Paul Elam Embarrassed Over Blair Bitch Video So He Doubles Down

The video of an old ass man screaming into a camera about a much younger woman’s vagina has doubled down on his misogyny, as we all knew he would. He went on to call women’s vaginas ‘odiferous’ in a followup 45 minute rant on Youtube last night. He actually sat down and wrote prepared statements. He doesn’t think the way he violently rants and raves sexually about women is problematic at all. He’s really upset because people swarmed the comments telling him what a disgusting asswipe he is. As the video goes on he gets really animated and upset.

So he doubled down. He doesn’t care how horrible he is. Having ‘fun’ for him is hatred of women which just splurges and slops from his mouth. Did anyone expect he’d look at his behaviour in any rational way? You were mistaken if you thought he had sense. Oh and he mentioned David Futrelle, as per usual.

He’s obviously upset at the many comments on the video laughing at just how disgusting he is. He takes great offense to this, you can tell. He labeled everyone who commented negatively as ‘chivalrists.’ He started off by red-facing the gay comments. The fact is, many MRA’s are actually gay.

‘Feminists are privileged white bitches.’ ~Paul Elam

‘Yeah, FUCK YOU BITCH!’ ~Paul Elam

I’m not embarrased by this. I’m not proud of it either. It is what it is. Of course you’re a hooker. ‘ ~Paul Elam to a commenter.

Feminism today is a white cuntish child of privilege.’ ~Paul Elam

‘I’d rather stick my penis into an anthill rather than the mouth of a feminist. Regardless of the fact it would shut her up for a while.’ ~Paul Elam

‘Feminist women are evil pieces of shit who maintain fake respect from weak, useless men.’ ~Paul Elam

Some commenter told him homeless men looked better to which he replied, spitting ‘Fuck you. Fuck you and your standards.’ LOL He says he doesn’t give a fuck, but he does.

‘Cunts like you wouldn’t be allowed in the door to begin with.’~ Paul Elam to a random commenter

Paul Elam is on his way out. He has burned every bridge and his hatred of women knows no bounds. He can’t invite the media into his get-togethers any more because they’ll report honestly about the kind of men he attracts. All he has left is to scream online and hope a man in his audience does violence to women. That’s all he does, sells anger and hatred. He doesn’t make much money any more. He’s done, and he knows it. There is no legitimacy left at the bottom of any barrel.

The next step is for him to get more violent. That’s what men like him do when they know they’re on they’re way out. They like to take the object of their hatred with them. Be careful. Stay alert.


9 thoughts on “Paul Elam Embarrassed Over Blair Bitch Video So He Doubles Down

  1. If I watch this 45-minute video, it’ll be 45 minutes I will never get back and 45 minutes I could spend doing something constructive with my time. I have listened to the first few minutes and that’s enough. Schadenfreude is what I felt when your I read your article. Elam is a psychopathic and delusional ranter. House Mouse, you are right: when men feel cornered, disempowered, emasculated they turn violent and take down with them. I think of all those *depressed* men who murder their children when they decide to end their own lives. Fucking bastards.

  2. It’s good that he’s been smoked out and the hate he has always pushed is now clear to everyone. What a destructive influence he has been on men.

  3. I left a comment on Elam’s video and he erased it. I made fun of the fact that he truly is having a meltdown and this whole act that he’s not upset is just that, an act. He really is bothered by the fact that his latest outburst paints him and the Manosphere as a bunch of old sexually violent neckbeards who scream obscenities at much younger women who won’t have sex with them.

  4. Oh, sickos are having a sad. They obsess over younger womens’ sexuality because, in essence, they are vampires trying to horde womens’ vitality for themselves.
    You gross-ass dumb-fucks. Keep posting about your breakdowns that flair up when you can’t accept reality. Women aren’t interested in coupling up with you so you can leech and abuse them.
    Thanks for leaving a bread crumb trail for future historians to follow your downfall.

  5. Has anybody ever noticed that Elam can’t master subject-verb agreement to save his life? He flubs it all the time in speech and writing.

    Also, he’s wearing a t-shirt from his vile theft of the white ribbon anti male violence against women charity name/domain. So gross.

    And why is he so determined to believe that feminists are women who have their daddies taking care of them? LOLWUT?

    If he stuck his dick in an anthill I’d feel sorry for the ants.

  6. Well we have here a reactionary low-status man with a scapegoat. He didn’t want to be a failure, but he is. He invented a pseudo-issue to harness male misogyny to make some money.

    He’s got a record, and he’s got a lot of women afraid of him either from intimate relationships or his more public attacks. He’s a con man.

    He’s alarmingly fragile, as you can see from the video. He doesn’t have any response to criticism but assault. I don’t recommend that any women watch his verbal assault in this video. He would like to punish women for his own inadequacy with this verbal assault. His male followers can watch him safely as they are not targets.

    Has anyone noticed that the “debate” between AVFM and everybody else is completely male? Reactionary men “debate” “male feminists”. They are not communicating in any way with women. Women are elsewhere. Male feminists must stop engaging with this freak and follow the example of women feminists (can’t believe I have to say this).

    Elam has tried to make us not exist,yet everything he does is an attempted, failed, dialogue with us. Dude is dying for affection and forgiveness. The weirdness never stops. Most of the AVFM articles are addressed to women who are not reading. He will never reach a rela woman.

    His femras don’t actually say anything, has anyone noticed? A few anecdotes, complaints, suppositions — zero on the substantive front. Suzy McCarley and her relentless cocksucking — give it a rest honey.

    Feminists are so familiar with this meltdown in which the underlying hatred is revealed. We have to decide whether to bother to watch and respond. Please continue to review and comment as you have a strong stomach, HMQ. The rest of us must be careful not to waste our energy by giving any thought to raging woman-haters like this man.

  7. Maybe now is a good time to say: women are subordinated in this society Our subordination is closely linked to the struggle over control ofour sexuality and reproduction. Referring to women as controllable biological sex machines is is the project of reactionary men’s groups. Women have their own ends; they are not just means to the ends of men. Men will never control women. Men can try forever, and women will resist them forever. We are as powerful as men. We will not permit this.

  8. Didn’t watch the video because I just ate. I’m so so sick of these losers. It’s just the same shit over & over.

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