Domestic Violence Campaign Blackdot Affiliated With Men’s Rights Groups

Or it’s just an attention-seeking campaign that has no real solution or plan to really do anything. Blackdot is a new domestic violence campaign that’s gotten a lot of attention lately. In fact, it’s Facebook page has gone viral. Their twitter is @blackdotcamp

However, I have some serious questions about this campaign because it won’t answer questions and a DV organization has refused to support it. Blackdot posted on Facebook that they’d answer any questions from anyone yet so far the questions on Twitter have gone completely unanswered. asks for questions

fb dv agency refused support
It seems Blackdot is more interested in attention than actually helping anyone. They tweeted Richard Branson, Simon Cowell, and David Cameron instead of say, local women’s shelters, and people noticed.


Attention seeking by tweeting prominent figures is a primary tool of men’s rights activists who want to get as much of it as they can.

A feminist friend of mine on Twitter decided to ask the campaign leader, who is still anonymous, questions and they refused to answer. They also follow the prominent men’s rights organization ‘Fathers 4 Justice.’  Also, several women and women’s orgs were blocked and erased from both Twitter and Facebook by this ‘organization’.


I don’t think this organization is legit. First, they won’t divulge the names of the men’s rights groups they’re contacting or associated with and second, they use popular men’s rights tropes.

The focus on ‘shaming’ is a particular men’s rights trope they use whenever they face a tough question they don’t want to answer. My friend asked why this supposed friendly campaign was blocking women and feminist groups on their Facebook page:



Blackdot outright lied and another woman tweeted an image showing that she was indeed blocked not only on Twitter but confirmed Blackdot erased her comments on Facebook.


Blackdot follows a prominent British men’s rights group called Fathers For Justice or F4J. If you’re wondering about who these guys are, here’s a video. The Sussex police went to his home to check on a 10 year old boy because the mother didn’t know where the boy was. They knocked on his door and he refused to answer. They went around to the window and knocked and were greeted by a mantrum full of racism and misogyny.    

Father’s for Justice is headed by leader Matt O’ Connor who appeared on George Galloway’s show to moan about feminism and ‘gender apartheid.’ He repeated every men’s rights talking point about the oh-so-terrible oppression of white men. He quoted Warren Farrell’s work which is considered the bible of the men’s rights movement.

Matt O’ Connor is divorced and as far as I know was denied access to his children. Father’s rights groups are family terrorists. Many of them have criminal records for domestic violence. F4J members have terrorized government leaders by climbing on the roofs of their homes. In essence, they’re a bunch of entitled manchildren who can’t use normal channels to resolve disputes. This is what Blackdot is supporting while blocking and deleting women’s advocates from Twitter and Facebook, ignoring questions by women advocates, and tweeting every celebrity then can.

All in all I’m very suspicious of Blackdot. Their leader claims to be a woman who suffered severe battering by an ex. Purposely following F4J on a new Twitter account means they know F4J. The questions that were asked of this person or group were never answered, simply ignored.

Also, this could be very dangerous for women who use their real names on social media. We all know how MRA’s love to get their hands on women’s personal information and terrorize them.

following f4j


Mancheeze aka Housemousequeen is 46 years old today.


The good news is:

‘I estimate (very roughly) that there are about 300 actual MHRAs in the world’ ~Paul Elam

In Paul Elam’s land of misogyny, there is no room for pussy men. He doesn’t even realize that in his latest rant, he’s attacking the one demographic he purports to stand up for: men. ‘No More Cowards, Cunts, and Concern Trolls’ is his latest rage-rant at men who criticize the scraggly-screaming deadbeat for making a mess of the men’s rights movement. It came about after he posted a Youtube video showing him and a bunch of beer-bellied geezers screaming about Jessica Valenti’s stinky vagina and chanting ‘no means no’ like a bunch of sociopaths. One must realize there is no image cleaning that can be done for these sad and obnoxious dudes. Elam’s dug himself a hole so big and so deep, there’s no way to get out of it.

