MRA’s On Abortion: She Needs To Be Destroyed and Kept as an Incubator

The Manosphere tends to be a haven for right wing Conservatives who want to control women. Dalrock wrote a post about abortion where he got enraged that a new study claimed 95% of women were psychologically happy after an abortion. This sent him off the deep end, quoting bible verses and generally being a dickhead. Dalrock says he’s a happily married father. I feel bad for the women in his life and I hope to hell he doesn’t have daughters.

The very title of his rant ‘Punch Harder on Abortion’ has male violence written all over it.

‘The argument that abortion is a problem because it makes women sad is foolish.  What we should instead be pointing out is that our embrace of abortion has turned our women into monsters.’

He tells his audience that they should point out to everyone that women are happy after abortion, as if that’s some sort of indictment against us. Why wouldn’t a woman making the right choice about her reproduction not feel good about it?

The real key is that the idiot thinks women are supposed to be a nervous wreck for life after abortion as punishment. Not only are women supposed to be permanently damaged but other men who see us happy, even our male allies, are supposed to get butthurt that we aren’t weeping nervous wrecks.

My Three Abortions

I had 3 abortions. I was happy and content after each one. The males who impregnated me had no say in any of it. I didn’t care what they thought and didn’t even ask. Their bodies weren’t carrying a single ounce of the risks of pregnancy and my god, there are a ton of risks to a woman. My body, my choice.

The first two abortions I had done at 7-8 weeks. I got pregnant even though I was using a diaphragm and spermicidal foam. Looking back, I think my diaphragm wasn’t fitting me properly. My third and final abortion was done at 12 weeks due to the clinic telling me I was going to miscarry after viewing my ultrasound. I begged them to help me because sometimes a woman bleeds out during a miscarriage. Abortion is much safer than going home to bleed, not knowing if you’ll hemorrhage. The doctor performs a complete cleaning of the uterine walls, called dilation and curettage, to prevent this.

In order to legally perform an abortion they had to have a positive blood test confirming pregnancy. Since the pregnancy hormone was being flushed from my body due to miscarriage they ended up taking 4 blood tests to finally achieve a positive test result. To avoid complications, I had an abortion. I had already had two and had no complications. Abortion is extremely safe.

Maybe it would help to let these ignorant jackasses understand just what happens during an abortion?

The doctor uses a speculum, a metal or plastic instrument that goes inside the vagina and opens to expose the cervix, which is the opening of the uterus. It looks like a closed up belly button and is about the same size. She injects the rim of the cervix with a local anesthetic. Some women feel this but most don’t.

After the injections the cervix must be opened or dilated. This is achieved by using a sea kelp called laminaria. They are small rods that vary in size. The doctor places them in the cervix to open it as wide as the procedure demands. An early abortion, like mine, do not need much dilation.

She then places a suction tube in the uterus and vacuums the uterus of its contents. You don’t feel pain. It just feels like you’re sitting on a washing machine during its spin cycle. You just feel vibration, nothing more for about 5-7 minutes. It’s important to clean the uterus fully to prevent infection. Again, since I had my abortions in the first trimester, they were easier to perform and the recovery time was minimal. After the procedure you are taken to lie down and given non-narcotic pain medication, warm water bottle and blankets for cramps. The recovery for me was just like having cramps on the first day of my period. Within 2 hours, I was fine and ready to go home.

Each abortion cost $350.00 USD in the late 1980’s. I had all three abortions done at Planned Parenthood in Boston. I don’t know what a suction abortion (least invasive) costs at this time. I worked a professional job from the time I was 15 years old so I had plenty of money. I can only imagine what poor women must do to obtain one but these days we have the Morning After pill which currently costs $30 Canadian dollars. If any women want to inform me of the prices in the US currently, I’d appreciate that.

After a couple days, just like a period, I was completely back to normal but I must also explain another factor at play.

I am RH negative. It’s a rare blood condition. It means that each of my pregnancies my body wanted to reject. For any woman who is RH negative and doesn’t have an RH negative fetus, the pregnancy takes everything out of you and if you carry to term your child might have serious problems. There are ways to minimize this risk but women who are RH negative suffer terrible symptoms. In my view, all but one of my pregnancies were RH positive. I felt the difference, as in, I had flu-like symptoms during two of the pregnancies.

