The Terrorism of the Manosphere

As a long time purveyor, exposer, and writer about the Manosphere I have to confess that it hurts me to do this work. Scouring the misogynist hate sites that make up the Manosphere in search of the latest plots to target women is psychologically and physically traumatic. I do it because some day, somewhere, a woman will need to know and she will want to fight back. The men in the Manosphere also scour the internet for women they can harm and it’s like trying to stay one step ahead of them at all times. The Manosphere makes no distinction between online and offline. If they can target a woman and get to her, it doesn’t make much difference to them how they do it.

There are times when I must take a break, times when I’m completely numb. My ‘break’ consists of a few days of wandering aimlessly around my apartment, looking for something to re-anchor me to humanity. I clean the sink, rearrange things, and mop the floor mindlessly at times wondering when I’ll feel grounded again. I play with my pet mice, wanting a hit of innocent joy.

When I go outside and see men in the street I ask myself ‘is he an MRA?’ and I wonder if I could tell the difference between a man who inhabits the Manosphere and one who doesn’t. But who am I kidding? From birth women are taught about men’s violence and how we must ‘there there’ them and never tell them ‘no.’ Women don’t have the luxury or the time to differentiate between who is and who isn’t an MRA and I admit it’s a bit futile since male violence knows no bounds.

Just look at what happened in Montreal after Roosh supposedly ‘spoke’ there. A woman was harassed in a bar. She told him to stop and he choked her. The media picked up on it and we got to hear her story, her terror. We also got to hear the female interviewer subtlety blaming her for saving herself. She knocked a pint glass over his head to save her life, a no-no. Women aren’t supposed to fight back. We’re supposed to smile, act nice, and die. Just imagine how many young women listened to that interview? We got the message loud and clear: don’t make waves.

The message is: telling men ‘no’ can end in violence against us, or worse, death. We know this before we’ve ever had a sexual relationship with a man. We remember the first catcall from an old man. We remember the first man that stalks us down the street yelling sexual slurs at us. We know what we are to men: ‘bitch, cunt, slut, whore, slag.’

We understand that men are only interested in one thing and that we are very unlucky to be born female. We become prey and we are hunted and that’s what Roosh and his cronies do: hunt us.

In my view the Manosphere is honest. They tell us ‘we hate you because you’re a woman.’ They tell us emphatically that this hatred is all part of being a man. If we mention toxic masculinity, these same men get enraged, never having the psychological skills to take a good internal look. The problem they say, is women, not their view of us.

This type of feminist work isn’t for everyone and I think any woman that has to wade into the cesspool that is the Manosphere will find herself coming closer to embracing the fact that men hate us and it will sting and burn. She’s heard about Andrea Dworkin from men who call her a ‘manhater.’ Now she’s being called a ‘manhater.’ She’s read the comment sections on feminist articles and heard about the SCUM manifesto and asks herself if she’s a misandrist.

She doesn’t hate men, she just wants them to respect her as a human being. She can’t understand what she’s done to deserve to be targeted for such violence. The fact is, she’s done absolutely nothing but exist as a female in this world who doesn’t want to be violated. The women who protested Roosh were simply saying ‘no’ to a man who teaches other men to hurt women, tells them that women are ‘bitch, cunt, whore, slag.’

Writers like me take some solace in the fact that there are other people out there exposing the Manosphere. Knowing the burden doesn’t fall completely on my shoulders is a relief. I remember one time talking to David Futrelle and telling him through email that I had no interest in PUA, that I was solely interested in A Voice for Men. I basically said to him ‘I’ll leave it to you to cover the pick up artists.’ I said this because I had my hands full with just one site because being a woman who covers the Manosphere, I believe, is different and much more difficult.

Canadian Consciousness

A few Canadian women learned that Roosh was in our country to give his ‘talks.’ Due to the mass media exposure of Roosh’s visit those of us that do write about the Manosphere were finally being sought out by people who don’t normally view our content. I hope we were able to show them what the Manosphere is and why it’s such a threat to women’s safety.

