Men Murdering Women: Vester Lee Flannigan

MRA’s always complain that women are taking their jobs, that women aren’t qualified. The dangerous ideologies of MRA’s affect real people and this time is no different. This is what Vester Lee Flannigan accused Alison Parker of and then went on to stalk her down and shoot her while she was interviewing on live television. He recorded the shooting from his cell phone and uploaded it. Alison is an employee of WDBJ Virginia channel 7. She was interviewing a woman, Vicki Gardner, who was also injured.

This sets a terrible precedent. Women are now going to be frightened of doing their jobs and I bet a ton of women are going to ask the HR department if there were any disgruntled males who also wanted the job and of course they’ll ask, ‘was I really the most qualified candidate?’

Of course, it doesn’t matter if they were the most qualified. It’s male entitlement that isn’t logical, as is clearly witnessed by today’s tragedy and its reflection in the Manosphere.

Alison and Adam are dead. Flannigan shot himself afterward.

Here’s the CBC report and they say people described the shooter as a man who was upset that his life wasn’t going the way he thought it should go: entitlement



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  1. Women are now going to be frightened of doing their jobs […]

    But, but… they can still take plane trips!!!111!!! Everybody knows that once you’re able to set foot on a plane, all forms of oppression magically vanish.

  2. Just a minor correction- the TV station Alison and Adam worked at was in Virginia, not NJ.

    I’ve been wondering how long it’s going to be before this horrible act of violence inspires copycats. What’s sad is that the media is getting fixated Flanagan’s “Race War Manifesto” a rant about how he was the victim of homophobia from “black men and white females”. Blah, blah, blah. He wanted revenge on Alison and Adam. Pure and simple.

    Of course, MRA’s are now going to complain how all of the attention will be focused on Alison, how Adam will be ignored. That’s such a load of bullshit. The only thing this tragedy proves is that women and men must fear men way more than women.

    • Yes, if anyone has any evidence of “white females” – or any females, for that matter – attacking gigantic, 6’3″, 250-Lb. men (of any creed, color or sexual orientation), I’d personally be interested in seeing that. Also, any pictures of authentic alien abductions, Big Foot and that Flying Spaghetti Monster I keep reading about. Any evidence at all….

      HMQ, due to my history of being publicly harased by males (a common condition among women), targeted violence against women by random men in public and a final incident of workplace stalking and assault, I barely leave my house. When I was younger, my mom thought I should be one of those ladies on TV! How relieved I am I decided to do something more low-key! I don’t think there are any of them that aren’t stalked unmercifully. I know of one who left her career because of stalkers (at a station in a major midwestern city) and became a professional psychic! She uses a pseudonym and wears a costume to work now!

      Knowing that women, especially women in that profession, are targets, why didn’t they provide armed security? (This was my complaint at my last regular job – no security, not even a camera, I was targeted in a terrifying incident in which I could have been abducted from the place by the man who assaulted me and nobody would have noticed a thing!!! That realization and the stalking problem were too much for me, especially given all the things men have done to me in the past.)

      No woman doing a job where she’s a public target, having to focus on doing whatever she’s doing, without the benefit of an armed security guard – and that guard ought to be another woman.

  3. Flanagan did not accuse Parker of being unqualified. He accused her of making racist comments, then getting hired anyway. He then filed an EEOC complaint because of it. None of which justifies murdering her.

      • He tells a whole other story somewhere else – maybe in his manifesto. He said he did it because Dylan Roof wanted a race war. The comment by Flanagan was, “Bring it on.” He said he had been angry ever since that church shooting, which is why he bought a gun and planned to shoot some blonde-haired, blue-eyed women – apparently we are pure evil incarnate. If you don’t believe that, read what Elliot Rodger had to say about us and then read all the liberal comments about racist, blonde women underneath any article on the Alpha Phi sorority recruitment video. Already, I’m seeing commenters defend this man’s right to kill uppity white women who he feels have slighted him. We heard similar things a few weeks ago when a footballer attacked a blonde-haired, blue eyed woman in a bar – after he followed her, molested her, then punched her in the face, he claimed that she said something racist to him.

        This is just another excuse for male violence against women. And, it’s especially fun doing it to blonde-haired, blue-eyed women, just ask Rihanna and all the people who defended her snuff video.

        • Somewhere, there is an inter-departmental memo from the TV station, which has been uploaded to ScribD, that describes this man’s behavior toward a bunch of his male co-workers, in particular, the cameramen. It names several male co-worker, none of which were Adams (the man running the camera at the time of this murder spree). This dudebro couldn’t seem to get along with anyone.

          I’m watching all the calls for gun control coming out of VA and D.C. – this is utterly despicable. A man this size could have done just as much damage with a machete or a knife and if all the guns in the world magically vanished into thin air, he still would have found a way to murder these people. The problem is male entitlement, but – no, no! – we’re not allowed to discuss that. That’s why they’ve blamed this man-child’s actions on the usual round of inanimate objects: Guns, drugs, the internet – I’m waiting to hear how it’s feminists’ fault… I’m sure the MRAs are on that, already. Maybe Paul Joseph Watson from Infowars can do a piece of how we white c*nts and whores all have it coming because feminism has made men want to murder us.

        • I’ve noticed that too – some white MAN kills one or more black people and there’s a pile-on of white WOMEN as racists, much less so of white MEN. Not saying white women are never racist, but why scapegoat women for what men do? I remember seeing a post on facebook shortly after the killing of Michael Brown. It was a made up scenario in which a white woman on a plane loudly refuses to sit next to a black man, demanding that the flight attendant relocate him. Everyone gets a good laugh at the white woman’s expense when the flight attendant relocates him all right – in first class. Well, fine, except that I saw through it that the scripting of a woman as the racist who gets put in her place was not just random, it was deliberate. The author would not have scripted it as a man. The scenario was made up for effect, it hadn’t really happened. Ironically, I, a white woman, had almost the complete opposite experience on a plane once. I was seated next to a black man and greeted him pleasantly as I sat down. He ignored me. Then, a minute later, without a word he abruptly got up and changed his seat. Well, at least HE moved instead of demanding that the flight attendant relocate me, as Orthodox Jewish men have been known to do.

          • Yes, I’ve most definitely noticed that no matter what, white women are to blame.

            We are only seen in relation to men, one way or another.

            Something else I’ve been thinking about, because I frequently talk about the problem of the white man, is that the black men is not much different – he is still a hater and oppressor of women. White women are seen a certain way in relation to the white man and then in certain other ways in relation to the black man. It’s another situation where you can’t win: We are either “racist bitch” or “n****r lover.” We have no independent existence. We are not seen as having individual human lives.

            As a white woman, I hoped that other men were better. I hoped that black men, having experienced the white man’s oppression themselves, might have some kind of humanity or compassion toward women, but they are monsters – all of them would take the same role of the white man and if the race roles had been reversed historically, they would have been just as wicked an oppressor as the white man.

            There is a common liberal narrative that the black man does not harbor any sexual hostility toward white women, but this is not the case. My own experiences – horrible experiences – tell me this is not the case.

            The dudebro in this video link – and I’m purposely putting a hashtag at the beginning so it won’t auto-load here because it is absolutely vile – provides and example of how black men perceive white women. We are not human beings, we are “disposable fuck toys.” #

            It is, apparently, impossible for us to be seen as people. I have a tendency to blame all the damned Swedish porn and the portrayals of women, especially blonde women as objects of either scorn or sexual desire by males – to be kept as pets and defiled, to be bought and sold, but I’m sure it goes far deeper than that.

