24 thoughts on “Tonight Come Talk to Me Live

    • The truth of the matter is I need a new computer b/c my OS isn’t supported anymore. I need about $1500.00 to get a new machine that will last me about 10 years.

      I found this out the hard way. I tried to do a test run for the show I’m appearing on tonight and my stuff was all outdated. 😦

      • $1500? Yikes! You can build your own for much cheaper than that ($500 or less). That is what I did. I couldn’t afford to get a pre-built PC, so I bought parts from Amazon & New Egg, over a period of several months, and then put it all together myself. It’s actually quite easy and, believe it or not, fun. AMD processors are a great bargain for the power they provide. I’ve had mine for 4 years now and it’s still going strong. RAM should be no less than 8 gigs, and you can get that for pretty cheap too. The only downside (and it’s a very small one) is that you have to make sure all of your parts are compatible with each other, and it can be tricky for a novice. But, trust me, you can build a very powerful machine for very cheap (with gaming rigs being the only exception to that rule). Certainly adequate for your needs.

        Btw, I watched the show last night. Pretty much summed up how I feel about the trans trend too. I especially appreciated the discussion on how women are bullied for not participating in the whole “femininity” routine, and how some women get turned on by wearing men’s clothes. *cough*

        • I need a completely new OS. Trust me. I was married to one of the highest paid computer engineers in the country.. I need a totally new machine. A hand built one is what I did last time, and here I am.

          • I’m not aware of any OS that costs more than a couple hundred bucks. Windows 10 upgrade is free. Are you using a Mac?

          • No. I have to pay for labor 1) to build the thing w/ the components I need and to transfer all my files because I use a very old OS. Then I will be paying for the components themselves and they’re not cheap here. It’s the labour that I will pay for AND the new OS.
            plus adequate RAM
            plus video card
            plus soundcard
            plus CD/DVD RW
            plus motherboard

            It’s not like the US where you just buy a full pre build system from a reseller for real cheap. I have to specify what components I want AND have them build it. Otherwise, I’ll just get stuck in the same situation I have now.

          • I know this. That is why I suggested you build it yourself. The labor charge is outrageous. Amazon Canada has a lot of great deal on parts, plus many US companies ship to Canada for a small additional fee.

            I just wanted to help.

          • I understand this now. I didn’t understand it at the time, esp after u left that comment to vliet. I think you must understand that every day I get men who are constantly challenging me to prove shit that’s obvious.

            I deal with this kind of questioning each and every day. It seemed to me it was happening with you, someone I really like, and it hurt me.

            I lashed out at you b/c you hurt me. I know it wasn’t intentional but that it how you came across to me.

            You apologized, which is all I wanted, which is all any hurt person wants. I am also sorry I was so harsh.

            I thought I had already given notice that I didn’t want to be interrogated about it since I did say I was married to a person who taught me a ton on the subject. I didn’t feel like listing a long ass drawn on treatise on the subject.

          • I usually have to leave for a bit and think about the comments people leave me so I respond carefully, because I usually try to think about the person behind the screen and remember their humanity. It seems I’m not getting that same respect.

            If this little inquisition persists, and I’m telling you now I don’t like it, I’ll have to reconsider you as someone I like as a person.

            Your first comment is fine, I can handle a simple first response, but this is turning into an inquisition and I also saw your comment to vliet as well.

            I don’t force people to donate to me. I don’t charge subscription rates or anything. People donate when and what they can. I have fundraisers basically haphazardly and usually when I need help. And let me tell you it’s hard for someone as proud as I am to ask for donations. I wish to fucking hell I wasn’t a disabled woman living the way I do. At least I pride myself in having a sharp mind and a very good heart but the way you’re treating me right now is fucking pathetic. STOP.

            My needing a new computer is a fact and it’s cost is a fact. It’s not up for debate.

            I thought I would hint that I know what I need to know about computers by gently letting you know I was married to a computer engineer and that I learned from him and even though he’s a monstrous asshole he is the best.

            This didn’t seem to sway you from telling me how much things cost, how I can just put a computer together, and how OS’s are free and so on, which in my case, it ain’t free.

            I am such a laid back, accepting person but this is really irking the shit out of me.

          • I’m sorry you feel that way. I think you’re misinterpreting what I’ve said. I like to save money (because I have to), and I hate to see anybody else spend more than is needed. I love a good deal, and I enjoy giving advice on how others can save money.

            I realize your ex was a comp whiz and whatnot, but geeky doods tend to think of their equipment as a penis extension (eg. bigger is better), and they usually add a ton of unnecessary components (excessive in price or performance). This makes them feel like a big man. LOL I may be a lowly high school drop-out, and I’m not a man, but the performance of my own rig is a pretty good indicator that I know what I’m talking about. Hell, my PC is running on a mere 4 gigs of ram (but I will probably upgrade that to 8 in a few months), and it still runs like a beast. I’m not really into gaming, but I’ve played several of the more resource demanding games, and it performed well. There was a bit of overheating, but that’s because, since I’m not a gamer, I don’t use any type of special coolants.

            My response to vilet was just a casual reminder that some of us simply cannot afford to donate. I’m sure it wasn’t her intent, but her comment made me feel a bit like a flake. I feel that she should have added “if you can afford it”. Sure, I could contribute about $5, but that is hardly going to make a dent in the $1500 goal. And I think I would be correct in assuming that most of the women who visit here would not be able to contribute more than about $20. This is why I recommended building your own. When you buy pre-built, you’re mostly paying for labor, not the actual parts. It’s such a great deal to do it yourself and, in many ways, better. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to laptops (gotta buy those pre-made, unfortunately). Maybe that is what you’ve got your eye on? I’m not really sure.

            Anyhow, I didn’t expect you to react this way. I’ve noticed that I do tend to piss people off without realizing why. I apologize if I offended you. Wasn’t my intent. I’ll be moving along now.

          • Oh, and a self-built PC is totally new, so I’m not sure what you mean. I wasn’t talking about used parts. Mine were all new when I got them.

    • Hi vilet. You know, some of us are poor. 🙂

      If I had any money to spare, I’d buy myself a few pieces of furniture, as I’m tired of sitting on an old hand-me-down sofa, watching a tube TV & sleeping on a cheap, worn-out, 10 year old mattress that agitates the hardware in my back.

      Just sayin’…..

  1. You were fabulous!

    I watched the whole thing from start to finish.

    If all the transpeople were like those two people who were interviewing you, we wouldn’t even need to have a discussion. They seemed very intelligent, likable and respectful.

    You made excellent points all the way through. You have a great personality for doing this kind of thing. And, you looked very chic and very retro, especially since it was coming across my screen in black and white.

    I can tell your computer was lagging, though. I don’t know if this information helps, but I know some people who got a brand new Windows8 laptop for $200 at a pawn shop. It’s a very nice computer. It’s not the first place I’d buy one, but if I really needed it badly and I needed it to be super cheap, I might look there for one or for any similar equipment.

    Ya done good! I really enjoyed it… couldn’t move from my seat the entire time.


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