I’m The Bigger Man And I Demand Attention! Uh, and Money.


This is the video I think that started it all. It’s hard to tell because this manfight has been going on for a while. It’s kinda like a bunch of domestic batterers where the fight blows up every so often. Dean Esmay went onto another dude’s Youtube show and began dissing a a whole bunch of MGTOW’s  At the very beginning, Esmay says MGTOW’s are trying to kill him and Paul Elam. Esmay says he’s going to spit in a few guys faces. Esmay is off the wall describing a bunch of other violent males and he outright says they’re violent. The comment section is priceless.

Esmay’s mental health is in a fragile state. You can hear it in the video.

I also heard him admit he has to get up early in the morning and actually work. Elam really kept him as his bottom for a long time without paying him a cent. So much for brotherly love eh? Their blue balls are killing them all. I keep telling them to just go gay and get it over with. LOOOOL

Here’s a comment by a popular MGTOW on the video. CLICK TO ENLARGE

barbaroosa i look like the type to abuse womenTLDR:

If you didn’t listen to the video there’s some very funny shit in it. They talk about a guy who was on a date and ran into another Manosphere guy who then grilled him about being on a date, because you can’t date women if you’re in the Manosphere. Also, Esmay makes a quip about how women are spermjacking. It’s hilarious.


Dean Esmay’s stint away from his bottom buddy Elam didn’t last long. Esmay’s mental health is deteriorating and Elam is using him to attack journalists and now other parts of the Manosphere. The biggest man fight is between MRA’s and MGTOW’s. They’re both part of the Manosphere and both groups hate women but MGTOW’s are the little boys who claim they don’t want women in their lives while constantly talking about women. They constantly come to blows over how MGTOW got started online and whether MGTOW’s can get married. The underlying problem though is who is going to get money.

It’s basically a dick wagging contest between Elam and MGTOW. MGTOW’s can’t stand Elam and his stupid site but will always show up on his site to scream at him on cue whenever Paul pokes them. Esmay even made a video to start a fight with them.

Esmay is claiming MGTOW started on forums and not on Youtube. I swear, they’re having a meltdown over this stupid point. Who the fuck cares who invented it? They do. And they’re ready to defend their positions to the death. Esmay is accusing MGTOW’s of ‘abusive lying’ when they claim MGTOW started on Youtube. Esmay runs to the first insult no man wants to hear:

To be blunt, all that is an incredibly womanish lie; it’s dense, multilayered, and carefully crafted so that every reasonable discussion of it can be torpedoed by changing the subject, shifting the goalposts, and other Rationalization Hamster moves. Those who defend this lie, this indefensible false allegation leveled at innocent men, are also guilty of marginalizing the work of other Men Going Their Own Way who are certainly not named Paul Elam, and some of whom can’t even stand Paul Elam.

Dean called them all women. Patriarchy 101 anyone? It gets worse. Not only are these Youtubish MGTOW’s womanly manipulators and false rape accusers but they also must come from single mother homes!

I honestly suspect that most of those promulgating this conspiracy narrative are the products of single mother homes, because they’re such girlish brats so much of the time, and their narrative is such pathetic gossipy schoolgirl drama and backstabby lies.


What it’s really about is Elam’s fading popularity and a last gasp. He wants numbers on his site and so he’s starting a fight with MGTOW’s claiming his dick is bigger. He truly wants MGTOW back on his site but his interpersonal skills are atrocious.

Here’s reality: Men’s Rights sites such as Anti-Misandry, Nice Guys, A Voice for Men, and others, have a much larger audience than all the most prominent YouTube MGTOW combined

Nah nah nah nah nah! AVFM’s dick is bigger than yours!

Now here is the truth about Men Going Their Own Way: from the very beginning, MGTOW have recognized that Men’s Rights Activism in the political sphere—lobbying legislatures, staging protests and demonstrations, signing petitions, etc.—was going to take possibly decades to succeed.

When have they done any of that? BWAHAHAHAH! The last thing I remember Dean Esmay getting off his couch for was when he accused a video game blog of abusing him and his son.

After all, MRAs created the Men Going Their Own Way logo, promoted the name, the acronym and the philosophy.

Hear that bros? It was Elam that got MGTOW going. Elam is our overlord. You will be assimilated!

You see MGTOW’s claim to swear off women but it’s like a little boy whining ‘I’m going away now. Do you see me going away? PAY ATTENTION TO ME WOMEN! I’M LEAVINGGG!