It’s not just Roosh’s visit that’s the problem. It’s the way the entire Manosphere targets and harms women using their network. For those of you who think there’s a fundamental difference between factions of the Manosphere, you’re wrong. As soon as a woman is targeted by one faction the rest close ranks.

Roosh advised his network ‘on the ground’ to seek out female protestors, to gather information on them, to get images of them, to dox them, and then allow any man in the Manosphere to take a shot at them. Canadian MRA’s now had an order and they were all too willing to carry it out on the ground while others sat behind their computer screens sending threats to these women.

The Manosphere terrorizes women. That’s their goal. It’s always been their goal. The largest manosphere site’s slogan is ‘Fuck Their Shit Up.’ As soon as Roosh got a video image of a woman, the Manosphere went into full tilt, trying to find the smallest hint on her clothing to identify her. They translated the French on her tshirt. Yes, they actually took the time to type into a translator the writing on her shirt and searched for what it could possibly mean. They found out it was the name of a Montreal roller derby club. Roosh publicly told his followers and off they all went, scouring the internet for hours trying to get this woman’s dox. This isn’t a one-off. This is the Manosphere’s particular tried and tested formula and they’ve been doing it for years.

My blog is almost 2 years old and I have a long list of women who’ve been targeted and harmed by the men of the Manosphere. Remember Danielle D’Entremont, the Queen’s U student who was physically assaulted after she voted ‘no’ on a referendum to start an MRA group on campus? Remember Adele Mercier, [1] the Queen’s prof who had to endure MRA’s postering her neighbourhood with her image calling her a rape apologist and even going to her superiors in the Uni to try and get her fired? Remember Stacy Keltner, [1] another Uni prof being terrorized by Sage Gerard, a student at her Uni that used his MRA group to photograph her and dox her?

I read the petition to keep Roosh out of Canada. While I think the authoresses did a good job outlining why he shouldn’t be allowed I felt it was missing this crucial point. It’s not what Roosh ‘might’ do while in Canada or what he ‘might’ say to a group of men but what they actually do, and that is, terrorize women. The pattern is well established. The evidence is clear and accessible.

I hope that the women working on keeping him out of Canada for next time take this to heart and consider this. Roosh has left a large wake of damage and it will continue. His followers are still searching, stalking, and gathering information from images of women. They are finding women’s social media accounts, noting family members, organizations, and workplaces. They are keeping files on women just like they did with the Agent Orange files and register-her.

I don’t know why Roosh was allowed entry but I have a feeling it was due to lack of clear evidence of harm. While I agree that what he says is hate speech, saying he might break the law isn’t good enough. Also, we know as women that men are given priority and privilege to harm us. We must be extra vigilant.

Lastly, I want to offer my help to the women that are trying to keep him out. You can click on the archives in the side bar to assist in your research of all the Canadian women the Manosphere has targeted and terrorized. You can also contact me by email.

Recent Developments:

Paul Elam’s hometown has nominated him for the creepy-ass-male award. The Houston Chronicle put him at #10 on a list of assholes in their community. Check out the donotlink here.


63 thoughts on “The Terrorism of the Manosphere

  1. Every word of what you said is true from my personal experience. I know what you mean about the trauma of having to even monitor those sick sites. You make a very good point about Valizadeh leaving a great deal of harm in his wake. A few women do this work of remembering the attacks and doxing and it is very difficult. Thank you.

  2. I could not find the lie in that paragraph describing Elam. Perhaps there was none.

    I want to say I don’t care but of course I do. The MRAs just did an organized attack on mumsnet. The thing is that all my life, and my mothers life, and my grandmothers life, men have been trying to silence us. They cannot.
    Thank you for what you do.

        • I just looked at that link. There’s one comment with a response below it. The dude says that sites like this (presumably mumsnet) should be shut down because they don’t do any good. I don’t know if the commenter was an MRA or just confused. I looked at Mumsnet at YT and it looks like pretty relentless cooking, baking and cake decorating site.