      • And it’s the in-vogue reaction to accuse white women of racism/”white feminism” if any white woman brings up male entitlement in regard to the fact that men of color are more than capable of wielding it against women (of any color) and often do. It’s a fantastic tool to shut women up.

        Yup. I said it.

        • You’re saying black men are in a more privileged position than white women? Um, no, not in any reality are white middle class women worse off than black men.

          • That is not at all what I said. I used the word “entitlement,” not “privilege.” They aren’t synonyms. White women are more privileged than black men in many contexts, to be sure, but black men are capable of entitled male behavior against both white women and women of any color. They are still men.

          • Are you implying that all white women are middle class? I’m not, that’s for sure.

            And black men love to use the word “bitch” just as much as their white brothers, with little to no negative public reaction. If that isn’t a privilege, I don’t know what is. At the end of the day, misogyny is the one thing that men, of all races, have in common. It’s the one thing brings them together; the idea that all women of all races are worthless cunts who deserve to be exterminated.

            Assuming you’re female, and not a dude troll, why are you defending people that hate you?

          • I think what she is saying is that when either white or black men want to shut women up – or rape, beat or murder us – they accuse us of being racist.

            When black men say it, they are even quicker to be believed, at least, by some people – I saw it all over the place the last couple of days with this case. Lots of people, especially libs, are quick to believe the words of a murderer – ’cause, you know, white bitches lie!

          • Oh, yeah, and as your comment suggests, we blonde blue-eyed whores are oppressing huge fucking black men with our existence. This is the same exact thing we hear from the predominantly white MRAs,

          • And, yes men – including black men – are in a more privileged position that white, middle class women.

            You do realize there are white women who are living in poverty… being white or being blonde does not automatically equal being rich and privileged. Duh!

          • Let’s get into economics. Men of all races earn more than women of all races, especially at higher education levels. Dick always wins over vag, no matter what your colour (except for Asian women – they earn more than black men, on average).
   See chart labelled: Race matters less than being a woman when it comes to your paycheck. So yes, black men are in a much more privileged position than white women, and economics is one of the most significant ways to power and privilege. Pointing out individual white women who succeed doesn’t negate group data. But that is not what people want us to know. White women are supposed to be every single group’s whipping girls. In a constant state of shame and apology. And yet, it is not accurate.

        • Yes. I’ve seen this in the Manosphere. The majority of the Manosphere are privileged white men who use this very tactic.

          They’ll focus on say Emmett Till and blame it on the woman, who never did a violent act toward him, instead of the white man, which invented slavery itself with no say from women at all

          It’s a fact that women fought hard in the Civil Rights movement and it’s precisely because we understand the oppression done by the white male.

          • I’ve also seen MRAs describe what Emmett Till did as “flirting”.

            No, it was harassment. He presumably didn’t know that a black man harassing a white woman (I imagine it was perfectly fine for white men to harass women of any race) carried a death sentence in the South.

        • The funniest thing is watching white libfems calling other white women “white feminists” and trying to win points with the menfolk for not being regular evil white women but cool docile man-pleasing white women.

  4. Re: Copycats, as mentioned by the commenter, DandyAndy, above it seems that this dudebro IS a copycat.

    I’ve been looking for a full transcript of his manifesto, but he says that he admired mass killers. Of course, he claims all kinds of other things, as well, “Jehovah” spoke to him, his co-workers were racist homophobes, etc. but despite these minutia, he is very similar to Elliot Rodger. Both men were highly self-entitled and filled with envy. This envy of others was at the heart of their motivation for murder.

    This man, Flanagan, seemed to be full of envy for his attractive, competent co-workers who managed to get along well with others when he couldn’t do his job well (was stiff and acted nervous in front of a camera and blamed his co-workers for everything). He killed these two people because they were well-liked and had a lot on the ball.

    I know straight men hate us, but I wonder how much gay men hate us? I’m sure it’s similar. I read the comments from the trannies, how they want to rape us, be us, get inside our bodies, literally be in our skins, a la The Silence of the Lambs. The young, attractive woman was his first target. She was the one he stood there in front of and waited with his gun, so he could get his rocks off on her fear and pain. Why he shot the other woman is not quite as clear – at least, not from the excuses he gives, except that he had a special hatred of white women.

    • Correction, above – “minutia” should be “minutiae.”

      I’ve been looking at the comments at lib news sites and in places dominated by libs here in the U.S. and I am stunned by the number of people making excuses for this man, saying, “Well, maybe he was pushed over the edge for being gay or black.”

      And, all I can think about is what we, as women, go through – the constant harassment, the rapes, the threats and yet none of us go on a mass murdering spree because of it. None of us go into movie theaters when a “men’s movie” (of course, almost all movies are men’s movies!) is playing or to some other place where a lot of men are likely to gather and start shooting men.

      Why are men excused when they do this (because if it weren’t his homosexuality it would be that women rejected him, and we heard those excuses after the E. Rodger rampage, and if it weren’t about race, it would be about something else – like hairy lesbian “cuks”)? Also, why are the people making these excuses more often than not the people who claim to be most looking out for women’s rights?!

    • Your point about waving the gun at her desperately WANTING to feed off her fear, in my view, is the most important point in this. Gay men are misogynists. Hence the FACT that the Manosphere has a very high, unusually high amount of gay men.

      See John Stoltenberg’s video on gay male misogyny:

      • HMQ, if you can stand to watch the snuff film he uploaded of himself killing her, as he stands in front of her, trying to illicit a response he calls her “bitch” under his breath.

        She seemed to be his #1 target.

        • Yes, snuff film. Men making snuff films for other men to get off on. This one so public in order to send a warning to all women.

          She was his target b/c she had the job he felt entitled to. I did see it. I saw him holding the gun at her, just waiting to get a rush from her terror. She was playing cool and not looking at him, not giving him his male need to see her ‘dominated’ and in fear response.

          That’s why he sat there for so long without murdering her. His toxic manhood was more concerned about the powerful feelings he’d get from terrorizing her first.

      • Thanks for the vid, HMQ. It’s very good. The main point I got is that gay men are part of the same misogynist culture as straight men. There was a lot in there about male/male behavior that just flew right over my head, though. Men are seriously fucked up, regardless of their sexuality.

        • I just finished arguing with a dude about Testosterone. He was saying it made men violent and I was disagreeing.

          Now I know there are several feminists who disagree with me and I honour that but at the same time, what are we saying if we blame men’s violence on a hormone?

          I studied language development, cognition and child development in Uni. The skills that make us human are impressive indeed.

          When I hear men comparing themselves to animals who don’t have a Theory of Mind or Language, I have to laugh.

          We humans CAN control ourselves. We know right from wrong. We are capable of empathy and knowing what violence does to others. This is why I am not going to ‘give in’ and blame men’s violence on a hormone when we have the skills we do to create and entire society with all its elements like law, philosophy, medicine etc.

          • Oh, they COULD control themselves. They just don’t want to and they’ve created a society in which they don’t really have to. The proof of this has been discussed before. If men could not control themselves, there would be more rapes of women and children in the streets, but they can control themselves because they wait for times in circumstances where they either won’t get caught or won’t be blamed if they are caught.

            This murderer could have controlled his urges, but he felt entitled to kill the “bitch” and everyone else he blamed for his own failures. He may not have identified himself as an MRA, but he has EXACTLY the same mindset.

          • precisely! MacKinnon highlights this point by saying ‘what about the men that don’t rape, batter, and murder women?’

            Do those non-violent men have a different biology? Of course not.

            You see, when you make such a statement that men are violent due to a hormone, you must then develop social policy that deals with that fact because we know that male violence is an epidemic. Hell, maybe when women are over a50% of the governance there will be such a proposal. Maybe women will be successful in convincing the world that male violence is the biggest problem facing our society and that a medical intervention is necessary?

