his way to becoming the poster boy for rape culture. And this is the climax of his Triumphant World Tour. Since he does this for a living, hopefully he ended up spending more than he took in.
    Of course he and his fanboys are going to spin this as a big victory. But completely stopping him from speaking was never a realistic goal, while making the public more aware of the nastiness he spews was a reasonable goal and IMO was accomplished. If this was a triumph, he’d better hope he doesn’t have more like this.

  10. Remember the Atwood story about asking a man what he fears and being told men fear being laughed at? The troll upthread reminded me of that. Maybe they are very young or just very foolish to think being laughed at would give a woman pause. Most of what they say seems to be either mansplaining or projection. Tedious trolls.

  11. I have read some of the postings and articles here and what I do not understand, is what do any of you want or expect from men?

    Do you fully understand that large numbers of men have just given up dealing with women, and there is nothing that anyone can say or do to ever get them back into dealing with women?

    For a group of men, MGTOW is the end of the game. They have gone off the plantation and are not coming back for anyone or anything. Some of them have even stopped working.

    Some of these men have even reduced their dealings with people in general. i.e. If you compare how many they deal with on average from 10 or 20 years ago, and then compared to how many people they even come in contact with today, it is a lot less.

    The MGTOW have all basically given up on dealing with woman. I came across one account where the man even reported that when he shops for food, he does at at 3am in order to avoid everyone possible. While some of the MGTOW maybe in the category of ‘losers’, even the losers ‘going off the plantation’ reduces the supply of available men for anything. (Not just getting married, it is also effecting men available in the workforce. The labor participation rate has dropped several points over the last decade and continues to decline.)

    The ‘nice guys’ report that they all mostly get dumped after a while and no matter what they do, no one will stay with them for any period of time. They all seem to either end up MGTOW or following PUA /Roosh routes. The ones that don’t seem to end up in dead marriages. Other men that see this are refusing to get married in record numbers.The men that do remain ‘nice guys’ find that after a while they are unable to keep up with the demands of their spouse and usually just give up (lack of financial resources and/or lack of time or they just do not care anymore’ basically they have MGTOW but do not divorce due to the financial costs for them).

    The only thing that seems to work are following people like Roosh/PUA. That is why his material sells and material like it. I think that is what a lot of you do not understand. If it didn’t work, no one would be buying those books and it would disappear from book shelves. No one would go to the web sites to talk. No one would pay $60 to go to a lecture by Roosh. But it works for a lot of men so the material is available, and with the media attention, sales have increased according to the Amazon rankings.

    I read many of the posting and articles here and you usually just spew hate towards men, with no solution as to what any of you want or why anyone should follow anything you say.

    People claim that Roosh’s work is some kind of rape manual (I think anyone publishing that Roosh’s work is a ‘rape manual’ is committing liable and would be sued if not for the fact that it is helping sales, it is sort of like ‘negative damage’ to Roosh); but at the same time large numbers of women are buying, and making it a best seller and even a movie, ’50 Shades of Gray’. Men are not buying that stuff. No one talks about taking that stuff of off the shelf because it is what women are buying and want to buy.

    • lolwut?

      Alright, I’ll take the first bite.

      Everything that you have falsely claimed MGTOWs do, sounds like a more accurate description of the typical RadFem lifestyle. We don’t get up in here and devise elaborate schemes to get in men’s pants. We don’t go out and physically assault men for the purpose of obtaining non-consensual sex. We’re not writing sleazy books about how to do these things, nor are we conducting lectures on said topics. You see, while you guys pull your hair out over such irrelevant concerns as “Why can’t I get a supermodel to spread her legs for me?!”, we are more focused on actual survival in a male-dominated world that views as as nothing more than disposable spunk-buckets & baby machines.

      How nice that MGTOWs have the luxury of grocery shopping at 3AM. When women attempt something similar, we must always be on guard for the nearest psycho-pervert who may want to rape us, kill us, or both. And if something like this happens, everyone will say it was our fault for daring to go out in the first place. The popular opinion (especially within MRA/PUA/MGTOW communities) is that we are all worthless whores and deserve whatever foul treatment that we may receive. Your cluelessness is so convenient, because you will never have to experience these things. Ever.

      The fact that you defend Roosh, and do not see this “game” crap as rape, says quite a lot about your moral fiber (or lack thereof, actually). And Roosh has admitted to physically forcing women to have sex with him (yeah, that is rape, even by the most stringent of definitions) in his shitty “best selling” books. And since when does something being popular make it good? That’s one of those pesky logical fallacies, ya know.

      And 50 Shades of Gross? Yeah, those women are so used to being abused and brainwashed that they have managed to eroticize their own enslavement, as a coping mechanism. It’s called Stockholm Syndrome. Get a fucking education.