          You may remember the sorority, Alpha Phi, which was targeted by Elliot Rodger in California? Recently, the same sorority in Alabama were forced to take down a recruiting video for no reason except that it showed a bunch of very young women hanging around together, laughing, holding hands, jumping for joy, playing in the water, etc. I see it as another attack on women-only space. Same as they did with the HollaBack video a few months ago, the liberal detractors tried to claim that it was racist – although, this is clearly made up and a whole bunch of old white, bald dudes were jacking off to this video when they put it on youtube. They made a bunch of sick comments, too, everywhere! All kinds of assumptions were made about these women – they were just women! They called their sloppy cut-off jean shorts they were wearing lakeside “daisy dukes,” and did everything to make it out like it was a porn – just because the women were young and pretty.

          To me this is another form of terrorizing women. Its a way of keeping women from congregating. It’s one of the reasons I have so few women friends now. Years ago, one of my really pretty friends and I just had to stop going out together because every time we tried to do some normal thing – go to the mall, go shopping, etc., – we were unmercifully harassed and terrorized by men, especially cops. It was terrifying and this is how they keep women from being together – it is a form of terrorism and behind it all it is state-sanctioned because a lot of times it is cops doing it and even when it isn’t, the cops would never dream of doing anything to stop it.

          • I just looked at that link. There’s one comment with a response below it. The dude says that sites like this (presumably mumsnet) should be shut down because they don’t do any good.

            Yeah, I saw that comment. I wonder how long it will be until women aren’t even allowed to set up a website without prior authorization from some butthurt nerd misogynist who thinks the internet is for dudes only.

            And they call us nazis……

          • True! I know a case of a woman harassed off line who had a knitting site. No kidding!

            I read through the comment section pretty thoroughly at all the articles on this subject and someone said something there that struck me as being very true, which is that men hate women with the same fervor as the Nazis hated Jews. When I see comments like those made by the troll here at this article I have no doubt what men would do to us if they could get away with it. They’ve talked about it plenty of times online – about things like putting us in rape camps and such. There’s a lot of news about groups like ISIS and Boko Haram, but they are not anomalies in the world of men. These are just examples of what men do to women when they have the opportunity.

    • Wow, thebewilderness, is this it?

      HMQ, I think you are remarkably brave and strong. I’m aware of a lot, but by no means all, of the work you do and have done and I am grateful.

      I enjoyed reading the Houston Press article about PsychoDude. They put him right up at the top of the list. I don’t know how annoying he is, but he is certainly an embarrassment. I was surprised at the rogues I could think of off the top my head from Houston who didn’t make the list. But, as far as I’m concerned, he’s #1 top of the dung hill.

      • Yes. They Swatted her (called 999 to report a crime in progress at her address), DDOS the site and hacked the email addresses of members. Possibly passwords as well. The site is basically a forum where women talk about anything and everything that interests them, from politics to troll house cookies.

        • Troll house cookies! LOL! I’ll remember that one.

          Speaking of trolling, one of the frustrating things I noticed about the reporting I read on this subject is the relentless use of the term “trolls” to describe these criminals. It’s something that seems to have started with the British press, if I’m not mistaken and I wish they’d stop it. Trolls have been around for a long time and while annoying, they’re not criminal. These are truly criminals. I read earlier today that they may have located one of the culprits. I hope they throw the book at him, but I won’t hold my breath based on what I’ve seen in the past in relationship to Facebook threats and so on.

  3. Men have always been terrorists and definitely the deadliest and most destructive predators alive.The Internet just enables it to a breathtaking degree, and there are no bigger braindead animals with a megaphone than the shitheads that populate the manosphere. I for one appreciate this space as a respite from libfem nonsense and a place to connect with other women who see it all for what it is, so thank you HMQ. And thank you also for thinking of women who might need this place as a resource.