            This dude was so adamant it was T. He talked about other animals and blah blah blah.

            So when he made that statement I told him that our society would have to DO something about this, develop medical procedure to stop the violence. That’s when he started bawling and whining.

            I gave some solutions: lower the T in men through medical means. Lock them the fuck up etc.

            His solution was ‘education.’ I shit you not. His idea was to re-educate men not to be violent as if we were really talking about a learning disorder than a biological one and as if we don’t already teach this.

            Men are so dumb.

          • Maybe hormone therapy to counter this demonic T to start with and death by firing squad (like they have in Utah – it’s supposed to be especially horrifying) when that doesn’t work.

            Something is fundamentally wrong with people who build societies worldwide that are full of nothing but slavery and torture. We need to reduce the numbers of violent people coming in here (meaning this planet), who have these tendencies. Hormone therapy might help us achieve that end, as well.

  5. There is no single shred of evidence of any such thing. In reality he was the same exact, paranoid, grievance monster as the rest of you, endlessly complaining of how he was put upon due to some identity marker, and making a list of excuses for his failures. To hear the events of his life over the last twenty years, he sounds exactly like a whining feminist.

    “Whaaaaaaa! They don’t like me, and are out to get me because I’m……”

    With that in mind, one wonders when one of you is going to run amok with a firearm, or some other weapon, and kill a bunch of colleagues, or random strangers? Especially you Sael, and I’d say Cassandra is the second most likely to blow a fuse.

      • LMFO. Wonder if he combed your blog to conclude that I am “likely to blow a fuse” or if he got that out of the one comment of mine that was up on this thread when he made his?

        The dipshit is strong in this one.

    • Because of course history is just as replete with examples of disaffected “feminists” going on mass murder rampages as it is of disaffected men going on such rampages. It’s amazing the extent to which some men will disconnect with reality in order to support their bigotry against feminists.

        • Yesterday, I saw a clip of some male idiot at Fox news talking about this story, before it was known who the killer was, and he was trying to pretend that he didn’t know it was a man by saying the perp was a “man or woman.” When a woman is murdered and especially when multiple people are murdered (mass or serial), the killer is a man 99% or more of the time.

      • I’d be the last person to grab a gun and start shooting people but men have to ‘imagine’ that this would actually happen in otder to justify their ACTUAL murdering ways and their hatred of women.

    • With that in mind, one wonders when one of you is going to run amok with a firearm […]

      Fun fact: White men like to bring up racial crime statistics, as alleged proof that black men are more violent than white men…but they completely disregard that other statistic. Ya know, the one that shows that men, of all races, commit the overwhelming majority of violent crimes.

      But have fun with your Evil Feminists With Guns fantasy, you worthless cumstain.

    • How many women have “run amok with a firearm” compared to the number of men who have done so? Even if you count the WWII Soviet female snipers in the numbers of women who have “run amok with a firearm”, men still have us vastly outnumbered in the running amok game.

      Also, if his own words don’t convince you that the cause was aggrieved entitlement, please tell us why he did it?

  6. Finally, we learn what this poor woman’s horrible racist offenses against this poor, under-privileged man were: She used such horrifying racist phrases as, “I’m going to ‘swing’ by fill-in-the-blank address” and “I’m going out into the ‘field.'”

    Here’s the article link:

    This is why he called her “bitch” right before he shot her to death – the shot two other innocent people.

    Being a woman just somewhere breathing with self-entitled men in this world is extremely risky! We are definitely asking for it by existing! How dare a woman use common, ordinary English phrases in the presence of a highly sensitive male!

    There is an effort to paint this guy as a nut – and clearly he had some issues – but he’s not much different from any other male.

      • The guy was at their station for a short time and I read somewhere that she only worked with him one time. Most of his grievances, the ones in writing, seemed to be with the cameramen. My impression is that he was a demanding diva who had a spazz attack if a cameraman made an error, had to adjust the lighting, had to re-set the cameras for a shot, etc.

        He barely knew her, according to what I’ve been reading.

        The dude lived just down the street from the station and the location they were doing their piece that morning. A lot of people (many of the conspiracy-theory type, I guess you’d say, but I think they are right to ask questions, although this is unquestionably NOT fake, as opposed to some other things we’ve seen in the news) have asked how he would have known where they were that a.m., but that was explained. You can (unless they’ve changed it for security reasons) call the station and get a list of where the reporters are going to be that day. Of course, since he worked there he would have known that.

        Sugarpuss made an excellent comment and I want to get to that in an direct reply to her because it has to do with something I find worrisome – and many people find worrisome about the gun control talk. But, there is something else I noticed in comment sections and forums everywhere.

        I have not seen a lot of bravado coming from white dudes over this, like you’d think you’d see. But, I am seeing a lot of things like “take cover” and “prepare” and I find it a little bit chilling.

        As a woman, I’m already taking cover and I’m prepared (somewhat – probably not what some of these guys are talking about). I’ve been more on guard the past few months – in fact, this whole summer has put me on edge because when I go out I sense something in people I’ve never sensed before. I live in a pretty peaceful place, but I’ve been scared a few times in public places – so scared that I left and when I had to come back the next time, I was carrying something for my protection and for the protection of other people that I should have had with me in the first place.

        White people – not just the women – are scared. What happened the other day happens all the time, but this time it happened in people’s living rooms. I had horrible nightmares from watching it – that woman could be me, if I left the house and had a normal life, which I am entitled to. The fact that the murderer did it the way he did and talked about race war, targeted innocent white women (think about the white man’s history with his PROPERTY here – and all we’ve seen are these poor women’s husband, father and boyfriend – Alison’s mom hasn’t spoken!), and a hard-working Everyman kind of guy has shaken a lot of white MEN and women to the core. It’s the men I’m worried about here because they are, from what I am seeing, preparing for war and you know what happens to us whenever they war!

        White men are much more subtle than other men – think of the way they harass women on the street, for instance. It’s usually less overt and more covert.

        My sense is that this tension I’ve been experiencing – this increased fear in public places that something is going to erupt and I might be the target – has just been ratcheted up by this dudebro here, who I don’t really think was mentally ill – he was TYPICAL, very typical – and as a man he knew how to really get to other men, which is why he did what he did in the name of “race war” and did it so publicly. I noticed, watching that video he took of himself, again, that he waited until the cameraman panned back toward the two women before he started shooting. He wanted maximum audio visual impact, having worked in TV, he knew the power of having the white man see it as he did it, calling her “bitch” – this is the black man’s pet name for us – and, also, give a huge rash of incidents involving attacks by black people (including some black women) on white women and men, which are being – I believe – purposely kept out of the national news. Well, he did everything to make sure that this incident got in the national and international news. This was by design.

        Also, this call for Confederate flag removal – the flag is a symbol of war. In this case, it is a symbol of an historical war and for many people in the south, it is a symbol of order, of a genteel past – even if this was largely mystical. The call for removal of the flag from public places and the targeting of business owners who sell flags (all kinds of flags) for harassment has set some people off – again, mostly white men who see this as an attempt at erasure of themselves and of history.

        I feel like I’m standing in that moment, right in that dead silent moment, before a tornado rips through! Only this isn’t hot and cold air, but black and white men. The ones calling this a hoax and saying it’s a false flag may be seen, in a way, as peace makers. But, what I’m seeing is that for a lot of them, it’s too late. They know it wasn’t a hoax, don’t believe it was a false flag (it was none of these things), and they are scared – which is scaring me, even more than I was before!

