Woman Hating

I’ve been reading some herstorical documents on women’s suffrage and Youtube videos. It’s common knowledge on Youtube that every video about women’s rights is invaded by MRA’s in the comment section. Many MRA’s hate the fact women can vote. On one video, which looks like a school project of a female highschool student, an MRA left a comment describing what he’d do if he could go back to the suffragette era and write the 19th amendment. It’s extremely disturbing but shows how the Manosphere thinks of women and how they want to enslave us and enact male violence on us. Their hypocrisy I’ll save for after you read what follows.

For those of you who may have read my last comment and didn’t like it, well i have the official format for the 19th amendment. The female slavery act,
Article 1: The New Masculine Order Section 1 –  All legislative, executive and judicial powers shall be given to the representatives of the male population of the nation. No females shall be eligible for such offices, and they will have no right to vote.
Article 2: The New Status of the Females Section 1 – All females over the age of 18 shall become the property of their closest male relatives. Their owners have the right to keep or sell the females for sexual use. Females without a father, a husband, or any close male relatives will belong to the public. Public females shall be appropriated and trained by state run institutions for the good of the public.
Section 2 –  a-Enslaved females shall be called “fuckslaves” or “slavecunts”. A sex slave must refer to herself in the third person as “this cunt”. b-Enslaved females shall call their owners “master”. Enslaved or not, all females shall behave respectfully in the presence of men. c-All fuckslaves must bear a black leather neck-band to identify themselves as enslaved fucktoys. Removing a slave neck-band is punishable by death. d-Fuckslaves must stay in a respectful kneeling position or crawl on all-fours like puppies in the presence of men. Enslaved females are not allowed to walk or stand on their two feet unless ordered by their masters. e-Fuckslaves shall be restained by a proper dog-leash when in public. f-Fuckslaves shall never say “no” to their masters. Slaves are not allowed to defy orders or use negative language. Defying a master is punishable by death. g-Fuckslaves shall not speak in the presence of their masters or other men unless spoken to. When asked a question or ordered to perform sexual or other tasks, fuckslaves must speak with a soft and respectful voice. Article
3 – The Bureau of Female Affairs
Section 1 –  The Bureau of Female Affairs (BFA) shall be responsible of the tasks below; a-The registration and monitoring of all nubile females over the age of 18, who are eligible for sexual use: All females must register at the BFA within the week after their 18th birthday. BFA shall obtain and file detailed images and video of the female subjects for future use. b-Forceful appropriation and training of public females (i.e. orphans, women without a natural or legal owner) : The BFA shall train eligible females for proper sex service and sell them to private persons and institutions. c-The BFA shall keep a national slave registry in order to safeguard the property owner’s rights, provide slave insurance, and enforcement services.
Section 2 – The Freedom Fee All females over the age of 18 must be registered by the Bureau of Female Affairs. Natural owners of females (parent, husbands, etc) who choose not to sell their females must pay a “freedom fee” in order to buy a “limited exclusion from slavery” permit. A female can be excluded from slavery for only two years with a single permit. The exclusion term can be extended by further payment. Failure to pay will result in immediate enslavement of the female subject by the BFA.

I find it odd that MRA’s are whining about a post by Julie Bindel, which they quote mined, when I can find MRA’s saying things like the above all over the place. Julie’s writing was tongue in cheek. She talked about women only communities to escape the very real problem of male violence and compulsory heterosexuality and made a quip about men in camps that women could check out like a library book. MRA’s took that one statement, didn’t read the rest of it, and starting falling down on the ground having mantrums.

Here’s Julie’s quote, in context

Will heterosexuality survive women’s liberation?

It won’t, not unless men get their act together, have their power taken from them and behave themselves. I mean, I would actually put them all in some kind of camp where they can all drive around in quad bikes, or bicycles, or white vans. I would give them a choice of vehicles to drive around with, give them no porn, they wouldn’t be able to fight – we would have wardens, of course! Women who want to see their sons or male loved ones would be able to go and visit, or take them out like a library book, and then bring them back.

Wow, that was so serious. Quad bikes and white vans.

Yet above we have this MRA describing his sexually violent laws, in great detail, as a reaction to women having the right to vote. It’s not a quip or a metaphor. It’s not a funny one liner buried in an analytic post like Julie’s was. It’s a long description of what he thinks of women and what he wants to do to us.

