Neoliberal Feminists And Men Like Paris Lees Don’t Practice Feminism; They Practice Patriarchy

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*head meet desk*

Aside from Penny’s ignorant tweet, it just goes to show you what passes for feminist scholarship today.

When I left a single comment on The Guardian’s story about Greer, it was quickly erased and I was put on suspension from commenting on all Guardian articles, for an indeterminate amount of time. It’s women being censured from telling the truth about their lives and rights. I don’t read the Guardian normally, so this isn’t a big deal to me, but what about all those girls who do want to speak truth to male power?

These two things are related. Rebecca Reilly-Cooper compared the actions of transactivists and their third wave neolib feminists to Chinese re-education camps where everyone, women especially, must be forced into submission until they all have the right thoughts, until they do what men tell them.

Phoenasthetica and Hypotaxis also wrote a killer piece called ‘Convert or Perish.’ in a similar vein.

Where do we go from here? One thing is clear, as I said in my latest video on the subject, feminism and transpolitics are antithetical. Feminists condemn gender as the social hierarchy that oppresses women and girls while transactivists embrace it.

Feminists have already won this debate in terms of accuracy and body of theoretical knowledge but the wider public needs to take notice. And it will. When 15 year old girls are showering at the YMCA while a grown male gets a hard on next to them the public will notice.

The sexual crimes against women and children by transmales/autogynephiles has been established and reported on for a long time. Transactivists (men) have been busy legally breaking down legal protections for women and girls for many years.

When it comes to actually challenging Greer or other feminists men are quick to decline. They know they’ve already lost.

Paris Lees, a man, won’t debate Miranda Yardley or Germaine Greer, demanding money and attention before even considering it.

It’s these same men who reinforce women’s oppression by reducing womanhood to promiscuity and ‘cumming.’

Women’s lives are reduced to makeup and sex by men who want us to call them women. This is autogynephilia. 

You see, it’s ok for transactivists to appropriate women’s lives and bodies but they eventually show their hypocrisy.

Womanhood is a costume to autogynephiles they can take off when they like. Actual womanhood is not a costume. Having a female reproductive system oppresses us as a class. While men like Paris are ‘cumming’, the thought of pregnancy and abortion is never in mind.

WoC don’t have the luxury of calling themselves sluts and slags nor is their safe space about lipstick. This is deeply offensive.

If you think you’re going to take away women’s lives and spaces, you should think again sir. Women have had enough.

Germaine Greer Will Speak at Cardiff

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It’s come to me by way of some very special women that Cardiff will ensure Greer’s safety and that she plans to go ahead with her talk. This comes as a surprise since Greer told BBC Two that she didn’t want to be physically assaulted and that it wasn’t worth it.

It’s also come to my attention that the Cardiff Women’s officer Rachel Melhuish may have violated Cardiff’s University policy by starting a petition to no-platform Greer using libelous slurs. I hope this avenue is pursued and a precedent set so that University students cannot do this any more.

If you haven’t signed the petition in support of Greer, please do so here.

You must understand that Greer isn’t the first woman to be no-platformed by transactivists under the ‘liberal feminist’ umbrella. Julie Bindel has been no platformed by NUS for years by transactivists who simply call her a ‘TERF’ and a ‘transphobe.’ These insults are meant to stoke emotional reactions but have no basis in fact.

Canadian feminist Meghan Murphy from Feminist Current was also attacked by transactivists and a pro-prostitution lobby org who started a petition to get her fired from Rabble, a media outlet. I know, because I was the woman that started a counter petition to support her too. It was successful, in that it garmered 3,000 or so signatures and Rabble wrote a statement in support of Murphy.  In my opinion the statement was weak. A Voice for Men, the misogynist hate site published a piece on this event and sided with transactivists and the prostitution lobby, to no ones surprise.

The attempt at no-platforming Greer is just another day for iconic feminist activists around the globe who speak about women and girls. One transactivist, Peyton Quinn, attempted to get my counter petition in support of Greer taken down for hate speech. Payton tweeted their followers to false flag it.

Underlying all of this silencing and misogyny is a fundamental issue. Feminist theory and transactivism are opposed to each other on some serious grounds, namely the concept of gender.

Transactivist Payton Quinn Tells Followers To Flag My Counterpetition in Support of Germaine Greer for Hate Speech


Here is the 1500 Signature Update that’s got Payton and pals hitting the flag button:

Oct 25, 2015 — I’ve thought about what I was going to say when this petition reached 1500 signatures and I hope I am eloquent with my words, but I am really pissed off. I hope I’m able to speak for many women who are too afraid to say what I’m about to say .

This issue is not only about freedom of expression, it’s about women’s lives, women’s bodies, and more importantly, misogyny. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen women be no platformed, threatened into silence by transactivists and their ‘feminist’ allies.

Guess what? We’re sick of it.

I’ve been watching this one issue slowly simmer away, just under the tongues of many women. I’ve watched transactivists cancel the Vagina Monologues because talking about vaginas makes hurt feelings. I’ve seen them sit outside the only women-only Music Festival (Michfest) and demand to be let in. I’ve watched many hard won women’s spaces and cultures be completely ransacked by transactivists, all under the guise of 3rd wave liberal feminism. I’ve seen them force midwives associations to stop using the words ‘pregnant woman.’ I’ve even seen them take offense at bloody cupcakes that are frosted pink to look like vaginas!

Our patience is gone.

Let me tell you something: women are extremely angry. Greer has said what many of us think but are too afraid to say it because of the vicious misogynist attacks that will most definitely occur if we do, and this is a critical clue to what’s going on here.

Just today on Twitter I’ve seen men threaten Greer with ‘kicking her in the cunt’ and insult her over her age and status as a woman. They basically said she should be invisible.

The misogyny is palpable. Greer doesn’t identify as a woman, SHE IS A WOMAN. She doesn’t have a fetish about vaginas, she has one.

Women’s biology, women’s chromosomes are what makes us women. ‘Feelings’ don’t a woman make. The sole reason we have a feminist movement is because women’s biological realities form the basis of our oppression as a class. Any woman, anywhere in the world, can’t just play identity games with their station in life.

It’s a fact that in 2015 women in America still have to fight just to have reproductive control over their own bodies. In rural India you are murdered if you’re born female. FGM, child marriage, sex trafficking, women’s representations in pornography, femicide, birth control, hypersexualization, objectification: if you’re female, YOU’RE FUCKED!

So excuse me if I don’t think men who say they ‘identify’ or ‘feel’ like a woman have anything in common with me. Excuse me if my feminist movement is concerned with the lives of women and girls and not men’s appropriation of them.

To claim that men who ‘feel like a woman’ are women without a shred of critical thought is just downright ignorant, and worse, it’s anti-feminist and misogynist.

Seeing 3rd wave liberal feminists publicly spitting on women, misunderstanding feminist theory, and being completely fascist in their approach to women who don’t buy into this nonsense is quite frankly, disgusting.

The feminist movement is by, for and about WOMEN, biological females. It’s not about men’s feelings. You don’t graduate feminism 101 until you can master that.

There was one tweet today that perfectly encapsulated this issue. Greer told a truth, a fundamental one. Since they can’t admit it, they’ve got to silence her.