      • HMQ, like I said before, women don’t usually go around picking on men. Men do, however, imagine that we are taunting them with our asses and vaginas. A whole bunch of people looked at a typical sorority video a few weeks ago (for Alpha Phi) and instead of seeing a bunch of girls in cut-off shorts horsing around at a lake, saw instead nude the Hugh Hefner mansion offering themselves to middle aged men! How men (and the sexually objectifying lens provided to everyone, including some women) see us and how we see ourselves, are apparently two different things.

        • Error – ’cause I’m on a roll! – that ought to be they say instead nude women at the Hugh Hefner mansion offering themselves to middle aged men!

          Those videos are made for other young women – not dudes. But, men think we are here for them… they think they’re the main character in a video and we are here for their entertainment. It does not occur to them that we have individual lives revolving around things that in no way pertain to them and their penises.

    • Oh god… the comments are pathetic. Lots of “poor guy” stuff, and several are going as far as to blame his family (only a matter of time until they dig into his mother) and the news station for not getting him help. WTF?

      Nobody ever wants to address the root of the problem; male violence. The only difference between this guy and the average dude is that he decided to take it a step further.

      And mental illness? Really? I fit in that category, but I don’t own a gun, can’t stand guns and I’ve never attacked or killed anybody. Gee… I wonder why that is? I wonder why it’s almost always the male loons that partake in this type of sickening behavior? But, like I said, nobody wants to talk about that.

      • I made the comment on a YT video that we now need full time psychologists on HR staff to weed out the creepy men.

        HR does indeed employ psychological testing but obviously there’s some sort of glitch in the system.

        It might be that someone took pity on him and gave him shit he didn’t deserve. That’s what women do to ‘there there’ men all the time

        I say grow the fuck up.

        There’s a good piece floating around in the MSM on this male violence and like mine it centers the problem on male entitlement. Oh and the Manosphere found it and is raging about it. LOL

      • Sugarpuss, the Sperm Burglar (I love it! – I’m picturing you with a little black mask over your eyes),

        One reason a lot of people, without really bothering to look or think, are calling “hoax” on this has to do with the seemingly callous behavior of Alison’s father. Most people would be so devastated by the loss of a daughter this way that they wouldn’t be able to talk for a little while, but not this man. He’s on a political mission and he’s going to make sure that crazy people can’t get guns.

        This sounds pretty good on the surface until you realize that the experts classify a whole lot of things as “mental illness” that are not. For instance, people who have been severely traumatized – and a whole helluva lot of women fall into this category – in domestic violence situations and who suffer – naturally! – from things like severe anxiety (P.T.S.D. – I loathe this term for many reasons, mainly because when men have it they kill people and when women have it we hide from the world, yet the experts consider it one and the same – never mind that the men got it from a guilt complex, murdering innocents in a foreign country and women get it from being the innocent victims of such men) or agoraphobia.

        Women don’t go on gun rampages, whether classified as mentally ill or not. Despite this fact, this man and a lot of other cowardly men and some deeply misguided women – want to take guns out of the hands of some of the most vulnerable people – women (and I’ll include elderly and handicapped people, as well, who are frequently the targets of criminals).

        This man lost something, so he wants revenge – he wants to make sure the rest of us lose something, too – our rights to defend ourselves from men like the murderer in this case.

        He has blamed inanimate objects, he has blamed the NRA, he has blamed the laws in his state and so on – he has blamed everyone so far except the disgusting, piece-of-filth MAN who did it.

        Keeping guns out of the hands of lunatics – the kind that hallucinate that the enemy is coming to get them and then shoot at shadows on the wall or whatever! – is somewhat reasonable. But, once the victim-disarmament crowd gets their foot in the door with this, they simply start declaring everyone mentally ill (they practically do this now because the docs and the pharmacy people just can’t wait to get their happy pills down your gullet!) and taking guns away from the aforementioned – women (many traumatized due to previous male violence) and other people who would not fare well in a hand-to-hand combat situation with a 6’3″ 250 pound man, such as the perp.

        Something else about this model father’s comments bother me, too – that huge fucking man could have easily killed those people with his bare hands, except of course, he would have had to drop his camera to do it. Forensics experts have talked about how O.J. Simpson (another monstrously huge fucking man) killed Nichole and Ron and they say he did it with a knife and his gloved hands. A colossal man doesn’t need a gun to kill, especially to kill women. But, women having guns is our only chance at self-defense against such a monster.

        That damned station did fuck up though, in my opinion. They fired this human powder keg, but failed to provide armed security – probably not much at the station – and apparently zero in the field. Are they culpable. I think this is a question to be asked.

      • Yeah, here’s an example of one of those pathetic comments and I just pulled it off the top, pretty much at random:

        “Clearly, this gentleman was suffering from schizophrenia.”

        There are lots of expressions of “poor man” in the comment section because a lot of people are afraid to say the truth and they are being PC because mental illness is being discussed.

        But, if this “gentleman” (apparently, the definition of this term has changed drastically!) is schizo, then a whole huge swath of the male population is, also, schizo because they are always imagining that women are coming onto them, that we are wearing some piece of clothing to communicate something to them, that we exist only in relation to them. And, it is not at all unusual for a man to see a woman one fucking time, to interact with a clerk somewhere one fucking time, and decide that he is going to kill her.

        If this guy is crazy, then most of the male population is crazy!

  7. And here we have an extreme example of how women are punished for men’s behaviors:

    This is fucking disgusting. There is a petition and, get this…only 16,000 signatures (most of whom are probably women). See, this really says it all. Men don’t give a fuck about anybody but themselves. It’s not always indicated in what they say or do, but what they don’t say or do. Where are all of those NAMALT “nice guys” at? If bad men are only a small percentage of the population, that petition would have MILLIONS of signatures by now. I know how men are; they are very outspoken when something is going down that they don’t approve of, and they make it known in the most disruptive way possible.

    The proof is in the pudding. Men hate women.

    • OMFG. I read it and I’m fucking so angry. Now we see that men are incapable of governing. These male leaders are the same as any other male leader who loves to keep women under their jackboot. I made a comment on the article asking which man would have the joy of raping these two women. Next time an MRA whines about a false rape accusation he’s getting this right in his face.

      OH and I thought you’d want to know, after I made that awesome comment to that MRA who showed up here talking about how he could take an airplane he came back. Completely ignored that nobody here wants to hear his bullshit. He went on and on about ‘objectivity’ and other nonsense. It’s apparent to me that men don’t care about boundaries. It was said flat out nobody wanted him here and of course, being a colonizing asshole, he came back. I swear, if women ever managed to get a woman only state, we’d have to have incredible security to keep them out. For all their talk about how women are useless and don’t know how to do anything, they sure can’t handle it when we establish our own spaces.

  8. Yes, this is a particularly stark and horrifying example of what I we’ve been talking about here – women scapegoated and directly punished for the actions of men.

    Too bad Amnesty International is behind that petition; they’ve lost all moral authority surrounding the subject of men raping women.

  9. Men are quick to call killers, baby rapers, abusers, male predators of all sorts, mentally ill so as not to alarm the rest of the prey.

  10. Well, I was wrong about something – not only are feminists being blamed for men mass murdering women, but all feeee-males are responsible, according to this monster (I put a hashtag in front of the link, so it won’t auto-load because you don’t need to be menaced by this deformed bald man’s demonic countenance):


    The video is called: An Honest Conversation About Female Responsibility

      • Yes, men are NEVER responsible for their own actions – especially men who murder women.

        The father of the murdered woman is a very odd fellow, in my opinion. After I spent a couple of days analyzing the killer, I started looking at him and her boyfriend and there is something not quite right there.