      As for your initial question….what do we want? I think I speak for everyone here when I say THE END OF FEMALE SLAVERY TO MEN, all over the world. Think you can handle that, ace?

      • Female Slavery to Men (or anyone)?

        You are free to do what you want.

        No one is keeping you in slavery to anyone.

        Why do you think that you somehow are in slavery?

        We live in one of the richest societies in the history of the planet. (in any Western country). (I assume you are in a Western Country like Canada or The United States.) The citizens of those countries can do anything they want, as long as they work for it. Right now, if I was so inclined, I could drive to the airport, and get on a plane for any place on the planet, and do anything I wanted to, as long as I can pay for it.

        • Did you even read everything I said, or did you just skim over it and cherry-pick that one statement? All of my previous statements explain the latter. And why are you focusing exclusively on Western countries, when I very clearly stated that I want freedom for women all over the world? Borders are bullshit; we all live on the same planet. If any woman in any country is suffering under patriarchal oppression…it’s my problem too. What happens to one of us, happens to all of us. But of course, you wouldn’t understand this mentality because men are more focused on fucking each other over for status points (when they aren’t trying to fuck us over).

          As for the great Western world that you’re waxing poetic over….our “rights” are mostly on paper only. There is no actual law that says we can’t, do this or that; it is misogynistic social attitudes and the unspoken rules of society that keeps us “in check”. If a large portion of males are still operating from the mindset that women are inferiors to them, no law is going to magically change that opinion, and the behavior of said men will mirror those bigoted beliefs. Do you even watch TV or listen to the radio? Popular culture is awash with misogyny. You would have to be living under a rock to not notice it. This is social programming that ensures that men will continue to hate us and discriminate against us in both obvious and not-so-obvious ways.

          I fail to see how your fictitious plane trip example has anything to do with what I’ve said. Are you really denying that discrimination, of any shape or form, exists in the Western world because “hey, we can take plane trips!”? LOLWTF? Is this the type of crackpot logical reasoning that Roosh has taught you?

          And for the record, I don’t drive or take plane rides. My FEET are my mode of transportation. This is not just because of financial constraints; it’s a preference. So, your soft-assed lifestyle has nothing in common with mine.

          • Yeah, there’s no cure for willful ignorance. I like how he just ignored 95% of what I said. If somebody holds a core belief that the person they are speaking to is an inferior, that pretty much guarantees a total dismissal of the statements being made.

          • Sugarpuss:

            That just made me smile.

            And how about your feet? what happens if your joints, your ankles, your foot bones develop problems? Then where will you be?

            Where will your community be? with men like these? Lolololol

            With good fortune, your community will be women, including younger, stronger women. Women who know your wisdom is of value. Women who know they will become old women eventually and need women such as themselves.

            How many men tend to old women without some kind of payment? Show of hands, please, Evan and Roosh and all you other dudes who insist you really want women but we are so awful.

            How many of you are there for your aging wives? Oh, you wuv us and we are so terrible and cold, and you wind up all alone because reasons.

            Guess what, pumpkins? Women can see, and we can see that we’d be a lot better off investing our social, spiritual, emotional and at times sexual capital in other women who are up against the same shit we are, from men like you. Women who get it and won’t go abandoning us because ooh look pretty young girl buh-bye.

          • And how about your feet? what happens if your joints, your ankles, your foot bones develop problems? Then where will you be?

            Nah…my feet are immortal, because I never abused them with high heels. 😀

          • The example of the plane trip and women in other countries.

            My example of the plane trip is that I believe you have the same ability as I do, i.e. to travel anywhere on the planet as long as you are willing to pay for it. Anyone who can travel anywhere on the face of the earth, when they choose to do so, would not normally be considered a slave.

            The United States and its allies have tried for decades to maintain the peace and even reform other areas of the world. The most recent (within the last two decades) are the Middle East in Iraq, Iran, Syria, and large parts of Africa. We have hundreds of thousands of people under arms and deployed all over the world trying to improve things, or prevent wars. Our efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan cost the United States directly over $1.1 trillion to date (war costs plus reconstruction efforts) and it is felt that another one to four trillion in indirect costs or fallout from the effects of the war, plus over 4,700 dead soldiers.

            We simply are unable to spend the amount of money or soldiers that it would take to effect world wide scale change, and are even having trouble holding onto what improvements have been made.

            I am not sure what else you expect us to do or what else do you think is possible. The resources for such a project are beyond our abilities and are bankrupting us. We have spent over a decade in Iraq and hundreds of billions in reconstruction efforts and it all looks like it was all spent for nothing.

          • Oh wow….he’s still doing it. He latched onto that one word, and he’s not letting go. And he’s taking it in the very literal sense…playing ignorant, as if he doesn’t know what I mean. Still ignoring everything else I said. I’m done with him.