MRA’s are so hypocritical. They talk about women’s suffrage being wrong, abortion being wrong, enslaving us through law,  and taking away our rights but when a woman says ‘we’ve had enough’ and makes a quip about men with quad bikes in a camp with no porn, men go insane. It’s the typical scenario where women are, like Mill says, supposed to like being oppressed by men. The moment we fight back with the mildest of words, men go insane.

We’re not the ones suggesting suffrage was a bad idea or coming up with ways to sexually and physically torture through law. We’re not the one’s getting off on sexually violent porn all day. We simply aren’t the perpetrators, men are.

Old film archive of Suffrage from London to USA




34 thoughts on “Woman Hating

  1. Hahahaha, stupid fucker’s been reading too much Gor and turning the pages with one hand only. Everyone else got over that decades ago.

    • That’s exactly what I thought too! This is another dude having a wankfest over the world’s worst written book, Slavegirls of Gor. (Even knowing this really dates me).

      What is it with guys typing out these long fantasies in the hope that some woman will see it and be abased by their supposed great manliness? Probably wanks to that idea too. This guy is akin to the exhibitionists who expose themselves to random women.

  2. Anytime one of us talks about how to escape their violence, this is the way react. It’s just another day in the manosphere, unfortunately.

    I haven’t read the Judy Bindel piece, but I, too, have wondered what might happen as more and more women choose to eliminate males from their lives in all the ways it is possible to do so. The environment, which they have poisoned, is resulting in fewer numbers of males being born and many of those who are born are damaged afterward by vaccines, which their fragile nervous systems are less able to tolerate.

    Imagine a world without rape or rapists!

    Male perversion and sexual aggression has been a part of my life since I was a small child. Still, I can envision a happier world, but it is necessarily one without males in it.

  3. Great. Another Elliot Rodger who’s pissed that blonde cheerleaders aren’t having sex with him. “Hot girls don’t wanna fuck me so they should never be liberated from our shit. They should be sex slaves!”

    This is why feminism should always be spoken about in terms of liberation, not equality. This dude is a very clear example of the thinking and it’s pretty much the majority male mindset as far as I’ve seen in my time here on earth.

    You wonder if Wojcicki ever wades into the cesspool that is youtube comments? She has to know. I guess she just works for the google dudes and makes a lot of money, so let the misogyny flow. Why not just call it misogytube? Hell, why not rename the whole shebang the misogynet and call it a day?

    Meh. None of it’s ever going to change until capitalism falls, which will happen along with the war/famine/disease we’re headed for as we continue to destroy our environment. Human beings are super smart. As you can tell I always look on the bright side.

    Actually, there *was* a bright moment in my day during African dance class—a class I have never tried but my regular jazzercise-type class was cancelled because of the holiday weekend—when one of the women in the class lifted her arms and was unshaven. She also had long gray hair that has probably never seen a bottle of Clairol. She was quite graceful; I could almost see her afterimage turning circles at Woodstock. (I, on the other hand, with a height that is not conducive to the low-to-the-ground moves required for African dance, looked like a spastic praying mantis.)

    Now back to binging on Homeland. Just discovered it and I’m hooked. I should probably hang my head in shame.

    • What is Homeland? A show?

      I loved your description of the silver woman. I’m starting to get gray patches too and I don’t dye my hair either. It’s just too much fuss and chemicals I don’t need, amirite? Who cares about silver hair anyway? I used to worry about it, and of course my mother dyed her hair constantly so it’s not like I had a role model in her but my maternal grandmother is my role model. She simply used this purplish shampoo that made her silver hair look truly silver.

      My grandmother is an old italian to the core. She will live to 100 I swear. She taught us to eat well and that’s a true gift in my view. I’ve eaten well my entire life. I hate junk food and rarely eat it. I love fruits and nuts and seeds and whole protein foods. The only difference between my grandmother and I is she doesn’t drink a lot of milk, I do.

      I went to see dietician b/c my physician wanted me to b/c of my auto immune problems from a spinal injury. I told her what I eat and she told me I don’t need to see her at all. Carry on, she said.

      • @HMQ:
        Homeland is a patriarchal show (military/CIA/terrorist drama nonsense) on Showtime here in the US. It’s been a huge hit. The main character is a woman though (Claire Danes), and she’s very interesting. She’s bipolar and very smart and takes no guff. Of course it’s absurd because she’s only 36 and they set it up that she missed something big in regard to 9/11 and that’s why she’s so driven now. She would have been just 22 when 9/11 happened. Last I checked 22 year olds aren’t hot shot CIA agents. LOL. Big plot fuck-ups like that are annoying.