~Diana Boston aka Mancheeze


Payton can’t engage in a conversation, that much is clear, but is being touted as a comedian by the mainstream media as one of the geniuses supporting this no platforming attempt. Here’s one of Payton’s tweets which I found hilarious and mostly obnoxious:


Apparently Payton flunked Grade 6 biology and doesn’t even know how human reproduction works. Does Peyton think infants come out of a cabbage patch? This is the level of discourse transactivists and 3rd wave liberal feminists have sunk. Check out some of the comments on the petition to silence Greer and you’ll see what I mean:

25-10-2015 1-22-37 PM 25-10-2015 1-23-58 PM 25-10-2015 1-25-02 PM 25-10-2015 1-26-19 PM 25-10-2015 1-29-35 PM 25-10-2015 1-31-13 PM 25-10-2015 1-31-44 PM 25-10-2015 1-32-11 PM 25-10-2015 1-33-29 PM 25-10-2015 1-34-35 PM 25-10-2015 1-35-06 PM 25-10-2015 1-35-30 PM 25-10-2015 1-36-03 PM 25-10-2015 1-36-22 PM 25-10-2015 1-37-00 PM 25-10-2015 1-37-45 PM 25-10-2015 1-38-02 PM


While Peyton instructs people to silence my petition in support of Greer, they also like to favourite and retweet people showing an incredible level of hatred and misogyny towards Greer.







You can imagine my face when some transactivist accuses Greer of ‘transmisogyny’.  My eyes do this kind of squinty thing as I see the Oxford definition of the word misogyny in my minds eye.

The Guardian is now flogging the idea that not allowing Greer to speak will cause further harm to trans people. The article is a mess.

The rigidity and conventionality of Greer’s stance puzzles me: to define a woman as a person born with certain organs in certain places is uncurious – uncharacteristically so from this famously interrogative mind. The philosophical dimension of gender is far more complicated and interesting than the way a person looks or sounds; to refuse to brook any of that, appealing instead to the gut sense of an unidentifiable bloc of “a great many women”, is authoritarian and narrow. You’d expect it from Suzanne Evans, not Germaine Greer.~Zoe Williams, The Guardian

Over forty years ago feminists like Greer defined gender as a social construct ie: not material. Therefore, anything that comes from it, like gender identity, is fruit from the poisonous tree.

Every child has gender confusion growing up precisely because gender is a socially imposed set of cultural lessons, and it’s females who get the worst of it. Girls are taught to wear pink and be submissive to men. Boys are taught to dominate females and be aggressive.

Like Meghan Murphy pointed out in a tweet, the mass media of today isn’t even talking about feminism, unless you mean neoliberal clap trap that has no basis in material reality. This is what ‘gender studies’ has accomplished: wiping out the core concepts of feminist analysis so that young women don’t even know how to discuss it with Greer, never mind having any firm knowledge about feminist scholarship. It’s a good bet not a single one of these ‘feminists’ and transactivists has read The Female Eunuch, one of the foundational texts of feminist theory and practice.

And let’s face it, Greer’s right. Men don’t magically turn into females. It’s just impossible. I think many people know this but it’s only women who are getting slammed for saying it.

I saw that very question in the comment section of the Guardian article. Why aren’t we talking about women who want to be male? The answer is pretty simple and complicated. First, men who want to wear skirts outnumber the reverse by 3:1. And even that’s a conservative estimate because we truly don’t have good data. The second reason has to do with deep-seated misogyny and anger of the men who see themselves as women.

The general public has to start understanding why men are doing this. Blanchard studied these men for many years and came to the conclusion that most of them are what he termed ‘autogynpephiles.’ Simply put, these men want to become the internal image they have of women. It’s a sexual thing for them and it’s buried in a cloak of extreme narcissism.

It’s for this reason that women like Greer, who say ‘no, he’s not a woman,’ get shouted down. Autogynephiles don’t like it when women don’t accept their delusional image of themselves and so they lash out. Remember Atwood’s saying  ‘men are afraid women will laugh at them; women are afraid men will kill them?’ Many of the comments on the petition to no-platform Greer said things to the effect that men who wear dresses are more of a woman than Greer is. It’s men’s feelings and masturbatory fantasies that fuel this rage against women who question them.

When Greer gave a talk about women’s lives at Cambridge the entire Q and A was taken up by accusations, mostly from men, of ‘transphobia.’ They never addressed her actual talk and were more interested in nailing her for some imaginary offense. Greer responded in her typical snarky, yet meaningful way. We rightly condemn white people for doing ‘blackface’ but for some reason it’s ok for men to do this to women? I think not.

We must consider that ‘trans males’ (I will not call them women) reinforce the worst stereotypes about women. Many of them float around wearing lingerie in selfies while supporting the idea that females are meant to be sexually objectified in porn and prostitution.  One look at Bruce Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair and the fact he’s getting a Woman of the Year Award rightly makes women angry. The feminist movement cannot and will not accept this. This is misogyny and woman hatred.

That’s the core of this misogynist rage whether you want to hear it or not. You won’t hear it in the mainstream media and you certainly won’t hear it in ‘gender studies’ programs, which has stopped teaching feminist theory years ago.

Feminists abhor gender and gender identity. We’re not about to embrace social roles that have oppressed women and girls for centuries through practices like Chinese foot-binding and the current fad of labiaplasty.

Men can wear whatever clothes or styles they want but it doesn’t make them women. Makeup, heels, skirts et al. are not womanhood. Women’s lives are forever intertwined with our female biology, not our clothing. Our experiences of the world being the sex that carries fetuses, has periods, and so on is what makes us women. This is not to say it’s our destiny but it’s bloody well meaningful to us and we have an entire movement to address it.

This is why women around the world still have to fight for reproductive rights, menstruation leave, and on-site child care. The feminist movement can’t be ransacked because a man wants to ‘feel like a woman.’ Intersectionality, the term transactivists have hijacked for their cause, doesn’t apply. If I get pregnant in a Southern state I can’t simply ‘identify’ my way out of it. I can’t just put on a blonde wig and forget about it.

It’s time to actually read and comprehend feminist theory and practice and not dismiss the pioneers of our movement with chants of ‘hate speech.’

The petition in support of Greer is at 2500 signatures and has been updated. If you’d like to sign it, go here.

I Started the Germaine Greer Counter-petition; Gimme Some Greer! UPDATED

I’m completely sick of transactivists trying to shut down and bully anyone, especially women, that don’t march lock-step with their views. When I saw that yet another woman, Germaine Greer, was being petitioned and no platformed by some students at Cardiff, I sprung into action by writing a counter-petition.  You may sign it here.

It makes me angry that I must write silly counter-petitions so women can speak on college campuses or to help make sure women don’t get fired from their jobs. Yes, I had to write a petition for another woman,  feminist writer Meghan Murphy, when a bunch of transactivists thought Rabble should fire her for her views. That petition was successful in that it garnered appx 3,000 signatures.

The fact that I have to do this to ensure the principles of free speech, really bothers me. Greer says she dislikes online feminism, well I hate what I have to spend my days doing because liberal feminists can’t handle an alternative opinion, especially when it comes to transpolitics.

