The Live Show on TRTV (Mark and Lyanna’s show)

I had such a great time with Mark and Lyanna. I recommend you don’t view the video since my video is extremely laggy even though I have a high speed internet connection. This is why I need a new computer I think. Anywho, aside from the Max Headroom impression I’m doing, enjoy.


27 thoughts on “The Live Show on TRTV (Mark and Lyanna’s show)

  1. Watching it now, this is great! It’s so much fun to be able to hear your voice. Can’t really see you well because of the technical difficulty, but it’s still great to listen to you.

  2. HMQ,

    Something you said a couple of times in the interview echoes in my mind. It’s a prophesy. I hope you are right.

    You said that women are going to get sick of men in women’s spaces at some point and rise up and revolt – something like that… I don’t remember your exact phrase.

    I was thinking about that when I saw the latest news item about a woman in California whose little daughter encountered a man in a washroom at an REI Sporting Goods store. The store has decided to make a change in their policy, but they’re running up against impending laws that will make it so that men can legally enter a women’s restroom, locker room, etc.

    Here’s the California article:

    Similar laws are being passed or proposed in various places in the U.S., which would allow males access to female’s rooms, once private for females only.

    To me, this looks like another violent mass attack on girls and women and nothing else.

    Also, there’s something else: Why is this happening at all about the same time all over the country? Who are the mayors and governors and heads of government regulating bodies taking orders from? Who is lobbying/bribing them? Where did they get the money to do this?

    When a TV news outlet ran a piece on the woman being kicked out of Planet Fitness some time ago, I remember that the news guy seemed scared. They were worried about using the “right” pronoun in their two segments they aired about this event. They said they had received a flood of calls and other communications. Now, that I can believe was a Reddit group or something – but, the legislation being passed and so on has got to be funded from on high.

    You know, this is bound to make me a pariah or a laughing stock here, but when I typed the words, “on high,” my mind immediately flashed to the White House. We have a very odd First Lady, who likes to dress right when wearing slacks, who has hulking shoulders and I’ve noticed a lot of random news photos if him with photoshopped hands. So, what I’m saying is maybe this is coming from a very high place, with lots of funding – maybe even taxpayer funding.

    Whatever it is, it is more opportunity for men to hurt us and they seem to be running with it at full speed!

    • Well it’s coming from men with a lot of money and power. Bruce Jenner comes to mind. Many autogynephiles are successful men in high places. They are pushing this legislation and taking away women’s and girls rights.

      I do think there will be a backlash. My Sunday Radfem roundup post is coming soon. You’ll see!

      • HMQ,

        I’m looking forward to your Sunday post.

        Meanwhile, I was listening to another one of the Cummings’ videos (from Sept. 24th on Autogynephelia) and I saw a comment about why they’re doing this transgender agenda right now, especially in the U.S.: Obamacare!

        The docs, cosmetic surgeons, psychiatrists and insurance companies are going to make out like bandits courtesy of the increasingly burdened taxpayers. That’s why there are all those shows pushing parents to tell their male children who like to play with dolls that they are really girls. They can do all kinds of drugging and surgeries on little kids and they’ll have patients for a lifetime.

        • Good catch. Yes, there’s a ton of money in supporting a delusion that a person can change sex. There’s a SHIT TON of money involved and SHIT TON of powerful males who want to completely erase women. You see, it ain’t the female trans population that has the cash, it’s the men. That’s why it’s come so hard on women. If women were the ones in society that had the clout and cash, it would be men screaming about having women in their washrooms and the kibosh would’ve been on that real quick. Also, a woman would know better than to intrude on ‘male space.’

          It’s of course men that are harming women, again and again. It’s penis rights trumping women’s rights.

    • Regarding “on high”:

      Penny Pritzker is Obama’s Secretary of Commerce and James “Jennifer” Pritzker’s cousin. James “Jennifer” Prtizker is a retired U.S. army colonel and transgender billionaire who funds the Lurie Children’s Hospital Gender Identity Clinic in Chicago, which pushes gender bullshit on children/parents. Obama also has deep ties to Chicago, whether or not that’s a coincidence…

      And don’t forget how “on high” and powerful American pharmaceutical companies are. See the Jazz Jennings phenomenon and who his parents are in bed with.