        Anyway, I really have my eyes and ears peeled for sexist bullshit and haven’t been able to find an egregious amount. I mean, there’s the usual female nudity here and there but it doesn’t seem quite as bad as HBO. What can I say, it’s very entertaining.

        Glad you’re dietician approved your diet and it sounds like you have some good longevity in your genes.

        P.S. I just keep yanking the grays I have. I probably ought to stop that but I am putting off coloring my hair for as long as possible. I don’t think I have the spine to go gray. Sigh.

  4. Hey fellas, you’re not fuckable due to your horrible souls. No, no, no, no protests. Most women would rather live without you. Go ahead and be mad about it. We don’t care. Life is good without you. You prove it over and over again when you vomit online.

  5. Great. This is an issue I’ve – frustratingly – come across in real life a handful of times while living in Sweden (to be fair to the Swedes, I literally mean 5-6 times in five years living here, but still disappointing).

    For example: a couple of years ago, the head of the Swedish Film Institute was quoted as saying (I’m paraphrasing!) that she would prioritise funding films by women because we’ve been hearing stories exclusively for years and she was sick of them. Slightly provocative maybe, but hardly on a par with the kind of misogyny that men of a similar level come out with regularly, right? Yet I’ve been on the receiving end of rants from male filmmakers strongly suggesting that they are being oppressed and discriminated against (spoiler alert: they aren’t. There are still plenty of films made by men financed and released in Sweden – well over 50%, in fact).

    There have been a handful of similar incidents, in which prominent women have said things verging on hostile to men, and (a few) men react as though it’s worse than the entire patriarchy put together. I once had one attempt to tell me that Swedish men of our generation currently have it worse than women of previous generations (why yes, I did laugh merrily in his face, thank you for asking!)

    As I say, this is a minority – the vast majority of Swedish men have embraced gender equality wholeheartedly – but it just shows the ludicrous hypocrisy of these jokers.

    • Re: “I once had one attempt to tell me that Swedish men of our generation currently have it worse than women of previous generations (why yes, I did laugh merrily in his face, thank you for asking!)”

      Meanwhile, Sweden is being called the rape capital of Europe. Since this huge influx of rapists (Islamic refugees – only 12% are women according to one article I’ve read) in W. European countries in just the past two days or so, I’ve been looking at what’s going on in Sweden and other countries. I can’t imagine how any man could make such a statement with a straight face. Something is not right with these men.

      The rapist class is the oppressor class. Those who are the victims of rapists are the oppressed. Not too hard for these men to figure out, yet it somehow escapes the grasp of their tiny amount of grey matter, which appears to be concentrated in their dicks.

      • @ radicalwitch. Yes, what’s going on with Islamic refugees is very troubling. They bring that intense misogyny with them. It’s not good.

        • I question whether these are refugees or an invasion. It looks like an invasion. There are almost no women and the few children are boys.

          I’ve seen videos of the Island of Lesbos where these men are running in the streets destroying everything and even entering people’s homes. They certainly were not invited there – they just came there on boats. It truly looks more like an invasion to me.

          Also, in Germany, Switzerland and Norway, they have taken over entire areas of the city. I saw a video at YT that shows the same things happening there. The police there are afraid of them and the government stands behind these men, even when they gang rape little children. They have human trafficking rings in which they traffic the native children. We’ve had something similar here in the U.S. with Somalis in Wisconsin – a whole bunch of men and a woman were arrested for trafficking little American girls.

          I’ve been very disturbed by it and they’re calling, some of our politicians and pro-Islamic groups, to bring more of these animals here. Of course, they’re going to put most of them in areas of the country that are already war zones, I assume. For instance, there is a call to bring a bunch of them to St. Louis. Yeah, that’s a great idea, right?!

          Some peaceful counties in the U.S. have been invaded, as well, and the schools and public services are overwhelmed when this happens.

          With Europe’s very socialized system of government in each of these countries being invaded, the lack of arms – I know that in Germany and England vulnerable citizens are restricted from having self-defense weapons, but I don’t know about the other countries.

          I’m truly horrified at what I’m seeing.