I share the same ideas as Greer on this subject as do many other women. It’s just that most of us don’t speak out because you get immediately attacked, and in Greer’s case, had objects thrown at her. I find the behaviour of transactivists to be quite telling because it’s obvious to anyone who looks at what’s really going on here will come to the same educated conclusions as Greer does.

A human being cannot change sex. It’s impossible. Females are not males and vice versa. If you were born with XY chromosomes, you’re male. You will not have the capacity to become pregnant or menstruate. That’s a pretty big deal in women’s lives. Our biology matters. I can’t ‘identify’ out of an abortion if I become pregnant.

Greer is s second wave feminist. She wrote a feminist classic ‘The Female Eunuch’ and has a whole catalogue of talks you can find on Youtube from the 70’s and onward that show just how brilliant she is. She’s done a lot for women, a helluva lot.

Greer centers women and girls in her analysis. She doesn’t quite care about transgender issues. She stated recently on Newsnight that she hasn’t talked about those issues in decades. So why all the fuss?

Well, because it seems transactivists, and even those who call themselves 3rd wave feminists, simply can’t manage to refrain from going to Greer’s talk, which isn’t on trans issues by the way. It’s to be about women and girls. Instead they have to punish her, call her horrible names, threaten her and try silencing her. This is the behaviour of children, not adults who have to navigate the world where competing ideas are everywhere.


Here’s a tweet by the person who started the silly petition to silence Greer.

It’s just a bunch of petty name calling. I’ve already seen physical threats coming from the translobby on Twitter as well.


Universities are supposed to be the place where ideas are challenged and debated, where people are taught not what to think but how to think and parse information, not shut down before a word is uttered.

Greer told the BBC she’s 72 and tired of this. Well, I’m tired of this too. I’m tired of having to write counter petitions so that women can speak their minds without being viciously attacked and vilified by transbullies.


The New York Times is reporting that Cardiff has rejected the plan to silence Greer and intends to continue to extend the invitation to her. Whether she’ll speak there or not, is solely in her court. She did say on BBC Two Newsnight that trans bullies threw things at her in the past and she really doesn’t want to speak at Cardiff if this is the environment. She may have been being snarky or she may have been serious. We’ll just have to wait and see.

If you’re reading this Germaine, I’ve watched almost every recorded talk of yours on Youtube. I admire you and desperately want you to speak. I know standing up to transactivists is tiring and they’re so very manly with their aggression but as a woman, you are making it possible for other women to speak up about this issue for the first time.

Too often women are bullied by men wearing dresses who will never understand or know what it’s like to be female. They’ll never become pregnant and have to find an abortion provider. They’ll never have to worry about menstruation and the pain and mess that comes with it. They’ll never be women.

Women know this and they’re finally speaking out because you dared to, even under threat of male violence and the supposed feminists who enable them.

I thank you for that.

Protecting Yourself Online and Offline From Men’s Rights Activists: The Big Post

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I am taking donations now and will be doing a long fundraiser. I survive on disability, which isn’t much and spend my time working to protect women from MRA’s and male supremacists. My donate button is under mine and Boogie’s mouse picture on the right sidebar. All your help is much appreciated. The winter season is the worst for me financially. Help out a disabled sister. I need a new computer or else I won’t be doing this work much longer. ~Diana aka HMQ

I get this question so damned often I’m going to write a post about it. Ladies, it’s time to clean up your social media accounts and take back control. Here I present 3 sections, or 3 tactics, that men’s rights weirdos use to lure you in. This post is for you, so if you don’t want to waste your time, you can spot them right away.

online misogyny Youtube

MRA’s on Youtube gathering to harass a woman online

The first thing you must learn is how MRA’s talk and their tactics. MRA’s are ‘Chairborne Rangers’, which means they sit in their parents house and scream at women online and sometimes they’ll take it offline too, this is especially truein Canada.

There are two distinct types of MRA: the older bitter divorced male and the young bitter male who is unsuccessful in relating to women.

Occasionally, you’ll get a female handmaiden but they aren’t very common at all. Many MRA’s pretend they’re women online because they think it gives them legitimacy, which is rather ironic. MRA’s are mostly republicans and libertarians but I’m seeing more left wing men embrace their lingo and tactics.

Over here at Mancheeze, we feel totally comfortable saying all men are misogynists to one degree or another. These loser men spend hours on the internet searching for articles on feminism and women in order to find the ones that offend their feelz. They use Google Alerts for precisely this purpose.

They are also serial stalkers and doxxers of women. Please protect your information. If you are being harassed in any way CALL YOUR LOCAL POLICE. I can’t stress this enough. Don’t think you’re wasting their time, because you’re not. The best strategy is documenting everything these men do on social media and giving it to the police. You pay taxes, you pay police salaries.

Tactic 1

The primary tactic MRA’s use is the bad faith questioning/statement tactic. It’s usually an innocuous Captain Obvious kind of question that they know you’ll answer in the affirmative. Trust me though, they’re not listening to you. They only use this tactic in order to spew their rhetoric at you. It goes something like this:

‘Did you know or do you agree that men are affected by domestic violence, rape, false rape allegations, corrupt family courts, suicide, etc?’

You will answer ‘yes’ to most of these questions because every once in a while these things do happen. They just don’t happen at the same rate and frequency he thinks they do. Sometimes he’ll launch immediately into his rhetoric, sometimes not. If he does go immediately below to tactic 2 and 3. This allows him to then ask the next bad faith question/statement:

‘What is feminism doing about those things?’ or ‘What has feminism done for you?’

OR he’ll say

‘The Men’s Rights movement is doing something about it.’

Depending on your mileage, you can give him a short answer or a long one but ultimately, you’re wasting your time. We all know feminism is the principal movement that deals with these issues and has been the leading force, but he doesn’t want to hear it.

Tactic 2

Next comes the Men’s Rights LITANY. It’s sorta like Frank Herbert’s ‘fear is the mind killer, fear is the little death’ litany but much much longer and more mansplainy. If he mentions any of these things in this list, he’s an MRA:

  • feminazi
  • Warren Farrell
  • the draft, which doesn’t exist anymore
  • ‘I’m all for equality.’
  • but women CHOOSE prostitution!
  • gynocentrism
  • traditionalism
  • the Titanic lifeboats
  • feminism is a CIA plot
  • child support
  • child custody
  • ‘you’re using shaming language!’
  • radical feminists
  • the 1 in 4 rape stat is wrong and ‘men get raped more!’
  • male suicide
  • male circumcision/ intactivism
  • the wage gap is a lie
  • Big Red or ‘feminists pulled a fire alarm’
  • free speech and cries of censorship
  • the glass cellar
  • Earl Silverman
  • but there’s no domestic violence shelters for men!
  • Erin Pizzey or ‘the woman who started the first shelter for women’
  • boys are behind girls in school
  • there’s little to no men going to college or uni
  • child custody aka father’s rights
  • false rape accusations
  • there is no rape culture!
  • women get less jail time than men for the same crime
  • men’s reproductive rights aka paper abortion aka male pill
  • the draft (which doesn’t exist anymore)
  • women live longer than men
  • men built everything!
  • paternity fraud
  • they paint women as sex predators of boys
  • Anita Sarkeesian, video games, and Gamergate

Basically these men feel they’re the most oppressed on the planet while each and every bit of evidence we’ve gathered and is legitimate shows exactly the opposite. What they want is male supremacy and to step all over women’s gains.