    I sat down next to what had to be an MRA on the train tonight. He didn’t bother to stop manspreading all over the place and the hostile-male fumes almost knocked me out. Youngish, white, not bad-looking, on the big side. I probably should have just moved but I was sort of fascinated in a revolted way—watching the conflict on his face because I haven’t hit my last fuckable day yet and he was aware of me on that level—yet it seemed like he wanted to punch me. He definitely knew that I’d picked up on his toxicity. I held my ground because that pee-spraying stance pisses me off so bad but it was such an unpleasant few minutes. Brave tough guy displaying dominance over a woman. Blech.

    Here’s a little humor salve (if you haven’t already seen it), although the person who did this video is a man. As you said, he can make fun all he wants and the most he’ll ever face is accusations of manginaism. It’s not the same thing for women at all. Actually, this video is kind of prognostic in the wake of Amnesty for Dicks International’s grand fuck-you to women:

    • I like to reaffirm this blog space as ‘WOMEN FIRST’ from time to time, to remind any woman who is either a regular or just passing through, that there’s a site for us. Women can call a man ‘stupid’ and not get your head ripped off in the comments section as does happen in libfem spaces where people are more worried about appearance than substance.

      When I take breaks I don’t always tell others. I just put my posts on automatic publishing and try to regain my composure.

      I hope the Canadian women who started that petition find their way here

      I also see men irl that do precisely what you describe. When I’m walking on the sidewalk I see men coming toward me that won’t be courteous and move over just a bit so I can pass. They waddle and take up as much space as possible on a sidewalk that can fit 3 people abreast.

      I had to sit next to a manspreader yesterday on the bus and I was coming back from the dentist which is always a bit anxiety provoking for me. He was such an ass. There were no more seats left and it was a double bus. I walked to the rear and found the last seat and the dude sitting next to it was legs wide open and even when I sat down he didn’t budge. I suppose he got a sick thrill out of pushing on my legs with his. He was totally oblivious.

      Anyway, I had a couple small fillings in my canine and front tooth and was happy b/c the appointment was so quick. It took a half hour to do both fillings. My dentist is awesome. He’s so careful when he gives me the shots. He doesn’t push the novocaine in at full tilt. He takes his time and will freeze one small bit to let it sink in so the next shot won’t hurt. I’m fucking terrified of dental work. I hate having anything in my mouth that ain’t supposed to be there. So I was already anxious when I had to deal with manspreader.

      • Manspreaders suck ass.

        Hope your mouth is feeling better. Dental work sucks but I suppose it’s good to have teeth. (-:

        Re libfems: I don’t know why they keep trying to please. How can they not see that it doesn’t make a damned bit of difference?

  4. I don’t really visit the Dickosphere sites anymore, but they seem to have infested the comment section of every YouTube video ever made, along with many mainstream forums and blogs. Their psychotic ideology is spreading faster than Esmay’s heat rash. It ain’t pretty.

    I can relate to a lot of what you said, particularly the part about looking at men on the street, and wondering if they are an MRA or not. But another part of me realizes, as you also said, that they are just (very loudly) vocalizing what most men have always thought about us. Obviously, the belief that women are inferiors is as old as history itself. A man needn’t identify as an MRA in order to hate women; that feature is automatically included in the Masculinity 101 programming package. Even men who claim to be “different” or “not like that” will engage in idiotic status jockeying games, using the most misogynistic language possible, to demonstrate that they are “real men” too. All they care about is what other men think of them (even to the detriment of their own livelihood). They are brain-washed pawns, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. The situation is only getting worse. I try not to think about the future because I can pretty much guess what it’s going to look like. Everything is going in reverse. Misogyny is mainstream, and we’re on the wrong side of the popularity contest. The ignorant masses only care about social acceptance, at the cost of their own freedom (see: handmaidens who proclaim “I don’t need feminism”). I often wonder just how bad things must get before such women will change their tune. I guess we’ll find out soon enough, eh?