          Did you know that, at least, one school in Munich, Germany where these savages are being housed in the gymnasium, the school sent a letter home with the parents advising them dress their daughters modestly, not to allow them to wear “revealing clothing” – whatever that means – because it might incite the men to attack them!

          I have no idea where on earth this is acceptable. I can’t believe the Germans will lie down and take this for long and that is, also, a frightening prospect.

          Here’s the article about that disgusting letter to parents:


          There’s another article about it at Russia Today: http://www.rt.com/news/270214-bavaria-muslim-school-clothes/

          This is supposed to be a “human rights” effort according to the leadership in the E.U. Whose human rights are they talking about – once, again, only men seem to count. No one is thinking about the women and girls in these countries.

          • Mistake, which must be corrected immediately: I meant to say Germany, Sweden and Norway… (not Switzerland!) these are countries heavily invaded by these alleged refugees for some time now.

            I’m not aware of Switzerland being involved and have not read of any similar problems there.

            Sweden, on the other hand, has been having big problems for some years, according to the information I am finding online.

          • Unfortunately if you call refugees invaders by default—which *is* the case—you are accused of racism. That’s the thing about babies and who has more of them. You in essence declare war by making sure the women in your culture/region/country have little to no access to birth control and abortion and are treated as broodmares via religious brainwashing/laws and then slowly takeover by sheer numbers and violence. That’s what’s going on in Europe.

            There is no good answer for the immediate crisis because you can’t just kill people because there are too many of them and you can’t sterilize people to curb population growth because it’s a human rights violation so there you have it. The only answer is to keep them out to prevent the infestation of a culture/religion that’s still in the middle ages in regard to women’s humanity. But that shipped sailed a while back.The countries they’re coming from are torn by war and extremists like ISIS et al so who can blame them for running, but it’s a fucking disaster for women.

            Of course the only real answer is the education of women and access to birth control and abortion. So simple and effective but we can’t have women escaping even a fraction of patriarchal oppression now, can we?

            (I know you know all this already. Just venting.)

          • I heard rumours that someone had the clever idea to send a bus to Syria, put a busload of women and children in, and drive it to Germany. Because, really, just waiting who arrives in Germany is stupid.

            Don’t know whether that’s true, though.

            Most people hereabouts who suggest that refugees are criminal are … males. Of the sort who threaten women themselves. One of whom suggested the brilliant solution to give refugee men free acess to prostituted women. You know, to prevent them from raping.

            I’ll be worried about criminal Syrians when I hear something about it from legitimate sources. (I.e. not racist males)

            Where I live, there seem to be some women among the refugees, which I am really glad about. So far, I haven’t heard anything about refugees behaving badly.

          • Sellmaeth,

            That’s interesting. I’m glad to hear that there haven’t been any problems where you are.

            I was reading the comments on a German article posted at different locations online… I blogged about it. I’m sure what I have to say will be very unpopular, though.

            This article, entitled “Germany: Migrant Rape Epidemic,” is posted in English at the Gatestone Institute website and is dated September 18, 2015: http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/6527/migrants-rape-germany It provides a pretty good English translation and explanation of another article originally posted by a German women’s lobbying group, LandesFrauenRat (LFR) Hessen, which uploaded it to its website, then abruptly removed in September 14, without explanation,” according to the Gatestone Institute. It is still available in German, with comments, at the following three websites:




            If you read German, check out the comment sections at the three locations where the article is posted in Germany. There is a lot harassment and fear reported by women there – it sound like what I experienced in Germany 15 years ago, only much worse now.

          • Sorry for all the typos in my last paragraph, Sellmaeth. I was typing in this tiny box, then the phone rang.

            I spent over an hour or maybe two reading the comment sections beneath that German article the other night. It was that interesting to me.

          • Interesting. The article about male refugees molesting female refugees is believable. (Moreso than the “Male refugees molest OUR women” of a certain subgroup of German men …) This is disturbing, and I am sadly not surprised that nothing is done about it.

            The letter to parents … well, those Bavarians have some nonsensical ideas, I would not be suprised if this was a ruse to make parents hate foreigners.

            The problem with the refugee topic is separating racist nonsense form genuine concern about the safety of women.

          • Re: “well, those Bavarians have some nonsensical ideas,” – this made me LOL because I heard this sentiment often in the part of Germany I was in. I didn’t spend much time in the Bavarian region or anywhere near it because the people did seem very different to me – very nice people in every instance, but they are less reserved than the people in the central northern part of the country and that suited me better.