Tactic 3

The next thing he’ll do is give you his standard link list to a whole bunch of cherry picked studies, studies he has misinterpreted, and other assorted crap that he wants you to read. He won’t accept anything but your full agreement. His aim is for you to denounce feminism completely.

  • Fiebert bibliography on domestic violence
  • the CDC study on rape and sexual assault
  • erroneous blog links
  • White Ribbon. ORG ( a fake DV site they made to mimic and internationally recognized White Ribbon.CA site)
  • links to A Voice for Men
  • links to Canadian Association for Equality (an MRA group in Canada)
  • Youtube videos by Karen Straughan, who refuses to thank the Suffragettes for getting the right to vote
  • Psychology Today; any and all brain studies or evo psych crap that says women and men’s brains are critically different when they’re not.
  • domestic violence research by Don Dutton
  • Orwell quotes
  • books by Ernest Belford Bax, a dead misogynist (thank u!)
  • studies that claim false rape claims are everywhere
  • some shit about women abusing little boys
  • Erin Pizzey, a former feminist who lies about her dog being shot by feminists

The only other tactic MRA’s have is to use CAPSLOCK and start calling you a feminazi, whore, and cunt. A lot of their whining is of the TLDR type where they rarely use paragraph breaks and expect you to read his  ‘Asshole MANifesto’

What To Do If MRA Continues to Stalk and Harass You Online

As I said above, your first recourse, and the best one, is to call your local police. Explain to them you are being stalked by a man involved in a hate group. The Manosphere and MRA’s have been designated as ‘misogynist hate sites’ by the Southern Poverty Law Center in the USA. The SPLC tracks hate groups such as the KKK, and neo nazis. Guess what? They also track the Men’s rights movement.

I’ve had to call my local police, the FBI and CSIS. They are usually quite helpful.

Start a document in a word processor and search google for the screenname of the man harassing you. Chances are he’s been on several MRA websites making comments. Screencap where he harasses others or uses sexual threats. Get links to his videos if he has them. Chances are he’s been doing this for a while. Paste what you find into the document so you can give it to the authorities.

Giving this research this to the local police is imperative. Here is a list of links you can give to the officer when she arrives to show you’re not just some nutter wasting time:

Misogyny: The Sites | Southern Poverty Law Center

Men’s Rights Movement Spreads False Claims about Women

Intelligence Report Article Provokes Fury Among Men’s …

The next thing you can do is report it to the FBI.

FBI — Report Threats and Crime

If you’re Canadian you can contact CSIS; You usually have to snail mail them.

CSIS Contact Page

It’s highly recommended to never use your real name online. I know this poses complications for Facebook users but I still think it’s best to use a pseudonym. MRA’s are on Facebook and they do use it to gather personal information on women. I once saw English speaking MRA’s try to find a Quebec woman based on the French slogan she had on her t shirt. You have to understand these men have nothing better to do with their time than to go after you. This is their entire life. 

For Feminist Protesters

If you’re a feminist protester you will want to wear a mask of some sort to cover your face whether it’s your event or an MRA event. Don’t wear clothing with local markers on it. MRA’s are well known for video taping women at Slutwalks or other events where women gather in order to dox you.

Just last month an MRA came to Canada to give a talk and he sent his MRA followers into the streets to ‘gather intel.’  These men doxxed several women and harassed them and their families for weeks. MRA’s videotape female protesters all the time and then search for their dox.

For Women on Campus

MRA’s common target is women on campus, whether student or staff. The goal of the Manosphere is to get their hate groups on college campuses because they think radical feminists are literally running entire countries from Universities. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a radical feminist or not. That’s what you’ll be called and hey, it’s actually a compliment.

There are MRA students who may or may not be part of a ‘men’s group’ who will start postering your campus with propaganda. He’ll also try to monitor women’s studies classes. You’ll know if you have an MRA in class with you. He’ll engage the strategies and tactics above like clockwork. He might also start frivolous legal complaints with the Uni. If you happen to be the woman he targets, you’ll have to get the University involved quickly and tell them about the SPLC and the fact that men’s groups are misogynist hate groups. They might not listen. In fact, in my view, Universities are the weakest link in the chain. If you have access to a lawyer, get one.

This is where it gets tricky.

He’ll whine about free speech. It must be remembered that he’s not doing this in good faith. He’s there to spread a message of hatred and misogyny. His actions will be erratic. One MRA Sage Gerard snuck into the women’s bathroom on a US campus to put up A Voice for Men propaganda. His behaviour on campus is the issue. Remember that. It’s not about free speech. It’s about his behaviour and the misogyny he spews.

He’ll videotape your classrooms, students, and upload them to Youtube where him and other MRA’s will mock them and trade the personal information of female students. If you confront him he’ll lie and tell you he’s an ‘egalitarian’ who has no ties to A Voice for Men. This is the current situation with the Canadian Association for Equality. They put on a good face while they undermine women at every turn.

These lists above are by no means complete but they will help you get familiar.  In fact, I will add to it if anyone comments below with more information.

Even though I spend a ton of time in the Manosphere, keeping that much memory reserved for them is difficult. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve spent so much time researching them that I can smell them a mile away.

Please consider donating to me. This is my full time activity, well, not all of it. Much of it I don’t talk about since I can’t put that kind of stuff online or else I’d get attacked. Scroll up to the top under my and Boogie’s picture and find the donate button.

For further perusal:

Here’s a real life example of an MRA going to Slutwalk and using bad faith questions in order to mansplain to women his absurd positions and cherry picked ‘data.’

Here’s a video of Dan Perrins, a Canadian MRA from Hamilton, Ontario. Dan loves to approach women in public, get pushy, and then claim they’re harassing him. Dan is also responsible for telling Jeff Sharlet of GQ magazine that he ‘should’ve killed the bitch (his ex).’

Dan has a criminal record and he’s also called the police on me for using the internet, even though he’s been blocked across all my social media platforms for a long time. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dan has several police reports on him by women he’s stalked and harassed while doing ‘activism’ for Paul Elam.

Dan likes to call abuse hotlines for women and do the MRA bobbly head routine. Dan is very aggressive and unstable.

This Is What Rapists Look Like

George Lawlor, the real victim in all of this.

Thirty-one percent of men in University said they’d rape if they could get away with it. 

This dude, like every other student entering Uni these days, was to take a little seminar on sexual consent. Instead of learning, he decided to tell all the women in the world he’s a male supremacist.

Consent is something young people need to learn about because we have a huge sexual assault problem and it’s mainly men who perpetrate this crime. There have already been many surveys targeting young men and women which show that they don’t understand 1) what sexual assault is and isn’t and 2) what consent is. This is why we must learn but George up there has it all figured out.

There’s a sexual assault problem on campus. We know this. We’re trying, as feminist activists, to do something about it and as usual men are whining and having tantrums. You mean, our society is actually paying attention to male violence? Get used to it fellas. Patriarchy is going down.

The reason why men like George balk, is because they’re arrogant and hate the fact that women have put sexual assault into the public consciousness. Men want rape and sexual assault to remain hidden, to remain private, so they can maintain their privilege and domination over women. There’s a mechanical reason for this.