Esmay admits the Manosphere is violent but this next comment has a deeper meaning. He’s dissing JohntheOther and his live in wife Diana Davison

Yes dangerous. Not to society, but to themselves and their followers. They’re a bunch of damned fools who are going to get themselves or their friends killed. And yes, I do mean that literally.


Yes, that includes your favorite YouTuber, no matter how many subscribers he or she has. And by the way, there’s a good chance that your favorite YouTube “MGTOW” peddling the “MGTOW can definitionally never marry” bullshit is cohabiting full-time with a woman at this very moment. Have you tried asking him? You should, and then if he admits he is cohabiting full-time with a woman—some of the biggest names are cohabiting with women–ask him which legal sources he consulted before he reached his conclusion that cohabiting is safer than marriage.

It’s so serious to these fuckwits. They think living with a woman is worse than marrying one. But I digress. This bullshit about marriage has nothing to do with the dick wagging. It’s really just a bid for attention because AVFM is going down the drain. If it wasn’t about marriage Elam would find something else to fight about.

One guy made a video claiming he was leaving MGTOW and he loved his wife. He calls the Manosphere stupid and self destructive. I don’t know if he’s serious or just wanking about Esmay.

Now we just sit back and wait for the fainting. I’ll update this when the hilarity ensues.


It’s ensuing on Youtube. This TLDR dude did a video whereby he’s having a man fight with another Manosphere dude who is accusing him of hijacking MGTOW as well as accusing JohntheOther of hijacking it too. Johntheother responded to this with a video claiming he’s not hijacking anything and doesn’t want to dick wave. I don’t recommend you watch any of these silly videos unless you’re doing something worthwhile and have it on in the background. I just find it funny how they’re stomping around trying to sit atop the shit pile and be the big man.

Ultimately, this is about who is going to get the money. There’s a ton of angry guys out there that want to throw their money away at other men to get their misogynist jollies off. This is why patriarchy is a failure and why wars exist. Men are so consumed with greed over who is getting what donations that they all attack each other.


62 thoughts on “I’m The Bigger Man And I Demand Attention! Uh, and Money.

  1. Factionalization is good here.

    I sincerely wish men would go their own way. What a relief that would be!

    So there are MRAs and MGTOWs and PUAs. MRAs want sexual access to women as a matter of traditional right. MGTOWs want access to women without any reciprocity. PUAs want to lie their way into sexual access to women.

    Hmm…there seems to be a common thread here…sexual access, anyone?

  2. I’d like to see all the men who claim women are trying to murder them called the same thing. Whether we’re supposedly murdering them with language, or theoretically plotting to murder them if they let us live with them, all of these paranoid fantasies. Death fetishists. Ghouls.

    • You’re policing our language via “political correctness”, and in effect trying to control our minds. I personally think rape jokes are fucking hilarious, and will not stop using language, or concepts you finds offensive.

        • No, loser, I’m not a rapist. You’re a loathsome cunt though, and I will continue to make the lives of online feminsts as miserable as humanely possible.

          • @ Tyler Boy in Rape Diapers:
            Just so you know, making someone humanely miserable is an oxymoron.
            I think you meant “humanly.” That’s the entertaining thing about you guys—you open your mouths and the stupid falls out.

          • Tyler, you’re hilarious! You’ll never be able to post THAT much with all that constant whacking off. But hey, give it a shot. We’d rather have you at the keyboard than outside where you’d be making a lot of women vomit — so have at it, sparky!

          • Look at the poor grammar on this little baby.
            It gets better, honey. As you grow up and mature life gets easier, relationships with other people and even, oh all the Gods, relationships with *women* get easier too. As soon as you get some life experience and become relateable.
            So get out there little dude! Hike a few traile, ocean surf without a board, go on that vision quest. Real personhood awaits you beyond the almighty, ultimately flighty, device keystroke.
            ( my personal Jedi master advance-hopeful pep talk. )

          • I will continue to make the lives of online feminsts as miserable as humanely possible.

            Actually, you’re just making your own life miserable since, apparently, your entire existence revolves around us. How embarrassing that must be. As much as you hate us, we’re really all you have (Oh, and Xbox).

      • By that same logic, one could say that accusations of “misandry” is a form of political correctness, yes? Like most men, you are only concerned about your free speech. You want the right to say anything you please, but will be the first to cry when women criticize you.