Choice Words

Would any of you asshat males have any experience with this? No? Course not. You’ll never be pregnant. You’ll never have any of the complications arising from it. The only thing you’ll do is waddle your lazy asses outside abortion clinics with silly signs that show just how fucking ignorant you are. Or you’ll sit online and slap each other on the back each time one of you says something more idiotic than the next guy. This means whatever you say about abortion has no meaning. You’re just a bunch of blockheads that wail ‘BABY KILLER!’ to women like me. You have no idea how risky it is to be pregnant.

I don’t need your approval nor will I ever request it. It was my body, my reproductive choice, to end my pregnancies. If you think an 8 week fetus can live on its own you’re a fucking idiot. Oh, and btw I also support late term abortions for women and think Dr. Tiller was a great ally to women. You motherfuckers, in your quest to be as ignorant as fucking possible, murdered him. So much for ‘pro life.’

Wail away dickheads.

Men’s Ignorance

Now let’s look at the comment section TW for graphic male violence against women:

‘How about we stop providing facilities for women to have these procedures performed? If a woman wants one so bad she can try her luck in the ally and hopefully die in the process.’

‘a woman who will destroy something of inherent greater potential than she will ever have, needs to be destroyed and kept as a incubator for the more valuable potential within her. Then after having been useful for that task, using her for parts would be the overall best usage for her parts. I think we have this whole thing backwards – leave the clinics, kill the women, sell their parts and adopt out the babies a MUCH more effective operation, and preserves the higher-value life for society to improve.’

‘Any society that lets women slut it up and then kill the infants that naturally arise from their loose morals is matriarchal,’

‘Remind them of the latent racism inherant to abortion by explaining WHO gets abortions….’

‘GOD’s law regarding un-wed, non-virginal young women was death. The church has removed ALL shame from being an un-wed mother. This is why churches are filling up with them.’

‘There should be no excuse for abortion.’

‘They’re simply convenience killings by people who are too stupid to use any of the five hundred methods of birth control that are given away’

‘Even so, they should be judged appropriately and without mercy. Anyone who is this irresponsible is really unfit for life in a civilized society, and they need to know their place.’

‘Welcome to 21st century America, where women can be sluts and you’re the a-hole if you judge them, and where they can kill their own babies and you’re the a-hole if you judge them.’

‘There’s so much obsessive guilt about slavery, and so much moral preening about how much better we are than those monsters. Yet the slaves and their children at least got to live.

‘I dealt with it by not marrying one of those vagina controlling baby murdering whores. Instead, I married a sane woman who knows that her vagina isn’t hers to misuse, and a baby should not have his life snuffed out at the whim of an irresponsible woman.’

‘Instead, execute women who abort their babies because it’s murder.’

‘Shaming and blaming are the most effective tools we men have in dealing with women.’
‘What I usually do when a woman confides to me that she has had an abortion (and this has happened quite a few times since I am easy to talk to) I shun. I give her the silent treatment for the rest of her life.’
‘A feminist is anti-male authority and supposedly pro woman.’
‘Abortion should be forbidden to allow men to easily snag a prime aged partner through beta bucks game.’
30 million women murderers, and yet the social scientists tell us female serial killers are rare. Perhaps they’re just not looking in the right places for them.
Sluts will always be sluts, but the modern legal system has made us all a party to the murders.
Men’s rights activists are extremely violent males. Women need to be aware of how much men hate us.

32 thoughts on “MRA’s On Abortion: She Needs To Be Destroyed and Kept as an Incubator

  1. Male (hetero)sexuality is, generally speaking, so stunted and backward that they regard women’s bodies and body parts as life-support systems for men. This is a twisted and infantile sexuality that seeks to dictate and control access to those female body parts that they believe keep them alive and significant.

    With these particular men, without women to own and fuck, they believe they will cease to be men — that is, that they will die (psychically, socially). This is serious stuff; no wonder they want to execute us! What USE is a woman who doesn’t regard her own body as a piece of bio-machinery that was made, by God, to enable male survival and flourishing? This guy really comes out and says it:

    ‘I dealt with it by not marrying one of those vagina controlling baby murdering whores. Instead, I married a sane woman who knows that her vagina isn’t hers to misuse, and a baby should not have his life snuffed out at the whim of an irresponsible woman.’

    Her vagina “isn’t hers” to control or misuse. Ha. A vagina/uterus is separate from the woman, separate from the whole person, and a vagina is defined by its “use” — its use by babies and men.