    • You’re right, we fucking hate you, and wish you would either spread your legs, and comply, or fucking drop dead. You have no other value to us.

        • HMQ: LOL on this image.

          To Lord Dingleberry upthread with the blazingly clever user name:
          It’s not like you’re telling us something we don’t already know. I myself wish you’d stick to lifting heavy objects for us, and otherwise leave us the hell alone. (That is if you can lift anything heavier than a 15-lb. dumbbell, which is highly unlikely, considering you’re probably 13.) Let us know when you develop some muscles. I might need someone to move my washing machine so I can clean behind it.

      • Bored now.

        Put your penis away, son. No one cares. If a vile asshole like you was not a malcontent, I’d be worried.

  5. Canadian feminist shit fuck cunts needs to be stomped under the heel of black leather jackboots. You’re right, we do hate you, dont respect you, and could care less what the fuck happens to you, cunt rag. Just fucking die already.

    • You need to learn how to use punctuation and indefinite articles properly before you graduate from high school. Also, it’s “couldn’t care less.” Right now what you’ve written says that you do, in fact, care. And “cunt rag?” Is that your zinger for today? Also, what is a “shit fuck cunt?” Urban Dictionary is not your friend.

  6. gFeminists cant do shit. The fact that we even tolerate you is amazing. It’s because you have cucked, castrated, nice guy male allies who want to be “good friends’ to feminist trash. If we really wanted to we could shut you the fuck down in no time flat, and you couldnt do a fucking thing about it, cunt.

    • Oh wow, more yapping. Shouldn’t you be doing something more productive with your time….like, cleaning your basement? It’s where you live, after all.

        • Hmm. He’s 15, maybe, already pornsick and flunked English 101.
          Dumber than a box of hair, obviously. His posts — CUNT…HATE…PEE-PEE POWER!!! DERRRRR!
          He’s probably already been pepper sprayed a few times. Yuck. Ewwww. These guys are walking endorsements for birth control…and celibacy.

  7. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and have actually never commented before (always felt a bit nervous because everyone here seemed to be a lot more knowledgeable about feminist analysis than I am but I’m reading a lot of feminist blogs and texts these days so I don’t feel quite as out of my depth now lol) but I would like to say that I think it is a great blog and I would like to say thank you house mouse queen for your writing. This article particularly resonated with me and I felt compelled to post a reply.
    I wasn’t aware of the existence of the manosphere until about a year ago, I discovered it when I was searching the net for advice on how to manage money and how to make money online. I came across these “self improvement” sites written by men which included financial tips, body building, sex advice and such, along with talk about red pills and blue pills, “game”, “sexual market value”, and men ranting and raving about how feminism had ruined America, how awful western women are, how much they hate feminists and blah blah blah blah blah blah you all know the drill. There were links from these sites to other manosphere sites, I found a voice for men, reddit/the red pill, return of kings, roosh v, and a whole load more, very many more . I was so horrified by the content of these sites, the vitriol in them was astonishing. Some of the content made me feel physically sick, reading these sites provoked a deep anger in me; a real rage. It is very hard to read these sites as a woman . I don’t read them anymore because I honestly just can’t stomach what is written on them. These men and a few women too really do hate women, and its such a sadistic, demonic and evil hatred. The behaviour of these people really is psychopathic, they are devoid of empathy, callous, cruel, and extremely manipulative and deceitful. Since I discovered these sites I’ve come to the realisation that many men really do hate women. I’m reading a lot of radical feminist texts because I’m looking for answers, and I just don’t really understand WHY they hate us so much. I often wonder whether it is the socialization they go through, as it is my deep belief that we live in world that is quite profoundly misogynist. On the other hand I wonder if its possible that there is something inherently wrong with these people; some genetic factor. Anyway I think I’m rambling a bit now but I really just wanted to send an honest message of support to you and to the women harnessed and threatened by these men. I want you to know that your site is important to a young (and newly feminist) woman like me and to women as a group. I’ve come to see that the internet is actually overrun with misogynist content and with men who hate women and feminism. It’s not a safe place for women and we are being driven off and shouted down and silenced. I honestly believe that feminism is hated because women are hated.