            I love Germany. I think anyone who spends a length of time getting to know a country and its people and that experience is not totally awful (and it was mostly very good and very pleasant) comes away with some kind of love for the place and the people who live there.

            That’s why I’ve been watching what’s going on in Germany with a lot of concern.

            There is a feature of German culture, which you won’t find too much in other countries I’ve spent time in and which you won’t find much where I live in the U.S. (out in the middle of the country, rural, redneck “hillbilly” area), but which is prevalent in bigger cities where there are a lot of so-called liberal thinkers.

            In Germany, people police each other on a social level. This is a feature in the comment section of the article I read. The women felt that when they were followed by a scary, foreign-looking type on their jog or wherever they were going that they couldn’t talk freely about this with other people.

            This is reminding some people of the old days in Germany when people somehow did not know certain bad things about what went on under the NASDAP, and why? The fear to talk to each other and say something that was true, but not in keeping with the spirit of the times or the social order of that time.

            So, it may be possible that people, in particular women, are having experiences there, but are not allowed to talk about them.

            I broke up with this good looking guy I was dating over there and one of the issues was his lack of understanding about the on-going harassment I was dealing with when I brought it up one time. The rights of foreigners in Germany, even when they behave in un-German ways, trumps the rights of women. And, it wasn’t just him… others made me feel unsafe. I was made to feel that I was somehow the problem when a group of Turks harassed me in a neighborhood – “Well, of course. You look like a child.” (I’m not a large person.)

            Here in the U.S., there are certain groups of men we’re not allowed to criticize, at least, in liberal circles. I can talk freely where I live about it. But, I can’t talk about it where there are liberals present, because the idea is that there are oppressed men (whether refugees or members of other races) whose rights and oppression is greater and more important than mine. So, I can’t talk when they commit violence against me – at all.

            The point, in case it got lost in all my ramblings is this: Perhaps things are happening, but either for social or political reasons, the female victims are afraid to talk about it – except at an anonymous online forum.

  6. Wow! I just through the comment section at the article. What charmers! It looks like every prison in the English-speaking world must have given the prisoners computers and pointed them to that article. I can’t imagine why these men are frustrated in their efforts to snag a date. [massive sarcasm]

  7. Right, Mortadella. So he wrote out a sadistic sexual fantasy on a young girl’s page. No sarcasm, no satire. The motive: not sexual I’d say. It’s a warning and a punishment by using assaultive language, aimed to hurt and degrade. The warning is: I am watching and having sadistic fantasies and here’s some abuse to let you know what’s in store in real life for you if you don’t stop speaking and acting like a free human being.

    This is just another attempt tp regain lost power, and underlines the destructiveness of male domination for women and the need for ongoing struggle and resistance to continue the process of liberation. Our return message is: we are watching you, documenting what you do, and leaving you, and you can’t prevent it any more, all you have is fantasy.

    • Yes, vliet has them pegged – the MRAs yell and pout and scream and threaten to be Men Going Their Own Way but they never really do it. They still desperately need women in their lives, even if only in images of women or strange fantasies.
      When women “go their own way” they just do it and never make that big a thing out of it. I keep men out of my private life as much as possible and that actually makes it easier to deal with the men I can’t avoid. Women are giving up on men and there is nothing the man can do about it but rage.

  8. I used to see stuff like this on Usenet. The MRAs, while claiming to be oppressed, would discuss the potential benefits of setting up rape camps for women.

    As far as I can tell, a lot of men feel that they are being oppressed when they are not allowed to fully oppress women. A very sick, fucked-up ideology indeed.

    Women have to walk on eggshells and watch every word, in order to avoid inflaming delicate male fee-fees. The slightest and most irrelivent indiscretion is blown out of proportion (I believe this is done on purpose, to promote the “women are just as bad as men” bullshit. It’s a tactic used to distract everyone from all of the horrible shit that men are doing on a daily basis). We live in a world where a girl licking a doughnut /a> causes more public outrage than rape & murder combined. Yes, that is truly an abhorrent crime, worthy of much hand-wringing. Think of the poor doughnut!

    • @ sugarpuss:
      “As far as I can tell, a lot of men feel that they are being oppressed when they are not allowed to fully oppress women.”

