Paul Elam Wants To Harm Journalists and Their Families

Elam wrote a post that he took down very quickly whereby he threatens all the journalists who have written honestly about him and his hate site. I think the last piece calling him a woman hating asshole in so many words by his own home town paper brought out a case of ‘Elam-has-serious-anger issues.’

Here is the archive of what Paul wrote. Here is the apology he wrote in its place.

He is now backtracking as he has realized he just threatened a whole bunch of people and their families. Even some in his audience were taken aback by Elam’s rage but some were egging him on.

In the months ahead we will be teaching some of these people, all that we can, a lesson or three about what happens when you go too far in provoking the wrong people.

So, you can bet right now that if Jeff Sharlet, Mariah Blake, Adam Serwer and a whole lot of other people have dirt in their backgrounds, we are going to dig it up and spread it around like gonorrhea in a whorehouse.
That goes for their family members and embittered exes as well. Two can play at that game and it is our turn.

There are two archives of Twitter exchanges Dean Esmay and Paul Elam had with Nicole Sandler, a radio host who had Jeff Sharlet on to talk about his excellent piece on MRA’s. Archive 1, Archive 2

Paul Elam has a serious problem with women and anger issues. We’ve known about his hatred for quite some time. It seems his stunts for media attention have gotten him exactly what he deserves.


9 thoughts on “Paul Elam Wants To Harm Journalists and Their Families

  1. Dood is the classic abuser who is so engorged with aggrieved entitlement that he thinks he can get away with abusing journalists the same way he does children. Does anyone not know by now that this d00d is a grifter?

  2. […] like gonorrhea in a whorehouse

    That awkward moment when a grotesque analogy mirrors a personal anecdote…..

  3. I think the people named in the original posting must be notified. The apology is for writing a threatening post, and does not say he won’t carry through on the threats. In other words, “wow, I shouldn’t have written so blatantly about what I plan to do, it’s against my principles of ambushing people and keeping plausible deniability. Now when I attack them I won’t be able to say it was just “satire” or say I was just asking a “question”. I apologize to myself for announcing my plans. It goes against everything I stand for.”

    • Yeah, it was quite sudden too. I checked the site and saw he apologized for having a rage meltdown and then I found out what he had written earlier.

      I’ll be doing a post on this in more detail to explain some fundamental issues with his site and his tactics.


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