      The Obama administration has pushed the trans agenda—hard—and Obama rarely speaks up for women’s rights. I would love to know how Hillary really feels about this, but if her track record involving $$ is any indication, I don’t have high hopes that she’ll try to stop this gutting of female rights.

      • Thanks, Cassandra.

        That little comment of yours is packed with information. I’ve seen a video on YT about Jazz, the purple theme and the mermaid theme. But, this is another weird looking family, similar to some other weird families I’ve noticed involved in major media events recently.

        The vid I saw said that they are pushing the mermaid thing because mermaids are all the same “down there.” This is presumably why Jazz fashions mermaid tails as part of their non-profit charity. (I’m highly suspicious of non-profits/”charities”, in general.)

        I just started doing some initial digging on these people and some weird stuff comes up. It looks like one big reality show for the benefit of the trans agenda.

        It looks like, at least, a couple of hours of fun ahead that I can have on the internet looking this stuff up!

      • Re: Jazz and Reality TV

        There is no reality on TV, of course. This thing here is proof. I know Jazz had a reality show, “I am Jazz.” I’ve seen clips of it.

        But, check out how scripted this clip from a daytime TV show is. It is totally 100% scripted and sounds as stilted and as realistic as a late-night TV infomercial. This isn’t a “family” by any definition. This is an acting troupe delivering lines:

        Interviewer: When did you know you were a girl?

        Jazz: When I started playing with barbies and pink things.

        Then later you hear, I think from the alleged mother of this child (who could do a thing like this to her own child? And what normal father would be all right with it?): Children really CAN transition at this young age.

        All that’s missing is something at the end like: You, too, can transition your boy who likes to play with dolls and wear pink clothing into a girl. Get started today! Call to order your transgender child kit right now. Operators are standing by to take your order.

        • “You, too, can transition your boy who likes to play with dolls and wear pink clothing into a girl. Get started today! Call to order your transgender child kit right now. Operators are standing by to take your order.”


          That clip is so offensive. I couldn’t get through it. Liking pink means you are a girl. How could anybody not understand how fucked-up this is?

        • Malia and Sasha Obama look like their parents. With the scrutiny that any presidential candidate receives, particularly the Obamas, do you think anyone would have missed Malia and Sasha having been adopted or birthed by surrogates?

          Black women get considerable crap for “looking like men”. Do you think Serena Williams is trans?

          • Serena Williams is definitely a trans and so is his “sister.” Exact same issues – hulking shoulders, male waist shape, male-looking hands, etc.

            Some people, in particular a lawyer, went looking for the sisters’ (who look nothing like either of their adoptive parents) birth papers and came up empty. This is highly unusual since most records of presidents’ children in the past are readily available and when they haven’t been, such as in the case of one of former presidential candidate Palin’s daughter comes up, the parent has provided them.

            In this case:Zilch, nada. If you can find the girls’ birth papers, there are a whole lot of people waiting to have a gander at them. You’d be a big hero.

          • Sorry, Kesh, I’m lousy at typing in that little box that comes up in the corner of my screen. Of course, I’m talking about the “birth records” in that garbled sentence. Usually the records are readily available when searched and when this has not been the case (such as happened with pres. candidate Palin), the parent provides the records for the public.

            In the case of the Obama sisters, we are still waiting.

            And, seriously, if you know where to find them online. I’d like to see. A whole bunch of people have tried to find them and failed to come up with anything.

        • Not for nothing but sometimes you sound like a right wing conspiracy whacko. While there are some bullshit shenanigans going on with M2T competing in women’s sports, Venus and Serena are female, and so is Michelle Obama. Now, is it possible that one or both of the Williams sisters have taken steroids? Sure, but they are not male, and as Keshmeshi pointed out, this orneriness is leveled at black women enough already.

