Sunday Radfem Roundup

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I will be appearing on a live call-in show Thursday Oct 1st at 8pm pacific time. More info on Tuesday where I’ll give the link and so on.

First ever, dildos for 4 year old girls, courtesy of Transactivists

Baby’s First Dildo -courtesy of the Transgender Movement | GenderTrender

The sweetest cartoon from Radfem Repost

And Then There Were Three

Dirt’s blog has been under severe attack by transactivists who want to shut down her research posts. We talked on Twitter a couple days ago about setting up a new blog, one she owns. Resumes are being taken so if you have expertise in setting up sites, let me know in the comments.

Truth About Testosterone

The Asian Women Coalition Ending Prostitution sponsored Chris Hedges to come speak in my home town of Vancouver. He’s an abolitionist. ‘Wages of Rebellion’ was the title of his talk. Many great speakers. Here’s a podcast he did with Meghan Murphy.

Chris Hedges on the death of journalism & critical thought in the internet age |

Here’s his June 2015 talk under the same name. I’m looking forward to get a copy of the Vancouver talk. Stay tuned for it.

Women are tortured all over the world, particularly prostituted women. Linda MacDonald and Jean Sarson talk to Robin Morgan about the 4,000 women they’ve spoken to about being tortured. Start at 17:00


Finally, an awesome documentary on 2nd wave radical feminists. It’s very, very good. When Marilyn French spoke about the women she awakened, it hit me like a ton of bricks whereupon I took to Twitter and let it out.

40 thoughts on “Sunday Radfem Roundup

  1. Thank you thank you! Forget the Sunday paper! I’ll be settling down with these links and a pot of espresso! Will see if Dirt has a donation button – she is doing important work – will send you an email about submitting something –

  2. I haven’t looked at the other links yet, including the BBC documentary, but I’ve listened to the Chris Hedges interview. I hear a lot of whining. I think this guy is right about the death of the old ways of doing journalism, but mainstream journalism deserves to die. People are getting rid of their TVs for a reason. BBC and every major American TV media outlet stage all kinds of events, they tell one soap opera-like fictional narrative at a time. You can’t take for granted (or you are a fool if you do!) one single story that you see in the mainstream media. So, this needs to die and it needs to die faster than it already is.

    He talks about oppressed people having movements and cites #BlackLivesMatter. I have been looking into that and what I have found is disturbing, to say the least. There is a correlation between the influx of Muslims into W. Europe right now and #BlackLivesMatter, which is backed by the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S. The main people in that movement are being paid to do a job. They are professional agitators. It’s not an organic movement of oppressed people! This seems like something Hedges ought to know. Everybody else knows and I think it’s pretty obvious, if you just look very closely at some of those people there in Ferguson – who are clearly not from anywhere near St. Louis! They were brought in there to do a job.

    I would suggest to Hedges, if I wanted to help him out and I don’t, that maybe he take a look at how he’s doing journalism right now and decide how he can do it differently, in order to profit from the current model, which is shifting further and further away from the very propaganda he seems to be complaining about and other staged bullshit.

    • Rosa Parks was a professional agitator. So was I when I worked for a union. I no longer have the Outside Agitator tee shirt as I wore it out. I don’t think it matters if the three women who started the Black Lives Matter campaign are professional or amateur agitators. Just so log as the do the agitating we need.

      • Would it matter if two of them were involved in the Tea Party before they formed #BLM? … because that’s what I read.

        Does it matter if #BLM is being funded by groups like CAIR, who are petitioning for “Syrian refugees” to be shipped to St. Louis?

        • Does it matter that their members are now calling for the murder of cops and white people – including white women and children?

          Is this a group that needs to exist for *whose* benefit, exactly?

          • Do you think calling me a racist for pointing out that #BlackLivesMatters is responsible for the death of many innocent black people, including little babies in Ferguson, or pointing out that they are calling for and actually perpetrating attacks on women and children based on the color of our skin (and these attacks are going on and are being silenced by so-called journalists in the national media) and calling for the murder of police – “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon!” – is going to keep the truth from coming out?

            Why do you hate white people? Why do you think I deserve to die because of the color of my skin? Why should I “shut up” about my experiences at the hands of men of any color or religion because I am a white woman? What is it you are trying to cover up and why are you trying to do that?