        The father, who says he’s going to have to acquire a gun now, in order to fight the acquisition of guns (that’s not hypocritical at all, right?) has never once blamed the murderer for committing the murder. Never once has he said that there is a problem with men targeting women, which is something they do every day and when it’s reported at all, it’s in every small town news press across the country – sometimes numerous cases in just one town! – on any given day.

        But apparently, this man simply cannot be criticized because not only is he male, but he is black and gay. Not only does her father (and the weird little boyfriend, too) have a strange way of grieving, he simply cannot bring himself to name the problem. Men never can! – because then they would have to take a look in the mirror.

      • Okay, I’ve been down deep in some kind of a well in the Twilight Zone for the last few days now. I just saw a video comparison of a Glock19 shooting actual 9mm bullets in slow motion, then the 2nd video of the alleged shooting of Alison Parker and it is clear that those were blanks. He didn’t miss – he just wasn’t shooting any bullets because when the video is slowed down, you see that no empty cartridges eject from the right side of the gun.

        So, among other things – why would anyone stage this shooting (which similar to other mass shootings overwhelmingly targeted women) and how could so many people appear to be in on it? Why the racism and misogyny? What’s the purpose?

        Then, I started to wonder if the MRM itself is run by paid provocateurs, also.

        Apparently, the Elliot Rodger shooting has some logic problems, as well. That one I took for granted because we are so familiar with sick, creepy dudes like Elliot Rodger and PUAs. Now, I’m not sure what happened there. Also, if I remember right, they took down those Elliot Rodger videos at YT, if not his whole channel right after the alleged shooting spree, but now it’s all there. I was just looking at it, again, the other night. Why would they leave that there? Even bigger question: Why would they put it back up once, at least some of it was taken down?

        • To be more clear, I’m asking what do you suppose is the possibility that the main dudes heading the MRM and it’s branches (RedPill, PUA, etc.) are, themselves, paid provocateurs?

          Could they be paid by the same politicians or whoever is funding this elaborate series of violent soap operas (highly televised mass shooting events targeting or apparently targeting mostly women and children) masquerading as news events?

          Is this why none of these assholes appears to have a job and all the time in the world to troll, harass and threaten women almost completely off the entire internet?

          Is this why they have apparent immunity to and a complete lack of fear of legal repercussions?

  11. HMQ,

    This is so bizarre. I want to share. Alison Parker’s father, Andy Parker, is an actor with his own acting company. Apparently, he specializes in something to do with banking that is not entirely clear – appears off center, for sure. I was pretty surprised to see the clips in the following video because I distinctly remember seeing him in the TV commercial for this cereal either in the ’70s or the early ’80s.

    Here’s the vid – it’s just a bunch of clips of this guy acting and giving strange interviews, just hours after his daughter was murdered on live TV. Something is very wrong about the boyfriend, too – for one thing he is pretty repulsive. It’s hard to imagine a beautiful woman like Alison with such a warty toad of a man.

    Here’s the vid: the “Oooo-wee!” part is pretty hard to forget. I vaguely remember seeing him in one of the other commercials many, many years ago. You’d think somebody might have mentioned that he’s an actor. He certainly appears to be acting in these multitudinous interviews he in the strange little boyfriend (I doubted from the moment I saw him if he was ever her boyfriend, at the very least, I thought he was a dude living in a fantasy world, but then the father appeared to be going along with that story), in which he cries, but his eyes do not redden or swell and he never sheds a tear.

    Here is the vid:

    • It’s hard to imagine a beautiful woman like Alison with such a warty toad of a man.

      Not hard at all for me to imagine, since I see this sort of thing all the time. Women are encouraged to date down as much as possible. It’s all part of the psychological bullying system that “nice guys” have created. Unfortunately, a lot of women have fallen for it, despite the fact that it is based on several false premises….such as:

      1. Ugly men don’t cheat.
      2. Ugly men aren’t physically aggressive towards women.
      3. Women aren’t visual (HAHAHAHA!!!), so it’s in our best interest to focus on other aspects of men.
      4. Attractive men are bad boys (murderers, rapists, wife beaters, etc.).

      Now, clearly, this is all bullshit and can be refuted in an instant. I haven’t seen every, single MRA/PUA/MGTOW dude in the world, but judging by what I have seen so far, about 99% of them are as ugly on the outside as they are on the inside. And I’ve never seen an exceptionally attractive rapist or serial killer; the vest majority are either total dogs or just blandly average.

      Also, the underlying motive behind all of this “nice guy” crap is status. It’s no secret that dudes use women as trophies to impress other dudes. A man can be without any redeeming qualities whatsoever, but if his girlfriend/wife is a “hot chick”, he can use that to earn the respect of guys who would normally view him as a piece of shit. I think this is one of the reasons why a lot of men get so angry when they hear the word “NO”. In their warped minds, the woman is denying them the opportunity to gain favor among their peers. Any woman who objects to this pityfuck game is just a “selfish bitch”.

      I’ve seen some very crazy dudes comparing their lack of access to certain types of women as a form of “classism”. I shit you not. This just goes back to the misogynistic idea that women are commodities, rather than actual human beings.

      • It’s all true what you say. I’ve seen it, too.

        But, as it turns out my hunch about this guy was right. This little freaky dude is an actor, too – he talks about how they had a wonderful relationship and “documented it” right here in this photo album, which he carries to each interview.

        Alison’s real boyfriend, if she has one, appears to be a conventionally handsome, dark haired young man named Daniel Wulz.

        Welcome to the Twilight Zone!

      • Yeah, the “women aren’t visual one” always got me the most. If women aren’t visual, then how come Sebastian Bach, Bret Michaels, Phil Lewis (L.A. Guns who kinda looked like David Cassidy in his youth – nope, no women going crazy over that beautiful face!), and the lead singers for Tesla, Mr. Big (he was a pretty one), Cinderella, I could go on ad infinitum, all grew their hair long, wore makeup and gyrated around in tight black leather pants?!

        Did they do it for the boys in the audience??? I don’t think so.

        • LOL Oh, I remember how seemingly every girl in my school was obsessed with Bret Michaels, along with some of the other dudes you mentioned. All of the guys from New Kids On The Block were drooled over as well. I was mostly into the “rugged handsome” thing, so most of them didn’t do much for me. There are exceptions to that rule though. I thought Nikki Sixx was very attractive. I tend to prefer dark-haired men. 😀

  12. Here’s that comparison vid I mentioned below. In it you’ll see someone shooting a Glock19 (same type of gun used in the shooting that was supposedly loaded with hollow points, aka. “cop killers,” which are so named because they are designed to kill – not just hit, but kill, because they explode once inside a human body) using real bullets. They shoot it at a normal video rate, then they slow it down for you. You see a trajectory come out of the barrel of the gun along with a large amount of fire and an empty cartridge ejects from a chamber on the right side of the gun.

    Then, they show you the 2nd video of the alleged shooting, first in regular motion, then in slow motion. There is no trajectory, the fire from the end of the barrel is smaller (a hollow point is a heavy load in any caliber with lots of recoil and it’s very hot and should produce lots of fire from the end of the gun), and you never see a cartridge ejected from the side of the gun. That’s because the gun used by the man alleged to be Flanders is a basically like a kids cap gun! It just goes pop!

    We never see anyone actually shot. It’s like an old horror thriller or a Hitchcock movie. Think of Psycho. We see a woman in the shower, a shadow, we hear screams, we see a fear reaction in the victim, they put some dye in the water and show it going down the drain. But, you never see Janet Lee get stabbed, because it was just a performance designed to evoke an emotional response in the viewer, to fool the viewer into believing he or she saw a murder take place.