    • I think the best books to read when you realize the hate is Andrea Dworkin. All her books are free online in an archive. I don’t believe it’s genetic. Many feminists wonder at this same question and there are theories about it. The main one is gender, being taught ‘masculinity.’ I don’t know. I wish I did.

      • Thanks, I will certainly be reading much more Andrea Dworkin. I’m reading Intercourse at the moment and there is so much in the book, I’m trying to process it all. There is so much to process, reading the book has so far felt like being hit by a bolt of lightening; I’ve never read anything like it and I’m in complete shock. I’m in awe of Andrea’s intellect, she had an extraordinary, brilliant mind. Little wonder why these MRAs feel so threatened by her.
        I haven’t read much on gender yet, but I’m aware of the distinction between gender and sex and I think of gender as a social construction now rather than something innate and inborn to a person of a particular sex. I’ve gotten used to the idea of gender as a hierarchy rather than a binary now. It is very clear that men see gender as a hierarchy with masculinity rightfully reigning over femininity.
        I’m going to keep reading radical feminist texts, it feels right to develop my feminist consciousness and to study feminist theory even if there are no decisive answers to the questions I have.

    • Hi sweetpea. Yup, finding out about these guys is like a punch in the stomach. First you feel sick and then you feel incredibly angry. I think more people are hearing about them, but there’s some comfort in the fact that most people roll their eyes when they do. “Men’s rights” sounds so ridiculous.

      Unfortunately impressionable teenaged boys seem to be the biggest demographic, even though the mouthpieces and luminaries (LOL!) of their world are ostensibly adults. They’re thoroughly repugnant, sick mother fuckers to be sure though, and collectively a danger to women. I have no proof, but I (and most radfems) think porn plays a big part in why cultural misogyny is getting worse; it’s a money monster and available 24/7. I weep for young girls and women these days, I really do.

      It’s great that you found radical feminism so quickly though and at a young age; once I started exploring feminism online it took me about two years of intense blog and blog-comment reading to figure out what the hell was even going on. I finally realized that I’m a relatively late-blooming radfem and I’ve never looked back. It does make life more difficult in some ways and I think we all live with some isolation and repression in what we know to be the truth vs. functioning in everyday reality, but it’s better to know the score.

      Dworkin is the shit. Also check out The Dialectic of Sex by Shulamith Firestone. I think it was Dworkin who said that if you’re anti-feminist, you’re anti-woman, so you are right about why feminism is hated. There is NOTHING that sends your average dude into a rage faster than challenging his ingrained entitlement to superiority over and sexual access to women. Watch that id erupt in about two seconds.

      One theory on the WHY is that nature loaded the gun (testosterone, in a nutshell) and thousands of years of patriarchy keep pulling the trigger.

      • Hi Cassandra, thanks for your reply. Reading the manosphere sites was just like a punch in the gut, you are right. I feel the anger still, I feel angry a lot of the time.
        The idea of “men’s rights activists” is pretty ridiculous though and when I’ve mentioned them and explained them to people they tend to think the idea of them is absurd. It is a comfort that people generally find them ridiculous and obnoxious lol.

        Porn is a real problem I think. I recently read Pornland by Gail Dines and it was like another punch in the gut because I knew very little about porn and what modern porn involves. Like most women and girls I’ve never really had any interest in it, didn’t know much about it . Dines says in her book that most women and some men have an idea about the content of porn that is about twenty years out of date, like they imagine a centerfold in a men’s magazine or a “vanilla” pornographic video. In pornland I read about “gonzo” porn and what that involves and how it is now the norm in pornography. I read about the sexual acts performed and how violent and degrading they are, I’m still so disturbed by it. It is truly horrifying. There seem to be many men who enjoy and become aroused by the degradation, humiliation, pain and sadism. Some of them are addicted to it and it has certainly, without doubt infiltrated into popular culture and into society, into the public pysche. I think the impact on young people is devastating. Its part of a wider backlash against womens liberation and emancipation, that is clear.
        It’s not just the brutal violence but the dehumanization, the objectification, the humiliation. The porn industry is huge and seemingly unstoppable but some say that it has become so abusive, misogynist and dehumanizing that it has created its own nemesis.