Remember, all men keep all women in a state of fear with the threat of rape. Because of this, women end up settling for male protectors which will lessen their chances of being sexually assaulted or harmed in other ways by other men.

Women are considered male property in patriarchy and we are traded among them as such. Women are still given as gifts in patriarchal tribal societies or as marriage tokens to seal alliances that bring men more power. Some men literally collect women as objects and ‘own wives.’

In other words, men don’t view women as autonomous human beings. You’re either a woman owned by one man or by many.

As we’ve learned through women’s experiences, when a man advances on them and they don’t want it, it’s easier to tell him you have a husband or a boyfriend (protector) because he respects men more than he does you. He sees you as a sex object owned by another man, not a human being who can say no and have it taken seriously. This is why women use the ‘boyfriend excuse’ when a guy is being aggressive.

You see, this is part of Hobbes Choice, part of patriarchy. If women are in fear, it’s more likely they’ll be forced by Hobbes choice to take a male protector even if deep down they don’t want one. Women will also put up with a lot of shit to keep that protector. Maybe he beats her. Maybe he psychologically hurts her by putting her down. It’s better than being the public property of all men.

By keeping rape and sexual assault private, by taking focus away from it as a serious problem, men are able to maintain women’s fear and Hobbes choice. This in turn means women will be forced into Hobbes choice: forced between having an asshole male partner as private sphere protector (one guy) OR many assholes, many men in the public sphere. Women end up settling for one guy, even if he abuses her, because he’s probably more predictable and there’s only one of him.

Imagine for a minute a world where women were completely free of male violence. Do you think women would put up with half the shit our ‘male protector’ boyfriend/husband put us through if we knew that we could have freedom from many males in the public sphere?  Course not. ALL men have to ensure that they keep all women afraid so that it’s easier for them to have a ‘little woman’ for themselves. This is classic patriarchy.

Women are prey no matter where they are, public or private. It’s just easier to have one man to deal with than all men. That’s why assholes like Thunderfoot and Crocoduck HATE that rape is being addressed so publicly. It literally will make it harder for them to find a woman to dominate because if male violence is addressed properly women won’t have to settle for them.

At least Georgie boy up there sent a message loud and clear to all the women on his campus that he’s got problems, serious ones. He’s not for women’s liberation or women’s freedom from male violence. This is why these men are male supremacists. They are desperately trying to hold on to patriarchal privilege at every turn.

Five Men Videotaped Gang Rape of Teen Girl

Paul Elam’s Girlfriend Finally Speaks

Elam got his girlfriend Stacey to write a post on his site exclaiming what a ‘good guy’ he is. I knew something like this was eventually coming down the pipe for the simple fact that AVFM is the online version of the Titanic. How appropriate a metaphor eh?

Over the years of monitoring the site I’ve seen Paul Elam lash out at so many men and women who’ve tried so hard to please him. We watched while he called John Hembling a puppet with Diana Davison’s hand up his ass, while he called her a sex predator. We’ve seen him attack members of CAFE, the Canadian wing of AVFM. We’ve seen him start manfights with huge sections of the Manosphere, injecting himself into various tantrums and calling men PIGTOWS. We’ve seen him kick Kristina Hansen aka TheWoolybumblebee out. This year he’s booted his Canadian Activism Director, Attila Vinczer, out who’s actually done more activism in one year than Elam’s done in five.

Watching the coffers of AVFM dry up while Paul runs it into the ground mustn’t be pleasant for his girlfriend Stacey, who is used to having him rake in over $100,000 k/year from damaged, angry men. It didn’t help that Vinczer exposed the bombshell that Elam was screaming poverty online while vacationing in Italy with her.

The Paul Elam Stacey knows is not the one who writes about bashing bitches till he sees red corpuscles, but the gentle dude who helps old ladies who fall down on rocking boats. I swear this is the biggest pile of bullshit I’ve ever read.

I sit within a few feet of Paul every day as he works tirelessly, constantly putting the movement ahead of his own financial security and physical health. I have stayed up very late hours myself worrying about his lack of sleep because he never seems to find time to get enough rest.

Chairborne Rangering is hard work yo.

I live with the fear every day that the burden he chooses to carry is going to kill him.

He’s not carrying a burden. He’s harassing women and men online and offline. He’s the leader of male supremacist hate movement. If you think this gets any better you’re in for it.

Next, Stacey attacks Elam’s daughter, whom he abandoned both emotionally and financially. What class.

There were a thousand things about “Bonnie” that Paul could have said and refused to, including her longstanding troubles with Children’s Protective Services, who took a very dim view of her parenting. I knew about the constant drug screens they required of her and everyone in her home. When I read the allegations from her that he had physically abused her children, I was livid. It was never Paul who posed a threat to those two beautiful boys. It was their mother and she knows it. So does CPS.
Of course, it’s all women’s fault.
She and her brother made a game of getting on the Ricki Lake show, fabricating a false story for the TV program in exchange for free first class air fare to the show and the food and perks that came with it. So you see, “Bonnie” already had a history of lying to the media to collect a few coins and Paul did not bring it up. That was his choice, and I know why he made it but I do not want to leave it unsaid.
I suppose growing up with a deadbeat who never paid child support makes one’s daughter impoverished. Maybe if he financially supported her when she was a child and paid for her college education, or at least helped, she wouldn’t be in such a situation. Or maybe the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree?
Then we have to hear about the sensitive new-age Paulie crying over the dog.
I have seen similar tears from him over the loss of our dog, Rocky, who passed away in April 2013 and from which Paul has never fully recovered. No one would believe what a sensitive, fragile man he can be.
Hitler loved his dog too lady. I’m not saying Elam is Hitler. I’m saying that awful people can sometimes do nice things.
None of the critics have a clue how broke he is. And they have no clue as to the wonder, and yes, sometimes frustration I feel when I see his determination and work ethic go literally unfazed by his constant financial woes.
Yes, we do actually. We know he’s doing everything possible to try to get people to give him money. The problem is him, Stacey, and his toxic, misogynist, homophobic, and racist self.  I know he’s trying to manipulate the gay community and now he’s inserted himself into the intactivist movement to try and scam money out of these people. I’m gonna watch as he destroys the intactivist movement, and he will. Mark my words.
The years that this movement is surely taking off his life will not only rob him of time on this earth, it will take away time that I would like to spend with him.

His choice. If Chairborne Rangering is too hard for him maybe he should get you know, a real job.

Send Me Money Faggots!

Elam no homo creepy smile

Can’t even pretend he’s not a homophobe

I did a long post on the demographics of A Voice for Men a few weeks back. It turns out that the Manosphere has a helluva lot of gay men involved and a helluva lot of homophobia. It’s one of those strange phenomenons where homophobes and gay men can come together, under the banner of woman hating.

I knew when I saw the title of the video ‘Straight Eye for the Queer Guy’ what this next form of bullshit was all about. Elam is trying to get gay men on board, by being a homophobe and insulting them. He wants to play with the LGBT movement and have more token gay men. He wants to use them for several reasons. First and foremost he wants more money and more donations and second he thinks if he starts pushing this gay image he’ll get more attention.

‘ If you think this is ‘Let’s get our own gay guys to stick in the show window’ all I can say is be one of those guys to show up.’ ~Paul Elam

That’s EXACTLY what this is and I could tell immediately it was pure tokenism.