        As for myself, I don’t give a shit what men say because I know that I can come back at them even harder. That is usually the point where they start calling me a “bitch”. LOL You guys are so fucking weak.

  3. Ok, a bit of theory. MGTOWs are flouncers — women have a few rights in the private sphere now — like divorce, and the ability to seek custody. This is enuf to make some young men renounce marriage. Excellent. Women are doing the same, all is well.

    But wait. MGTOWs don’t really want to renounce marriage, they want marriage to return to the good ole days when women gave up their bodies hearts & souls to their massas. They are still looking for this, all the while claiming if they can’t have female subordination they will stop trying to sexually access females. If only.

    MGTOWs are doing fine, riding around on motorcycles, fishing, watching sports, and fapping to porn. Still, they yearn for something more satisfying:

    How can women (sob) be so cruel (sob) as to deny us our fucking?

    Now comes the shambling old ape named Male. Looky here, he says, I have treated women like shit my whole life and some female still is willing to live with me. If I can do it by dick-waving you deficient eejuts can do it too.

    He has a point. Stacy, his partner, is the point. If I could have two minutes with Stacy I would ask: what circumstances brought Paul and you together? I sort of feel that all feminism would be involved in Stacy’s answer. How was Stacy doing financially? Did Stacy know about Paul’s horrendous past? Did Stacy have kids? Did Stacy talk to Paul’s kids before moving in? Does Paul contribute equally to household work and finances?
    I might say, so Stacy, are you having fun yet?

    Hey — Stacy — did you have a clue?

    • Women aren’t renouncing marriage. They’re just as desperate to marry, and breed as they ever were. What feminism has done has made them entitled beyond all measure, and ready to divorce unless all of their impossible demands are met. It’s men that don’t give a shit, can survive just fine by banging sluts, and not being dads. YOU LOSE.

        • Truth hurts, cunt face. We dont fucking care about relationships with annoying twats, and can just as easily pay to get our nut off. You on the other hand will die barren, lonely, and irrelevant. Men are the one’s that are having a mass exodus from marriage, and relationships rather than wind up in a divorce court with a cunt like you, and contemplating whether, or not to end you.

          • All your comments and all information is being forwarded to my local police, who already have a case open to handle shitwads like you. Not only does all this information go to them but it also goes to the FBI and CSIS.

            Congrats motherfucker

          • Again with the middle school communication level. Are you thirteen, Tyler? Never tested out relationships before you renounced them? I’m telling you, lil dude, get off your device and go find yourself in the organic world. Your future pot bellied high blood pressure losing-hair-with-a-sportscar-to-match self, will more than likely thank you.
            Cunt face.

        • Wow, Tyler is very very sensitive and irrational. I wonder what kinds of meds he’s on? Also, I think it’s funny that he thinks we’re having a “Who’s Actually Refusing Marriage” contest. Everything is a zero sum game with these nutters. No wonder they rarely know the touch of a woman.

      • Everything you have said is being proved as bullshit, by the very fact that you are here and posting on this blog. If men quote “don’t give a shit”, why do you continue to scream for attention on a woman-owned blog? Contradictory much?

        Common sense should tell you that, if you don’t care about something, you will ignore it. Simple.

        Bye bastard.

    • It make me think of my rogue antisocial mouse Daddy. The other mice, Bubba, Lucy and Lily are so social and friendly but Daddy would rather cause problems and beat up the babies (he chewed Lily’s tail off) because he has no social graces to come get food from me.

      He gets frustrated and doesn’t know how to be social and get noms. Sometimes he’s tried attacking Bubba while I’m feeding Bubba. It’s not like I don’t offer Daddy food. He’s just antisocial and unsuccessful so he takes it out on the poor little babies.

      It’s like these creeps who can’t form proper social attachments with women go around slamming each other over the head instead of becoming normal human beings.

      And you know they all want a woman in their lives. They’re so fucking desperate for it. It’ll never happen until they clean up their fucking tude. Until then, it’s manosphere cock fights for us to lol at.

      • Good analogy!

        Again, as long as they’ve fighting each other, they’re leaving women alone. I view that as a double blessing, because I get my dose of schadenfreude, and women are spared the attentions of these losers!

        Is it really so hard for them to just act like a human? Oh, right! I forgot who we’re talking about for a minute, there.

