Paul Elam Embarrassed Over Blair Bitch Video So He Doubles Down

The video of an old ass man screaming into a camera about a much younger woman’s vagina has doubled down on his misogyny, as we all knew he would. He went on to call women’s vaginas ‘odiferous’ in a followup 45 minute rant on Youtube last night. He actually sat down and wrote prepared statements. He doesn’t think the way he violently rants and raves sexually about women is problematic at all. He’s really upset because people swarmed the comments telling him what a disgusting asswipe he is. As the video goes on he gets really animated and upset.

So he doubled down. He doesn’t care how horrible he is. Having ‘fun’ for him is hatred of women which just splurges and slops from his mouth. Did anyone expect he’d look at his behaviour in any rational way? You were mistaken if you thought he had sense. Oh and he mentioned David Futrelle, as per usual.

He’s obviously upset at the many comments on the video laughing at just how disgusting he is. He takes great offense to this, you can tell. He labeled everyone who commented negatively as ‘chivalrists.’ He started off by red-facing the gay comments. The fact is, many MRA’s are actually gay.

‘Feminists are privileged white bitches.’ ~Paul Elam

‘Yeah, FUCK YOU BITCH!’ ~Paul Elam

I’m not embarrased by this. I’m not proud of it either. It is what it is. Of course you’re a hooker. ‘ ~Paul Elam to a commenter.

Feminism today is a white cuntish child of privilege.’ ~Paul Elam

‘I’d rather stick my penis into an anthill rather than the mouth of a feminist. Regardless of the fact it would shut her up for a while.’ ~Paul Elam

‘Feminist women are evil pieces of shit who maintain fake respect from weak, useless men.’ ~Paul Elam

Some commenter told him homeless men looked better to which he replied, spitting ‘Fuck you. Fuck you and your standards.’ LOL He says he doesn’t give a fuck, but he does.

‘Cunts like you wouldn’t be allowed in the door to begin with.’~ Paul Elam to a random commenter

Paul Elam is on his way out. He has burned every bridge and his hatred of women knows no bounds. He can’t invite the media into his get-togethers any more because they’ll report honestly about the kind of men he attracts. All he has left is to scream online and hope a man in his audience does violence to women. That’s all he does, sells anger and hatred. He doesn’t make much money any more. He’s done, and he knows it. There is no legitimacy left at the bottom of any barrel.

The next step is for him to get more violent. That’s what men like him do when they know they’re on they’re way out. They like to take the object of their hatred with them. Be careful. Stay alert.