    Of course these men don’t love embryos, fetuses, or even babies — but, they do IDENTIFY with them. Not because half of all fetuses are male (the female ones are, apparently, just potential whores), but because all fetuses are dependent on the female body for survival.

    These men are terrified of being aborted. Too bad they weren’t.

    • I’ve always felt the same, morag99. They can’t empathize with women or relate to the idea of creating life with their bodies, so they marginalize the ability and go on and on about their superior upper body strength. Of course, they just resent womens’ biological superiority and try to own it…while hating it. While they’re convincing themselves women are alien, they stupidly come to the conclusion that the most human thing about a pregnant woman is her unborn baby boy — boys only matter, you see.

      They relate to the fetuses, because what it Mom aborted them? OMG. Mommy, no!

  2. “Sell her parts…”? Disgusting. Absolutely gross.
    The womb envy is palatable with that one. The villains in “The Handmaid’s Tale” were less crude.

  3. It’s incredible how the net is bringing out men’s real ideology and drives. They feel free to say online what they try to hide IRL. The truth is that they are outraged that women are taking control of our bodies. This is the privilege they really are losing, and there’s nothing they will be able to do about it. Thanks for your personal and powerful writing, HMQ.

    P.S. Dean Esmay just posted a scandalous article on Jeff Sharlet on AVFM right on schedule after Elam’s threat yesterday. I can’t see why Elam’s article was pulled. He’s doing what he threatened to do, and the sham apology doesn’t mean a thing. The article is just a smear made up of clickbait phrases — Goebbelian propaganda style.

    • You’re very welcome to this space, all women are. This is the one space on the net that is WOMEN FIRST.

      I saw what Dean just posted. It’s the hysterical ravings of a man who is mentally ill. I say this b/c he admitted less than a month ago that he needed to leave AVFM b/c his mental health was bad.

      Elam and his cronies have entered a very dangerous game that they’ll lose.

    • Yes. The internet has allowed us the first glimpses of the truths radfems have been writing about for decades.

      Women are now seeing this hatred on a mass scale. With the MRA’s, the transactivists and the rest, I hope women finally come to a critical mass.

  4. There is absolutely nothing that could make me shift from my pro-abortion stance. I am pro-abortion for any reason whatsoever, so that any girl or woman wishing an abortion should be able to have one and *not give the reasons*. Requiring reasons from a girl or woman puts a person into a position of judgement, and I disagree that another person should be able to judge.

    I see that the MRAs continue to blame girls and women for unwanted pregnancies. Because the guy has no choices such as vasectomy (reversible or irreversible), condom, or abstinence.

    At least they provide us with the topics to ask the boys and men in our lives, to see if they are MRAs. If they answer as an MRA would – run.

  5. Thank you for sharing your story about your experiences, HMQ. I think so many people have utterly ignorant ideas about what abortion entails.

    That we are in the year 2015 and things are getting worse is a testament to just how much men want to keep us under thumb. They are SO FUCKING ANGRY that we have freed ourselves even a little bit. How can anyone say, with a straight face, that women are not oppressed on the basis of our sexed bodies? That IS entire root of it.

    Did you all see that piece in the NY Times on Saturday about that awful bill they’re trying to get going in Ohio where a woman can’t abort if she finds out the baby has Downs Syndrome? Like what the ever living fuck? Of course it will never get through. There were like 1800 comments on it, as there always are on any article about abortion in any major publication.

    But to relate to something pallygirl said; there doesn’t have to be a reason given about why a woman wants an abortion! And it was amazing to me—in the comments section of that Times article and in any of the rhetoric you hear from people like Obama (what a disappointment he’s been) and Hillary Clinton—how people drag “family” and “doctors” into it. They say “It’s between a woman and her doctor,” or “These families have to make this decision and it’s a private matter.” And these are the “good guys” saying these things!

    NO! The only person it involves at all is the woman. Not her doctor. Not her husband. Not her boyfriend. Not her parents. Not her “family.” HER ONLY. God this makes me rage. I guess they know have to soften it up for the masses.

    And these men above? No words for how foul they are. If only there were psychological hazmat suits we could all wear. “Vagina controlling” ??!! Just stomach churning.