  4. This post and the comments here give me great joy. MGOW are a riot. That they think walking away from women because we won’t treat them like the kings they see when they look in the mirror is some kind of deprivation for *us* is hilarious.

    • Yeah, it IS hilarious! Especially in a space where most of the posters are rad fem minded.
      We know the secret, you dumbshits, men engineered society so women are mislead into thinking they need a dude. No one here has shares that delusion.

  5. I am a feminist man. Femism is fab for men:

    1. We can go to a nightclub and have sex that night. No neet to courtship.

    2. We do not need to marry to live with a woman. Concubinate is OK.

    3. Lot of women do not want to have children anymore. Great! Lot of men like me, neither.

    4. Women pay half of the bills.

    5. Women encourage open couples. That is great.

    6. We can have relationships with divorced women without being shamed for that.

    7. We can have relationships with single moms and we expect children-dady to pay the bills for the children.

    Feminism is so good!!!

    • Wheee! Look at how feminism makes lives easier for men! Way to be self-serving “Feminist Man.” It’s almost like you think the movement was created to make your life easier — not to liberate women from patriarchy.
      But yes, not being forced to have children with men who would never take equal responsibility for the children has always been a singular joy of mine, so there’s that.
      Feminism isn’t for men.

  6. Honestly. I think anti-feminist men are 4 types:

    1. The one who cannot get laid in our sexual ultra liberated time. That must be frustrating.

    2. The one who want to get married and to have children. The beta-provider wannabe. Notice most of this beta-provider wannabes they think marriage is a good way to get laid in daily basis (big mistake). And they are so sexually unattractive that their only way to get some “status” among women (they think so) is by being a “daddy”. They think that being a “daddy” will make them more attractive to women in general. Of course, they still being ignored.
    They are pathetic. I know a lot of them.

    3. The one who does not want to get married and wants to stay free, and to have a free and egalitarian relationship with a free woman (a feminist), BUT, suddenly, that feminist woman, as she turns 30, she wants to get married and to have children.
    I think this third type of anti-feminsit guy is not so bad. He sees how “feminism” it is not actually “feminism” but a Troy Horse to enter into the tradcon way of life.

    4. The tradcon one who married a tradcon woman, and, suddenly, that tradcon woman wants to get divorce and be free because she was exposed to feminst propaganda.
    I understand this fourth type of anti-feminsit guy. I am not a tradcon but I can get in the shoes of this kind.

  7. I would add a fifth group (but I think it only applies for U.S, and I will explain why later on):

    5. The one who heared all his life that women like tender, kind, polite, clean, feminist men… and, then, one day he finds out that women (even feminist women) prefer to date rude, violent, dirty, harsh, batterer, macho pig men.
    I can undertsan this fifth type as well. He was a well intentioned feminist.

    But let me explain you why this fifth case only applies to North America and not so much to Europe: it seems that “hybristophilia” (the female sexual desire to criminals) is a very American phenomena. I cannot see such a thing in Europe.

      • MRAs always assume that batterers tell women on the first date that they are “…rude, violent, dirty, harsh, batterer, macho pig men.” Actually what they do is pretend to be “…tender, kind, polite, clean, feminist men.”
        Quite similar to phony feminist men in comment threads on the interwebs who usually turn out to be abusive MRAs.
        Srsly d00d. Stop getting your sociology from sit coms.

        • I was just out and I swear, what is up with these tech dudes with their pudgy faces, beer guts and their faces buried into their phones watching porn?

          They can’t sit still for 2 minutes while waiting in a coffee line. This dude drove me fucking batshit by moving around like he was on crack watching porn on his phone.

          • Yes, and using Tinder or some other dating app. He didn’t have the sound on of course but he was right next to me in line moving around like he was trying to masturbate. It was gross.

          • Not surprised. Last month a guy followed me in his car into a grocery store parking-lot and. As I got out of the car, stood up and dared to glance down at him in the driver’s seat, caught him masturbating. I started taking pictures of his license plate with my phone, and he snapped out of it and tore outta the parking lot like a bat our of hell.

          • Your Majesty, I have caught an unfortunate late-summer cold from being cooped up with my close friend’s toddler. It’s been an unreal hell in the upper 90’s heatwave that my southern California, temporary home has been dishing out.
            But HMQ what I like to do when I am under the weather is to watch dumb tv. With this cold, it’s been ID channel, Investigation Discovery.
            Oh how I think of you and all the voices on this blog. Every damn episode is some man going after a woman either because he felt he lost control of a relationship, or he wanted her but she didn’t reciprocate, or even worse JUST BECAUSE. Because she was there, easily available to act violence upon.
            This is most definitely a terrible plague. We are hunted and murdered by our own species. What is wrong with them?