          • Not for nothing, but you sound like a wacko liberal moonbat who believes everything they’re told by authority figures.

            Just because a person is black, this does not place them above scrutiny, criticism or suspicion.

            Serena Williams has the body and the rage of a man, as well as male bodily proportions. Steroids don’t do that.

            This is mere observation. There are some features on a man that cannot be changed by chemicals or surgeries.

            There are, also, some remarkably convincing MtF trannies running around in real life. I’ve met a number of such men who can pass under bright lights, at least, partially disrobed. But, they are still men.

            Con men are very convincing people and you’re not to blame the first time or two that you run across one. But, at a certain point, you have to take some responsibility not to allow yourself to be conned by them.

            And, this idea that certain people are above criticism because they’re black is so very over! If that makes me a wacko conservative, then so be it – I’m done tiptoeing around criminals and cons because a bunch of liberal idiots has decided they are a protected class who can never do any wrong.

          • P.S. Go ahead an call me “racist.” I don’t care.

            From now on, I’m not going to NOT talk about something I see going on or something that has happened to me because the perp was black. That’s a decision I made a few weeks ago after I saw a video made by some black feminists along the lines of “White feminists, shut the fuck up.” I blogged about it. I’m not here to protect black men – or any other men.

            Serena Williams and his brother and the First Tranny in the White House are all black men.

          • Okay, radicalwitch. I take back saying that you sounded like a whacko, but I don’t think I ever said that black people are above criticism or never do anything wrong. I said that saying that Venus and Serena and Michelle Obama are men sounded a little extreme to me. We can just disagree about this.

  3. By the way, there is a lot in the hands. You can see a person’s mind and many events of a person’s life in the hands.

    I was noticing the hands of the two people interviewing you. Mark likes to talk with her hands a lot, as you mentioned, and I know she is telling the truth when she says she is a woman.

    Her companion was born a man and it shows in his hands.

    What I like about the two of them is that they are honest about who they are.

    If in doubt about whether someone was born male or female, look at the hands. The hands will tell you roughly 97% of the time. There’s no “feminizing” surgery for hands.

  4. Diane,

    My name is G Eugene Pichler of Transgression Film Studios. Please excuse this intrusive manner of contacting you.

    I plan to produce a documentary film on the transsexual phenomenon, entitled The Transsexual Delusion: The Men and Women Who Transgress Gender Norms, as a follow up on a book of the same name I published in 2008 with a number of other journalists. I recently watched your appearance on Transition Radio and would like to contact with you to understand who the players are in the feminist movement as it effect trans inclusion.

    In the book I look at transsexualism as a behavioral addiction, much like a sex addiction, Internet addiction or pathological gambling addiction, which is caused by a faulty reward system in the human brain. I, also, report that the medications that effectively treat behavioral addictions show good results in treating the underlying addictive nature of transsexualism. Further, a study by Jan Wålinder [Göteborg, Sweden], dated 1967, shows that epilepsy is effectively absent in transsexuals, who are successfully treated for epileptic seizures with anticonvulsant medications, according to 43 case studies dating back to 1954.

    I found that male-to-female transsexuals that were effectively treated for ancillary mental disorders and took anticonvulsant medications, watched their proclivities towards a gender transition evaporate, indicating the underlying cause of transsexualism is in fact an addiction, e.g., a mental disorder, that can be effectively treated with medication.

    Also significant is the male-to-female ratio of transsexualism. In 1967 WĂĄlinder observed the male-to-female ratio of transsexualism as 2.8 to 1. It is now generally accepted that the male-to-female ratio of transsexualism is 3 to 1, which is virtually the same as pathological gambling addiction (2.8 to 1) and sex addiction (3 to 1).

    Again, if you would like to participate, let me know by contacting me via the site, I would like to better understand the political landscape facing trans inclusion in women’s space.

    G Eugene Pichler
    Transgression Film Studios
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    647-367-0062 (office)
    647-476-7006 (fax)


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