Dean Esmay Calls Johntheother’s Girlfriend a Sex Predator

More Manfights

Johntheother was a former MRA on AVFM staff. Elam had a meltdown some months back and canned him. Diana Davison is JohntheOther’s live in girlfriend and they live in my fucking city. Ugh. Anyway, John and his g/f are against MRA’s now that Elam kicked him out. He now claims he’s MGTOW, another silly Manosphere group, and has his own group called COCK.

John wasn’t invited to the AVFM conference in Michigan last year because Elam thought he had lost the plot with his new COCK group. Elam was intent on making a nice image for his hate group in front of some of the professionals that spoke at his con. He wanted John to keep his distance while he tried to put a veneer of legitimacy to his bullshit.

Now that John is a MGTOW, he’s been making Elam very butthurt. Elam isn’t raking in cash hand-over-fist the way he’s done in the past because he’s lashed out at the MGTOW dudes and others. We all know Elam can’t handle interpersonal relationships well and it explains why he has 3 ex-wives, children he bailed on, and a string of criminal charges for drugs and other shit. Elam was a cocaine addict and probably an alcoholic too. While his children needed food he was out blowing it on coke. Understanding this fact helps us see how he fucks up his relationships.

This next manfight is a familiar tactic. Elam sends in the mentally unstable Dean Esmay to attack other men for him. It’s the good cop/bad cop scenario. Using mentally ill men is one of Elam’s fortes. This time he’s gotten Dean to attack John’s live in girlfriend Diana by calling her a sexual predator.

Esmay’s doing this because his first video that called out John didn’t work. John waved it off. Now they’re trying to get to him by attacking her.

Dean’s attacking her to rile up the MGTOW nest like he’s been doing for the past 2 weeks. He doesn’t say why he thinks she’s a sexual predator but we all know this is just him poking around. He says ‘teenage boys are hanging out with her.’ So what? Doesn’t Judgybitch, supreme handmaiden of Paul Elam, hang out with teenage boys?

Diana Davison joined AVFM a couple years ago and Elam welcomed her with open arms. They accept women without question because they think it gives them legitimacy. They don’t research their background, They don’t care if the women hold positions that MRA’s on the whole disagree with. As long as she’s willing to put a face to the hate, they’re OK with it.

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