    • Another correction to my comment above: I was wrong, NO FIRE comes out of the gun when a real bullet was in it. I just went back and watched the video, again, myself. I shoot, but I don’t usually shoot guns like the Glock. Real guns with real bullets do produce a lot of heat with heavy loads, especially when the gun is fired in rapid succession.

      I urge you to watch the video for yourself. You will see that the Glock19 with real bullets in it does NOT produce any fire, at all.

      But, the fake gun used in the shooting does produce a lot of visible fire from the end when the video is slowed down. But, no trajectory and no empty shell – because it’s basically just a kid’s cap gun. It’s a movie prop.

      • In fact, watch that video a few times!

        When I saw the 2nd alleged shooting video online in regular motion, I just thought this guy was a very inexperienced shooter because he appears to have no control whatsoever over that gun – especially for a bohemoth 6’3″, 250 lb. man!

        But, when see it slowed down, I see that he is exaggeratedly jerking his hand to the left to create the illusion of a heavy recoil. That gun is probably light as a feather in his hand. I had a little cap gun as a kid. There’s no recoil. So, he’s having to fake it. It looks real enough in regular motion, but clearly it’s an exaggerated motion when you see it slowed down.

        • Here’s a video of the Glock 19 shooting from a side angle. From this angle you see that there is a small amount of fire upon release of the trajectory from the barrel. Then, the cartridge is ejected from the chamber. Also, from this angle, you can see that the carriage slides back automatically after firing.

          If you watch the video of the fake shooting, you never see the cartridge fly.

          I was looking at some other semis firing in slo-mo. If you’re interested you can find all kinds of videos like that at YT, just search: semi-auto fired in slow motion. That way you can compare a real gun firing a real bullet to this, now very obviously fake, video of a Hollywood prop.

          This video is kind of funny, but he shows you what happens after the first (clearly fake) shot by stopping the film right after it is fired. The first shot is fired and Alison and the other woman are still standing there. The reaction is late. I like his advice: “Turn off the idiot box!” (Some strong and colorful language, but very good because he stops it to show you their reaction – no one reacts to gunfire like this and certainly not to being shot directly at!):

          • Well, HMQ, it looks like YT pulled one of the main videos left that you can look at and see the 2nd alleged shooting video slowed down at the point the killer “shoots” and Alison and the other woman just keep on going with their interview and don’t move. They don’t even appear to notice the shooter until he fires a second shot.

            Videos like the one above have been getting pulled like crazy!

            There are some aerial pics of the scene after the alleged shooting you can find, too, in which you will see that there was no blood, no damage to the area. If someone had been shot to death, there would be blood all over the place. The blood would stain that wood decking and it would be difficult to remove; it would stain the wood for quite a while.

            If you’re interested in knowing the truth about this thing, you’ll probably have to do a search of your own for someone who has been able to keep a video online (Youtubers say they are playing whack-a-mole with these vids, so YT is pulling them and people are having to figure out how to repost them – sometimes on different channels.) of the original 2nd shooting video slowed down.

            No one was shot. No one was killed on air like they claim.

          • I watched some videos on it. Now I’m not above admitting that there are rogue agents and I don’t put it past people to stage shit, simply through my research on Bosnian war, but I need solid evidence.

          • To me, the 2nd video is very solid evidence. It shows no trajectory, no ejected cartridges and no damage from any bullet.

            If you see the first shot fired and those two women are still standing there, Alison posed with the microphone in her hand, it appears absolutely ridiculous. But, you have to slow it down, see it frame by frame to really see what happens because it happens so fast.

            I don’t think you have to know anything about guns to know that if someone shoots you at close range, you’re not going to keep standing there talking. If they hit you with a 9mm hollow point, you’re going to go down, you’re not going to go running off screaming like a banshee. And, there should be copious amounts of blood and some split wood from 17 rounds – there’s nothing like that at the aftermath of the scene. You see chalk circles drawn on the deck, but no evidence that any shooting of anybody took place.

            That is the evidence.

          • That’s what I thought, too, at first. Although, it would be next to impossible to miss at that close range. Also, where did the trajectory go? There wasn’t one, but it should have hit something.

            Look again at about 2:05 of that video and you’ll see that he shot right at her. We’re practically looking down the barrel of the gun with him, he fires directly at her one time and she’s still standing there like nothing happened.

            He fires, again, and she runs screaming. He fires several more times. Just one of those bullets hitting her should have taken her down. This is not a small caliber gun and we were told it’s loaded with hollow points, which enter the body, then explode in all directions.

            This is totally bogus!

            No one was shot because there were no bullets.

            Watch again… do you see any empty cartridges being ejected from the right side of the gun. You have a good chance to see this the first and maybe the second shot. There’s nothing because there are no bullets in that gun!

    • Wait, so you’re saying this shooting was a hoax? I don’t know anything about guns or what bullets are supposed to look like when they fire, but I’m not sure that I want to jump on the conspiracy theory bandwagon. I fail to see the motivation for such a thing. If this was fake, then what happened to Alison? Abducted by aliens? LOL

        • And the dude who posted that first comparison video is a Grade A crackpot and white supremacist. He is saying all sorts of vile things about Jewish people in the comments.

          Fuck that shit.

        • You see from our discussion that I wasn’t either a couple of days ago. But, you have to look very closely at the videos that we were presented with. No one was shot… no one.

          Then, the problems get stranger when you start looking at her dad. If that’s her dad. I have some questions about that based on what I’ve seen.

          • Then, the problems get stranger when you start looking at her dad. If that’s her dad. I have some questions about that based on what I’ve seen.

            lolwut? Of course it’s her real dad; they have nearly identical facial features. I noticed that the first time I saw him giving an interview on CNN, after the shooting. C’mon, stop.

      • Sugarpuss,

        Yes, don’t jump on any such bandwagon without examining the facts. That’s what I did. It’s a hoax. The Charleston shooting has some problems and seems to be part of a continuing narrative in the media. The Elliot Rodger shooting has some problems, too, because I haven’t looked at is as closely as I’ve looked at this and Sandy Hook – I’m not sure what the problems all are, but something is wrong with it.

        Definitely check anything out before jumping on a bandwagon.

        No one was shot in Roanoke by the gun in those videos because that is a cap gun. Here’s another problem with the story that I couldn’t understand from the beginning. The media say 17 shots were fired at the scene by a Glock 19 – but Glock magazines have a 15 capacity, then the next larger one has something like a 30 capacity. Even a 15-capacity magazine would extend out the bottom of the handle of the gun a little bit. How could he shoot 17 bullets with a 15-capacity magazine? Did he reload? That’s possible, but then why only fire two more shots? Kind of weird. It’s just a little thing, but there are lots of these little things.

        The big problem with the story comes when you slow the footage down and look at what happens when he fires the first shot. Alison doesn’t even move, she continues to stand there with the microphone in her hand. He fires again, hitting nothing (again, at very close range – if he missed where did the bullet go – it didn’t seem to hit anything in the background). Finally, she runs screaming. One hit from one of those 9mm “cop killers” should have caused her to drop to the floor. 9mm is comparable to a .38 – it’s a little smaller. (I don’t shoot metric guns, so I had to look this up.) Trust me when I say, there should have been some visible damage from bullets to the area where this shooting occurred, but we see nothing of the kind in any of the pictures of the scene.

        • You still haven’t provided a possible motive. Although, according to the comments made by the lovely man in the first video, it’s a plot cooked up by “evil Zionist Jews” to “take muh guns!1!1!”. This very same dude is also denying the authenticity of several school shootings. Pick your sources more carefully. A right-wing, NRA worshiping godbag in a tin-foil hat, with the intellect of a urinal cake, isn’t exactly credible.