      • Awesome as usual sugarpuss.

        This from Captain Fuckstick above:
        “Do you fully understand that large numbers of men have just given up dealing with women, and there is nothing that anyone can say or do to ever get them back into dealing with women?”

        LOL LOL Is this supposed to make us sad? I guess we don’t FULLY UNDERSTAND the enormity of the catastrophe! Whatever will we do??!!

        This is MGOW: “See me going!” “I’m going now!” I’m not participating!” “That’ll show you!” “I mean it this time!” “You’ll be sorry when I’m only shopping for groceries at 3′ in the morning!”

        We “spew hate” because men hate our fucking guts and rape and murder us on the regular, yo. It would be completely illogical for us to NOT hate the vast majority of you.

        • I thought it was bizarre for him to describe the MGTOW dudes like that. You know, like we care or something. LOLWTF? These guys are suffering from severe desperation for attention. It was as if he was responding to a conversation that never happened. The whole “What do you want? MGTOWs are giving up on women” thing didn’t even make sense. Nobody wants them, so when are they actually going to go their own way and STFU?

          I think it’s one of those flaccid PUA tactics. Attempting to create an aura of false scarcity. Problem is, it doesn’t work if the people you’re playing don’t give a damn. Poor Evan.

          • I wish they’d get going wherever it is they’re going. Didn’t they ‘threaten’ to make Puerto Rico a MGTOW island?

            I wish the fuck they’d hurry the fuck up and go away but the fact is, all MGTOW’s ever talk about is women, women, women.

            They’re not going anywhere and they know it. They’re misery they’re attempting to guilt women with.

            When they finally realize we don’t give a fuck they’ll be old and shriveled up and nobody will care.

          • Yeah, they aren’t doing anything new or groundbreaking; it’s called celibacy….and I’ve been doing that since 2002. No special label required. The fact that they are putting themselves out there, and constantly reminding women of it, really exposes their true motives.

        • Re: “Do you fully understand that large numbers of men have just given up dealing with women, and there is nothing that anyone can say or do to ever get them back into dealing with women?”

          If only this were true!

          If it were, then we could all breathe a sigh of relief. Maybe we could go for a walk somewhere and enjoy the trees and the sky and the squirrels and the birds without fear of being abducted or murdered! Maybe WE could go shopping at 3 a.m. without fear of being hunted down and killed before we got home with our groceries. Maybe we could get on a plane, unmolested, and travel to some exciting destination without fear of being abducted and sold into white slavery, raped or murdered!

          Dudebro talking about women’s freedom of travel has got to be a sick joke! What an asshole!

    • RE: “I read many of the posting and articles here and you usually just spew hate towards men, with no solution as to what any of you want or why anyone should follow anything you say.”

      If this is really what you think, then you are a woefully thick motherfucker, dude.

      Speaking for myself, I hate you. You got that right. I have every right to hate you and the one thing I want most in this world is to be left alone by men. But, as demonstrated by your asinine presence here, this is impossible for you whining, lying, violent, dick-wielding, inhuman monsters.

      • You hate me?

        Why? Because I ask questions?

        I do not really think you hate me since you only know a few things about me. I think a rational possibility is that this here, is for lack of a better terms, ‘internet hate’ or ‘false outrage’. Many people seem to think it is even a form of comedy when they encounter it or they themselves take part in it.

        i.e. Because this is an ‘anonymous conversation’, things that you couldn’t or wouldn’t say to people that knew you, you can say here.

        The second part is that if everything posted here is truly believed by the people posting it, then my questions is: Do I know anyone that I come in contact with throughout the day have similar beliefs?

        If no, is it because these things do not come up in conversation or is it because there is no one like this around me? If not, why not?

        • Before I proceed, let’s sum this up with a TLDR image

          We hate you because you’re a fucking MRA who is here telling us how awesome your pal the rapist Roosh is. Oh and don’t reply ‘I’m not an MRA whaaaa!!’ Any guy who stands up for idiots like Roosh is an MRA on this blog, You can come up with a thousand different little acronyms for your particular brand of misogyny but let me tell you something dickcheese, it all sounds the same. You’re all alike. So let’s examine this.

          But first, about Roosh’s fake photo you say

          It is possible, that if you can state it objectively, why you think the photos are a fake, then an expert in the field could give their expert analysis as to whether or not your reasons are correct. It is also possible that such an analysis may be inconclusive due to the relatively low resolution of the photos.

          I did state it objectively silly ass. I said exactly what I found when I put the photo through my suite. I even put up an image SHOWING what I found. It’s so typical for a dude to tell a woman to ‘say it objectively.’