    • @ Feminist Man:

      “But let me explain you why this fifth case only applies to North America and not so much to Europe: it seems that “hybristophilia” (the female sexual desire to criminals) is a very American phenomena. I cannot see such a thing in Europe.”

      Yes, please EXPLAIN to us, because I’ve read it about five times and have no idea what you’re talking about. What does “the female sexual desire to criminals” mean? I think you may be missing a verb.

      On second thought though, please don’t explain. This just sounds like something written on a little piece of paper and stuffed into manosphere fortune cookies.

        • They get them from the stories men tell one another. Each trying to top the other with stories of evil woman witch who stole my man parts. Then they burn us to prove to themselves it is true. You already knew that dintcha?

          • He’s talking about the rare phenomena of women falling in love with incarcerated dudes serving time in jail. He thinks that’s typical behavior instead of the result of patriarchy forcing the so-called nurturing instinct down womens’ throats. In individuals who aren’t healthy and don’t question society or gender stereotypes, you get this atypical behavior from vulnerable women who are manipulated by cons.
            In truth, he’s jealous of the convicts and wants in on that action.

            Dude, you’re so fucking sad. Do you know any women aside from your embarrassed mother?

    • Oh, this self-pitying troll is shitting on the thread down here too? I should have read further.
      Gosh, no one here has ever heard of the whole, “Women like jerks” whine before. **Sniff** It’s so sad. Some hetero women would prefer partners they’re actually attracted to then some self-entitled, self-hating, insecure cry-baby just because he holds the door open while the poor woman lugs groceries on her arrival home from work. A lot of famous murderers in recent years have the same complaints. They usually manage to take down a few people before turning their guns on themselves.
      These are not healthy dudes. And why do they come to women centered spaces like this? Do they think we’ll feel bad and start breast feeding them and wiping their asses?
      “Jerk” in shitlord/MRA/PUA usually means a fella who isn’t desperate or insecure, usually attractive and sociall well adjusted and doesn’t treat women like aliens or like sex vending machines. ‘Cause guess what, boys, women don’t have to be obligated into having sex, women will gladly have it with someone they enjoy being with. You guys think all women are individual Make-A-Wish-Foundations, we should fuck for charitable reasons? **chuckle**
      If you guys just fucked each other and left the rest of us alone, maybe you’d feel better.

  8. From the recent update:

    Also, Esmay makes a quip about how women are spermjacking.

    How nice of him to acknowledge my accomplishments. 😀

  9. WTF is this?! LOL! These guys remind me of those real housewives reality shows, except about 10 times worse when you add the male ego and a dick to whip around! Who can take these freaks seriously? Women and the vast majority of men are just laughing their asses off at these idiots, but the man babies don’t seem to care and continue their hysteria! It’s entertaining at least!

  10. Hahahahaha! I’m listening to the Esmay rant right now, but I am enjoying the comments the most. I can almost hear the snap, crackle & pop of his lard frying in the fire of MGTOW rage. ROFL! Very amusing.

    • LOL. His mental health is really at an all time low. This is the men’s rights movement. They claim they don’t like feminism for our analysis of masculinity but fuck, they sure do need this analysis.

      I couldn’t believe one of them approached another while he was on a date and chewed him out for being with a woman. LOOOOOOOOOOL

      • Esmay is such a fucking dishonest flip-flopper. He’s saying the MGTOWs are advocating violence and genocide against women, but completely ignoring the fact that these things are openly advocated on AVFM. Everything he says is a contradiction to something he said moments before (eg. labeling certain behaviors as “womanish”, and then having the audacity to condemn stereotypes and generalizations).

        Both sides of this argument are just pathetic, especially how they keep accusing each other of “acting like women/feminists”, while failing to see the inherent misogyny & bigotry of using femaleness as a type of insult. Blind spots galore.

        • I see them negate themselves every other sentence. None of their ideas have any coherence. They say one thing and a second later, they say something that argues against their point.

          Yes, he uses ‘woman’ as an insult and then says ‘but, but, you guys ARE THE TRUE MISOGYNISTS!’ It’s fucking hilarious how they don’t make sense.


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