        • If you’re talking about the two women who interrupted Bernie Sanders in Seattle a few months ago, they are not founders of black lives matter, far from it.

          Like you said, they’re “former” tea partiers and big fans of Sarah Palin. They’re janeys-come-lately who attached themselves to BLM and have little to no understanding of how leftist activism works. Like many millennials, their primary driver in activism appears to be narcissism — one of them took the crowd booing them as a personal attack and a sign that the crowd was entirely populated by white supremacists who wanted her dead. (I live in Seattle, while we’re not perfect on the topic of race, very few white people in this city deserve the charge “white supremacist”, and I can’t see a serious black activist making that kind of claim.)

          If anything, black lives matter is suffering from the same phenomenon that plagues every modern grassroots leftist movement. It might start out as a genuine popular uprising but, eventually, all the normal people go back to their regular lives and the only people left are rabble-rousers and other weirdos. Occupy Wall Street suffered from the same thing.

          • I believe what you say is true. It is unclear who exactly is behind #BLM. These two women have taken public credit all over left-leaning media sites I’ve visited and they are going with it. Whoever is really behind it (and there seem to be multiple payers) has really big bankrolls. Whether in the beginning or not, they are now closely associated with the Muslim Brotherhood and charity fronts trying to bring more Muslim men into this country.

            A lot of innocent people – I have no idea why the Bewilderness thought that term was funny, by the way, because I can’t find one humorous thing about what has happened in St. Louis – have died as a result of the #BLM movement. These two or three women and other men and women, mostly black (yeah, I know I’m a racist white whore who deserves to be raped by black men for noticing that!) are responsible for their injuries and death and the destruction of property. That is a fact whether it offends somone’s liberal sensibilities or not. People on the left who want to appear like decent respectable people should not be defending their actions.

            But, anyone defending #BLM at this point or saying that pointing out their associations and their calls for the murder of white people – including, again women and children, as we are seen as property of the white man – clearly doesn’t have their head screwed on right. Likewise, anyone defending Islam is either sorely uneducated or has a screw loose or something, too — and, as I said, Hedges has defended them repeatedly.

          • I’m replying to you Keshmeshi, but I’m not talking to you directly here, I’m just speaking in general in response to a couple of the comments here on this same subject (Hedges and other liberals defending the violence of #BLM).

            Let me try that last paragraph again because it’s important – this business of calling women racist for pointing out the truth of something involving black men or women who have said repeatedly that they plan to KILL US is what is “bullshit.” So, let me get this statement right:

            But, anyone defending #BLM at this point or saying that pointing out their associations and their calls for the murder of white people – including, again women and children, as we are seen as property of the white man – is “racist,” clearly doesn’t have their head screwed on right. Likewise, anyone defending Islam is either sorely uneducated or has a screw loose or something, too — and, as I said, Hedges has defended them repeatedly.

            The point of this is: When someone is saying “kill whitey” and then actually going out and doing it – and perpetrating attacks not just on white men (who these idiots still think are their slave masters like we’re back in the 19th century southlands) but, perpetrating numerous attacks on white women – gang attacks, which are not being reported while liberals are talking about the victims of said crimes being to blame for being racist, I am not going to be shut up for talking about it. I’m not going to obey the “White girl, shut up” command. So, say “racist” to me all you want. Other people – especially women like me – see right through you. All you are doing is letting us know WHO and WHAT you are.

          • That’s just perfect, radicalwitch. You don’t bother to find out the truth and simply repeat the lies you prefer in order to slander innocent people. Despicable.

      • Does it matter that they have killed a bunch of innocent people in Ferguson, MO? …or that they have destroyed the businesses and the lives of the very people they claim to be helping?

        • OMG! the innocent people? These three black women are killing the innocent people in Ferguson? Do you read what you write or just copypasta from Stormfront?

          • Don’t be obtuse. The organization they supposedly started is instigating and promoting this violence and they bear responsibility for the destruction, injuries and deaths in Ferguson, MO and elsewhere in the country.

            Clearly, you didn’t bother to read anything I wrote, so I won’t bother to write anymore on the subject. Anyone who wants to ask their own questions about this and do their own research on the subject can do it.