  6. Just a point of clarification since anti-choicers love to conflate the morning after pill with the abortion pill: The morning after pill is last-minute birth control for a woman who had unprotected sex or who knows her barrier method failed. It has to be taken within three days of intercourse, and it becomes less effective the longer she waits. It prevents pregnancy by preventing ovulation. It does seem to cost about $30 in the U.S., assuming it’s not covered by insurance or the patient doesn’t have insurance.

    The abortion pill (RU-486) causes the embryo to detach from the uterine wall. It can only be used during the very early stages of pregnancy, and it sometimes requires a surgical abortion if the embryo didn’t detach properly. I imagine it’s also much more expensive than the morning after pill.

    Anti-choicers really like to lie about the morning after pill, claiming it causes abortions, in an effort to have it banned, to make sure insurance doesn’t cover it, and to oppose women having access to it without a prescription, so that’s why I try to clarify the difference whenever I see the topic come up.

  7. There is one (hahaha! OK, way more than one, but I don’t want to teal deer) glaring hole in their manly logikz. If you execute a woman for having an abortion, you’re killing any children she may have conceived after the abortion. Also, who’s going to raise any babies she leaves behind?

    (I had an abortion in my mid twenties. I went on to have two children in my mid thirties. I’ve had my tubes tied, because I really don’t have another pregnancy in me, but I’d abort if I got pregnant again. I just can’t do another pregnancy.)

    • Yeah, they’re not too bright. This reminds me of the time that guy pulled a gun on a pregnant woman and threatened to shoot her because she was smoking a cigarette. Just pulling the gun on her and terrorizing her that way could have caused a spontaneous abortion! Fortunately, it didn’t and he got to spend a little time in jail – not enough! This story is a few years old, but here it is:

      How dumb do you have to be to realize that if you kill a woman carrying a fetus that the fetus is probably going to die, as well, or at least suffer severe complications, if it’s far enough along in development and survives, at all?

      • That should be, “How dumb do you have to be NOT to realize…” – obviously.

        This is the same logic as the MRA dudes who say rape is about spreading their seed – they seem to have no idea how rape often destroys women’s capacity for bearing children – especially in cases where the women have to have their sex organs removed because of the damage. Rape can be the cause of future miscarriages and violent acts against women seem to be a pretty common cause of miscarriage and stillbirth based on what I read in women’s personal stories.

        When we see comments like the ones in the post above, we are really seeing what is in these men’s heads. Something is wrong with men and not just hormonally or emotionally. Something is wrong with their minds. They don’t work right!

      • Smoking during pregnancy isn’t even that bad. Not that I’m endorsing it, but the risks of various behaviors during pregnancy are generally much lower than is commonly believed.

        Now that women have more of a choice whether to carry a pregnancy to term, our culture has found other ways to continue to police pregnant women. If you choose to keep the baby, then smoking, drinking, and eating anything potentially dangerous will be highly policed by all and sundry.

  8. I’m trying to think of a few adjectives to describe this filth….

    Somewhere, at this moment, there are maggots swimming in a puddle of 3-day old soured dog vomit….and those maggots contain more human decency than this indescribably vile fucksack could ever hope to posses. Ironically, while spewing his anti-abortion rhetoric, he doesn’t realize that he is actually cutting a promo for the procedure; no woman wants to bring another one like him into the world.

    I am extremely troubled by the fact that it actually has a wife. There is no doubt in my mind that she is being abused. This is a freak off it’s leash, and it needs to be put down before it murders a bunch of innocent women. I mean, this is the kind of shit that serial killers say. This is way past the deep end, and straight into the septic tank. Just watch… this degenerate will be on the world news soon, after having committed a mass shooting in a strip mall or something.

  9. What about women that are pro-life? They can be just as vicious, and cruel as pro-life men. One of the leading anti-abortion groups, Live-Action, is lead by a woman, Lila Rose, and the majority of it’s leadership is female. They’re also partially responsible for the Planned Parenthood videos showing abortionists selling fetal remains to research clinics. I suppose in your mind they’re “traitors”, because all women must think alike?

    • What about them? It’s not women that murder the doctors or heading the terrorist orgs. They aren’t sitting online wishing women would die from a botched abortion. So yeah, pretty lame ass comment. Oh and idiot, PP doesn’t sell that shit.

      Oh and yes, those women are traitors just like FeMRA’s who’d rather have some scraps than a new table.

  10. Just saw this crap comment on a YouTube channel. Has nothing to do with abortion, but it’s just yet another example of how men believe that women exist solely to please them.


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