Elam made sure to keep repeating throughout the video that he ‘doesn’t care about your sexuality.’ That means he wants gay men near him but he doesn’t want to hear about how they sleep with other men. That gets kinda icky for Elam.

‘I hope this video straightened some of you out, but I don’t mean that in a homosexual way.’ ~Paul Elam

NO HOMO! Did everyone hear that? NO HOMO!

What an idiot.

He goes on to call Bernard Chapin and Roosh ‘FAGGOTS!’ Yeah, in a video where he’s desperately trying to snuggle up to gay men, he calls two other men faggots. Then he offers gay rights activists to debate him. WHAT? Why do you want to debate someone who’s for gay rights?

‘Prove to me that I’m the homophobe.’~Paul Elam asks gay men

Hey gay guys, you can join AVFM but do not talk about butt sex and pink shirts. Just send money.

Elam is trying to put down gay men by shaming them by using feminism to beat them over the head with. He’s desperate for money.

‘Are you fucking slow?’ ~Elam asks gay men.

Nothing like insulting the very people you claim to want in your movement. It’s almost like he set himself to fail big time. This isn’t even him pretending to like gay men. You can feel the homophobia desperately trying to exit from between his cock-eyed false teeth smile. Did I just say cock? NO HOMO! NO HOMO!

He somehow thinks we live in a culture that hates gay men. I don’t know what rock he’s living under but gay men just got the right to marry, and they can’t thank the men’s rights movement for it. They can thank feminists, lesbians, that worked right along side them. Stonewall eludes Elam.

Elam says he had ‘mixed feelings’ about making the video because he knows there’s a ton of homophobes in his movement so he reassures them:

‘I haven’t gone gay rights’~ Paul Elam


Way to go dumbass.

King Crockoduck Stars in: White Male Rage

I don’t even know this guy, but based on his comments and the bit of video I watched where he tried to ‘debate’ Steve Shives, I can tell he’s a male supremacist sympathizer if not one himself.

Here’s a comment he made that I thought was illogical, that I corrected him on it.

‘what I meant by that was that the term “rape culture” seems to have been tailored in order to deliberately evoke a strong emotional response. The concepts it describes don’t even necessarily have to do with rape; it is possible, using the definition of the word, to imagine a society where no rapes ever took place, but where the concept of rape itself was considered by everyone in a nonchalant and apathetic manner. Despite the fact that no rape ever actually takes place in such a society, it could still be called a “rape culture,” and I find that problematic. The problem that I have with the term is the same problem I have with people who refer to abortion clinics as “baby-killing factories” and the necessity of working as “a form of enslavement.”
My correction:

Yeah cuz rape/ sexual assault is a devastating crime. It SHOULD provoke a strong emotional response. It’s like white males have never had to be activists in their lives. Whodathunkit?

You also don’t define rape culture properly, as many MRA’s do, or you just skip over the definition even after its been given time and time again. The concepts DO have to do with rape and sexual assault so I have no idea what you’re on about.

Like many MRA’s you latch onto some weird ass metaphor and say absolutely nothing except ‘It makes me sad in my pants.’

I was short with him because I’m sick to death of male supremacist sympathizers not defining rape culture or making up their own definitions for it. Since I’ve been monitoring the Manosphere for years and years, I recognized him immediately as a sympathizer. He’s the guy that says ‘I’m an egalitarian’ or ‘I’m a humanist!’ in order to hide his anti-feminist, anti-woman views. I heard this kind of guy is common in the Atheism movement and boy did I ever find that out. Now I know why women in atheist circles are sick to death of these guys.

In response to my one short comment I got a long winded TLDR knuckledraggin’ mansplain that confirmed my assessment that he’s an MRA sympathizer. I’ll quote him, which I think is fundamental to any response, and put my responses after each quoted section.

+Mancheeze I’m going to attempt to be reasonable with you, but judging from your comments, I realize that this may very well be an exercise in futility.

He’s setting it up carefully here so that only my complete capitulation will be taken as legitimate. MRA’s use this tactic right before they call a woman ‘too emotional’ or ‘illogical.’ Ultimately, I was correct in that he did just that. This was just the sneaky set up. Read on

First of all, no one here said- or even implied– that rape and sexual assault aren’t devastating crimes, or that they shouldn’t evoke strong emotional responses. The issue that I raised was that the term “rape culture” refers to things which do not necessarily constitute sexual violence. And in my hypothetical example above, I showed that any society in which sexual violence is absent, but still contains the criteria needed to constitute a rape culture (widespread apathy toward sexual violence being chiefly among them) would still be considered a rape culture. At no point did I say anything to the effect of “rape and sexual assault aren’t serious and shouldn’t elicit strong emotions.” What I was in effect saying was that rape culture, which can exist in a society where no form of sexual assault takes place, is misleading and deliberately emotionally manipulative.

Yes. That’s exactly how you framed it. You said the term was too ’emotional.’ How is rape too emotional? Should we call it Cookie Culture or some other innocuous word? No. The crime of sexual assault is something women experience as devastating so naming their response to it ‘rape culture’ seems entirely appropriate.
Plus, if a culture doesn’t have any sexual assault then there would be no reaction to it, hence no response to it. Rape culture is a activist reaction to rape and sexual assault. I have no idea how a culture that has say, no apples, could have a movement against apples. How the fuck is that even possible? You’re making no sense dude. Totally illogical.

Secondly, I didn’t define rape culture at any point in this thread, or even in my exchange with Steve. How exactly did I define it improperly? What I essentially said- at least in my conversation with Steve- is that by using the same criteria as was used to define “rape culture,” one can just as easily say that we live in a “theft culture,” a “tax fraud culture,” a “burn-your-finger-on-the-stove” culture, and so on. The point of drawing these comparisons, and of my entire objection to the term “rape culture,” is to suggest that we need to call it something different.

This is why precisely why MRA’s and their sympathizers never comprehend rape culture,  because they never define it or don’t define it properly. What he did in the first comment was omit completely what rape culture is so he could make strange metaphors that have nothing to do with it. He compared the term to right wing misogynists who think Planned Parenthood is a ‘baby killing factory.’ How is that remotely equivalent? How is an activist movement against rape and sexual assault the same as religious fanatics calling PP ‘baby killing factories?’

I’ve seen MRA’s use these weak assed analogies all the time. You see, here’s where this is going, and he’ll deny it but I’m gonna say it anyway because for many years I’ve watched MRA’s make the same argument:

He hates the term rape culture because he thinks it’s misandry. He thinks by using the term rape in rape culture is feminists being too emotional. He takes this personally, not logically. He wants feminists to name their response with something less threatening to his privilege. He’s just like every other MRA who, whenever feminists talk about rape, he takes it as ‘I’m a rapist’ and lashes out at women. This is why MRA’s scream about false rape claims being worse than rape.

Male supremacists are notorious in every generation by their attempts to take the public consciousness off of women’s issues. The Suffragettes dealt with these supremacists, 2nd wavers did, and so do 3rd wavers. The current focus on sexual assault on campus is bringing these men out of the closet. Crockodumb is no different.