      Yes, this is the whole thing in a nutshell. “You asking me to not oppress you is oppressing me.” “You asking me to not discriminate against you is discriminating against me.” Patriarchal reversal. They appropriate our language and accuse us of discrimination and bigotry when we point out what dicks they are. The fight only started when you hit back!!

  9. And then there’s the liberal feminists sucking right up to it and looking at me like I’ve grown devil horns and hooves or summat. Their entire program is coddling men till they die. It’s sad indeed. And here’s the thing, take any dude right, and talk to him about women’s rights and eventually he’ll show his dudebro colours. Right to vote? Sure dear, you deserve it! Right to work? Sure dear, how could men refuse that?. You do 50% of the housework? Well, sure I will, except I’ll only do it when I feel like it and then when you remind me I’ll accuse you of nagging me BITCH! Prostitution: LEGALIZE IT BIZNITCHES CUZ DUDES ARE OPPRESSED!

    See, you can always just do a quick survey, like a ladder and figure out that it doesn’t matter where the dude is on the political spectrum, he’s AN ALPHA WOLF and cleaning a toilet or abolishing prostitution is just OPPRESHUNS and STUFF!!!

  10. Women need to be aware that the monsters who hate us are dangerous. Here are articles with stories that happened just recently that prove women need to avoid men as much as possible: http://globalnews.ca/news/2214902/u-of-t-issues-warning-to-students-faculty-after-online-threats-made/ and http://globalnews.ca/news/2207449/family-sues-american-airlines-says-man-sexually-abused-girl-travelling-alone/?utm_source=Article&utm_medium=Outbrain&utm_campaign=2015
    The second shows the typical sexual abuse of little girls by these entitled pedophile freaks from backwards countries. The first one is obviously a disgusting MRA scumbag. MRAs are the ones who should be getting death threats. Women will never be safe from these bastards. It’s time we stood up as a collective group and fight back. We can’t negotiate with terrorists, so fighting fire with fire is the only way. We have every right to protect ourselves, and our own. Wipe MRAs and other misogynistic assholes off the face of the earth, or at least stick them on a deserted island where they can rape and kill each other instead of women and children.

    • Yes, male violence is increasing and there are several reasons for it.

      I was listening to a recent Matt Forney video where he praises the conservatives for bringing MRA crap into the mainstream and he thinks MRA ideas are going to sweep the world. LOL

      Now Forney is dumb to think the right will take the next election because they wont. The Manosphere is licking Trumps asshole atm. They see themselves: white dudes who want a lot of money so they can own women and nice cars. I swear they’re so fucking shallow.

      He went on and on about white nationalist ideas and how MRA’s suck and so do MGTOW’s. He is one of those right wingers who think whites are oppressed.

      He doesn’t realize our economy is a global market and thinks we can go backward to the 50’s. He wants an insular Americana that is long gone.

      These dudes are so bent on this romantic notion. It’s funny watching them bleat about it.

      It reminds of when I first moved out West. I felt claustrophobic b/c I couldn’t see past the Rocky Mountains so I’d get in my car and drive east for hours trying to get past them. That’s what they remind me of. Pointless driving, yet the mountains got a little bigger and I had this false hope I’d pass them in a few hours.

      These dudes cling to this idea and hell, they really believe they can drive past the Rockies. They see that male dominance still thrives, the mountains do start to get a little closer but they’re always out of reach.

    • Liv,

      I feel just they way you express it in your comment. I think all we can do is try to avoid men and prepare to defend ourselves, being aware of whatever restrictions the patriarchal legal establishment places on us, when we must do so.

      Apart from my own need for catharsis, my main reason for writing anything on this subject, whether blogposts or my comments here, is because I can’t think of anything else I can do except talk about what’s happening and to talk about my own experiences to try to warn women, especially very young women. I really wish someone had warned me. Sometimes I find that is very difficult to talk frankly about my experiences because there are so many restrictions placed on us, but I think it is necessary. We are already hated, so if people hate what we have to say, if they hate our expressions based on those experiences, then what’s the difference?

      Regarding the idea of letting them rape and kill each other, this is one thing I think about the tranny phenomenon. Ever since I started realizing how many there are and how common they’ve become, I’ve started noticing them all over the place and I think that they do the feminine role so well and this seems to be what men want for whatever sinister purposes, maybe this could be our out! Half of them can be macho men and the other half can be lay-dees and they can just rape and kill each other until actual women and girls are finally free!

      I can dream….


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