        I did find radical feminism quite quickly, at first after discovering the manosphere and trying to process all of what I had read I started reading feminist literature because I felt so wounded and angry and I needed to grow strong again and build pyschological defence against the misogyny. As I read and read , my understanding grew and I wanted to know more and to dig deeper in the culture, into the problem. Since I’ve been reading radical feminists I feel like a veil has been lifted from my eyes, so to speak. I do feel lucky to have found radical feminism as a young woman but I think all women would benefit from reading feminist text.

        You are right when you say that it makes life more difficult, I am finding so too. Even in humdrum everyday actions like when I turn on the television, for example il see objectification here, blatant woman hating there. There is little escape from it. But I think it’s better to know the truth, however painful it may be, than to remain ignorant and oblivious.

        I will certainly read The Dialectic of Sex. I have quite a long radical feminist reading list now lol but he more I know the stronger I feel.

        • Hi sweetpea. I’ll keep it short because I’ve contributed to this thread a little too much lol.

          Gail Dines is amazing. Robert Jensen is also great. Porn is misogynist propaganda and if you really think hard and long about it you can go into a spiral; that it’s even legal–that depictions of human beings being treated the way women are in porn is a billion-dollar business—that’s how much men hate us. And yes, once you’re aware of it you realize that it’s everywhere, in some form or another. I was on the ASOS website the other day, for instance, and realized that almost every photo is pornified. I was in Duane Reade today and Vera Wang’s new low-priced-fragrances display featured a REALLY sexualized image of a girl who couldn’t have been more than 16. Finger in her mouth, prone on some satin background. It’s fucking everywhere.

          Anyway, this is a good place to visit because HMQ allows us to vent without SJW policing us and I’ve noticed that some good radfams that I’ve seen over the past couple of years on other radfem blogs are starting to comment here. You’ve certainly put two and two together faster than I did in regard to radical feminism. It took me a while to reject choosy choice feminism so I envy you that. Radical feminism has answered a lot of questions for me and I hope it continues to help you. You sound sharp so hang in there and keep reading.

          • Thank you Cassandra, your encouragement means such a lot to me 🙂 I think you are precisely accurate to describe porn as misogynist propaganda. That description makes complete sense and seems wholly appropriate.

            Thinking about its scale, it’s influence and its infiltration: into the economy, into society, into politics, into the minds of the people. It is a bit like a spiral into hell.
            It’s very disturbing to see sexualized images of adolescents in advertising, especially knowing that it’s middle aged and older men mostly who are in control of the advertising industry. What is even more disturbing is that I know now that quite a large percentage of pornography created is in fact child pornography and pornography featuring young girls in late adolescence, such as all this “barely legal” trash. It makes me extremely angry. This is one the many reasons why, in my own mind I have to reject “choice” feminism.

            I really do like reading this blog and the comment section 🙂

    • So she taught him he was a woman hater and he got really butthurt and is now trying to kill her. Nice.

      Many MRA’s are just like him. I have a post coming up about one of them. He’s a right wing conservanut.

      • No, not too upsetting, thanks, HMQ. But, I looked up “cucked” and I think the poster has us confused with the mumsnet women. Maybe he’s one of the mumsnet attackers. They appear to be a bunch of slavemasters who are upset that the women and children they owned have tried to escape.

    • Ah, radicalwitch, you haven’t been introduced to the disgusting-sounding word “cuck”? It’s all the rage with the MRA oxygen thieves! Abbreviation of “cuckold.” You know, since that what b*tches do to beta-male Nice Guys. We’re just cucking them left and right and they’re all cucked. I want to go to this world they live in where women are cuckolding men with such frequency. I’d rather live in that world. It sounds like more fun for us.