Next, I don’t know where you got the idea that I’m an MRA, other than the fact that you seem to divide the world into those who accept feminist theory, and those who are Men’s Right’s Activists. What I do know is that you seem to harbor nothing but resentment for MRAs, and I think that this is misguided of you.

You sound just like one.

Radical elements of both groups (and I suspect that you’re one of them) seem to have no desire to compromise, even though they claim to want the same thing. MRAs and feminists both want equality, and this is evident to anyone who has observed them dispassionately and objectively. It’s a tragedy that radicals like yourself prevent the two groups from working together and reaching some common ground, whatever the flaws that feminists and MRAs happen to have. I personally think that both make excellent points, and that both also make awful and ludicrous points. To suggest that I’m one or the other is to completely mischaracterize my attitude toward this entire debate, and to ignore the fact that I have actively endorsed and promoted both MRAs and feminists. The reason that Kristi is receiving much more attention to her channel than usual is because I’m drawing attention to it, and I’ve urged people to consider her points and evaluate them on their merits. If I were an MRA, this would be an extremely unusual action to take.

This is a typical tactic to say both sides are just as bad as each other when it’s absolutely not the case. This is where MRA’s post that silly ‘All heterosexual relations are rape.’ Show me these regressive feminists dude and I’ll show you an elephant sitting on a toothpick smoking a cigar. Also, you must consider who has privilege here and it ain’t women. So what he thinks is bad feminism isn’t really bad feminism, it’s women who are in the lowest caste who are tired of rape, battering, femicide, FGM, child marriage, street harassment, burqas, women’s testimony not equal to a mans, lack of reproductive rights, poverty, lack of political power, lack of social power, prostitution, pornography. There is no feminist who is ‘just as bad’ as regressive male supremacists.

When he claimed MRA’s and feminists both want equality, I knew he had no understanding of feminism at all. Yes, some feminists say equality, but most want liberation.

The fact he thinks women should start cozying up with the Manosphere is just, well… ugh. You don’t cuddle up to your oppressor. It’s sorta the rule in any sociopolitical movement or didn’t you get that dude when you were doing Occupy? Yeah, he even mansplained that to me too.

Calling me a radical doesn’t mean what he thinks it means. He’s using it to say ‘extremist.’ I’m using it as it’s actual meaning ‘root.’ Feminists like me are concerned with the root of our oppression, and yes, feminists define this differently, but he doesn’t know this because he knows nothing about feminism. He has a sad in his pants.

Also, I particularly didn’t like how he took credit for Kristi’s success. It seemed very patronizing. I certainly didn’t find her video through him. I found it because I’m always on the search for women who talk about patriarchy. Plus, the fact he did share the video got the other male supremacists to go to her video and call her a cunt. I wouldn’t be so quick to take credit for that dude.

Finally, I don’t appreciate your suggestive generalization of an entire race and sex. I understand that some rationalizations have been made by certain people as to why it’s okay to generalize some races and sexes and not others, and I understand that there has been attempt to redefine “sexist” and “racist” in an effort to make it acceptable to imply that an entire race and sex lacks empathy. Well I’m going to put my foot down here and inform you that I don’t and will not tolerate ANY form of racial or sexual prejudice, and that any attempt to rationalize them will be met with justified accusations of hypocrisy. This is the only time I’m going to ask you to refrain from making uncharitable generalizations about people with certain skin colors and sexes, and it’s the last time I’m going to bring this up to you nicely.

This is a very long wank he’s having. White males like him do this all the time.  He’s going to pull another MRA tactic by ‘putting his foot down.’ All I mentioned to him previously was his failure on rape culture and this is what I got: a mansplainy manifesto, another characteristic of MRA’s.

Yeah dude, characterizing a male supremacist movement as somehow legitimate won’t get you anywhere with me either. Either make an argument about rape culture or get off the pot. Your long mansplain was totally unnecessary.

Finally, I’ve been an activist in a number of movements. The most important of them were Occupy, when I spent entire nights freezing in a tent in Downtown Los Angeles to protest the banking system that led to the housing bubble’s popping, and the protests against Proposition 8, which made gay marriage illegal in California.

I really don’t care dude. Ugh. Is he ever going to argue the subject?

In the future, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t cast aspersions about my character, my activities, my beliefs, and my associations, particularly if your criticisms are based- even in small part- on my race and sex.

Gosh dude, stop whining and mansplainin’.

This is a very sneaky tactic he’s doing and I’ve watched MRA’s all over the internet for years do it. They speak as if they’re oppressed and a woman disagreeing with them is oppressing them. He’s just setting me up like he started at the beginning so that if I don’t sit here and praise every ounce of his mansplain, he thinks he has some ammunition because he ‘warned’ me. Gosh, I’ve seen MRA’s do this SO MANY TIMES.

It’s a clever little trick they do. It’s so they don’t have to listen to your response and can then go ‘SEE! SHE IS A CUNT!!!’ And that’s exactly what he did, even after I told him I’d make a full response on this blog.

Here is the predictable outcome of leaving him a short comment telling him he’s wrong about rape culture. Notice he doesn’t address the point or make an argument. He’s wrong, and I’ve shown him he’s wrong but like any MRA he will never admit it. He gave himself the out he needed at the very beginning so he would never have to deal with the subject. He laid down the floor and had a temper tantrum screaming that I was oppressing his whiteness and his maleness, and that was his justification to never have to deal with the argument.

Here’s the response. Typical white male rage:

you really are the perfect stereotype of what a radical nutcase ideologue looks like- the solipsism, the victim complex, the two-cent blog.If I were equally as shallow and lacking in nuance as yourself, I’d write off all feminists as

deranged and emotionally stunted loonies,

based solely off of the temper tantrums you display here.

But I know that most feminists aren’t like you, and I know that they’d be ashamed to consider you one of them.You’re the type of person that other feminists cringe at and explain away with “not all feminists are like that,” and the fact that you’re so lacking in self-awareness may explain why you’re such a

miserable and unhappy bitch

. It’s not the rest of the world that’s the problem, it’s you. I only hope for your sake, and the sake of your innocent victims-to-be, that you’ll someday come to realize that. I would stop there, but I feel obligated to qualify my (and other sane people’s) impressions of you with specific examples.
“Oh and I love the fact you think Kristie got attention because of you. No dude. She got attention from me because I look for WOMEN who discuss patriarchy, not because of you.”
This alone demonstrates to me your solipsism. I wasn’t talking about you when I referred to Kristie’s recent spike in viewership, now was I? I was referring to the hundreds, even thousands, of other people who came here after I promoted her on social media. It doesn’t always have to be about you. If you take just that one statement away from this, you might someday find yourself capable of experiencing empathy. The so-called “Manosphere” is not equivalent to MRAs. Pickup artist forums, bodybuilding forums, and health blogs for men have absolutely jack shit to do with men’s rights. The fact that MRAs are situated within the so-called “Manosphere” does not make the Manosphere a place devoted to men’s rights, especially since male feminist blogs can just as easily be considered a part of that sphere. The fact that you can’t seem to separate these two provides me with some insight into your subpar reasoning skills, and your complete lack of understanding of these so-called misogynists. I’ve looked at both groups objectively and dispassionately, and you evidently haven’t, partly because the word “objectivity” is completely alien to you. So clearly, one of us is in a better position to assess what these groups are actually about. Now you are more likely than I am to experience sexual assault, and I am sorry for that. But as a man, statistics say that I’m about three times as likely to be murdered as you are, and that I’m considerably more likely to be violently assaulted as well. Yet I don’t act like a

paranoid lunatic,

much less use these numbers to justify acting like a

colossal cunt.