          Until you can provide a believable motive for said “hoax”, I will continue to assume that what took place was real.

  13. HMQ, with regard to these thoughts I mentioned above regarding provocateurs – I just ran across this video at YT. It’s some man who is a paid agent of some kind for the government.He says he has a military clearance and that’s his job. It shows a clip of him doing a staged scene for CNN (CNN is notorious for this stuff – there are lots of clips of them doing green screens in studio, telling people they are on location somewhere going back to the 1980s when they first appeared on the news scene.) in which Don Lemon and some black protestors/provocateurs pretend that a cop is forcing them to back off a public side walk. The cop is not a cop, it’s the dude in this video.

    But, what I want you and anyone else who is trying to adjust their minds to this bizarre reality right now to see is the video, below, at about 4:00 into it. This part is a clip from 2012, it says, and he’s talking about what is going to happen. He says he wants to talk to the “ladies,” then he starts talking about “ancient hatreds” being brought to the surface. Then the clip is cut off. But, he’s clearly talking about the things that have been happening to us online and IRL – and these staged events, which echo real life events and which they expect men – regular clueless, angry dudebros – to copycat! It is intended to incite further violence against us.

    Here’s the vid:

    We have a couple more dead cops down here in the U.S. today. The question: Is it real or is it Memorex? It looks like the one in Harris County, TX is authentic so far. But, it’s hard to know what to believe.

    I did a couple of blog posts that will probably keep me from getting invitations to any liberal feminist clubs, but in them I am advising any woman who cares to listen, to take special precautions right now and do whatever you can not to catch the attention of the cops because men are angry at us, black people (men and women are angry at us (lots of violence being reported but not getting a blink in the national news), and the cops are all hyped up right now. I’ve been digging up more stuff on this than I could possible post anywhere or write about without breaking a server!

      • Also, regarding that thing in Ferguson, those paid provocateurs, like in the video I mistakenly posted, have torn the hell out of people’s businesses. They’ve killed and injured a lot of people and guess whose businesses and who they’ve been injuring and killing?

        Mostly women! They’ve destroyed the businesses of black women, knocked out a beautiful black woman’s eye, terrorized her children. I saw a vid about the damage going on there. Those people are not from St. Louis. They’ve been brought in there – they are actors and they are urging this violence. Same thing I’ve wondered before: Don’t these people have a job to go to??? Well, the answer to that question is: This is their job. They are paid to do this.

        • The point is that these attacks on women in theaters, at a sorority in CA, at this scene in Virginia, are staged and these people are being paid to participate and to provoke genuine attacks on women.

          This leads me to the next conclusion, which is that the harassment we’ve been experiencing online isn’t just random, basement-dwelling middle-aged virgins frustrated with women, but something orchestrated from a much higher level.

          That’s why these dudes have all day long to harass women online. The leaders of the MRM and RedPill, etc., are likely being paid to stir up these “ancient hatreds” or whatever that solder/cop guy called them. It’s part of a bigger plan.

          • If you start looking into what I’m saying here, it will take you a couple of days of researching it, at least, to digest it – especially if you’re not familiar with what the did with Sandy Hook, which was an attack on mostly women and children, too – except that it was theater. It was designed to have a special impact on women, to incite fear in women, in particular!

            Remember the “lone wolf” theory that emerged from the JFK shooting, which nobody buys now. These aren’t “lone wolf” males, either. These are males working with other males to create a theater of psychological terror.

            Do you see what I mean? They are taking an organic situation: Men hating women; men killing women, which happens all by itself every day, and turning it into a theatrical production for the purposes of psychological terror. In other words, the nature of the problem is different that I previously thought (what we have discussed before) and is, in fact, much bigger – and it’s coming from the people who are supposed to be protecting us – people in government and politics.

            I don’t think it’s something you could look at a glance and arrive at this conclusion.

        • I’ll state it another way: Remember the “Backlash” that Susan Faludi says started happening in the 1980s? Remember where she said it was coming from?

          This is from the description at the video link at YT below (with hashtag in front of it, because I’ve already caused a bunch of vids to load on this page): “She also argues that many of these problems are illusory, constructed by the media without reliable evidence. According to Faludi, the backlash is also a historical trend, generally recurring when it appears that women have made substantial gains in their efforts to obtain equal rights.”


          The media are hyping all kinds of anti-feminist, anti-woman bullsh*t – remember that “air conditioning is sexist” thing a few weeks ago? That’s an example of something small that comes to mind that is obvious. But, these psychological terror operations are designed to be bigger than life, to – as you said – make women be afraid to do their jobs and to create copycat violence against women that may be genuine.

          When they control the actors on the stage, then they can control the entire narrative. That’s what they’re doing here. When you start chaining the events together it looks like a big soap opera – or a WWF wrestling script.

          • I see your point re: Faludi. I agree that the media and the govt are tied. I have a problem with the question of her family. Are you saying there’s no dead body and no grieving family?

          • i just watched it again at about 2:05 to make sure I told you the right spot. You’ll see him shoot and there is a delay in her reaction. Belatedly, she pulls her right shoulder up.

            He shoots a second time. She turns and starts to run.

            He shoots a 3rd and 4th time off camera.

            I’d say it is against the law of probabilities that he would have missed her in all those very close range shots, but we’re supposed to believe he did.

            If you go back and look at that first shot, he had the barrel positioned right over her heart. That shot, had there actually been a real bullet in the chamber, would have hit her and taken her down on the spot – one hit and she wouldn’t be running anywhere. Crawling, maybe, but not running!

        • Yes, that’s what I am saying. But, that’s just my opinion, my personal conclusion. I know it sounds far out. But, it’s just my opinion – I could be wrong. They could be a family. It looks like they planned this thing out, at least, 3 years in advance. But, there are some very weird photoshopped “family pictures.” That’s what makes me suspicious. But, they could be a family, if so, the whole family is involved in acting. The father has an acting company and has acted in a bunch of commercials and Broadway theater productions. The mom is an actress and producer. Alison supposedly has a brother. I’m not sure if he’s an actor, but she definitely is. That in itself says nothing. It only seems relevant when you put it together with other information.

          I spent days looking at this… I got obsessed with it after I started looking into the father and recognized him from that cereal commercial – “Ew-eee!” is pretty unforgettable.

          • Also, what is so weird about these people being actors is that lots of actors and people with Hollywood connections seem to be involved with a lot of these big events. I’m sure you’ll remember that Elliot Rodger’s father was involved in Hollywood stuff, can’t remember exactly what. Sandy Hook had similar connection to the makers of one of the most recent Batman movies. It’s just weird. I’ve been all around this country and I just never ran into very many actors. It seems strange that there would be so many in far flung towns – in L.A., I get it, but Roanoke or some remote town in CT – or a little suburb of Denver (Aurora), Colorado. It seems odd. Again, this is nothing compared to actually slowing down that 2nd video of the shooting. Look at it very, very carefully – no bullets! No bullets means no dead folks.

            Once that soaks in, you’ll have more questions…. I do!

        • If, after watching it in slo-mo, you go back and watch it, again, in regular mo, it’s easier to catch the startled delay that Alison makes upon hearing the first shot fired.

          When you shoot a real gun, especially at a close distance, the wad (the contents of the bullet) shoot out and hit the target almost instantaneously. There is no delay. Yet, she stands there for about a half a second, microphone still in hand.

          It’s totally unrealistic. Him missing at that range, with the barrel of the gun just a little off center on her body is, also, hard to believe. Missing the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th shots – absolutely impossible to believe!