        • Yes. The general tenet of being an MRA or general misogynist seems to be to espouse contradictory ideas, the main goal of which is to set it up so that women can never win:

          -If you get married to a man and don’t work you’re a needy, gold-digging leech, but if you have a job you’re a feminazi who’s taking a job away from a more deserving male and also you will never land a man because men are threatened by women who don’t need them. Also you will die alone, surrounded by 100 cats.

          -If you have children and work you’re a bad mother, but if you don’t work and stay home with the kids you’re a leech and after you’d served your usefulness to me and I have an affair with or leave you for another woman, you don’t deserve a damn thing in any divorce you bitter old hag.

          -Women are too weak to fight in the wars we men start and they don’t belong in wars because they bleed once a month and also we will try to save them on the battlefield thus putting the entire battalion at risk, but women don’t deserve equal rights because they can’t fight in wars.

          -Women don’t belong in construction or technological fields because they are weak and they can’t write code or do LOGIC and we will harass them and/or constantly try to hit on them if they try to get into these fields but ever notice how men have done ALL the wonderful things that have moved humanity along? It’s men who have discovered everything and built everything.

          -Look pretty for us at all times, but then don’t blame us when we talk about how shallow and vain you are and how much time you take to get ready.

          -All men deserve all the sex in the world with as-young-as-possible supermodels but women who give them the sex they deserve are sluts who’re riding the cock carousel and they’ll never get married because men want to marry virgins.

          -All men deserve sex with as-young-as-possible 10’s with high market value but these women only want to fuck alpha males. They should want to fuck Nice Guys who are old and/or look like shit or they are ageist, shallow haters. Men are hot and fuckable forever, don’t you know.

          -If you get pregnant and I don’t want it you better march straight to the abortion clinic or you’re a sperm burglar who’s trying to trap me. If you get pregnant and I want it because I want to trap you as an incubator for my precious DNA, you are a murderer and/or a child thief if you have an abortion or keep the child without involving its daddy.

          -Men can’t help being raging angry assholes who want to fuck and rape and dominate because evolution! Biology! Testosterone! God said so! We can’t help it!! It’s just LOGIC!

          -Women who are raped must have had it coming because they put themselves in a bad situation, dressed like a slut, drank too much or led the poor man on and boys will be boys. Or the woman regrets the sex and just wants to be a vindictive b*tch because she had bad drunk sex with a possibly small-penised beta. But if you have any caution about Nice Guys or getting into elevators with a man at 4′ in the morning or on guard about men’s violent tendencies in any way, you’re a horrible, paranoid bigot.

          -I, MRA man, will espouse the contradictory misogynist double standards that define patriarchy so that I’m actually radiating nuclear patriarchy, but then deny that patriarchy exists and tell you you’re a “misandrist” for noticing what men have been doing to women for a few thousand years. That’s just reverse sexism. And stop playing victim.

          -Fill in the blank with any number of additional double binds.

          (If this is too long, HMQ, feel free to jettison it. I get carried away sometimes.)

  8. Random and a bit off-topic, but I am subscribed to WebMD newsletters, and this week’s featured article/slideshow is entitled “Secrets Guys Wish You Knew”.

    Break out your barf bags, and don’t miss super-duper important No.17, which subtly implies that, if your man-baby cheats on you, it’s all your fault for not bending over backwards and submitting to his every demand.

  9. I think this is another example of terrorism against women:

    Then, there is the story below, which is just appalling. This woman worked as a manager at a shelter for homeless men and was raped by one of the former guests – not just raped, but abducted and shot in the back as she tried to escape, running down the street stark naked after the initial attack. It’s amazing what makes the national news and what doesn’t, isn’t it? – you’d think MRAs were running that national media (I think they are). Here’s the story:


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