          In essence and thoughts on how men colonize:

          You’re on a women’s site promoting Roosh’s garbage that directly affects us, as in it’s a CRIME to sexually assault us. You’re on a women’s site taking up all the fucking oxygen in the room with your silly questions and stories. It’s like you don’t even have a conscience. It’s like you woke up and said ‘I think I’m going to go to a place where I’m not welcome and see what happens.’ You idiot! You’re nothing but an IMPOSER.

          We see you, a male who endorses male violence against us, waddling in here like he owns the place, asking dumb questions and expounding on shit that is completely irrelevant to us. Nobody cares about modes of travel or what continent you’re going to purchase a woman on. Nobody fucking cares about your silly ‘history’ lessons. We see what matters, a Manosphere supporter who endorses violence against us nonchalantly stomping in here to take a huge mansplainy shit and stink up the place.

          Who the fuck do you think you are anyway?

          It’s so typical that a man feels totally ok to come to a place where he’s not wanted and start talking to people who want nothing to do with him and telling us ‘how shit is’. It’s amazing how fucking emotionally incompetent men are. You couldn’t read a social signal if your life depended on it. Do you not get that you’re on a women’s site and we don’t want you here? There’s no welcome wagon here dude. (I suppose that’s why it’s so easy for men to do the stupidest shit imaginable, they have no social intelligence.)

          And of course, your silly rant about capitalism and the fact you don’t understand oppression in Western societies is breathtaking but all too familiar. It’s mindboggling that you don’t comprehend this considering we have the largest systematic prisons in the world and a criminal justice system so overwrought it’s collapsing in on itself. Our nation invades countries, kills most of the population, and controls their resources so the elite can set up their businesses and sell fucking McDonald’s hamburgers to whoever managed to survive. See: Haliburton and Iraq

          I used to see society like that, with those rose coloured greedy glasses you do but I fucking evolved, as most women have to, to see that that is only possible by oppressing others. I learned not to escape my community but to live in it and support the people who were not as fortunate as I was. Your strategy is: If an American woman won’t do I what I tell her I’ll just hop on a plane and go to a poor country and purchase an impoverished woman who will speak when I tell her, sleep when I tell her, and bend over when I tell her. Merit indeed.

          You assholes are just like the warmonger men that inhabit the Western govts with your ‘meritocracy.’ If you can kill and take someone elses stuff, why not? If you can rape, why not? That’s not merit, that’s oppressive brutality. You’re a greedy little bastard. So for the next war, please don’t come here and whine about misandry. Don’t whine about the draft. Your ideology is what ruins this planet fuckhead. You steal from everyone around you and call it ‘winning.’

          When the world is on it’s last breath and you’re in your huge house with the child bride you just bought from some poor country, stuffing yourself with McDonald’s hamburgers while fucking her and watching porn, I don’t want to hear a single whine about how ‘tough’ it is for men.

          And that is now.

  12. The proof that you now will accept may no longer be possible.

    The problem with the proof that you will accept, was that it was not asked for in advance of the lecture, so that it could be prepared, or at least considered for preparation, so it probably was not made.

    If you had doubts about the lecture being real, you should have posted something prior to the lecture being given, since there was no question, before or after the lecture, that the lecture did take place and was real.

    Prior to the lecture in Toronto, I was not expecting any photos or anything else to show the lecture took place. I was surprised that Roosh did post the items that he did post of the lecture.

    I expect that the photos or videos are all of low resolution (by today’s standards) so any imperfections or problems with the images I expect are due to the low resolution (by today’s standards) of the image, and not due to them being a ‘fake’.

    I expect the photos or images are in the range of 5MP to 8MP, which is better than in the past (My first digital camera was .640MP [there is a point in front of the 640, 640 kilobytes]). but not like a production grade photo, since one was not called for or needed.

    It is possible, that if you can state it objectively, why you think the photos are a fake, then an expert in the field could give their expert analysis as to whether or not your reasons are correct. It is also possible that such an analysis may be inconclusive due to the relatively low resolution of the photos.

    • I don’t need an expert. I have the entire Adobe CS 3 Suite, all of it.

      I’ve run the photo through the first line of checks and it’s fake.

      There will never be proof b/c it never happened.

      • Are you aware that there was some kind of video may have been done for all of the events?

        Roosh posted to hire someone to do a recording of all of the lectures, prior to the start of the lecture series. There is no word yet on what was done or what will be made available or when it will be available, plus there is the BBC documentary that will probably include a segment of the London lecture.

        It is possible that if we requested it, Roosh would make available the unedited recording.

        • I am aware that in one Youtube video you could see someone recording him at some kind of gathering but of course, he didn’t release that and even if he did, it wouldn’t prove anything unless it had my terms.


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