      • Unfortunately, the original podcast was pulled. But, I heard it before that happened. Here is an excerpt from some of the discussion by #BLM leaders:

        “Today, we live in a time when the white man will be picked off, and there’s nothing he can do about it. His day is up, his time is up. We will witness more executions and killing of white people and cops than we ever have before.”

        “It’s about to go down. It’s open season on killing white people and crackas.”

        Shortly after that broadcast Deputy Goforth of Houston was reportedly murdered assassination-style by a black male.

        If you have evidence of BLMs innocence in this matter, I’d really like to see it.

        But, you don’t and that’s why it’s easier for you to ridicule and act like you don’t know what I’m talking about.

        There is nothing innocent or in any way defensible by any moral person in the calling for murders of police and other innocent people simply for having white skin. I’ve had very bad experience with police – about as bad as you can imagine – but, I do not think that killing random cops is going to solve the problem. I am horrified that anyone, especially women claiming to be feminists, condone this.

  3. Re: The BBC Documentary at 32 minutes in where she talks about the family.

    I recall being highly suspicious of what I saw as family – man, woman & child – at a very young age. It’s a slave structure wherein the man is a tyrant (an ogre, as my mother once jokingly called my father – but it wasn’t really a joke) and the women and children are subordinate. Family is inherently bad. I think the movement to redefine family (two men and children or two women and children) has been sorely misled.

    • Hey radicalwitch. What do you mean when you say that the movement to redefine family has been sorely mislead? I agree with everything you’re saying but I’m just curious what you mean by “misled.” Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were other realistic models of family aside from the patriarchal/nuclear one? I suppose there are, but of course it would take complete female revolt to make it happen.

      My mother would have never called herself a feminist but boy was she one at heart. She was so terrified of me or my sister ever being trapped in a bad marriage or left to starve with little kids that she started preaching to us about education and birth control and making sure you can walk out at any time and on and on. Net net I was terrified of ever getting married or being trapped and so I never have. Neither has my sister. It is my firm belief that marriage and the nuclear family only benefits men. My father was and is a domineering sexist who’s disgusted that I opted out of marriage and children. He doesn’t say so but I know. C’est la vie.

      • I just mean that the family is a model of slavery that can be traced back to Rome. Slave systems are just that. Maybe they can be modified to be less tyrannical, but they are still slave systems.

        The family model can be modified, but it’s still a model of a slave master and slaves.

        “Family” is a bad concept from the start.

        What’s wrong with a woman alone or a woman and her children, which are hers – not a man’s, not a man’s jointly, not property of the state?

  4. Re: And then there were three – I think it would be good if the gay and bi men would leave, too. Lesbians rights are my rights and I will support that, but I cannot support men – whether they are straight, gay, bi, trannies or whatever else. I think lesbians would actually get more support from women, in general, if they weren’t tied up with gay men, who – despite all the liberal rhetoric – still seem like a bunch of sick perverts to me.

    • There is absolutely nothing wrong with organizing according to your own priorities. Gay men as a class have let lesbians down in some substantial ways. That said, it is also possible for different groups to work together on mutual, specific projects, without being subjected to being lumped together thusly. But lesbian-only or women-only groups are better positioned to prevent male priorities from creeping in.

      • The problem with even working with them or allying with them is they always end up putting women to work for their own purposes and throwing us under the bus when they’ve used us up. It’s happened again and again.

        “Working together with men” always means that women give and do and sacrifice themselves while the men sit back and reap the benefits and take all the credit and then when they step forward in some moment of victory, they are always standing on our necks!

        • I appreciate your perspective but it sounds so absolute that a lot of women won’t accept this unless they see and experience it themselves. There are a lot of things I don’t argue with women about, either they see it or they don’t. But you can always show people things, you can involve them in all-women activities and organizing, and you may well wind up never having to explain it at all.