          • I watched it, again, but all I see after that first shot (up to her right in the area I think you mean) is a glare from the tip of a roof in the background. It looks like a small light there, in the next few frames, you see that it is just the sun reflecting of the roof in the background.

          • All I can say to anyone about this is: Watch videos of actual Glock19s being shot at targets.

            Look at what it does when it genuinely recoils vs. the exaggerated hand-jerking to the left that you see in the 2nd alleged shooting video.

            Look at how the gun behaves when its fired. Look at the smoke and the shells popping out of the chamber on the right side of the gun. Look at the pictures they show you of the targets after they’ve been hit.

            I first became aware that the media were staging these incidents when the botched up their Sandy Hook presentation. The thing that made me look closer at that (again, I don’t have TV -so I only see clips and then raw footage of things later.) is that they couldn’t get straight which guns were used by the killer. The stories told by the media radically, they even showed different footage of different types of guns being pulled out of the alleged perp’s trunk.

            Then, they tried to say that some scrawny kid was capable of doing what he is alleged to have done – impossible!

            They – the people performing these stunts – are taking advantage of the fact that most people’s knowledge about guns comes from movies and the fact that many Americans – mostly the ones who hate guns, who fear guns, who’ve been brainwashed to associate guns with criminals and violence, etc. – have no experience or even basic knowledge of guns.

            I wonder how many Americans have never shot a gun? I’d guess maybe most because a lot of the population is concentrated in cities and towns. The people performing this fraud are taking advantage of those people’s ignorance of guns and, of course, their fears.

            HMQ, I never did really see the “screen” you mentioned. There is some air in the back between the wooden support columns where some light is flashing off a rooftop. But, that’s not where the gun was pointing. It was pointing at her. Had there been a bullet in that gun, it would have struck something. If it had hit a person, there would be no question about what you saw – it would have made a big hole in her body. If it hit another object – like wood – it would have splintered the wood.

            But, if you look at videos of people shooting real Glock19s with real bullets in them (all guns are not the same – so you have to look for this exact gun), you’ll see how that gun behaves when it is fired.

          • A whole lot of military and former military men and women have spoken about Sandy Hook. Lots of people who shoot have been talking about the fakery of these two Roanoke, Va videos all over youtube.

            I don’t know about the NRA. I’m not a fan of the organization, which is led by men who spout a lot of anti-woman Christian rhetoric. I don’t think they are the best friends the American citizen could have because they have allowed our rights to be eroded. When this thing happened back in 2012, LaPierre (a clueless old dude) went with the story because invariably these shootings are set in “gun free zones.” I don’t think he’s ever said anything much about Sandy Hook besides that – a board member did call one of the families “a prop” in a fake scene. And, of course, he was attacked for being heartless toward these poor families who had lost children. (I’m pretty sure no one died that day, either – a lot of the footage was from a drill the day before and, again, no evidence of any kind was presented – it was just a state show, an episode in a soap opera.)

            Here’s a recent podcast from The Power Hour in which a guy named Fetzer is interviewed, who is a former artillery officer in the Army or something like that:

            He talks about the problems with this staged event and he mentions Sandy Hook, as well:

            [audio src="" /]

          • Thanks, HMQ.

            In that second video of The Political Port, which I hope I posted correctly, she talks about the gun discrepancies surrounding Sandy Hook at about 9 minutes into the vid.

            But, all her videos are really good. She’s another one of my favorite Youtubers – you can just put her stuff n and listen while you’re doing other stuff.

            That’s how I got into this whole radfem thing – I used to put your vids on and just listen to one after the next! 🙂

          • What I’ve been thinking about since this last fake shooting is stuff like this:

            What if your channel being flagged and pulled down and a whole bunch of other people’s stuff being pulled down – especially anything talking positively about feminism – is not just an organic occurrence. What if the people who did it are either insiders of some kind or people paid to do it.

            I’ve flagged videos inciting violence against women at YT a whole bunch of time – none of them ever get taken down. I was very surprised to see that those Elliot Rodger videos, including the very last one in which he says he’s going to go kill some specific women at a specific sorority is STILL there.

            So, whoever is orchestrating this effort to undermine feminism, which has been conducted in part by the media, is stepping up their effort now. It’s not enough that there is all kinds of violence against women, individual men sabotaging individual women’s careers and their entire lives – workplace violence is one of the top killers of women in this country! But, that’s not good enough for them. Now, they are instructing the men in exactly how to kill us, “Bitch!” Pow! Pow! Pow!

          • Re: Evidence of Fakery.

            Here’s something else.

            The following is a side-by-side of the two videos – the one that ran on the news that a.m. and the 2nd one, which we were told Flanagan uploaded himself and which appeared on the internet just a little while after the alleged shooting.

            Look carefully at exactly 40 seconds into this video. In the video on the right, she nods her head right before he fires the first shot, but in the other vid, the one on the left (the 2nd vid) she does not.

            These two videos were not shot at the same time.

            Here’s someone else’s video slowing it down for you:

            The guy in this last vid notes that Alex Jones and a whole bunch of the so-called alternative media are going with this lie! I’m sure they know the truth. But, they re going with the race war narrative, which is also being pushed by Fox News and the liberal wing of the media, as well.

          • Moreover, if it is a race war they are trying to foment in the media (remember Dylan Roof allegedly killed a bunch of black women because black men were supposedly raping white women) then this whole story they’ve made up is predicated on the absurd notion that men (men like MRAs, in particular) have that white men will rise up and protect their wimmen! But, this is a false narrative. All white men have ever done for white women is rape, enslave and murder us!

            If this is true, then the last two murders were predicated on this “white knight” theory.

            Only men – very stupid men – could come up with this one. Not only do white men not protect white women from anything, they take every advantage of women who have been victimized by other men!

            But, this is what I think these idiots are up to – and, of course, the end game of victim disarmament. It’s a lot easier to rape and kill women if we are disarmed.

          • There are almost no women left on YouTube talking about any of this stuff! There are some videos from a gorgeous woman who is a former marine talking at length about the problems with the Sandy Hook story when it first came out – the impossibility of it all, the fact that they couldn’t get their story straight about the gun, all the strange behavior of the officials involved – her channel is called “The Political Port.”

            I guess she doesn’t like the NRA, either, and here she is talking about it back in 2012:

            She did a bunch of vids on Sandy Hook – here is the beginning of a series (again, from 2012, when the even was fresh – we have much more information about the people involved now – none of those people were legit.):

        • I’ve looked at, again and again, I see no trajectory. I see no casing. If he had hit anything here, it would have made a good-sized hole. That doesn’t happen. If he had hit her in any of those 3 to 4 shots where she’s on the screen it would have made a gaping hole in HER. But, there’s nothing.

          It’s not a real shooting. I don’t know anything about Hollywood props. But, I know more than a little bit about shooting guns and that is basically a toy he’s got there.

          If you don’t shoot, go watch some vids of people shooting guns and hitting targets. You’ll see what I mean. Things get torn up when they’re hit by a bullet – especially a hollow point or some other kind of heavy load at close range.

  14. Yet another one:

    “Dalhousie medical student threatened to kill up to 20 people, police allege;
    Student facing expulsion reportedly confided in psychiatrist, leading police to several rifles and 1,800 rounds of ammunition.”

    Who are first on his hit list? Two women. An associate dean and her medical-student daughter. And how did he want to kill them? Not by gunshots, but by stabbing them. A knife is more personal, I suppose. And women are more easily overcome by an angry man.

    People are, of course, already talking about his “mental illness” and how he “needs help.” Funny how nobody fears women with mental illnesses committing mass murder. If anything, women with mental illness are even MORE vulnerable to the many forms of male violence.


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