I also don’t need to contrive a term called “assault culture” or “murder culture” to evoke emotional reactions to things which are largely considered inevitable.

Women’s very real fear is handwaved away, by a privileged white male. There’s his male supremacist position. Right there. I knew it. ‘Wimminz be quiet about rape!!!!!’ IT’S INEVITABLE THAT MEN BLAME WOMEN FOR MEN RAPING THEM!!!’

I would go on but I was right about the futility of trying to reason with you, so I won’t. At the very least, I can attempt to imbue you with an iota of self-awareness. So go ahead and write your shitty little blog for your handful of followers, and once you receive the inevitable applause that comes from your echo chamber, feel free to pat yourself on the back for your brave activism and self-professed “intellectualism” (as if you have the remotest inkling as to what such a thing entails.)

Say hi to your cats for me.

Oh, one more thing- anyone who uses the term “mansplain” in a serious and unironic way has surrendered the right to be taken seriously by anyone whose IQ is greater than their shoe size.

Adhom and strawman from a male supremacist, just like Thunderfoot. Oh and if you’re reading sad pants, I’ll debate you any day on original topic which you can’t seem to argue. It’s so easy taking these guys down.

WOW SOMETHING NEW! Female Scientist Does a Video Showing Patriarchy Exists: Gets Attacked By Manchildren

Welcome to the Phil ‘Mike’ Mason Buchanan’s Super-Duper Explanation of Why Men Dominate and Control Socioeconomic and Political Power in Western Democracies:

Dr. ‘Mike’ Mason Buchanan’s data

Just another day on the male cesspool known as Youtube!

I shouldn’t be too hard on him because many Liberal feminists think there’s a male and female brain too even though the best neuroscientists have debunked it.

First, watch the video that made Phil have a sad in his pants, which is very good.

The top rated comment goes to….. wait for it…

THUNDERFart aka the human impression of a Cardassian. That neck!

ZOMG… I have an even better example of ‘patriarchy’… where women are forbidden from competing with men. Its a global organization called ‘The Olympics’. For some reason ‘patriarchy’ has ensured that women cannot run as fast or jump as high as men. Must be cultural norms! After all… it cant be biological differences, because if it was biological differences, you would have to accept that brain function is part of biology! Just apply you brilliantly reasoned social test to it…. the one which you finally get to after 12 minutes of droning on about how proud you are of your ‘opinion = fact… if I call it science’ qualifications… if there are not 50 % of women in the fastest runners, then there must be a social, cultural norms or political exclusion of women…. yknow patriarchy! Oh wait… maybe biology plays a role too!? Lets see, politicians tend to be risk takers, and men are more likely to be risk takers. So more men in politics is actually more a statement of ‘jobs that require risk tend to attract risk takers’ rather than ‘THIS PROVES WE ARE LIVING UNDER A PATRIARCHY! PS its a good thing you went for the politics, cos theres just no way you would have cut it in the STEM fields.

Wow, What a… just an unbelievable straw man! We all should know that in Phil’s world men who run fast are just OBVIOUSLY supposed to lead the world in fucking everything.

Thunderfart isn’t a very good scientist at all. He’s more interested in making a fool out of himself.

I have no idea what Olympic running events have to do with why men are at the top socioeconomically and politically because Thunderfart never shows how or why this is even the case.

Instead he drones on and on while pointing his MRA fanboys toward her video so they can make even more ridiculous asshats out of themselves and of course, do what all butthurt manchildren do: RATE THE VIDEO DOWN WITH ALL THEIR SOCK ACCOUNTS!

First, he demeans her again, because he’s incapable of making a valid counterargument.

actually, you are not a ‘fellow scientist’, your publication record shows as much. You might reasonably claim to be a pseudoscientist… but you are certainly no scientist. So lets see how your non-scientific mind approaches this problem. It ASSUMES differences in gender representations has nothing to do with biology, when clearly it does. (CITATION PLEASE PHIL?)

Even when an idiot proof example of when biology plays a role is put in front of you (the olympics), you just prove you can be a better class of idiot. Normally I wouldnt say something like this… but seeing as you spent the first 10 or so minutes waxing on about how clever you are…..etc etc….only then to make a comically bad argument for ‘patriarchy’…. maybe you should leave science to the scientists.

Phil thinks if he calls her names enough times he wins the argument.

Kristi responds, like a woman after my own heart:

If your assertion is ‘ differences in gender representations – are – clearly to do with biology’ then please explain the biological causal mechanism that impacts on political representation by sex (and I mean sex, not gender) and present your evidence. I look forward to evaluating your theory, hypotheses, and data for myself. Obviously you’ll need inferential statistics to demonstrate causality so please include the relevant coefficients and their standard errors and your N.

OUCH! She DOES know the difference between sex and gender!

Trouble is, Phil doesn’t know and so he makes one last lame insult and sulks back off to Paul Elam and The Red Pill.

so I think we agree that you calling yourself a scientists with a phd is government is at best bullshit, and at worst at outright lie. FYI, it takes more than using words like ‘theory hypothesis and data’ to be a scientist. Your attempts to play scientist are callow at best.

Your are the one who has asserted a model in which biology plays NO part. That is you ENTIRELY ignore the sexual dimorphic nature of humans to assert that the differences observed are the ENTIRELY due to culture. In this much you are just categorically wrong. But ….. I look forward to evaluating your theory, hypotheses, and data on why humans are not sexually dimorphic for myself. Obviously you’ll need inferential statistics to demonstrate causality so please include the relevant coefficients and their standard errors and your N. All of which of course you must already have to have made the above video. -munckin.

She never claimed the human species wasn’t sexually dimorphic you buffoon. Her claim was that patriarchy (which she defined) exists and here’s the evidence for it. She made her claim and supported it. Cardassian neck, on the other hand, demeaned her credentials several times, made wild claims he never supported, and straw manned her to death. For someone like me, who is as educated and aware as she is, I also recognize his inability to make a coherent argument.

They don’t realize they’re dealing with a scientist who speaks that language, who can explain what an N is and what a standard deviation is. These manchildren don’t understand that they can’t just rattle off MRA rhetoric and have her go ‘yeah, I think that makes sense!, especially when their retort boils down to:

(said in a Jordan Owen voice) ‘Uhhh, uh, men have uhh, male brains and uhh, this makes them uhh, smarter and better than women.’

I’m excited because it looks to me this woman understands the difference between gender and sex and I’ve been waiting for someone like that to come along on Youtube for a long ass time. I might be able to really have a discussion with this woman, that is, until people to go her and scaremonger her by ad-homming ME, which they will do because apparently wanting women’s rights to spaces and privacy is literally like being Hitler.

All I can say is that I look forward to having a conversation with GASP! SWOON! an EDUCATED WOMAN! AN EDUCATED WOMAN! I can’t contain my excitement. I know this will be short lived. I shouldn’t get my hopes up! I should just continue to think positive.