  5. I’m now listening the video at YT of Hedges talking, “Talkstick: Wages of Rebellion.”

    He talks about revolution, but he isn’t saying that – again – most of this stuff is staged. He mentions the Occupy Movement and #BLM, again – both of which are financed by bankers – one particular banker’s name, George Soros, come up, again and again, when you look into it. This is not oppressed people rising up. It is paid and staged… and it’s nothing news. This highly questionable dudebro is a handmaiden of the mainstream media, despite his ambiguous comments, both criticizing it and lamenting it’s demise. (Again, it’s dying because a whole lot of people either instinctively or consciously know that they are being lied to by so-called “journalists” like himself.)

    There is no revolution, no activity going on right now that you’re seeing in the MSM, that is not orchestrated, with paid agitators in the lead and a few clueless idiots going on for the ride.

    Also, this dudebro has defended Islam in other places. I thought of it when he made a statement early in his speech. He says the media have demonized the Muslims. This is an obvious lie. Islam is an evil institution – rotten, evil and hellish to it’s very core – which is founded on the rape of 9-year old girls and the absolute subjugation, mutilation, and the most extreme oppression of girls and women known in the modern world. That cannot be defended – yet, Hedges defends it… repeatedly!

    • To clarify, I say it is a lie to say that anyone has to “demonize” something that is as demonic as Islam.

      It is what it is. No one else made it that way or is unfairly portraying it when they say what it is!

    • So I checked out PetuniaCatLand in the link above, and searched for the lying, smoking unicorn. That shit is funny.

      Think I’ll go have a look at the blood moon. I love me some astronomy stuff.

        • Maybe I’ll do it that way. It won’t get orange until 10:11 pm my time and I’m read to hang it up for the day. Then again this won’t happen for another 33 years.

          Thanks for all the links, HMQ. I started watching the documentary and will watch the rest of it later. The Marilyn French moment made me tear up a little. They were and still are so great, though I’m not too happy about what Susan Brownmiller came out with the other day. Meghan Murphy did a piece about it, or more to the point, about ageism and the way the libfems shat all over Susan. I think at a certain point a person just gets cynical/resigned about men and what they do and it can sound like victim blaming. I see it both ways.

        • Duh I just realized I have a great view of it from my big bedroom window and I live on a relatively high floor. It’s half black/covered right now. It doesn’t look orange at all. NEAT-O!! But it would be fun to go downstairs anyway. When I went down earlier there was a lot of excitement in the air. One of my neighbors was out there with his BIG fancy camera being fancy eclipse photographer man, all holding court like he was Carl Sagan.

  6. So I’m not a blog expert by a long shot, but doesn’t wordpress have pretty good security if you set it up right–the free one? Double authentication is supposed to be pretty foolproof and assholes generally have a hard time doing DOS attacks on wordpress’s servers. That’s what I’ve heard at least. But again, I’m no Nick Burns.

  7. Randomness ahead….

    Don’t you just love how MGTOW’s are so busy “going their own way” that their entire life is centered around who women are or are not fucking (hint: it’s not them, hence the sour grapes). This is also an excellent example of how self-proclaimed “nice guys” are anything but. I have found that ugly (internally and externally), unfuckable, unlovable men are the biggest critics of women’s appearance. They try to demolish our self-esteem, in a desperate attempt to build up their own. The level of insecurity is just off the charts.

    • It’s hilarious how physically unattractive men don’t see the ridiculousness in criticizing women’s looks/when they hit THE WALL and all of it. It’s actually funny not funny because it says so much about everything.This theme is popular with them–women who ignore good guys in their youth and have children with “thugs.”

      • Extra special bonus info: This “nice guy” is also a Holocaust denier. I saw him saying crazy shit in the comments of a documentary about Auschwitz, and that lead me to check out his other colorful activities, where I found the above sample of maximum male failure. This isn’t the first time that I’ve seen Antisemitism coming from the members of the Dickosphere; many of them are hardcore Hitler fanboys.

        But these are the guys who call us “feminazis”. Let that sink in for a minute.

    • I had very little success with dating until I was 30. If there were a concept of a “nice girl”, I’d probably fit into it nicely and not surprisingly most of my peers in my teens and 20s weren’t interested. So it’s really interesting to me to see male sour grapes in this area. Men do plenty of sowing their wild oats in their youth, getting into relationships that are high drama and only really looking to settle down once they get bored with it. But that kind of thing is a male prerogative; when (hot, young) women do it, it’s a crime against mankind.


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