Elam was so angry that his own people massively rated his video down that he made another one where he printed off many of the snarky comments and had a 45 minute temper tantrum, spitting and spluttering as he read each one and responded. He’s determined to get to the bottom of why men in his very own craptactular movement thought the video was an epic fail. I take that back. He’s never going to self-reflect and concede that those who didn’t like the video have a point. No. In his mind, the men who criticized him are fucking cowards. Such a human rights movement this is. Seriously.

Elam’s particular corner of the Manosphere cesspool isn’t unique. It’s about selling an outdated form of masculinity to them with the tacit hope of enacting violence against women online and irl. Elam’s Texas drawl is perfect for his romanticized blabbering about the times when men were men. Men, in his mind, are to be the non-pussy type. They aren’t supposed to show emotions (unless they’re enraged at women.) This might be good for a 60ish year old racist deadbeat Texan but it’s not good for young men. This is why Elam was surrounded by grandpas at a Brewery screaming about a much younger woman they can’t fuck, by pretending they wouldn’t fuck her.

Elam has a niche market. He knows men are confused about their new roles these days. He knows they might stumble on his site to try and find answers to their questions so he offers them an image of the past. This is how and why Elam was able to take advantage of so many men for so long. It’s why his coffers a few years ago were brimming and he was able to buy a new condo and an incredibly large refrigerator, probably for storing whole cows.

Another reason for Elam’s latest post is to sugar coat why his site is failing. He can’t admit he’s the biggest obstacle to his cause and so he tries to get out in front of his failure:

We will see that evidenced by a drop in traffic to this site. Sound strange? Read on, brothers and sisters.

I am not prepared to share with you every near future decision we are going to make on how to handle this, but I can tell you for sure that at some point soon comment policy is getting an overhaul and indeed access to some, a good bit actually, of site content is going to be restricted to activists.

Is this draconian? Yep. Does it risk the development of groupthink? Yep.
Those are not concerns, though, that are more important than the refinement of AVFM into a better tool of activism. Simply put, people who aren’t actually activists, even in the most minor of ways for men and boys, won’t be recognized as such and won’t have the latitude to operate here like they used to.

Elam is terrible at punctuation and grammar. UGH!

Elam says he’s getting rid of dead weight, of men who don’t do any activism (men who don’t give him money or scream at feminists online). So he’s going to attempt to re market his site to ‘the true masculine men.’ It’s a clever psychological manipulation that’s worked for him in the past. He offends their sense of manly honour and hope they take offense and hit his paypal account or promise to do violence against women. Elam shames men to get whatever he wants out of them.

And right on cue, there are men in the comment section trying to affirm their ‘manhood’ and their place. Some of them did indeed grab money out of their wallet to give it to Paul so they could still be in the man club. Elam made many comments, moreso than he does on any other article, telling these men that yes, they are true men. They in turn, shot a high five to their grandpa and promised not to cry.

  • ‘You are not an armchair supporter, in my opinion. I take it you are not a trust fund baby and that you had to go out and work for the money you donated here and HBB. To me, that is activism. It is working for the cause, giving of your time and labor. You could have easily spent that money on something else.
  • What Lucian said, bro., All monthly supporters of AVfM Education, LLC will not see so much as a hiccup. We will still enforce comment policy but as far as I am concerned you fit in quite well here.’
  • ‘frugalist and activist, in my book.’
  • ‘Not worried at all, bro.’
  • ‘You were “we” before subbing.’
  • ‘Got it, and thank you!’
  • ‘Finally got to read the whole piece. I don’t even think I could say thing that would make its reception anti-climacticNothing short of a masterpiece.”We are happy to have you here.’

What a charlatan.

Here’s an AVFM comment I found that I thought perfectly describes the ‘activism’ the MRM does:

The “activism” I do is the chairborne ranger type, mostly on the internet (though I have just finished writing the first book in a series of fiction that I hope to discuss men’s issues in a covert fashion).

As you may know, New Zealand has enacted a Law regarding harassment on the internet, that is to say the least, is retarded. I will continue to pop up in forums, using VPNs to cover me.